[Top 10] LOL Best Support Items To Save Your Teammates

[Top 10] LOL Best Support Items To Save Your Teammates
We are the supports!

Let me ask you a very simple question. Are you one of those people who enjoys playing the support role but have no clue on what item you should purchase during your match or do you have no clue on how to be useful towards your team? If that is such the case you shouldn't worry any longer as in this article I’ll be listing some of the best support items that will help you save your homies from death. 

Some of these support items can enhance the power of your healing or shielding abilities while others will make you stronger and tankier so you can survive on the frontlines longer protecting your team. In the end these items depend on the way that you play the support role and who you’re playing against. With that in mind let’s get into the article!


10. Chemtech Putrifer (2,300 Gold)

“Try healing now scrub.”

Have you found yourself playing against a Soraka or Yuumi in the bot-lane and your ADC can’t even make a dent in their health bars due to the amount of healing they do? Well, why not make the life of your ADC much easier by reducing the amount of healing those champions will receive in total. Once the item has reached the player’s inventory and they damage someone with a magic ability it will activate the item’s passive called “Puffcap Toxin”. 

The passive “Puffcap Toxin” will place a 40% grievous wounds on the target. Grievous wounds basically lowers the amount of healing a target will receive no matter what the source of the heals is. It’s not only great against healing supports but also against champions who have a lot of life-steal. In a way you’re saving your teammates by making sure the enemy doesn’t stay alive longer than they actually should. 

How To Get Chemtech Putrifier: 

To make your life and your ADC’s life easier head over to your spawn and purchase a Chemtech Putrifier. 

When Should You Buy This Item:

  • If the enemy team is highly reliant on life-stealing or the heals from Soraka or Yuumi during team fights. 
  • If your champion can either heal or shield an ally so that the 40% grievous wounds can be applied to the enemy. 
  • If you’re playing an AP support champion that would benefit from the base stats of the item. 


9. Staff Of Flowing Water (2,300 Gold)

“Splish, splash, splosh!”

The staff of flowing water is great on supports that can constantly heal in a short amount of time like Sona as that champion can benefit massively from this item. Additionally, you’d also want to build this item if your hard carry is an AP champion as the staff gives the player and the ally champion 20-45 ability power depending on the level as well giving you both 20 ability haste with its passive ability “Rapids”. 

Most AD champions don’t have a use out of the boost in ability power they get from the item so it’s not recommended to be built if your team mostly consists of AD champions. As well the item improves your healing and shielding capability by 8% and gives you a 100% base mana regeneration along with 50 ability power. 

How To Get Staff Of Flowing Water:

To obtain this weirdly shaped staff head over to your base and purchase it for 2,300 gold. 

When Should You Buy This Item:

  • If your main hard carry is an AP champion or a majority of your teammates deal magic damage. 
  • If you’re playing someone like Sona who can constantly heal your teammates and apply the buff on your ally. 
  • The item enhances the amount of healing and shielding abilities of your champion by 8% which is great for any enchantress support.


8. Ardent Censer (2,300 Gold)

“Just a whiff of my mist shall improve your experience.”

Now listen here if your team mostly consists of AD champions instead of AP which is the case in most team compositions you’ll want to build this weirdly shaped cup. The item’s passive ability “Sanctify” will enhance the attack speed and give on hit magic damage to the ally and yourself after using a healing or shielding ability. 

The amount of attack speed and on-hot magic damage given will depend on the target's level. Same as the previous item this one will also improve your healing and shielding capabilities by 8%, gives you 100% base mana regeneration, and gives you 60 ability power. A fun thing about this item as well is that the passive ability “Sanctify” can be applied to everyone in your team if your champion has a way of healing or shielding in an AoE area. 

How To Get Ardent Censer:

To obtain this wonderful item you have to make your way to the base and purchase it for 2,300 gold. 

When Should You Buy This Item:

  • If your team mostly consists of either champions who can deal AD damage or champions who primarily build on-hit damage items like Kayle and Master Yi. 
  • If your champion is able to heal in an AoE area allowing the item’s passive to be applied to the whole team. 
  • If your teammates need an increase in their attack speed and their primary damage output is from their auto-attacks. 


7. Knight’s Vow (2,300 Gold)

“I shall protect you my dear ADC!” 

Now enough about those pesky enchantresses, let's shift our focus to supports who are always in the front of the battle, tanking damage for their hard carries. A way to make sure that the hard carry survives the fight is by having this item in your inventory and tethering to them with the item’s active ability promptly named “Pledge”. Once you tether to the teammate you’re able to tank 10% of the total damage they take only if you're above 30% of your maximum health. 

But if the target that you’re tethered to falls below 30% of their maximum health you will take 20% of the total damage meant towards them. That’s the work of the item’s passive ability “Sacrifice”.This is one hell of a way to make sure that the teammate you’re tethered to doesn’t get one-shotted by the enemy assassin and ensure your victory in the team fight. Along with those crazy item’s abilities the player will receive 400 health, 200 base health regeneration and 20 ability haste when they purchase it. 

How To Get Knight’s Vow:

To obtain this Skyrim looking helmet head over to your spawn and simply purchase it.

When Should You Buy This Item:

  • If your hard carry is constantly being targeted by the enemy assassin during team fights. 
  • If your playstyle revolves around starting team fights or tanking damage for your team. 
  • If your champion benefits the most from health items. 


6. Zeke’s Convergence (2,400 Gold)

“Your anger fuels me!”

While we are on the topic of tank supports another item that just goes hand in hand with “Knight’s Vow” is Zeke’s Convergence because it also allows you to tether to a teammate with its active ability “Conduit”. But this time while you’re tethered to the teammate and you manage to immobilize an enemy or stun them they will be marked for 8 seconds with the item’s passive ability “Convergence”.

If the teammate you’re tethered to attacks the target that’s marked by the item will shoot out a missile that will deal 30-70 magic damage and the extra amount of damage is determined  by 7.5% of the total AP the player has and by 1.5% of the total maximum health the enemy has. The way that this item is used to save your teammates is by dealing damage to the enemy in team fights because the faster the enemy dies the less chance of your hard carry dying. 

How To Get Zeke’s Convergence:

To obtain this item all you have to do is head over to your spawn area and purchase it for 2,400 gold. 

When Should You Buy This Item:

  • If you’re playing a support like Leona or Thresh who can easily engage in team fights first. 
  • If your team doesn’t have  high damage output. 
  • This item works perfectly well in combination with “Knight’s Vow”. 


5. Mikael’s Blessing (2,300 Gold)

“Who the hell has just blessed me?”

One hell of a way to save your teammates from death is by using the item’s active ability “Purify” and removing all crowd control abilities that they got hit by. Furthermore the item will also heal the target that its ability “Purify” was casted on for 100-180 health. It’s not a lot of health but it’s not the main job of the item. 

Its primary purpose is to make your hard carry move again and not be a sitting duck in the middle of the battlefield. Furthermore you can also use the item on yourself and it will do the exact same job. Besides it will also give a 16% increase in healing and shielding abilities with 100% base mana regeneration, 15 ability haste, and 50 magic resistance all bundled up nicely together into this neat item. 

How To Get Mikael’s Blessing:

To receive this random man’s blessing you have to go to your base and purchase the item. 

When Should You Buy This Item:

  • If your hard carry is being constantly bombarded with crowd control abilities. 
  • The item boosts the players healing and shielding abilities by 16% so get it if the healing ability on your champion isn’t healing a lot. 
  • If the enemy team has either a Leona or champions who have an AoE stun ability. 


4. Redemption (2,300 Gold)

“Even in death I am useful!”

Did you pick a support that doesn’t have any healing or shielding abilities in their damn kit and your team is flaming you? If that seems to be the case you must buy “Redemption” and save yourself from being reported. The item shoots a green beam of light in a huge AoE area with its active ability “Intervention” that heals everyone who’s friendly and damages anyone that isn’t. 

The amount of healing received from the item is 180-340 and it depends on the teammate’s level while the damage the enemy takes depends on how much total HP they have. Oh, and the damage they receive is true damage and the best part is that it can be used even while you’re dead. 

How To Get Redemption:

To obtain this life saving item head over to your base and purchase it. 

When Should You Buy It:

  • If you need to heal multiple people at once. 
  • If you’re constantly dying and being targeted by the enemy team. 
  • If you have either an Ardent Censer or Staff Of Flowing Water in your inventory it’s easier to trigger their buffs on your teammates. 
  • If your champions doesn’t have any healing or shielding abilities in their kit.


3. Imperial Mandate (2,500 Gold)

“Scuffed eye of Sauron.”

This is a great mythic item that allows you and your ally to deal extra damage to the enemy team with its passive ability “Coordinated Fire”. To activate this passive you’ll have to first either stun or immobilize an enemy target at which they will take 45-75 magic damage based on their level and they will be marked for 4 seconds. 

Once marked, if anyone from your team attacks the marked target they will take an additional 90-150 magic damage which in return will grant you and the teammate that attacked the marked enemy a movement speed bonus of 20% for 2 seconds. Since this is a mythic item its “mythic passive” also grants the player 15 extra ability power per legendary item in their inventory. 

How To Get Imperial Mandate:

To own this mythic item head over to your spawn area and purchase the item. 

When Should You Buy This Item:

  • If you’re playing a champion that can easily stun or immobilize enemies which results in them being marked and taking additional damage. 
  • If your team lacks movement speed and has a hard time dodging enemy abilities. 
  • If your teammates can easily attack the marked target. 


2. Shurelya’s Battlesong (2,500 Gold)

“Somebody should help out that Phoenix that’s stuck in the gem.”

If you really wanna save your teammates from death how about you pump them up with adrenaline and steroids at the same time with this item. You see, the item has an active ability called “Inspire” that gives an insane 30% movement speed boost that lasts up to 4 seconds to anyone within 1000 units. During those 4 seconds your team can either dodge every single ability the enemy throws at you or run away like a scared cat… That’s up to them not to you. 

It’s great for chasing down the enemy team or simply running away from a bad situation. The other ability is a passive called “Motivate” which gives a 25% movement speed boost that lasts 1.5 seconds which activates each time that you either heal, shield, or buff someone, additionally this also works in an AoE area. Alongside these two abilities there is a third passive called “mythic passive” which provides the player with 5 ability haste for every legendary item.

How To Get Shurelya’s Battlesong:

A fine way to acquire this item is in the in-game store that can be found inside your base. 

When Should You Buy This Item:

  • If the champion that you’re currently playing can heal, shield, or buff teammates easily or has an AoE buff. 
  • If your team is having a hard time catching up to the enemy team the active ability can resolve that issue. 
  • If your current champion has long cooldowns this item can reduce them significantly. 


1. Locket Of The Iron Solari (2,500 Gold)

“Shine bright like the sun!”

And the best way that allows you to save your teammates and keep them alive is by shielding them which is exactly what you do with this item. The way that you can shield teammates is by using this item’s active ability “Devotion” which grants you and anyone in 850 units a shield of 180-330 which lasts for 2 seconds. Which might not seem too long but take into consideration that an average team fight lasts for 3-4 seconds at max. 

The item also has two other passive abilities which work magnificently together. Basically the item’s “mythic passive” gives the player 2 bonus resistances for every legendary item that goes into the item’s second passive “Consecrate”. This passive “Consecrate” gives everyone 3 armor and 3 magic resistance in 850 units which can go up to a total of 13 armor and 13 magic resistance if you have 5 legendary items inside of your endless backpack aka the inventory.

How To Get Locket Of The Iron Solari:

For you to be able to shield your teammates you have to acquire the item through the in-game store that’s found in your base. 

When Should You Buy This Item:

  • If your team desperately needs shields during team fights to survive longer. 
  • If the enemy team can easily kill your teammates without even putting up a fight. 
  • If your champion lacks defenses and needs a quick boost in armor and magic resistance. 


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