The 10 Best LoL Top Laners (2019 Edition)

lol best top laners
The Strongest Top Laners

Who are the Best Top Laners in LOL?

The top lane meta has shifted away from tanks for a while now. It’s all about bruisers and damage dealers who can heavily impact the game in the top lane. That said, who will take the top spots as the strongest top laners in League of Legends?

This is a comprehensive list based on the potential of each champion to stomp over their opponents. It’s safe to say that learning to play these champions you give you a much better chance of putting your teammates on your back and winning more of your games!

1. Sion - Power level: 95/100

Geez, this guy just can’t seem to fall out of favor anytime soon. Sion has been stomping solo queue for months now, and he’ll probably continue doing so. His ability to spam his abilities while being extremely tanky makes him a formidable opponent in lane. Not only that, but after he’s done with bullying you in lane he can build full tank and be a huge frontline threat to your team. His kit is packed with crowd control and damage, making him a force to be reckoned with at all stages of the game.

Difficulty level: Medium. Three of his abilities are skillshots. Although not hard to hit, they take some getting used to.

Strengths: Well-rounded.

Watch Sion own the top lane


2. Urgot - 91/100

There is a night and day difference from the old Urgot and the current one. Ever since his rework he has become one of the biggest powerhouses in the top lane. His range and tankiness allow him to be a lane bully. He also has extremely high damage with his execute and can pull people to his team if he can get close enough. One of the strongest picks for the top lane.

Difficulty level: Medium. His combo isn’t hard to hit but the mechanics on his pullback and ult can be tricky to use.

Strengths: Well-rounded.

Watch Urgot own the top lane


3. Jax - 86/100

Jax has always been a great champion to destroy games with. His amazing scaling makes him one of the hardest split pushers to deal with in the game. If he’s allowed to farm and get his items, you’ll have a constant threat knocking at your side lanes. Even his laning phase is quite strong at the moment, which makes him even harder to shut down early. As far as hyper carries in the top lane go, Jax is probably the best there is.

Difficulty level: Medium. Using his leap correctly (such as ward-hopping) and knowing the right times to go in are important aspects when playing him.

Strengths: Mid and late game.

> Watch Jax own the top lane


4. Nasus - 85/100

Renekton’s brother had been forgotten for some time now, but he made a really strong resurgence not long ago. Although he wants to farm up stacks as much as he can, he can also go toe-to-toe with many other top lane picks. Similarly to Jax, the longer the game carries on the stronger he gets. He’s mainly played as a split pusher, but he can also be a great team fighter with his innate tankiness.

Difficulty level: Easy.

Strengths: Mid and late game.

Watch Sion own the top lane


5. Irelia - 81/100

One of Riot’s most embarrassing changes was the overtuning of Irelia after her rework. Perhaps even more embarrassing is the fact that she still made it into this list after months of being overpowered. They nerfed her a little bit, but she’s still a formidable pick. Her high mobility and damage only ramp up as the game goes on. She can also be very hard to kill with her damage reduction, and overall can be very impactful all-around.

Difficulty level: Hard. Highly mechanical champion with a lot of outplay potential.

Strengths: Well-rounded.

Watch Sion own the top lane


6. Vladimir - 75/100

He’s the only mage who made this list (although sion’s abilities resemble that of a mage) and with very good reason. Vladimir’s damage once he gets some items and his team fighting potential make him one of the scariest champions to face off. He probably won’t be snowballing his lane, but with wise use of his pool and good farming he will scale into a powerhouse. Overall, he can potentially be very impactful.

Difficulty level: Medium. Using him to his full potential requires knowledge about when the right time to initiate a fight might be.

Strengths: Mid and late game.

Watch Vladimir own the top lane


7. Darius - 71/100


Hated by many top laners because of his strength in lane, Darius is a very strong pick if you want a very dominant champion in the early and mid game. He is especially strong against other bruisers and tanks, as his damage ramps up significantly the longer he fights you. His biggest weakness, however, is that he falls off quite heavily in the late game. If he manages to end the game before that though, he will have a lot of success.

Difficulty level: Medium. Using his Q and ultimate properly separates godly Darius players from mediocre ones.

Strengths: Laning phase and mid game.

Watch Darius own the top lane


8. Aatrox - 68/100

Although Aatrox can be a huge lane bully, he’s also a very well-rounded champion. He has potentially high damage if his abilities are used correctly, and his mobility and ultimate assures him a layer of safety. Recently though, his glory as a top laner has been somewhat overshadowed by his strength as a jungler. He remains a good pick for top lane though, and if mastered he can put on some work.

Difficulty level: Medium. Need to learn your combos and abilities very well.

Strengths: Well-rounded.

Watch Aatrox own the top lane


9. Pantheon - 65/100

Similar to Darius, Pantheon has an stunningly dominant laning phase. Perhaps the strongest laner in the game. Not only that, but his global ultimate can be used to set up kills around the map and snowball the game. He’s a point-and-click champion, which makes him extremely easy to pick up and learn. He needs to end games fast though, because he falls out very rapidly as the game progresses. A great pick, especially for non-top lane mains.

Difficulty level: Easy. No real mechanics apart from his ultimate.

Strengths: Laning phase and mid game.

Watch Pantheon own the top lane


10. Riven - 61/100

Riven is probably the highest skill expressive champion in the game. There are definitely a lot of mechanics and tricks to learn with her, but it pays off. With the essence reaver build people are running, she can be very tanky by spamming her shield whilst also doing tremendous amounts of damage. She would be ranked higher on this list, but she struggles against quite a few other top lane picks. If you manage to get out of the laning phase, her power as a split pusher and in teamfights is to be respected.

Difficulty level: Hard. Probably the most highly mechanical champion in the game. It takes a lot of practice and knowledge to start using her to her full potential.

Strengths: Well-rounded.

Watch Riven own the top lane


That is all for this top lane powerhouse tier list. Hopefully you now have a good pool of champions to pick on the top lane and stomp your games with!

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