[Top 10] League of Legends Best Starting Champions

League of Legends Best Starting Champions
Please don't play ranked you just started playing the game :<.

So you sold your soul to Riot Games and got yourself into League of Legends and you can’t stop playing it. But there’s a small problem…the game has 155 champions and you don’t know where to start. At first, might be overwhelming but as you continue playing the game you’ll get used to it and learn all 620 abilities from different champions, but no worries today I’ll tell you what champions are beginner-friendly. In this article, you’ll find two champions for each role: top, jungle ,midADCc and support.

10. Garen 

Spin to win champion :D

At number 10 we have Garen a top lane champion. It doesn’t get more beginner friendly than our good ol’ Garen “The might of Demacia”. Garen will surely help you understand the top lane faster and easier. Let’s say the enemy laner got you below 10% hp. The only thing you have to do is stand behind minions and voila you’re ready to curb stomp your enemy laner so you can write in all chat “lol ez”. Garen was one of the first top lane champions that I played and even if I messed up big time I wasn’t punished for it. 

What makes Garen great: 

  • Easy to learn skill set. 
  • If you mess something up his passive will heal you up fully in no time. 
  • His ult is an execute and it’s really satisfying to use.
  • Enemies get tilted because they always lose a trade against Garen (because he can heal from his passive). 
  • Fun to play.
  • Has a hot sister called Lux.

Here you can see his full skill set and read what each ability does.


Here you can see the champion in action getting a penta kill (video courtesy of VikJonte) 

9. Nasus

Woof woof bark for me doggy. 

At number 9 we have Nasus “the Curator of the Sands”, a top lane champion. This puppy comes straight from Shurima, the sand region of Runterra. Maybe Garen isn’t for you and you’d like someone who’s furry, but easy or you don’t like team fighting. Perhaps you don’t want to help your team and you’d just like to stay isolated, farm and win, then this champion is made for you. This champion is also called the ankle breaker since he can slow the enemy with his W for 95% at max rank and crippling them for 47.5% at max rank. The main point for you when playing Nasus the doggy dog is stacking your Q to 1000 stacks and one shooting anything and everyone that stands in your way and sending them into the shadow realm. 

What makes Nasus great: 

  • Easy to learn skill set 
  • You can AFK farm the whole match and 1v9 later solo carrying the game
  • Breaking the enemies ankles with W 
  • When using your ult you get bonus magic resistance and armor resistance and extra health making you a harder target to kill
  • You can also go AP Nasus and one shot people with his E (don’t tell anyone I told you this, no snitches) 

Here you can see the full skill set of Nasus and read what his abilities do in detail. 


Here you can see the champion in action solo carrying the game (video courtesy of DoDo22)

8. Veigar

Lil midget creature. 

At number eight we have Veigar “the Tiny Master of Evil”, a mid lane champion. Maybe you’re not a top lane guy and you fancy yourself more in the mid lane but don’t know where to start. Well, let me help you out with that. Meet Veigar the midget, a champion that can after only 20 minutes of gameplay one shot you with his Q and ULT and write in all chat “? :)”. Now if you’re wondering how that can happen,well his passive allows him to stack 1 extra AP if you cs with his Q/W or hit an enemy champion with his Q/W. If someone gets too close he has his E called “Event Horizon” where he can either lock himself into his box or lock you inside of the box. If you find yourself inside of his E, be sure to take a beating from the whole enemy team since you have just become the human pianta. If the game goes into late game make sure to watch out where Veigar is, because he can just use his R and evaporate you from the whole game. 

What makes Veigar great: 

  • Easy to learn skill set
  • You can stack your passive and build full tank and still one shot people
  • You can stop a gank, save your teammates, stun somebody with your E
  • You get a really cool effect when you kill someone with your R 
  • In late game every ability you have except your E becomes a nuke
  • Your ult is a point and click nuke

Here you can see his full skill set and read what each ability does. 


Here you can see Veigar with no items one shooting people (video courtesy of RossBoomSocks): 

7.  Miss Fortune

Booba champion ;).

At number seven we have Miss Fortune, “the Bounty Hunter”, an ADC champion. Ah, one of the first champions I ever played and one of my first mains that I still play to this day. I’m going to be honest with you guys/girls. The reason why this was the first champion I played is because of her enormous and really nicely shaped eyes ;) and her nice personality. Miss Fortune is a friendly beginner ADC champion that will probably get you into playing the ADC role. She’s really fun to play and you can easily carry the game once you get used to her. If you’re feeling a bit spicy and want to change things up, you can go APMiss Fortune since her E scales with AP. You might get reported by your team but don’t worry about that. Show them the power of AP Miss Fortune. 

What makes Miss Fortune great: 

  • Easy to learn and get into 
  • If you go Dark Harvest in late game you can one shot people with your Q and ULT 
  • You can use your ULT in different ways and those ways are: clearing a wave, zoning ult and the best possible way to use it is in a team fight.
  • You get a lot of movement speed from your W and once you use your W you get a lot of attack speed .
  • You can go multiple builds; you don’t have to build her just one way that some Korean said
  • She’s still played at a high elo and at PRO play. 
  • Miss Fortune has really nice and good looking skins. 

Here you can see her full skill set and read which ability scales with AP/AD:


Here you can see Hans Sama getting a pentakill with Miss Fortune (video courtesy of Karamel TV - League of Clips) 

6. Annie 

Lil child with big cudlly bear.

At number six we have Annie “the Dark Child”, a mid-lane champion. Maybe Veigar is just a little bit too hard for you and you want something that’s a bit easier. Well, don’t worry about that my friend because I got the solution for you and it’s a child. Maybe with Veigar you can’t land your E to stun someone well don't worry, with Annie you can stun them in a AOE radius with her W and R or you can use your Q to point and click stun someone when her passive is charged. If you’re wondering by any chance how to charge her passive to stun someone it’s simple, you have to use any ability four times and the fifth time you stun someone. 

What makes Annie a great champion to play:

  • Her point and click CC or AOE cc depending which ability you use after her passive is charged
  • Her E gives her or her teammates a speed bonus depending on the level, she can also use her E on her teddy bear which is her ULT
  • Her ult, as I said is a cool and scary teddy bear which auto attacks and beats people up 
  • She can nuke a whole team if she has enough AP (spoiler alert she always does) 

Here you can see all of her abilities and read more about what they do. 


And here we can see Annie getting a penta kill just by timing her abilities correctly (video courtesy of Pentakill Replays) : 

5. Amumu

Depressed champion. 

At number five we have a jungler called Amumu “the Sad Mummy”. The champion is pretty simple. He’s easy to get into and he gives the enemy team free depression. If you know anything about the jungle and this champion, you have yourself a guaranteed win. Not to mention you can build him full AP and one-shot people or you can go full tank and be the hero your team needs and carry them to victory with your skills. However this champion has one skill shot ability and that’s his Q, if you can land it. That when you gank someone, you are guaranteed a kill. If you don’t kill anybody when you land your Q. And you die for some reason, be sure to type “mid/top/bot diff :)” in all chat. It's never your fault, remember that. Amumu can also deal a lot of damage with his W and E while his ult is a big AOE stun that’s the size of a planet. 

What makes Amumu a great champion: 

  • He can go either full AP or full Tank. Ifyou go full tank you still deal a massive amount of damage
  • Has a lot of solo winning potential 
  • He’s really tanky so make sure to be the first one to go into battle if you’re building him as a tank 
  • He can full clear easily 
  • Has an AOE ultimate ability that helps your whole team. 
  • He’s depressed 
  • Spreads his depression on others because they can’t win against Amumu 

A more detailed description of the champion can be found here: 


Here’s a short clip of an Amumu player, doing Amumu things (video courtesy of KaisaLeague): 

4. Rammus

A fast rolling armadillo watch out here comes dat boi.

At number four we have another jungler called Rammus “the Armordillo”. He’s an ARMORdillo because he’s a full unkillable tank and has a lot of armor. There’s nothing special to say about him except the fact that when you get a penta kill with this champion the only thing he will say is “Ok” and move on like nothing ever happened. He’s a psychopath. The reason why Rammus is below Amumu is that he doesn’t have a skill shot and he's better into a full AD team comp. In my opinion, Rammus is really fun to play since you can roll around the map with his Q and kill the enemy jungler over and over again. He has a point and click taunt which is his E. The only downside to this ability is that you have to get into melee range but that’s not an issue because you can just roll right up in their face with his Q. 

What makes Rammus a great champion: 

  • He’s tanky, doesn’t have any skill shots 
  • You can roll around the map at the speed of light and act like your favorite SEGA character Sonic. 
  • It’s easy to gank with Rammus especially if you take a rune called Predator along side his Q, and you’re guaranteed a kill almost every time. 
  • Doesn’t have any obnoxious voice lines that you have to listen to, he will occasionally say something but most of the time it’s just “Ok”. 
  • His ultimate ability does AOE damage per second and you can jump with it and while you’re jumping it grants you immunity from crowd control 
  • Easy to catch up to people who are low hp. 

Here you can find a detailed description of your favorite armadillo:


And here as we all can see Rammus taking full damage from the enemy team face first and getting a Quadra kill (video courtesy of Lucky Toronto).

3. Ashe

Sexy frost lady.

At number three we have an ADC called Ashe “the Frost Archer”. In my opinion, Ashe is even easier than Miss Fortune and requires less brainpower to use except when you’re using her ultimate ability which is a GLOBAL skill shot and her E which is also global but it doesn’t deal any damage it’s just for vision. From time to time remember to use your E to help your team out instead of AFK farming like usual. The main point of playing Ashe is to harass the enemy ADC and support with your W. You’re the bully here, make sure they get hit with your W each time they try to get 1 CS, it will annoy them a lot. Oh and one great thing about Ashe is that when you auto attack an enemy laner it will slow them down. 

What makes Ashe a great champion: 

  • Her passive Frost shot slows enemies down which makes it easier for your support to land a skill shot once in a blue moon. 
  • Your W deals a lot of damage and you should max it first, and as you guessed it, it slows them down as well. 
  • Her ultimate ability is pretty cool to use and has a huge hitbox, even if you were supposed to miss it, it will hit don’t worry about it, and if you do miss your ultimate ability make sure to say you were lagging. 
  • Her Q gives you bonus attack speed if you stack it 4 times and after you’ve used Q it applies on hit effects.
  • Has a lot of nice looking skins ;) 

Here you can find a detailed description of our dear Frost Archer: 


And here's Ashe in action (video courtesy of Sonichenners). 

2. Soraka

This lady will save your life. 

At number two we have a support champion called Soraka “the Starchild”. It won’t get more beginner friendly than playing a support. As a support you just have to focus on keeping your ADC alive and seeing what the other players are doing so you can learn as well, especially if you queue up with a homie who’s been playing this game for a long time and doesn’t have a life. Sure supporting might sound boring to anyone but after a few games, you might even like it who knows. Keep in mind if you don’t have a duo partner you won’t climb out of low elo as a support main. As a Soraka player you just have to focus on healing other people and silencing them with your E when you’re in a fight, and if you time it correctly after some time your E that you placed onto the ground can turn into a deadly root. 

What makes Soraka great as a champion: 

  • You can poke people with your Q and heal yourself back if you manage to hit them. 
  • You can heal your wonderful team with your W and make sure your ADC stays alive. 
  • Your ultimate ability is global so make sure your team that consists of apes stays alive for some time. 
  • You have a big banana on the top of your head

Here you can find a more detailed description of our dear support Soraka: 


Here you can see the champion in action (video courtesy of SourCandy): 

1. Yuumi 

Meow meow meow meow meow. 

At number one we have the great cat Yuumi “the Magical Cat”, or better known as the ultimate parasite. As a Yuumi player, you attach yourself to your ADC with your W and you don’t let go of them. The whole point of this kitty is to make sure that your ADC lives and doesn’t go onto a suicide mission. Yuumi is the best if your ADC is going AP, since your W gives a lot of adaptive force. In my opinion if you start playing Yuumi, you will learn the game faster and how it works, since you’ll be using your team as a free piggy back ride and you won’t have to do much. And even in one game I went Yuumi top and I won my lane and the match :D. 

What makes Yuumi a great champion: 

  • Your E heals your teammate a lot and keeps him alive longer. 
  • Your ultimate ability is a channeling ability that goes in waves, if the enemy is struck by your third wave they get rooted. 
  • Your Q can be annoying for the enemy team and you can poke them a lot. 
  • You don’t have to do anything special you just have to exist and sit on the right target 
  • You can be a parasite. 

A more detailed description of Yuumi: 


And here’s a clip of a Yuumi in action(video courtesy of Edt49er): 


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