LoL Best Willump Skins (All Nunu and Willump Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

Nunu and Willump Worst to Best Skins LoL
Can cuteness kill you? Wait why did I just get slowed walking near that bush-

Nunu and Willump are inarguably among the most adorable champion design there is in all of League of Legends. Their sweet and wholesome dynamic is unique entirely to them with Willump being an incredibly powerful being constantly protecting the childlike and curious lost boy Nunu.

Their skins carry the same themes of wonder and amazement sitting atop the protection of a powerful yet soft and cuddly beast ready to pounce on anyone who lays a mere finger on the boy. But what skins are the best? Which ones aren’t as effective? 

10. TPA Nunu and WIllump

See the skin in action:

MiSTakE might have definitely left us in awe after Worlds 2012, and TPA Nunu is now a permanent reminder of their win. The skin doesn’t particularly stand out when compared to what else Nunu and Willump have in their catalog but the red and white color palette feels refreshing for just 750 RP. However, it is from the legacy vaults.

9. Sasquatch Nunu and WIllump

See the skin in action:

Sasquatch Nunu and Willump brings a festive and less snowfallen vibe to the base model for Nunu. With Willump’s color palette resembling autumn leaves, it’s a cool concept of changing the themes and geographical background for the loveable cuddle-beast. The skin doesn’t have any new particle effects nor VFX, but can be purchased for just 520 RP when legacy chests open!

8. Workshop Nunu and WIllump

See the skin in action:

Speaking of festive vibes, Christmas would never be the same if we find out Santa was just a tinkering child riding a powerful beast delivering oftentimes broken and smashed toys to young kids. Unfortunately, Santa isn’t real (bummer, I know) but workshop Nunu and Willump brings you some fancy new voice lines and a cool color palette just for 520 RP. Full disclosure, it is a legacy skin so just be aware.

7. Demolisher Nunu and WIllump

See the skin in action:

Wait, is that Rell? Did she just eat my blue buff? Rell didn’t have an AOE channel that lasted THIS long though right? Demolisher Nunu and Willump might have a dark biography but the concept doesn’t quite come across as well considering the dynamic between base Nunu and Willump is too iconic to be replaced or changed without being cartoonishly exaggerated. The skin, however, despite resembling Rell does come with brand new voice lines and animations, all for 975 RP.

6. Zombie Nunu and WIllump

See the skin in action:

Once best friends now quite literally patient 0 for a global zombie apocalypse, Zombie Nunu and Willump completely flips the dynamic and vibe from the base model and turns it into cartoonishly evil horror. The puke-green palette and grotesque VFX as well as SFX give the skin an extra punch, not even considering the cool recall animation. All of that in a legacy skin for 1350 RP.

5. Grungy Nunu and Willump

See the Skin in action:

The childlike wonder in Nunu comes out the best in Grungy Nunu and Willump, the loving and adventurous dynamic between the two turning into an almost Monsters Inc-esque vibe is an amazingly executed concept that goes hand-in-hand with the base model for Nunu and Willump. The skin also brings new SFX and VFX just for 750 RP.

4. Papercraft Nunu and Willump

See the skin in action:

The heartwarming story of Nunu creating a friend after waking up in a reality altered seemingly permanently always manages to strike a chord right in the heart. The skin shows everything made of origami paper, with brand new SFX, VFX, a beautiful recall as well as chromas all for 1350 RP!

3. Space Groove Nunu and WIllump

See the skin in action:

Willump saving Nunu from the curse of Lissandra brings a brand new meaning to the relationship the two have, now determined to save the universe from bad vibes with their impeccable dancing skills, Space Groove Nunu and Willump bring you brand-new voice effects, SFX, and VFX with a brand new recall and chromas on top for 1350 RP.

2. Nunu and Beelump

See the skin in action:

They’re bees. That’s pretty much it, they go buzz and make honey and sometimes they drain you down to 5% HP before you know it, they’re the cutest bees despite all bees being absolutely adorable, somehow. The skin is arguably the best bee skin in the game (maybe in direct competition with Bee’Maw and Beekeeper Singed) and it brings you everything you could ask for; new SFX, VFX, a flashy recall and chromas! All for 1350 RP.

1. Nunu and Willump Bot

See the skin in action:

Every Nunu and WIllump main for absolutely clear reasons has Nunu and Willump Bot, the robotic vibes with the dancy 80’s arcade vibes are impeccable on a design as animated and fluid as Nunu and Willump and it shows. The skin brings you a brand new voice, SFX, VFX, as well as a fancy recall animation all for 1820 RP!

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