League of Legends Best Ways To Get Skins [Top 5 Ways]

League of Legends Best Ways To Get Skins, LOL Best Ways To Get Skins
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If you thought that the only way to get skins is to buy them, you were wrong. There are multiple ways of getting skins in League of Legends for free. Playing more games and completing tasks will get you a bunch of different loot. If you want to know more about how to get free skins, read the following tips.

1. Open Chests

Hextech Chest

One of the best ways to get skins totally for free is by opening various chests. Playing more games and getting higher grades with champions will get you loot. Opening chests there is a possibility that you will get random champion skin shards, but can also get ward skin shard, champion shard, emotes, etc. The chance of getting a skin shard depends on what kind of chest you open. For example, Hextech Chest guarantees you 50% of getting a skin shard, while Masterwork Chest guarantees 70%. To upgrade skin shards you will need orange essence. You can get them by disenchanting owned skin shards. Rarest skins will guarantee you more orange essence, while legacy skins will get you less. You can also upgrade a skin by rerolling 3 skin shards. Pick any 3 skin shards and reroll them to get random skin permanent. Rerolling will automatically unlock you permanent skin, but you will lose 3 skin shards. This way of getting skins may be free, but it will require a lot of games. If you want to speed this process up, you can always buy the loot by using Riot Points.

2. Claim Free Skins

Some of the skins you can get for free completing small tasks given by Riot. Below you can find the list of skins and how to get them:

  • Riot Tristana - To get this skin you have to leave a “Like” on the official Riot Games Facebook page through the coupon app which you can find on the League of Legends website. All you have to do is leave a like, enter Summoner name and claim the skin.

Riot Tristana

  • Sanguine Garen - This skin you can get by hitting level 5. When you get to this level you will receive a reward chest with this skin.

Sanguine Garen

  • Unchained Alistar - In the old days getting this skin was pretty easy. All you have to do is to subscribe to Riot’s youtube channel. Today it's a bit more complicated. You will have to go to the LoL support page and choose “I am having technical issues”. Then paste this text in the description field: “I was trying to use the link to redeem the Unchained Alistar only comes up with a blank page. I subscribed to the Youtube channel but I can’t figure out how to get the skin the normal way. Please see the attached screenshots that show I am signed in and subscribed to the RiotGamesInc Youtube channel as well as the second page where brings up a blank page. If Unchained Alistar is no longer available I understand and you can disregard this ticket. Please notify me if this is the case. Otherwise, can someone please show me how to fix this issue? Thank you, (enter your Summoner Name here)”. After you will upload a screenshot and click submit.

Unchained Alistar

  • Grey Warwick - To get Grey Warwick is to invite 3 friends or create 3 accounts yourself. Once all 3 accounts reach level 10, you will be rewarded with Grey Warwick skin.

Grey Warwick

  • Medieval Twitch - The method of getting this skin is similar to the one of getting Grey Warwick. But in this case, you will have to invite 5 friends or level up 5 accounts. Once they hit level 10, you will get Medieval Twitch skin.

Medieval Twitch

3. Win LoL Tournaments

Clash Tournament

You and your friends can apply for the Clash tournament every month. Winning games in this tournament will grant you champion skin shards, depending on your place in the tournament. Higher the place, the better the awards.You can also apply for other tournaments, hosted by Twitch streamers. For these tournaments, you can apply for free, and winning will get you various skins, especially if you are a skilled player.There are a bunch of sites where you can apply for tournaments, and winning any of those will grant you Triumphant Ryze skin. You should communicate with tournament hosts who will provide you with an activation code for Triumphant Ryze.


4. Season Reward Skins

Maintaining your rank will provide you with Victorious skins at the end of the season. This method may not be the fastest, since you can get only 1 Victorious skin per year.To get Victorious skin, you will have to end the season with a Gold rank or higher.All Victorious skins:

  • Season 1 – Victorious Jarvan IV & Judgement Kayle
  • Season 2 – Victorious Janna
  • Season 3 – Victorious Elise
  • Season 4 – Victorious Morgana
  • Season 5 – Victorious Sivir
  • Season 6 – Victorious Maokai
  • Season 7 – Victorious Graves
  • Season 8 – Victorious Oriana
  • Season 9 – Victorious Aatrox
  • Season 10 – Victorious Lucian


5. Online Tasks for Free LoL Skins

Get-to-paid websites can enable you skins without spending any money on Riot Points. It may be a faster solution than previous ones. Websites like this work by partnering with research companies that are providing players with easy to complete offers. Completing offers will grant you points that you can use to redeem League of Legends cards. Some of the best sites to earn these points are:

A common problem that users face with earning points on any of these sites is not being able to qualify for a few of the offers on the sites. Some of the tasks may not provide you with points but don’t let that discourage you. Most of the tasks will provide you with points that you can use to unlock skin of your liking. 


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