LoL Best Twisted Fate Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Twisted Fate Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

LoL Best Twisted Fate Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Twisted Fate Skins Ranked Worst To Best)
I swear I only play fair.

This guy never plays fair so neither should you. By that I mean you should use skins that give you an advantage in the game. Since he’s a mid-lane champion and mid is one of the most important roles in the game you should use anything you can to your advantage so you win the match and get that sweet sweet LP. Of course, skins aren’t just for in-game advantages, some are there for esthetics as well. But enough about that let’s get into ranking Twisted Fate skins. 

16. Stargazer Twisted Fate (Ok)

Let’s start this list off with the skin that’s only available on the mobile version of League of Legends. The reason why I’m ranking it as the worst skin in the whole game is that it is the worst skin. It does have fancy effects, cool animations, and everything but let’s be real it’s not worth the price. I have no idea what they’re smoking down there at Riot Games but this isn’t it. 

How To Get Stargazer Twisted Fate:

You can buy this skin for 1325 Mobile RP or 21.99$. Yeah, is that worth your money? 

15. Original Twisted Fate (Ok)

For being one of the first champions released he still looks good even today. He recently got an update on his effects in general which was long awaited. Let’s hope that they update how his old skins look as well. There’s nothing special about this skin except that Twisted Fate wears a magician’s outfit. 

How To Get Original Twisted Fate:

You can buy the champion for 520BE or 585RP which rounds up to 5$. 

14. Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate (Ok)

This is one of the earliest skins released for the champion itself so it doesn’t come with anything fancy except that the skin looks sick from the outside. Plus if you want to get a good-looking skin for Twisted Fate that’s cheap this one's for you. But don’t be expecting major changes while using the skin. He just wears a different outfit. 

How To Get Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate:

You can buy this skin for 520 RP or 5$. 

13. Musketeer Twisted Fate (Ok)

If you’ve ever wanted to join the musketeers, now is your chance! I have no idea what Twisted Fate has in common with them but here’s the skin. When it comes to the skin it’s basic and Twisted Fate wears musketeer skin. That’s all about it. The skin does not add any special effects or animations, keep that in mind. 

How To Get Musketeer Twisted Fate:

You can become a musketeer by simply purchasing the skin through the League of Legends skin store for 750 RP or 7.5$. 

12. High Noon Twisted Fate (Ok)

Even though I’m a big fan of the high noon skins this one just ain’t it, it was one of the first high noon skins to be released and that was way back in 2012. The skin does come with new sound effects that are wild west themed. So if you like hearing revolver sounds this skin is for you. Everything else is the same as the original skin. 

How To Get High Noon Twisted Fate:

Turn into a cowboy for 975 RP or 8$ in the League of Legends skin shop. 

11. Red Card Twisted Fate (Ok)

Football-themed skins will never work unless it’s Katarina's skin. Otherwise, it’s a complete mess. The only reason that it’s below the high noon skin is that the model looks smaller and thinner. Even though it’s football themed there aren’t any sound effects or animations that would represent that sadly. This skin could have benefited from that a lot. 

How To Get Red Card Twisted Fate:

You can only get this skin from a chest because it’s legacy skin. 

10. DWG Twisted Fate (Average)

Team-themed skins also don’t work. The only thing that’s special about this skin is that the team won Worlds 2020 with it. It does come with cool and unique animations but that’s about it. The downside to this skin is that it looks big and the colors don’t suit the character at all. 

How To Get DWG Twisted Fate:

You can get this skin only through chests or when the World Championship ends. 

9. Underworld Twisted Fate (Average)

Coming straight from the underworld is Twisted Fate. This is my favorite skin for Twisted Fate but sadly I can’t put it any higher than this. The reason for that is the model looks big. That’s the reason for it. If only the model was thinner I would put it at a higher spot. Otherwise, the effects and looks of the skin are astonishingly good. 

How To Get Underworld Twisted Fate:

You can only obtain this skin from a chest because it’s a legacy. 

8. Cutpurse Twisted Fate (Average)

This skin started a great friendship between Graves and Twisted Fate. It’s also one of the best friendships in the whole game. The skin does have unique VFX and sound effects. Other than that the skin is basic as life itself. We keep moving on. The only special thing about this skin is that it focuses on the lore and that Twisted Fate wears dreadlocks. 

How To Get Cutpurse Twisted Fate:

You can buy this skin for 750 RP or 7$ in the League’s shop. 

7. Pulsefire Twisted Fate (Average)

Let’s go to the far future now and talk about the pulsefire skin. The skin does come with cool effects and animations while also having new VFX and sound effects. The sound effects are missing the power behind them which can sometimes throw you off. The animations are smooth and the model’s size is like the original skin. There are better pulsefire skins but if you like Twisted Fate and a futuristic look then this is for you. 

How To Get Pulsefire Twisted Fate:

Buy this skin for 1350 RP or 10$ in the League of Legends skin store. 

6. Blood Moon Twisted Fate (Good)

I am not a huge fan of the Blood Moon skin line but this one takes the cake. The model looks thin, the effects are excellent, and the sound is crispy. The color pallet also suits Twisted Fate and his character. The only thing that this skin is missing is the Blood Moon terrain which you can acquire with a mod. 

How To Get Blood Moon Twisted Fate:

You can buy it for 1350 RP or 10$ in the skin shop. 

5. Tango Twisted Fate (Good)

This isn’t a simple costume change, it's much more. The skin also comes with a new unique look for the champion. This skin was one of the better ones to own back in the day, especially when you consider the fact that it was released back in 2010. It was also released alongside Tango Evelynn. 

How To Get Tango Twisted Fate:

You can buy it for 520 RP or 5$. 

4. Odyssey Twisted Fate (Good)

Does anyone else remember the Odyssey event that was released alongside this skin? Because I do and I damn miss it. I hope that Riot Games will go back to creating new events for the game like they did back in the past. The only downside to this skin is the color pallet used but thankfully we have different chromas so the colors can get changed. 

How To Get Odyssey Twisted Fate:

You can buy it for 1350 RP or 10$ in the skin store. 

3. The Magnificent Twisted Fate (Excellent)

He went from a simple magician to a hoodini. I am shocked that Twisted Fate has a legendary skin considering that his play rate has fallen off a lot. It’s also one of the rarest legendary skins to own because it’s a legacy skin. When this skin was released it turned the whole world upside down and everyone wanted to own it. The fact that this skin was released back in 2010 and it still maintained its status is shocking to me. 

How To Get The Magnificent Twisted Fate:

To obtain this skin you’ll have to open lots of chests and have a lot of luck on your side. 

2. Crime City Twisted Fate (Excellent)

From a magician to a criminal mastermind such is the life of a League of Legends champion. Let’s be honest the new crime city isn’t that good but the old ones are the best. But we can’t deny that this skin simply looks astonishing along with the new and smexy animations. The best part about the skin is the cards which are different colors and each card has a unique take on them. 

How To Get Crime City Twisted Fate:

You can buy it for 1350 RP or 10$ in the League of Legends shop. 

1. PAX Twisted Fate (Best)

This is one of the rarest skins in the world currently. Only a few people own this skin and the funny thing is that it was given away for free to people who went to PAX in 2009. Pax is a gaming event. It does not come with any unique animations or sound effects but what’s cool about it is that if you own it you’re either one of the luckiest people alive or someone rich. 

How To Get PAX Twisted Fate:

You can’t get this skin anymore as it was only given to people who visited PAX in 2009. 

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