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How everyone's favorite support rose to fame

Aphromoo has had one of the longest professional careers in League of Legends. His legendary support skills and gregarious personality have made him one of the most well-liked players in the game’s history, but people tend to forget that there is a long and difficult journey to reach success and fame. Here are 32 interesting facts about Aphromoo’s League of Legends career:

1. Aphromoo’s real name is Zaqueri Black, and he is from Whittier, California.

2. Before finding League of Legends, he played other PC MMOs like World of Warcraft. He is also a fan of the Gauntlet series of games.

3. His professional League of Legends career started in 2011 when he played for V8 eSports.

4. He actually began his career as an ADC before transitioning into the support role later on.

5. In 2012 Aphromoo gained serious notoriety when he climbed to rank 1 on the NA server.

6. About a year into his career, he decided to make the switch to support, and he was picked up almost immediately by the North American powerhouse CLG.

7. Aphromoo also developed a large following on his stream. He became known for his easygoing personality and sense of humor.

8. CLG’s well-known AD carry Doublelift and Aphromoo became friends almost instantly. They would go on to become the most well-known North American botlane in League of Legends.

9. Aphromoo’s career took a downturn in 2013 when CLG revamped their lineup.

10. To add to his problems, he was punished by Riot for Elo boosting and temporarily banned.

11. He was then dropped from CLG and picked up by Team Curse, but he was released by Team Curse later in the year.

12. After being dropped by Curse, Aphromoo struggled to find a team for nearly a year.

13. This marked a low point for Aphromoo’s career, and many players would not have been able to turn things around.

14. Never one to back down from adversity, he continued to search for a team while perfecting his support play. He also retained his dedicated fanbase, which helped to keep him motivated.

15. His tenacity paid off when he was picked up again by CLG in 2014.

16. He would spend most of that year perfecting his support play against top competition as well as developing his synergy with Doublelift in the bot lane.

17. The Aphromoo/Doublelift bot lane was nicknamed “rush hour” by fans after the movie starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan.

18. Aphromoo and CLG performed well against domestic competition during the 2015 season, but they couldn’t make it out of the group at Worlds and went home disappointed.

19. Unfortunately for Aphromoo, Doublelift left CLG for the 2016 season. He was replaced by Stixxay.

20. Despite the departure of his long-time friend and teammate, Aphromoo remained dedicated to CLG and continued to be ranked among the highest supports both domestically and globally.

21. While Aphromoo had a strong 2016 performance, CLG struggled to adapt to the changing meta and once again did not make it out of their group at Worlds.

22. CLG made some roster changes for 2017, but Aphromoo was growing tired of the poorly-managed franchise and starting to consider his options.

23. The team underperformed in the Spring Split, and they were knocked out of playoffs in the early rounds.

24. CLG bounced back mid-season and saw some success, leading them to a climactic playoff match with Cloud9 for a spot at Worlds.

25. A disappointing loss in the playoff had CLG and Aphromoo ending yet another season in disappointment.

26. Despite some improvements to the CLG roster and their mid-season success, Aphromoo knew it was time to move on.

27. He had spent over four years with the team, making him one of the most consistent professional players in League history.

28. In 2017 Aphromoo decided to leave CLG for 100 Thieves.

29. This coincided with the new franchising system for professional League of Legends. The team looked to Aphromoo for his years of experience and leadership.

30. He was rewarded for his move when 100 Thieves placed 1st in the NA LCS regular season.

31. Aphromoo was honored with the MVP award for his outstanding performance and leadership.

32. A humble and generous player, he donated $2000 to charity in the Siv HD Charity Event.

Aphromoo has had one of the longest professional League of Legends careers, but he isn’t done yet. Whatever the future holds for him, he has made a name for himself with his outstanding play and likeable personality.

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