[Top 15] LOL Most Fun Champions To Play

Mordekaiser getting therapy from Veigar with text in Korean.
"I'm glad I'm on the list, I guess, but I thought I'd make top 10."

Are some champions more fun to play than others? In a game with 160 different playable characters, it can be hard to pick one that stands out as fun. However, what makes a character fun, typically falls into a few categories, their mobility, their ability to have an impact on the map, and of course, they’re ability to secure kills and improve your KDA.


15. Mordekaiser (Top/Jungle)

Mordekaiser is the risen spirit of a once fearsome warlord, with his mighty mace, he cuts down his foes on the field of combat, the very spirits at his command. Twice killed and three times risen again, he is the definition of an unstoppable juggernaut.

Mordekaiser is a champion who’s easy to pick up, and hard to do poorly with. His high health and powerful shield give him a lot of sustain, and his ultimate makes it hard to gain a numbers advantage against him. He’s also great for anyone wanting to try out the jungle role as he can quickly clear camps and his tanky nature makes him good at stopping invaders.

Why is Mordekaiser fun to play?

  • Simple kit that is easy to understand for new players or those unfamiliar with playing in the Top lane
  • High damage abilities that give a satisfying thwack to enemies and can wrack up a hefty KDA
  • Can be nearly unkillable with enough health and a low cooldown on his shield
  • Can isolate a deadly opponent or catch a fleeing enemy with his ultimate    


14. Kayn (Jungle)

Kayn wields the sentient blade Rhaast which seeks to corrupt him. He must choose whether he becomes its master or lets himself become its slave. You’ll decide his fate, whether you become the Darkin Blade or the Shadow Assassin is up to you.

Kayn’s passive allows him to take on one of two forms over the course of the game, allowing him to lean towards an aggressive tank playstyle, or a slippery assassin, perfect for ganking. This makes it difficult to counterpick against him, if the enemy team picks a tank to counter his assassin abilities, he can play Rhaast to go toe-to-toe with most tanks due to his incredible life steal, or he can go Shadow Assassin to wipe out a team of squishies before they can burst him down.

Why is Kayn fun to play?

  • Two different forms allow for different playstyle for different matchups
  • The Shadow Step ability allows him to walk through walls, surprising enemies or escaping certain death
  • Reaping Slash allows for quick clearing of jungle camps allowing him to gank early
  • Lifegain on Rhaast form allows him to heal massive amounts of health in a fight


13. Senna (Support)

Senna was cursed with the ability to control the Black Mist, and when she was killed and her spirit trapped by Thresh, she developed that skill into a deadly weapon. Now she fights with the Mist on her side, ready to rid the world of evil, alongside her massive gun.

Senna is a hybrid character, giving her the range of a marksman, as well as the crowd control of an enchanter. She uses both halves of her identity to mix up the normal support game and add a surprising amount of damage to a role that’s often viewed as just a babysitter. This character is perfect for any support who feels like they have to carry a bad Bot laner, they can sell their support items and start farming to become the new ADC.

Why is Senna fun to play?

  • Senna’s passive allows her to stack AD, meaning in the late game, she can do as much damage as her carry
  • Senna’s global ultimate, Dawning Shadow, allows her to protect allies across the map, or secure a kill on a low health target
  • Last Embrace is a powerful root that can hit multiple targets, and even surprise enemies by hitting a minion in front of them with it
  • Curse of the Black Mist allows Senna to safely disengage from a fight, or to rush her allies in with their boosted movement speed


12. Samira (Bottom)

The Desert Rose, Samira built her reputation as a daredevil with an eye for style. She wields her custom-made blade and pistols with equal skills, delivering death quickly and in the flashiest manner possible.

Samira has a high skill ceiling, allowing for players to learn combos and pull them off with devastating lethality. She is the quintessential combo player, the key to success is learning how to quickly build her style meter and use her ultimate at the best moment to secure the pentakill.

Why is Samira fun to play?

  • Her passive style ranking makes each play feel satisfying, like pulling off a combo in Street Fighter
  • She can switch between her sword and gun depending on the spacing she needs
  • Her Blade Whirl can block most projectiles allowing her to outplay many characters, even stopping ultimates
  • Inferno Trigger is a vicious area of effect ultimate that can easily turn the tides of a team battle when used correctly


11. Veigar (Mid)

Veigar is the tiny master of evil, but don’t let his stature fool you, he is one of the most hard-hitting mages in the game, and if left undisputed can one shot even the toughest tanks.

Veigar is a mage who gains permanent ability power through his passive, allowing him to scale throughout the game, even without items. His kit makes him a bully in lane, and if given enough time to farm, can easily carry a game.

Why is Veigar fun to play?

  • Passive AP stacks infinitely, so even in long drawn out games, Veigar continues to ramp in power
  • Event Horizon can be used in a variety of ways: for the crowd control, spacing enemies, or even trapping an opponent in a ring of death
  • His build order is straightforward, but his passive allows him to eschew normal items late game and go for fun and quirky builds (Ever try Axiom’s Edge Veigar?)
  • His 6 laughing emotes are perfect for expressing your feelings when you one-shot the enemy ADC


10. Tahm Kench (Top/Support)

The River King is hungry, and nothing can satiate his appetite. He’s a demon that haunts the rivers of Runeterra, eating everything that comes across his path. All who walk by the water fear the hum of the King’s song.

Tahm Kench is a tank with incredible survivability, mobility, and his ultimate is a Get Out of Jail Free card for his teammates. As a support, his Abyssal Dive gives him a strong roam, and his presence in any lane, to soak up damage or save an ally, can put a lot of pressure on the enemy team.

Why is Tahm Kench fun to play?

  • Tahm Kench has a high base hit point value, and some of his abilities scale with his bonus health, turning him into a very tanky catfish
  • Abyssal Dive allows for Tahm to aggressively dive a team with good crowd control, or provides an escape route that most champions can’t follow up on
  • Devour can be used to save allies from dying, also granting them a large shield. It’s a great way to farm honors if you’re looking to finally hit level three
  • Thick Skin makes it hard to burst Tahm down. If he’s not killed outright, he can quickly shield himself back up and kill an enemy while they’re waiting on cooldowns


9. Nunu & Willump (Jungle)

Hailing from the frozen plains of the Freljord, Nunu & Willump are best friends that stick together, through ice and snow, or through the blistering heat of a Brand. Willump is the last of his kind, and Nunu is still searching for a reminder of his mother who passed.

Nunu & Willump are great for moving across the map very quickly in order to gank or score objectives. If you can communicate your plans to gank with the laners, then they can easily follow up on the powerful crowd control of the snowball. They also get effectively two smite abilities, so anyone trying to steal an objective from them will find it a nearly impossible task.

Why is Nunu & Willump fun to play?

  • Biggest Snowball Ever is an ability that is great for mobility, perfect for ganking, and all around fun to use as you build up more and more power to chase down the poor mid-laner who queued against you
  • Absolute Zero has the highest AP ratio of any ability in the game at an astounding 300% meaning if used at the right time, most enemies will have no chance of surviving it, not to mention the crowd control it inflicts afterwards
  • Their healing gives them a lot of sustain and means that they can keep farming the jungle for a long time without backing, which is important for any jungle character
  • Nunu & Willump can grant attack speed to allies after they hit an enemy champion, allowing for some characters like Jinx to begin snowballing a fight (Get it?)


8. Sylas (Middle/Jungle)

Sylas was born with the ability to root out magic, this skill was feared by the Mageseekers who later imprisoned him so that he couldn’t turn those powers against them. Now he is a revolutionary attempting to tear down Demacia.

Sylay’s ultimate Hijack allows him to steal any ultimate from the enemy team. This ability also scales with his AP meaning the right ults in his hands cna do damage that the original champion never dreamed of. He requires a good amount of game knowledge to use effectively, but can still be picked up by those with less experience as long as they’re willing to read.

Why is Sylas fun to play?

  • His ultimate gives him access to the most defining part of other champions, allowing each game with him to have new opportunities to make incredible plays
  • With three dashes, he’s an incredibly mobile champion that can chase down or escape most engagements
  • He has a surprising amount of burst damage, making him able to quickly dispatch most squishy characters if he gets the jump on them
  • At level 16, his ultimate cooldown is so low, he can use multiple of them in a fight, securing victory with style


7. Jinx (Bottom)

Jinx hails from Zaun where she delights in explosions and likes violence maybe a little too much. As one of the characters from the hit show Arcane, she has a lot of personality that shines clearly in her kit.

Jinx can switch between AOE and single target, making her great for splashing down a wave or targeting an enemy that fell out of position. Learning to space out enemies while peppering them with auto-attacks is important, and learning how to turn one kill into several with her ultimate is what separates the bad Jinx mains from the absolutely cracked ones.

Why is Jinx fun to play?

  • Jinx’s kit is easy to understand and makes her easy to pick up and play for most beginners
  • Her global ultimate allows her to pick off low health enemies without requiring her to chase, or even stealing kills from across the map
  • Her character’s design as an unhinged psychopath gives her an enjoyable energy as you rack up kills
  • Jinx’s passive makes her the best champion in the game at scoring multi-kills as her attack speed ramps up, catching many players off guard


6. Pyke (Support)

The Bloodharbor Ripper is the nightmare of every captain in Bilgewater. He stalks and kills anyone who cheats their crew, striking their name off a seemingly never-ending list. He passes judgment with his harpoon, skewering anyone he deems guilty.

Pyke is an assassin, a support that supports his teammates not with heals or shields, but by killing their enemies. Killing enemies with his ultimate grants allies extra gold, allowing his team to snowball off of a few early kills. He can also recast his ultimate allowing for multikills, or in more advanced play, chaining together teleports to cover long distances in the blink of an eye.

Why is Pyke fun to play?

  • His passive offsets his low health by turning most trades to his advantage once he heals most of the damage done to him
  • He has great mobility with his dive granting movement speed, and his dash allowing him to blink through walls
  • With two crowd control abilities, he can kill many champions before they have a chance to respond
  • His ultimate is satisfying to use and can be chained together for incredible plays, all while ensuring your ADC doesn’t spam ping you for stealing his gold (Well, hopefully at least)


5. Akali (Top/Middle)

Akali hails from Ionia, one of the ninjas, she tutored under Shen. She defends her home against anyone who seeks it or its people harm. She has mastered the arts of the ninjas to become one of the most deadly assassins known to Runeterra.

Akali is a champion with an incredible skill ceiling, her movement and combos make her a deadly weapon in a skilled player´s hand. Anyone who spends time trying to learn her will not regret it. While she can struggle in the early game Mid lane due to her melee nature, her movement abilities allow her to kite most Top laners and her strong AD ratio on her abilities means she can snowball into several kills by mid-game.

Why is Akali fun to play?

  • Akali uses energy instead of mana, giving her much more sustain over her mana based counterparts
  • Her Twilight Shroud gives her invisibility that is the basis for some of her coolest plays
  • Her two dashes allow her to track down fleeing enemies
  • While a melee character, she can increase her range so she can’t be outpoked the entire game
  • Ninjas are awesome


4. Aphelios (Bottom)

Aphelios drinks a powerful potion that renders him mute, but allows his sister to send him powerful moon weapons from far away in her temple. He swaps through his arsenal of weapons to find the right tool to hunt down enemies of his orders.

Aphelios is a unique character, with fewer abilities than other champions, he makes up for it with his variety of weapons that have different effects and lean to a playstyle that requires you to be adaptable and test your enemies on their knowledge. He’s a strong marksman that can outplay his opponents by surprising them with a sudden weapon change that is hard to track.

Why is Aphelios fun to play?

  • Aphelios’s ability to swap between five weapons allows him to mix & match them in all several combinations, from long distance roots to a life-gain turret
  • He allows for a high skill ceiling meaning anyone bored with being put on Ashe duty can show off their game knowledge and skill
  • He can achieve the highest amount of lethality out of any champion, making him fun for meme builds
  • With fully stacked chakram, he can do a whopping 140% bonus AD damage on his basics attacks which increase with critical strikes to make him a powerhouse of damage


3. Neeko (Mid/Jungle/Support)

Neeko is one of the vastaya, she can absorb the Sho’ma of those around her and use it to disguise herself as them. She could be anyone, anywhere, at any time, but don’t let that frighten you, Neeko sees the beauty in everything around her.

Neeko is a burst mage, focused on high damage combos that can usually kill on one rotation of her cooldowns. Neeko’s kit centers around taking the enemy by surprise. She has strong burst damage,  but little to no engagement, meaning her best chance at getting a kill is to disguise her way close to the enemy before surprising them with her root or ult.

Why is Neeko fun to play?

  • Neeko’s ability to turn into other creatures or champions gives her a unique playstyle based around playing mind games with her opponents
  • Her root has the ability to pass through enemies, meaning even when sitting behind a minion waves, her lane opponent is never safe
  • Her ultimate can do a lot of damage, allowing her to burst down most foes
  • She can disguise herself as the Blue Buff and emote in lane. Is there anything else to say?!


2. Fiddlesticks (Jungle/Top)

The ageless horror has awoken. Where he comes from, or even what he is, can only be guessed at. He stalks through Runeterra feeding on terror and fear, hunting down those who dare to ignore the cawing of the crow.

Fiddlesticks is all about putting fear into the hearts of your opponents. His playstyle rewards ambushing opponents from bushes and healing any damage they can do to him. Originally designed as a jungler, many players have found success with him in Top lane or even in Mid as his healing is so powerful it makes any trade against him useless.

Why is Fiddlesticks fun to play?

  • While Fiddlestick’s wards are often seen as useless, they can provide an excellent scare for anyone face-checking brushes, especially when you queue at degenerate hours
  • His healing means that when he’s in lane, he can outsustain any trade as he heals while clearing the minion wave
  • His ultimate has one of the highest base damages in the game, making him capable of wiping a team all on his own if he has a lead
  • His point-and-click fear is a powerful anti-engage tool, perfect for stopping the Warwick from devouring your support


1. Bard (Support)

Bard comes from beyond the stars, protecting the mortal world from chaos. He brings balance where he can as he searches for magical artifacts. The spirit Meeps assist him in his travels.

Support is the role that is given the most freedom out of any other role, with no need to farm or hold a lane, they can move around the whole map, securing objectives, ganking enemies, or just gaining vision control. Bard is perfect for this kind of playstyle, so anyone looking for a character that doesn’t need to sit in lane for fifteen minutes will love Bard.

Why is Bard fun to play?

  • Bard’s kit gives them the best roaming in the game, his passive allows him to move quickly through the river, and Magical Journey means no obstacle can stop his quest of making an impact on every part of the map
  • He has the most unique playstyle out of any champion in the game, ensuring that anyone who picks him up will have new things to learn
  • His ultimate, in the right hands, can save his team or leave the enemy team vulnerable and ready to be aced
  • His passive can be stacked infinitely, meaning a late game Bard can do a surprising amount of damage when he hits with a Meep.


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