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 LOL Best Support 2019
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So, do you wanna be a support main? Better get to know who are the best supports in League then! The role of the support is one of the most important roles in the game, and also the most difficult one.

As a support, you'll have to manage your lane with your ADC, be focused on vision control, roam to gank and have a great awareness.

But it all begins picking a good support to help your team. Here's a list of the top 10 supports on League of Legends.

Top 10 LOL Best Support Champions

10. Blitzcrank

This old robot has everything he needs to pressure the lane and pick up some kills. Blitz is well know to be hard to deal with. His Q can grab a enemy and pull him, allowing the ADC to mow down the target. What makes him a great support:

Support Power Rating: 90/100

  • Low skill ceiling, not hard to learn and easily one of the most used supports in low elo. He can punish the enemy for being bad positioned, securing at least a flash with his pull.
  • His kit has a ton of damage, and he can one-combo the enemy ADC or support if he builds AP. This makes him scary, putting pressure in the lane and zoning out the enemy.
  • Blitz can put up a lot of pressure on the lane because of his pull. He also can set up ganks or even pull someone off his ADC if needed.

9. Brand

Brand is the kinda of support that brings only one thing to the table: A METRIC TON OF DAMAGE. He is, by far, the most damage oriented support, having the power to 2v1 the enemy bot lane if he’s in a dire situation.What makes him a great support:

Support Power Rating: 93/100

  • His W is his main damage source. You can use it to poke, zone and burst down the enemy with it. It’s a skill shot, so be sure to predict your enemy movements to land it, but once you do, you can use or combo to stun and proc your passive..
  • Brand has a stun on his Q to help lock down someone, but you need to use or E first for it to work. His passive allows him to deal with high HP champions like Braum or Alistar, dealing AOE damage based on %HP.
  • Brand's ultimate does a lot of damage in team fights and skirmishes, making his presence be a detriment to any form of initiation. He can also poke the enemy before the fight for a lot of damage, making the situation even worse for them.

8. Alistar

Horns for everyone. Alistar is crazy strong and has a lot of CC. Hi is really tanky and can soak up a lot of damage while stunning his foes and letting his team get feed. Alistar is a diving machine, a initiator and overall a really safe pick. What makes him a great support:

Support Power Rating: 88/100

  • His ultimate can help in dives, giving him immense tankiness. It reduces the damage Alister takes from towers, champions and minions and also cleans any CC that locked him down once is casted.
  • His E+Q combo allows him to make a ton of plays throughout the game. This combo is really strong and can set up for a lot of different engages and all-ins.
  • Alister is an aggressive support, so be sure to warn your ADC about your play style. But, if you prefer to simply peel for your ADC, that’s fine. Alistar can do both really well with his E, a knockback, and his Q, a knockup.

7. Janna

With the wind by her side, Janna can protect everyone around her and provide damage and CC when needed. The problem is her skill cap, as her Q is really hard to land, and a misplaced ultimate can ruin a team fight. What makes her a great support:

Support Power Rating: 90/100

  • Her shield synergizes well with any ADC, as it gives a lot of AD to him. This not only serves to protect her ADC, but to give the necessary edge they need to come on top of the 2v2s in the bot lane.
  • Janna can deal a lot of unexpected damage, which can turn the tide of a skirmish or team fight. Her W hits hard and slows the target, setting them up for her Q, which is a knockup.
  • Her ultimate can be used to disengage in a fight and heal her allies or to make plays if used correctly. It’s a very versatile tool in her kit, but you need to understand how it works. It pushes the enemies away from Jannas location while healing allies, you can use it to peel or even to push your enemy under the tower with a Flash+Ult combo.

6. Soraka

This list wasn't going to be complete without her. Soraka once as a walking mana/health pot, but now she has a lot more and can help her team in many ways. Soraka is a very basic champion, but that’s what makes her so great as she has everything you would expect from a support. What makes her a great support:

Support Power Rating: 87/100

  • Her ultimate heals everyone in the map for a good amount. This can turn around 1v1 or even teamfights. It also counters a lot of engages and can be used to grab assists from the other side of the map.
  • Starcall, her Q, does decent damage early on and can be used to poke the enemy. This also gives Soraka a empowered heal, which means she can heal her ADC for a lot while dishing out damage.
  • Soraka can heal her ADC at will, which makes really hard to poke both of them. Also, she has a silence to stop any form a casting skill. This is an AOE silence that gives damage and snares the enemy if they stay to long in the circle.

5. Morgana

Morgana is an easy champion to learn, but she can provide a lot to her team. Her darkshield is what makes her really strong, as well as her Q and ultimate. Morgana is getting a little rework as well as a VGU, making her ultimate even stronger. What makes him a great support:]

Support Power Rating: 93/100

  • Morgana is a team fight oriented support. Once TF's start popping up, her ultimate will do wonders! It does a good amount of damage and if you manage to stay close to the targets, it also snares them.
  • Her Q is almost a disconnect, as it leaves her target snared for a long time and does a lot of damage, having a great AP scaling.
  • Her Darkshield can be used to negate CC and incoming magic damage, which can rend a CC heavy initiator useless. This spell is what makes her so great, as it can make really hard for anyone to get some CC on her or her team.

4. Rakan

How about some feathers? Rakan is a radiant support that packs a lot of CC on his kit and can initiate team fights in a blink of an eye. He can poke, he can shield, heal and he can tank a lot of damage. He also can be used as a mid laner if you’re feeling brave! What makes him a great support:

Support Power Rating: 88/100

  • Rakan ultimate allows him to charm the whole enemy team, giving his teammates what they need to hard engage and go to town. This, combined with his E does a lot in a big team fight.
  • Rakan synergises really well with his partner, Xayah, making this combination a deadly bot lane. They’ve skills that have different effects if cast on their counterparts, Rakan gains a lot of mobility and can shield Xayah in a blink of an eye, even if he’s really far away.
  • He's really mobile, which helps him getting into the fray and out to shield his ADC from harm. His Q can poke and allows him to heal his allies once he gets close to them.

3. Pyke

Pyke is strong in all stages of the game, and he plays like a assassin. He can burst down the enemy ADC by himself, but also can help his ADC get feed with his stun and grab. Overall, he IS an assassin and should be played as one. What makes him a great support:

Support Power Rating: 90/100

  • Pyke can get him and his ADC feed at the same time with his ultimate, giving both the bounty for the kill instead of  giving his ADC only the assist bounty. Also, his ultimate resets on a kill, leading to easy doubles, triples or even quadras and pentas.
  • He can roam really well, having a ton of mobility to get into the gank without being seen. His W is what makes this so great on him. Pyke gets camouflage and movespeed, allowing him to cross a lot of ground without being seen.  
  • Aftershock makes him tanky, which allows more aggressive plays in all stages of the game. After he gets his stun off, he’ll be punished by the enemy team. Aftershock gives him enough room to breath and get out of the fray.

2. Zyra

Zyra is this high on the list because her damage is insane an she can control the lane easily. She can dish out a lot of CC while providing DPS with her plants and damage with her kit. What makes her a great support:

Support Power Rating: 98 /100

  • Her ultimate does a LOT of damage, and can be used to zone out the enemy team from an objective. Her ultimate after a while knock up all enemy units that are inside it. This can set up a lot of plays for her team.
  • She can CC from afar, protecting her ADC easily if she's aware of her surroundings. Her E allows her to do that, as it’s a long ranged line skill shot that hit every enemy in its path, snaring them and dealing damage.
  • Zyra can spawn plants that deal a lot of damage over time. In a team fight, this can be devastating. This plants can be buffed by her skills, and also can be used to get vision on bushes if needed.

1. Thresh

The king of the bot lane! Thresh has all you need in his kit, and boy, he is tanky! The thing with Thresh is that his lantern can be useful in a ton of different ways, an his hook can initiate fights and catch his opponents off guard. A good thresh can be a nightmare for the enemy team, and if you like to try new things, build damage on him to see what happens… What makes him a great support:

Support Power Rating: 100/100

  • His Q is scary strong. It does almost no damage, but the CC plus the drag is what makes it so good. After it lands, Thresh can cast it a second time to pull himself into the target, setting himself up for his R+E combo, dealing a lot of damage and slowing his enemy for a his ADC to clean up.
  • His E can do a good amount of damage, dislocate the enemy or even counter a hard engage. If you’re really good if Thresh you can stop anyone (except if they’re CC imune) from getting to close to your ADC or even from getting away from you.
  • Thresh ultimate does a lot of damage and slows the enemy. If you're in the box in the laning phase, you're probably dead already. His ultimate can be used in a lot of different and creative ways. You can use it to stop someone from chasing you and your team or simply zone out the enemy from a objective.

This is our tier list! So pick up those supports if you want to climb this season and good luck! Also, be sure to check out the new Morgana VGU and don’t forget to always buy a pink ward!

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