[Top 10] LOL Best Ganking Junglers That Wreck Hard!

LOL Best Ganking Junglers
Who do you think is the best Ganking Jungler in League?

Don’t push too far or you might get ganked!

Everyone knows that one of the most helpful things a Jungler can do is gank. While the Jungler has other aspects such as taking objectives like Dragon or Baron, in the laning phase, a Jungler can really help you turn the tide on a losing lane. So let’s jump right into it and see who the best Ganking Junglers are in League of Legends!

10. Rengar

#1 Rengar NA Shows HOW To Play RENGAR JUNGLE The RIGHT Way

Rengar is a hunter from the Ixtal jungle that knows how to hunt down his prey. It’s only fitting our hunter from the jungle makes the list as it’s what he’s known to do! 

What makes Rengar a great Ganking Jungler:

  • His Passive Unseen Predator: Rengar leaps at his target when he is in the brush. This can be great when ganking lanes as Rengar can sneak down and hide in the bushes until the right time, leap to his target and surprise attack them. 
  • His E Bola Strike: Rengar throws a bola, slowing the target that it hits. It can root the target if Rengar has stacked Ferocity.
  • His R Thrill of the Hunt: Rengar camouflages himself and reveals the nearest enemy champion around him. He gains movement speed and can leap to the tracked target. This is fantastic for chasing down and ganking an enemy.

9. Amumu

AMUMU BUFFS FEEL SO GOOD! How to Play Amumu Jungle & CARRY! - Amumu Guide League of Legends

Always sad, Amumu gives the gift of sadness to the enemy team when he comes to gank! When ganking lanes that feature mage champions, Amumu can curse his enemies to deal bonus magic damage (and true damage) and secure the kill. If this isn’t enough, he can ult and root the enemy in place.

Why Amumu is a great Ganking Jungler:

  • His Passive Cursed Touch: Allows Amumu to deal bonus true damage when any magic damage hits a cursed opponent. 
  • His Q Bandage Toss: Amumu pulls himself to the target and stuns them. This is particularly useful in ganking because of the range in his Q. Amumu can remain out of sight and suddenly appear when the enemy is least expecting it.
  • His R Curse of the Sad Mummy: This roots enemies in a circle around Amumu. This is fantastic in team fights but also in ganking, as he can keep the enemy from fleeing long enough for the laning champion to swoop in and take the kill.

8. Nocturne 

In-Depth Nocturne Jungle Guide S11 - Runes, Items, Jungle Clear, Tips and Tricks and more!

The first of many demons to appear on this list, Nocturne is a demonic nightmare come to life on the rift. With his ultimate, Nocturne is a fantastic Ganking Jungler with a kit to back up his power and secure a kill.

What makes Nocturne a great Ganking Jungler:

  • His Q Duskbringer: Nocturne throws out a shadow that deals damage to any enemies hit, leaving in their tracks a Dusk Trail. This trail gives Nocturne increased movement speed to catch victims and attack damage to get the kill.
  • His W Shroud of Darkness: Gives Nocturne a shield which helps when he dives in using his ultimate.
  • His E Unspeakable Horror: Fears targets after a short period of time, helping CC targets while the allied champions attack.
  • His R Paranoia: Drastically reduces the sight of every enemy champion on the map. It can be cast again to allow Nocturne to dash to a target from a very long range away and deal damage.

7. Evelynn


Another demon on the rift, Evelynn can be very sneaky which is her main advantage as a ganking jungler. Taking the shape of a sexy woman or succubus, Evelynn can charm her victims to death. They’ll be helpless to stop her once she’s got her claws into them.

Why Evelynn is a great Ganking Jungler:

  • Her Passive Demon Shade: Brings out the demonic side of Evelynn, stripping away the guise of the woman and allowing her to become invisible and gain stealth. This is super effective for Evelynn as she sneaks into the lane without the enemy champion even being away a gank is happening.
  • Her W Allure: Evelynn places a charm on her target of choice and waits a period of time before attacking. Once the charm is ready (indicated by the icon over the target’s head), Evelynn can strike them with an attack, charming them to walk towards her as she continues her barrage.
  • Her R Last Caress: When looking to kill the target and/or escape from enemies and turrets, Evelynn can ult, blinking away and becoming untargetable, and dealing bonus damage to low health targets.

6. Zac

How to ACTUALLY Carry On Zac [CRUSHING MASTERS+ ELO] | Zac Jungle Guide Season 11 League of Legends

Made from toxic chemicals and Chemtech, Zac became sentient and intelligent. So intelligent in fact, he knows how to gank from a distance, and do it, well. Charging up an attack, catapulting himself into the lane and aiding the ally champion(s), Zac can surprise any enemies can catch them out, securing some kills for the team.

Why Zac is a great Ganking Jungler:

  • His P Cell Division: Gives Zac a second life of sorts. Well, at least a chance at surviving death. After dying, Zac splits into four, each of which tries to recombine. 
  • If they recombine, Zac can escape, whereas if the enemy kills all four pieces of him, he dies. This gives Zac a little more leverage to be bold and daring when ganking.
  • His Q Stretching Strikes: Zac whacks one enemy off another, dealing damage.
  • His E Elastic Slingshot: This is the main mechanism for ganking as he hurtles his way through the air onto the lane to surprise gank the enemy.
  • His R Let’s Bounce: slows and knocks up enemies, aiding any ally champion that attacks and kills the enemy.

5. Nunu & Willump


A sweet little boy and his friendly Yeti, what’s so terrifying? Maybe the giant snowball hurtling down mid as you’re half health trying to escape. For something so wholesome as a Frejlordian boy and his best friend, Nunu and Willump can do one hell of a lot of damage.

Why Nunu and Willump are great Ganking Junglers:

  • Their W Biggest Snowball Ever!: Grants Nunu and Willump movement speed as they push their snowball. The longer the distance, the more momentum they gain and the faster they come crashing into lane to gank. Enemy champions hit with W are knocked up.
  • Their E Snowball Barrage: Nunu throws snowballs from Willump’s back at a target enemy. The enemy is snowbound and rooted for a short period of time. Perfect for the laning champion to get in close and take the kill.
  • Their R Absolute Zero: Can be used to slow enemies that are trying to escape, giving time for the laning ally to attack or for Nunu and Willump to deal massive damage once it is charged. Their ultimate can’t be seen when in a bush, so it’s a great ganking attack when the enemy doesn’t know Nunu and Willump are hidden in the bushes near a lane.

4. Kayn

Kayn is NOW the Most Broken JG in the GAME! Heres Why! - League of Legends

The Ionian Shadow Assassin wielding the Darkin weapon Rhaast, Kayn is a powerhouse of a ganking jungler. He is a fan favourite and it seems like this isn’t going to change anytime soon.

What makes Kayn a great Ganking Jungler:

  • His E Shadow Step: Allows Kayn to travel through terrain. The enemy will have certain expectations on where is safe, which makes Kayn even more dangerous as he strikes from unexpected places in the map.
  • His W Blade’s Reach (when Rhaast): Knocks up any enemies hit, adding CC to his gank really helps secure kills. Whereas if the Shadow Assassin wins their internal fight, he can slow enemies.
  • His R Umbral Trespass: Kayn hides inside the body of his target, becoming untargetable which really helps in ganks when he needs to avoid turret damage.

3. Shaco


A common occurrence on this list, Shaco is another demon that is great at ganking when playing Jungler. By playing Shaco, you’ll have the entire enemy team just dying to see you die. Everyone wants to see Shaco players suffer because of how good they are at ganking and just how annoying their kits are in general.

What makes Shaco a great Ganking Jungler:

  • His Q Deceive: Grants Shaco invisibility allowing him to sneak up on enemies without their knowledge that he’s right there, ready to strike. Shaco can get into the exact position he wants without the enemy knowing.
  • His W Jack in the Box: Well placed boxes when triggered by an enemy, fear them. This added CC helps keep Shaco’s targets in place, long enough for the allied champions to take them down.
  • His E Two Shiv: His ability deals bonus damage to enemies with low health, so its perfect for finishing off enemies.
  • His R Hallucinate: Shaco can clone himself and control both the real shaco and the clone to confuse the enemy. When the fake is killed, it leaves behind three small jack in the boxes that cause the enemy to fear. This added CC can be really helpful in ganking as it slows the enemy from escaping even more.

2. Rammus

Rank 1 World Rammus Jungle vs Elise Patch 11.18

OK. Rammus rolls into second place on our list. The Shuriman Armordillo is known for his speed, laid back character and dialogue and being a great ganking jungler.

Why Rammus is a great Ganking Jungler:

  • His Q Powerball: This is Rammus’ ace in the hole for ganking. He can accelerate in a ball towards enemies, dealing damage and slowing any hit by the impact. It is a fantastic ability for ganking.
  • His E Frenzying Taunt: When using this ability Rammus taunts the enemy to attack him, leaving them open to attacks from any allies Rammus may be helping with his gank.
  • His R Soaring Slam: Rammus’ reworked ultimate allows Rammus to hop into the air and slam down at a target area, dealing magic damage and furthering the CC by slowing enemies. It’s a great attack when commencing the gank.

1. Hecarim

EASY 65% Win Rate HECARIM JUNGLE BUILD WIN EVERY SCUTTLE FIGHT! | Hecarim Jungle Guide Season 11

First on our list is our show pony from the Shadow Isles, Hecarim. Our ruined ghost centaur is one of the fastest champions in League of Legends, which is why he takes the cake for the best Ganking Jungler.

What makes Hecarim a great Ganking Jungler:

  • His Passive Warpath: Gives Hecarum attack damage that equates to a percentage of his bonus movement speed.
  • His E Devastating Charge: Gains movement speed and allows Hecarim to move through units for a period of time. He then knocks back the target. This is the perfect ability for ganking lanes as Hecarim charges from one place to another.
  • His R Onslaught of Shadows: Hecarim’s ultimate summons spectral riders that charge forward, causing any enemies in the area to fear. This CC is perfect for ganking as he slows his target from escaping, allowing other allies to attack and pick off any enemies.

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