[Top 10] LOL Most Annoying Champions

"Legends are built at random."
"How long do you resist, summoner?"

Hey guys, Frankenstein here in the area! This time I come to bring you all something very requested about League of Legends, which are the most boring, irritating, incomprehensible champions to play against in a LoL game.

Basically, here we are going to address those champions where you really get irritated, simply because the character has an absurdly boring start to the game due to his ranger of very disproportionate basic attacks, continuous damage, amount of spells used with practically infinite cooldown, and even those passive drain or damage accumulation skills.


Come on!


10- Caitlyn

"How far does my reach go?"


About Caitlyn:

Caitlyn is a champion that works very well, both in early and late-game, in addition to not having a very high level of difficulty, where you can make a game start completely safe and at the same time be an important piece when walking from match.

The character presents in its composition a very complete kit, where even the beginning players can stand out when playing cautiously. The champion has good mobility, has a considerable disengagement for ADC with his "E" and has a good fit in the team.

Why is Caitlyn so annoying?

Cait's range of skills, for sure, is the biggest reason she is part of this list here in position 10, from basic attacks to the ultimate, she has a simply insane range.


85% degree of irritability.


9- Tryndamere

"Your soul enchants my blade!"

Tryndamere but this new build will make you more annoying than you can possibly imagine

About Trynda:

Let's talk about Tryndamere, this champion is not the type that will cause a lot of problems until he reaches level 6. But when he gets his ultimate "Endless Fury", it is better to get away.

The Tryndamere kit in a battle becomes so strong that he is unable to die when he presses his famous "R", no matter the amount of damage dealt to him. It is very common for players to get a very high number of murders when playing with the champion, if he knows the right time to use his combo of skills, because besides being immortal for a few seconds, he also has an absurd critical data and the possibility of heal.

Why is Tryndamere so annoying?

The irritability that Tryndamere causes, in addition to its ultimate, is also in its speed of making the famous "split push" routes. That is, you make an itemization with damage in area, speed and critical, and you can pull a route of minions very quickly.

This is very interesting when your team is losing battles, but it is winning the game on objectives, making the enemy always have to move from the objective he is doing, to try to prevent Tryndamere from moving forward.


87% degree of irritability.


8- Darius

"Sweet taste of revenge!"

This is why you don't camp a Diamond Darius One-Trick...

About Darius:

Another Noxian who certainly doesn’t have "labyrinthitis", hahaha. Darius presents his skill kit, passives and interesting equipment.

His absurd damage in the rotation of the Dizimar, combined with the Hemorrhage and the Guillotine of Noxus, which causes real damage more than insane, is the recipe for one of the most unbearable champions and, I can speak with certainty, "over power" of the game .

To complete, Darius still has a set that allows him to be a considerable tank.

Why is Darius so annoying?

Even due to several nerfs that the champion received, Darius wins the eighth place on our list, although he is not as powerful as in his glory days.

Basically the stack of his passive ability, plus the spin with a very annoying cure, which are used very steadily, with a good range, makes Darius very irritating to play against.


89% degree of irritability.


7- Blitzcrank

“One pull, two pulls, several pulls!"

Blitzcrank Montage 2020 - 900 IQ

About Blitz:

Blitzcrank is a tank champion, mainly based on group control. His kit allows the champion to move around the map very quickly and perform "pickoffs" with other players on his team with ease. Usually, this champion is used in the lower route, in the support function.

Why is Blitzcrank so annoying?

I think the Bionic Pull speaks for itself, but there are also other factors that have caused the champion to be banned so many times in competitive mode, for example his passive, which creates a shield corresponding to 50% of his mana when he reaches less than 20% of your life.

So many pulls and so much life, make Blitzcrank one of the most boring characters to play against, especially when the guy knows how to pull.


93% degree of irritability.


6- Karthus

“How many souls will I reap with a simple skill?"

Karthus Montage - One Shot

About Karthus:

Karthus is basically a champion turned to death. If well played and well executed, it is clear how strong he gets when walking the match. His skill kit is very interesting, with an almost zero cooldown.

This is a champion who takes the position 6, due to his tireless use of skills and the surprises after death.

Why is Karthus so annoying?

Basically what makes Karthus such a boring champion is, mainly, his ultimate and his passive. If after a TF Karthus is the only enemy to stay alive, it is good to hope that he is without his "R", otherwise, get ready to hear a glorious PENTAKILL coming.

The Death Challenge consists of Karthus, after dying, continuing to cast spells for SEVEN more seconds, and the Requiem allows Karthus to channel for three seconds, before dealing damage to all enemy champions.


94% degree of irritability.


5- LeBlanc

“Death is always a clone away!”


About LeBlanc:

Leblanc is a champion, which we can define as a real killer. The character has a great power of mobility and burst, being very powerful to shoot down isolated targets and even confuse them with his kit.

In addition, Leblanc is very powerful in creating flanks, in addition to being able to advance to enemy carrys, shoot them down and reposition themselves right afterwards. Usually, this champion is used in the middle route.

Why is LeBlanc so annoying?

We can say that LeBlanc fits into the top 5 most annoying champions, due to his extremely complete kit, both in terms of proximity to the enemy, and when using his kit from afar, the famous "Q" poke.

It is worth remembering that it also has the passive, which when used well, controlling with the "Alt" key, will basically confuse the enemy a lot.


96% degree of irritability.


4- Master Yi

“How about a duel?”


About Master Yi:

Here is a very peculiar champion on the list, Master Yi. Yi is a killer champion. Adored by some and hated by others, he is a character who becomes very powerful after buying some items.

His abilities grant the champion not only attack damage, but also real damage, which together with the attack speed, cause this champion to cause a lot of damage not only to the carriers, but also in enemy tanks.

Usually, this champion is used in the jungle.

Why is Master Yi so annoying?

Critical damage and scape are the main uses of Master Yi, his speed combined with the accumulated damage provide us with a champion that, basically, gives an excellent split push.

A champion made by Satan to end the joy of any player when facing him, Master Yi leaves us no doubt of how hated he is in the world of League of Legends.


98% degree of irritability.


3- Katarina

"Violence solves everything!"

FAKER KATARINA IS INSANE! - T1 Faker Plays Katarina Mid vs Akali! | Preseason 11

About Katarina:

Katarina is a champion known in LoL for her mechanics of resetting the cooldown of her abilities with her passive. Due to this mechanics and also to her high potential for damage in area and mobility, the champion is very powerful in team fights if she comes in at the right time. Usually, this champion is used in the mid and top route.

Why is Katarina so annoying?

The deadliest of Noxus, and certainly one of the most boring champions in this world of summoners.

The main cause of attacks in the area with continuous damage in the game, which in the policy of "spin 2 win" easily destroys any team that is not prepared to be able to interrupt its ult, be it with a stunning, freeze.


99% degree of irritability.


2- Pyke

"Hard day of killing ahead."

New Pyke is a little crazy! - League of Legends

About Pyke:

Pyke is a support champion. Despite being a support, in addition to the great potential for group control, Pyke also has a great potential for damage, possessing in his kit skills of a murderous champion, such as invisibility and an execution ability. Usually, this champion is used in the lower route, in the support function.

Why is Pyke so annoying?

Pyke is a champion who presents a very curious kit. In addition to having excellent movement speed, he is able to perform ganks on all routes on the map, forcing enemy spells, and totally changing the course of the game.

On the support route, he is very annoying with his "Q" pull combo and his "E" stun.


100% degree of irritability.


1- Teemo

"Never underestimate the power of the Boy Scout code!"

Why League Players HATE Teemo

About Teemo:

Ending with the hatred of the Dark Lord, the most hated and irritating character in the League of Legends, who can play in almost any route position, is it? It is? ... Teemo! I'm sure you thought that I wouldn't put Teemo here, but look, this bastard is occupying the first position.

I consider Teemo to be an aberration of LoL. Analyzing very thoroughly, Teemo really deserves to be here on this list in the first place.

Why is Teemo so annoying?

With an extremely irritability kit, with (P) Camouflage, (Q) Blinding Dart, (W) Quick Move, (E) Toxic Shooting, (R) Poison Trap, among all these skills I can't say for sure which is the most annoying, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be between the passive Toxic Shot and the (R) Poison Trap.

He is such a boring champion that he can take any player seriously! And the most amazing thing is that he can play in any position. This son of Satan was granted the first and grandest place on our list.

110% degree of irritability.

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