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Best Ekko Skins
Ekko: The Living Replay Button

Which is the best Ekko skin?

Every League of Legends player knows that it’s one thing to win, and an entirely different thing to win in style. When you hit the Queue button, your champion and skin choice is the best way to express yourself and, well, make the game just a little bit more fun. 

Use this fun list of Ekko skins to add a new level of excitement to your matches and find out which incarnation of the Boy Who Shattered Time fits you best!

#6 Classic Ekko (OK)

Classic Ekko is perfect the way it is. And it is amazing. However, all other skins on this list are upgrades, so it has to take the bottom spot.

Ekko is the type of champion that you would expect to see as the protagonist of a sci-fi action movie. He’s badass, witty, and most of all: flashy. If ranked against all of the other Classic skins in the game, this bad boy has a good chance of topping the list. That being said, you just gotta see these other Ekko skins options!

What makes Classic Ekko OK?


  • One of the best Classic skins in the game. Highly detailed and awesome concept.
  • Animations are on point. You already know this.
  • Free.


  • Missing the extra details and quirks when compared to the buyable skins.

How to get Classic Ekko: Purchase the champion.

See Classic Ekko in action:  

Ekko Champion Spotlight. Creds- YT/League of Legends

#5 Academy Ekko (GOOD)

Academy Ekko is the coolest kid in school

Academy Ekko is one of those skins that looks pretty spectacular in the splash art. So much so that it makes you wonder why it would be so cheap… until you see it in game. Not that there’s too much wrong with it; the model looks pretty nice and the theme is fun, but it’s pretty much just Classic Ekko dressed up as a student. No special animations or sounds here.

What makes Academy Ekko GOOD?


  • My guy Ekko is definitely the class clown.
  • Cheapest buyable option at 750RP.


  • No unique animations.
  • Spash art > actual in-game skin.

How to get Academy Ekko: Available for 750RP.

See Academy Ekko in action: 

Academy Ekko Skin Spotlight. Creds- YT/SkinSpotlights 

#4 Sandstorm Ekko (AWESOME)

Sandstorm Ekko shines as an aesthetically pleasing skin with many color options

Sandstorm Ekko is essentially Classic Ekko with a fat upgrade. Featuring a cooler character model, slightly different animations, but most importantly it has the chromas. It’s easy to forget just how big of an aesthetic difference chromas can have, and this skin has some very good options. Pink Ekko ftw.

What makes Sandstorm Ekko AWESOME?


  • Finally, some new animations and looks
  • Chromas chromas chromas. Did I mention the chromas?
  • Ponytail time.
  • Unique animations


  • It’s cool, but nothing too crazy compared to some of the skins you’re about to see...

How to get Sandstorm Ekko: Available for 975RP.

See Sandstorm Ekko in action: 

Sandstorm Ekko Skin Spotlight. Creds- YT/SkinSpotlights 

#3 SKT T1 Ekko (AWESOME)

SKT T1 Ekko is a badass on the world's biggest stage

Now we are getting into the top tier of Ekko skins. If you’re willing to spend a little more of that gift card that’s been sitting in your drawer for a month, SKT T1 Ekko will give you a lot more. With the intense red looking nice and refreshing on this our favorite time-warp assassin, you’ll be satisfied every time you press Q. Truly an SKT-grade skin.

What makes SKT T1 Ekko AWESOME?


  • Ulting into an SKT logo won’t get old any time soon.
  • Red and gold is pretty fresh, especially with that mohawk.
  • Unique animations


  • No chromas.
  • Animations and model are cool, but when compared to the other options at this price point they are not enough to reach the top two spots.

How to get SKT T1 Ekko: Available for 1350RP.

See SKT T1 Ekko in action: 

SKT T1 Ekko Skin Spotlight. Creds- YT/SkinSpotlights 


PROJECT: Ekko is undoubtedly one of the coolest PROJECT skins available

I love PROJECT skins. There’s nothing quite like seeing your favorite champion receive a complete high-tech upgrade, and it’s evident here that Riot was really trying to make the best skin that they could for Ekko. PROJECT Ekko offers the best sounds for every ability that you can find, and even the smallest particle effects are what make this skin so good. 



  • Them sounds. That voice. 
  • Lime green was a brilliant decision.
  • Your trailing shadow looks awesome.


  • Some might find the new effects overwhelming and prefer the simpler, sleeker animations.

How to get PROJECT: Ekko: Available for 1350RP.

See PROJECT: Ekko in action: 

PROJECT: EKKO Skin Spotlight. Creds- YT/SkinSpotlights 

#1 Trick or Treat Ekko (LEGENDARY)

Trick or Treat Ekko is up to no good, unless you're on his team

Trick or Treat Ekko deserves this top spot. It’s not even close. When everything about this champ screams mischievous and fun, it couldn’t be more fitting to have a skin that does those two things so well. With all the chroma options you would want, a detailed character model, and an overall great theme, this is all you can ask for in an Ekko skin.

What makes Trick or Treat Ekko LEGENDARY?


  • Spooky. 
  • You can send pumpkins at your enemies. I repeat, you can send pumpkins at your enemies.
  • Highly detailed animations and model.


  • 1350RP may seem like a lot, if you hate fun.

How to get Trick or Treat Ekko: Available for 1350RP.

See Trick or Treat Ekko in action: 

Trick or Treat Ekko Skin Spotlight. Creds- YT/SkinSpotlights 

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