[Top 10] League Of Legends Best Bot Lane Champions 13.24 (Ranked)

Put the team on your back

In League of Legends, the bot lane often sets the rhythm for the entire game. Choosing the right champion for this crucial lane can have a profound impact on the outcome of the match. A good bottom lane champion doesn't just secure early game advantages; they provide the pivotal damage output needed in late-game scenarios. 

Whether it's through lane dominance, strategic crowd control, or high-impact team fight presence, the right ADC can turn the tide in your favor, turning close skirmishes into resounding victories. 

In this dynamic and often volatile lane, selecting a champion that aligns with your team's strategy and counters the enemy setup is not just a choice — it's a statement of intent to control the game from the first minion wave to the final Nexus assault.


10. Ashe

Ashe but my arrows become a Laser you can't escape (3.78 ATTACK SPEED)

I’m loving the fact that Ashe - a champion from season one - is still finding a way to be impactful in today's meta.

In patch 13.24, Ashe's ability to control the battlefield from a distance is unmatched. Her Ultimate “Enchanted Crystal Arrow” not only initiates fights across the map but also acts as a critical tool for picking off key targets. With her  E “Hawkshot” Ashe offers unparalleled vision, crucial in a game where information is as valuable as gold.

What Makes Ashe Good for Bot Lane:

  • Long-Range Initiation: Her Enchanted Crystal Arrow can change the outcome of distant skirmishes.
  • Consistent Vision Control: Hawkshot provides essential information on enemy movements.
  • Lane Harassment and Control: Volley and Frost Shot combo allows for effective poking and kiting.
  • Utility-Focused Gameplay: Besides damage, Ashe offers utility that can benefit various team compositions.

Pick Ashe if…

  • You Prioritize Map Awareness: Ideal for players who like to keep tabs on enemy movements and objectives. Hawkshot can provide vision to counter ganks, or lookout for dragon.
  • You Enjoy a Utility-Driven Role: Perfect for those who value contributing to the team beyond just damage output. The long range stunning capability, and slowing effects from Ashes passive make her a strong asset.
  • You Excel at Positioning and Kiting: Ashe requires careful positioning due to her lack of escapes, making her suitable for tactically-minded players. In the hands of a good player, Ashe becomes a formidable force, adept at kiting enemies, controlling engagements, and dictating the pace of skirmishes and team fights.


9. Twitch

Twitch but I have 600 AD and my ult is UNLIMITED (Press R And Watch Them MELT)

Another old school champion still making an impact, Twitch's playstyle revolves around ambush and surprise. His Ambush skill allows him to stealthily navigate the battlefield, setting up for devastating Spray and Pray attacks. Twitch excels in turning team fights with his unexpected positioning and potent area-of-effect damage.

What Makes Twitch Good for Bot Lane:

  • Stealth Engagement: Ambush provides a unique approach to initiating fights or escaping.
  • Area-of-Effect Damage: Spray and Pray turns Twitch into a formidable force in team fights. He can clean up an entire team very effectively if he is positioned correctly.
  • Late-Game Scaling: Twitch's damage output significantly increases as the game progresses.
  • Poison-Based Mechanics: His passive and Contaminate offer sustained damage and finisher/execute potential.

Pick Twitch if…

  • You Like Ambush Tactics: Twitch is perfect for players who revel in the art of surprise. His stealth gameplay is not just about vanishing from sight; it's about the strategic placement and timing to unleash havoc. Players who enjoy setting up ambushes, catching enemies off-guard, and turning the element of surprise into a deadly weapon will find Twitch to be their ideal champion.
  • You’re Focused on Late-Game Impact: Twitch shines brightest in the later stages of the game. He's suited for players who are patient and understand the importance of scaling. In the late game, his ability to rapidly apply area damage with Spray and Pray makes him a critical threat in team fights. For those who aim to influence the game significantly in its crucial moments, Twitch offers the perfect blend of stealth and power to dominate the battlefield.
  • You Can Capitalize on Positioning: Mastering Twitch requires more than just understanding his mechanics; it demands excellence in positioning. Effective use of his stealth for positioning and his ultimate for maximum damage requires a keen sense of timing and spatial awareness.


8. Miss Fortune

One-Shot Miss Fortune with 91.7% Win Rate - Explained

These Q’s hurt so bad. Miss Fortune stands out for her ability to exert pressure in lane and dominate team fights. Her Double Up and Make it Rain abilities allow for potent lane harassment, while her Bullet Time can be a decisive factor in team engagements with its wide-reaching damage.

What Makes Miss Fortune Good for Bot Lane:

  • Powerful Area-of-Effect Ultimate: Bullet Time can sway team fights with its substantial area damage.
  • Strong Lane Harassment: Her Q and E abilities allow for effective poking and wave control.
  • Movement Speed Bonus: Strut grants increased mobility for positioning and roaming.
  • Versatile Build Paths: Can adapt her build to suit different team compositions and enemy lineups.

Pick Miss Fortune if…

  • You Enjoy Lane Dominance: Miss Fortune is a dream pick for players who like to take command of the lane early. Her ability to assert pressure with Double Up (Q) and Make it Rain (E) can dictate the pace of the laning phase. Ideal for those who aim to keep their opponents on the back foot, she excels in whittling down enemy health bars and securing an early advantage. Her playstyle caters to players who thrive on exerting control and establishing lane superiority from the get-go.
  • You Want High Impact in Team Fights: Miss Fortune's Bullet Time (R) is a game-changer in team fights. This ability is not just about dealing damage; it's about strategically positioning to unleash a devastating barrage that can swing the momentum of a battle. For players who enjoy being the linchpin in team engagements, Miss Fortune offers the opportunity to deliver high-impact, fight-altering ultimates that can clinch victories and stun opponents.
  • You Prefer a Mix of Mobility and Power: Miss Fortune's kit is a perfect blend of agility and firepower. With Strut (W) providing significant mobility and her Q and R delivering powerful attacks, she is ideal for players who value the ability to swiftly navigate the battlefield while unleashing potent damage.


7. Lucian

Lucian Unranked to Diamond #3 - Lucian ADC Gameplay Guide | Season 13 Lucian Gameplay

Lucian's kit, renowned for its focus on mobility and burst damage, has become even more formidable in Patch 13.24 with a significant buff to his E ability, Relentless Pursuit.

The recent reduction in the cooldown of Relentless Pursuit marks a notable boost in Lucian's agility and skirmishing power. This change allows Lucian players to have greater control and frequency in using this mobility tool, enhancing his ability to dodge, weave through fights, and reposition more efficiently. The adjusted cooldown, now starting at 19 seconds and scaling down to 14 seconds, ensures that Lucian remains a potent force early in the game while maintaining his scaling into the mid-game.

What Makes Lucian Good for Bot Lane:

  • Burst Damage Potential: His passive and ability combo allow for rapid bursts of damage.
  • High Mobility: Relentless Pursuit provides exceptional repositioning and dodging capabilities.
  • Lane Pressure: Lucian can consistently apply pressure in lane with his Piercing Light.
  • Duelist Nature: Lucian excels in one-on-one situations, making him formidable in lane and split-push scenarios.

Pick Lucian if…

  • You Favor an Aggressive, Mobile Playstyle: Perfect for players who thrive on quick engagements and repositioning. He’s early damage output and mobility make him very dangerous.
  • You Aim to Dominate the Lane: Lucian's ability to bully opponents in lane is key for early game control.
  • You Excel at Skirmishing: His kit is ideal for short, decisive skirmishes where positioning and burst damage are crucial.


6. Tristana

Tristana Unranked to Diamond #4 - Season 13 Tristana Gameplay | Tristana ADC Gameplay Guide

Tristana is known for her exceptional siege capabilities and self-peel potential. Her Explosive Charge provides significant damage to turrets and enemies, while Rocket Jump offers both engage and escape options. Tristana excels in changing the dynamics of the lane and team fights with her all-in potential.

What Makes Tristana Good for Bot Lane:

  • Tower Demolition Expert: Explosive Charge is highly effective for taking down turrets.
  • Strong All-In Potential: Rocket Jump combined with her other abilities allows for aggressive plays.
  • Self-Peel Capability: Rocket Jump and Buster Shot offer great escape and disengage options.
  • Scaling Into Late Game: As a game progresses, her range and damage potential significantly increase.

Pick Tristana if…

  • You Enjoy Pushing and Sieging: Ideal for players who focus on taking down turrets and exerting lane pressure.
  • You Like to Play Aggressively: Tristana’s kit is tailored for players who enjoy making bold plays and taking risks.
  • You Value Self-Sufficiency: Her ability to peel for herself is an asset for players who prefer a degree of independence.


5. Kog'Maw

Kog'Maw ADC vs Draven - NA Challenger

Kog'Maw distinguishes himself with his long-range poke and high late-game damage output. His Bio-Arcane Barrage allows him to hit targets from a safe distance, making him a formidable opponent in lane and during sieges. When protected, Kog'Maw can output consistent and devastating damage in team fights.

What Makes Kog'Maw Good for Bot Lane:

  • Extended Range Damage: Bio-Arcane Barrage increases his attack range, allowing him to damage enemies from a safe distance.
  • Percent Health Damage: Ideal for shredding through tanks and high-health targets.
  • Artillery-Style Poke: Living Artillery provides long-range poke, effective in softening targets before or during fights.
  • Versatile Damage Output: Deals both physical and magic damage, making him hard to itemize against.

Pick Kog'Maw if…

  • You Prefer a Late-Game Hyper-Carry: Kog'Maw is a powerhouse in the late game, ideal for players who aim for a strong late-game presence.
  • You Can Position Safely: His success heavily relies on good positioning due to his lack of mobility.
  • You Enjoy a Champion with Range and Consistent Damage: Kog'Maw's playstyle is suited for players who like to influence fights from afar and deal sustained damage.


4. Ezreal


Ezreal shines with his skill-shot-based kit and high mobility. His Mystic Shot allows for consistent poke and kiting, while Arcane Shift provides an escape mechanism rare for an ADC. Ezreal excels in a poke-heavy playstyle and offers versatility with his build paths, adapting to various game situations.

What Makes Ezreal Good for Bot Lane:

  • Skill-Shot Proficiency: Mystic Shot provides consistent poke and reduces cooldowns.
  • High Mobility: Arcane Shift offers an unparalleled repositioning tool in the ADC role.
  • Versatile Build Paths: Can adapt his build to the needs of the game, offering flexibility.
  • Global Presence: Trueshot Barrage allows him to impact fights and objectives across the map.

Pick Ezreal if…

  • You Enjoy a Mobile, Skillful Playstyle: Ezreal is perfect for players who excel in landing skill shots and maneuvering around the battlefield.
  • You Value Versatility and Adaptability: His varied build options allow players to adapt to different team compositions and enemy lineups.
  • You Prefer to Influence the Map Beyond the Bot Lane: Ezreal’s ultimate adds a strategic layer, allowing for cross-map plays.


3. Samira

Samira stands out for her exhilarating combat style, combining mobility with close-quarters aggression. Her ability to seamlessly weave between auto-attacks and abilities makes her a formidable duelist. With her Daredevil passive enabling rapid style grade increases, Samira can quickly become an overwhelming force in skirmishes and team fights.

What Makes Samira Good for Bot Lane:

  • Combo-Focused Playstyle: Her passive and abilities encourage a fast-paced, combo-oriented approach.
  • Innate Survivability: Blade Whirl (W) provides a defensive mechanism against projectiles, enhancing her dueling capabilities.
  • Wild Rush (E): This offers both offensive and defensive utility, ideal for repositioning or chasing down targets.
  • High Team Fight Impact: Inferno Trigger (R) can rapidly turn the tide of a skirmish or a team fight when fully unleashed.

Pick Samira if…

  • You Enjoy an Active, Engaging Playstyle: Samira is suited for players who thrive in the midst of action and enjoy a high-risk, high-reward approach.
  • You're Skilled in Adapting to Rapid Combat Changes: Her playstyle demands quick decision-making and adaptability in fights.
  • You value Versatility in Combat: Samira’s ability to deal with a variety of threats and situations makes her a dynamic pick in the bot lane.


2. Nilah

Nilah introduces a fresh melee approach to the ADC role, emphasizing sustained close-range combat and mobility. Her ability to absorb magic damage with Jubilant Veil (W) and sustain through engagements with Formless Blade (Q) makes her a unique and challenging pick. Nilah excels in weaving through enemy attacks, dealing consistent damage while maintaining agility.

What Makes Nilah Good for Bot Lane:

  • Melee Range Sustain: Her Q offers significant sustain, allowing her to stay in fights longer.
  • Mobility and Evasion: Slipstream (E) provides excellent mobility, enabling her to dodge skill shots and engage effectively.
  • Magic Damage Absorption: Jubilant Veil (W) offers a unique defensive tool, especially effective against magic-damage-heavy compositions.
  • Team Fight Presence: Apex Predator (R) can significantly impact team fights with its area-of-effect damage and utility.

Pick Nilah if…

  • You Prefer Close-Range, Sustained Combat: Nilah is ideal for players who enjoy the challenge and rewards of a melee ADC. This “in-your-face” approach can be particularly disconcerting for opponents used to maintaining distance, giving Nilah a unique edge in skirmishes and team fights.
  • You're Skilled in Positioning and Movement: Her success hinges on effective positioning and using her mobility to outmaneuver opponents.
  • You Enjoy a Champion with a Unique Playstyle: Nilah’s melee approach in a traditionally ranged role offers a distinct and refreshing experience.


1. Aphelios

Aphelios, with his array of five unique weapons, offers a multifaceted playstyle that adapts to various situations. Each weapon brings its own strengths, from long-range poke to crowd control, allowing Aphelios to tailor his approach to the needs of each fight. Mastering his weapons is key to unleashing his full potential, making him a high-reward pick for skilled players.

What Makes Aphelios Good for Bot Lane:

  • Adaptive Weaponry: Each of his five weapons offers different strategic advantages in lane and team fights.
  • High Damage Output: Capable of delivering massive burst or sustained damage, depending on his weapon set.
  • Utility and Versatility: Provides crowd control, area-of-effect damage, and healing, adapting to different phases of the game.
  • Scaling Power: Aphelios becomes increasingly potent as the game progresses, especially in team fights.

Pick Aphelios if…

  • You Enjoy a Complex, Rewarding Champion: Aphelios is suited for players who relish mastering intricate mechanics and making strategic decisions on the fly.
  • You Want to Adapt to Every Game Situation: His array of weapons allows for a flexible approach, adapting to the changing dynamics of each game.
  • You Seek to Influence Team Fights Significantly: Aphelios’ potential in team fights, especially with the right weapon combinations, makes him a critical asset in late-game scenarios.



In conclusion, it's clear that this patch brings a diverse array of options for bot lane enthusiasts. Whether you prefer long range sharpshooting, kiting and utility, or even hybrid damage, there's a choice that aligns perfectly with every playstyle.

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