Lulu Counter: The Best Ways To Counter Lulu (2019 Edition)

How to Counter Lulu 2019
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This is a guide on how to counter Lulu, and the champions Lulu is strong against

Lulu is a generally simple champion with a kit so full of stuff that you’d quickly be able to label her creator a hoarder; she is one of the strongest bot lane support enchanters to face off against. Her passive(pix, faerie companion) gives her basically 4 auto attacks, one that hits hard and the other one that kind of just chips, but they add up, her Q (Glitterlance) is a damaging slow, her W(Whimsy) grants allies attack speed and polymorphs enemies, her E(Help, Pix) gives allies a shield and damages enemies while also applying true sight, and her R(Wild Growth) makes her allies big and heals them while knocking up enemies.  

She’s a hard champion to play against because she has so many tools in her kit that stop you from playing the game which I know from expierience is the most irritating expierience you can have if she counter picks you  so here’s five champs that’ll help you deal with this little yordle pest.

Champions Lulu is weak against

1. Soraka

wonder unicorn glisten in the stardust!

Like Lulu but more oppressive Soraka makes quick work of Lulu for the simple fact that she’s a healer and Lulu is not. As the Soraka player you hold the advantage over Lulu because your Q poke is long enough  that she can’t hit you, and your heal keeps your adc healthy while she wastes mana trying to poke them. I’d recommend starting W first because Lulu players tend to come out the gate swinging and you don’t want your ADC getting chunked out at level 1. Make sure you punish Lulu with your long range because she will overextend in some capacity while trying to hit you.

  • Start W to keep your ADC healthy in lane (watch your health your heal costs your own hp)
  • Take your Q second and poke Lulu with it to heal yourself
  • Silence lulu in fights to avoid the W (polymorph)
  • In laning phase try to Q Lulu when she walks up to use an ability or auto

Lulu Counter Rating:100/100

2. Nami


default splash art 

Aggressive, hard hitting, and sustaining she poses more than one threat to Lulu as a champion and even more so to the players behind her. Using her Q she can cc Lulu and take her kit out of the fight entirely, this is extremely valuable in team fights when you need to take down a fed player on Lulu’s team because it takes the factor of her ult completely off the table. In lane her W is oppressive, so much so that I had to use bold and italic! It bounces from Lulu back to Nami doing more damage if it you cast it on her first and vice versa with the heal on yourself. Abuse the fact that you can trade with Lulu and heal her damage back, this fact alone will win you lane against her a good chunk of the time.

  • Use your Q to cc Lulu when you want to go for trades, to just completely avoid having to play around her shield, polymorph,slow, and ult
  • You can poke Lulu and her adc with your W but pay close attention to your mana because poking this way is expensive
  • Use your E to buff your auto attacks, beware minion aggro

Lulu Counter Rating: 95/100

3. Maokai

victorious Maokai, awarded for being gold in season 6

 Hulking and intimidating he is an honorable mention of sorts because he isn’t actually a support. He is an off-pick support that is really good against champions like Lulu that get a lot of payoff from sitting in the lane bush. His E (sapling toss) is a projectile that when put in bushes grows bigger, does more damage, slows, and hits 3 times. And his W (twisted advance) is a point and click root that is also unstoppable and follows the target wherever they go. So flashing away from this guy doesn’t happen. Unfortunately though once the root lands Lulu can easily just polymorph you but even then it's a double edged sword; she would have to chose between polymorphing you or the adc either way damage will be done because Maokai hurts.

  • Use your E (sapling toss) to control the bushes around your lane, put one in the side bushes and the tri bush as Llulu will try to ward these areas all game
  • Engage on Llulu when you see an opening or when you’re getting a jungle gank with your W
  • You can also use your E to poke Llulu if she’s hiding in the minion wave to avoid the bushes

Lulu Counter Rating: 67/100

4. Lux

Lunar goddess Lux, chinese new year, year of the dog

This long range control mage keeps Lulu right where she wants her at any given point in the game. Her E is a devastating aoe slow that does burst damage, her Q is a snare that when combined with her Ultimate makes for a near one shot burst combination that even a Lulu ult can’t help sometimes. Her range is also incredibly long, so you as the Lux player you don’t even have to take damage from Lulu’s poke. Lulu will have to play around you so use your E to establish a push and then pressure her using the second bush (the one closest to her tower), this is an easy way to establish lane dominace as a damage support. 

  • Poke Lulu with your E when she walks up to hit your ADC
  • Use your Q on a ranged minion to try snaring Llulu since the Q goes through
  • Combo your ult with your Q and E

Lulu Counter Rating: 80/100

5. Janna

victorious Janna, this skin is rare

She’s last on the list because into Lulu it’s a skill match up. Janna brings more cc and a better shield buff to the table, while lulu provides an overall stronger shield and a stronger ult.  As Janna your poke comes from your W (Zephyr) because it has good ap scaling (50% of ap), so use this as your main poke along with auto attacks, your E(Eye of the storm) is your shield and it ticks down while it’s on, it’s miniscule really that ticking down, but it has an extremely long cooldown compared to Lulu’s so you want to use that when your adc is taking damage. Janna's shield buff grants AD based on her own ap so building athene's unholy grail realtively early helps with the shield strength, your damage output, and it gives a heal based on the damage you dealt when you shield allies with it. I personally like to take this item before ardent censor. 

  • Poke with your W
  • Use your E in fights, and if theADC adc will be bursted
  • Use your Knockup (Q) to peel off enemies and interrupt Llulu’s casting for a little while

Lulu Counter Rating: 70/100

Champions Lulu is strong against

Lulu doesn’t only have terrible matchups, in fact she has more good matchups than bad ones because she’s so strong as an enchanter support. That being said there are champions that she does especially well against, and below here's 5 of those champions to help you if you find yourself playing her.

1. Morgana

Blackthorn Morgana, my personal favorite

Morgana can’t withstand Lulu’s poke because she has virtually no sustain at all unless she’s damaging something with her abilities and even then her healing is abysmal. She can also be slowed during her ult which has the potential to buy your teammates time to run out of it.

  • Continuously auto Morgana and Q her when you can
  • use your Q to slow Morgana down while she ults to try buying time for your allies to escape the stun

2. Tahm Kench

I forgot the name of this skin, but its dope right?

His peel isn’t as strong as Lulu’s and there's a lot of times where he’s really just in lane soaking xp. Her polymorph really destroys any chance he wants to have of getting a stun off on her not to mention the fact that he is free damage. usually he runs targon's brace and will have to step up to auto the minions for the stack. Punishing him won't make him back off because he's so inherently tanky but you will stack your frostqueen's quickly buy constantly autoing him.

  • Polymorph Tahm Kench when he gets two stacks of his passive off
  • poke him with autos to stack your support item (frost queens)

  3. Taric I see your dazzle and raise you glitter

Bloodstone Taric, this looked a lot different in season 4

He is similar to Tahm Kkench in the way that he engages, a simple Q (glitterlance) or an ult (Wild growth) is plenty to peel him off of her. You can also use her polymorph to render him useless for about a 1.25 seconds at rank one. As mentioned above he is another champion whose really too tanky to kill just from poke and he has sustain, so just sit back and stack frost queens in this situation too.

  • I recommend peeling taric with your Q because his stun still goes off even while polymorphed
  • you can help your adc avoid a followup on taric's stun by polymorphing him or his adc when he steps up to try procking his passive

4. Karma

Traditional Karma

Even though she hits hard her shield isnt as strong as Lulu's, and she lacks a team oriented ultimate as impactful as Lulu. Karma is only on this list because she has to choose which of her abilities to buff with her ult and if it’s not her shield she’s kind of useless. laning phase for lulu is hard because karma does a lot of damage, but it's also a skill shot that can be dodged. if you're good at dodging karma won't be a problem.

  • Abuse the fact that your shield is better while Karma’s R is on cd
  • dodge the empowered Q you can tell its coming when you here "latvianondee" or when the ring on her back light up. it has a burst effect, and area slow effect, and a burst effect so be careful of this and treat dodging it with more urgency. Especially at low health

5. Bard

Bard Bard

He just doesn’t do well against Lulu because Lulu’s shield at higher ranks blocks all of his damage, she also has more cc than him and more general lane pressure. She can also roam as well as him if she takes mobi boots. She can also lock down his adc and kill them while Bard is off roaming to whoever knows where. 

  • You can follow his roams and if he can’t roam without you pressuring him he’s less likely to try, or risk feeding and losing the game
  • you can easily kill his adc if they step up to far, or at least hard pressure them from the wave while he's gone from lane. (important to do)

How To Outsmart a Lulu player

Wicked Lulu, up until last year I didn't have this skin 

Lulu is a champion that brings the term support to reality in it’s most literal sense. Her abilities are solely meant to buff and protect her team and her carries and often time the Llulu player will be positioned in a way that you cannot damage her. This simple fact alone makes the fact that she can poke you without much punishment is extremely annoying so to counteract this entirely

  • Play long range champions into her, referencing our list above Lux and soraka

As I said before Llulu players want to buff and protect and you’ll often find her positioned in the backline with her carries. Basically allowing her to get all the slows, polymorphs, shields, and knockups off she wants.

  • Try to catch her out of position before commiting to a full fight

As a champion who scales well, setting Lulu behind early won’t stop her from doing her job it’s inevitable because of the nature of her as a champion. Therefore the only real way to outsmart a Llulu player as a support player is to beat her at her own game      

  • Buy utility items such as Ardent censor, redemption, and locket of the iron solari

Here we are at the finish line of my guide  I really hope this information will solve your Lulu tribulation, today we looked into champions that Lulu is strong against, champions that Lulu  is weak against, and some insight into a lulu player’s mind and how to counter them. Keep these tips in mind the next time teemo is flirting it up with this sweet little purple yordle and as always, Climb that ladder! Good luck out there Summoners!

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