[Top 15] LOL Most Popular Mains That Are Great

[Top 15] LOL Most Popular Mains That Are Great
These champions are simply amazing for carrying low elo scrubs! Main them!

So you wanna join the cool kids but don’t know which champions to main? What does it mean to be a main? Well, it means you own that champion and you know it inside and out, you know how to perform every single combo in existence with that champion and possibly you’re even winning your matches.

You don’t know which champions to main? Don’t worry I got you covered on that one homie. First up some of these champions listed here even though they’re popular they’re hard to play. What can I say?

Some people like a challenge here and there? Now don’t be scared to try out some new champions because they’re hard to play. You might even like them. Now that being said let’s get into the list, shall we? 

15. Annie

“Can we play now please?”

The devil’s child itself, Annie. Even though she’s just a child and looks innocent, she killed her parents. They probably grounded her and didn’t let her use the internet or something like that. Why would people want to main someone like Annie?

Well, because she’s broken and easy to play. Annie in the late game can nuke the whole team to smithereens if she wants to. All you have to do is stack your passive, place your teddy bear onto them and boom the whole enemy team is dead. Annie can also give herself extra AP with her E, throw out fireballs with her Q, and burn people with her W.

Don’t forget that every fifth ability you use it’s a CC. That’s the passive ability that allows her to do that. People love playing Annie because she can carry them to a higher rank and who doesn’t love destroying the enemy team with a child.

What’s Great About Annie:

  • Annie is an AP mage who can crowd control the whole enemy team. 
  • Scales insanely well with AP.
  • She’s easy to play and easy to master.

14. Caitlyn

“There’s a new sheriff in town, boys.”

1 shot 1 kill that’s how it should be with a sniper. But instead, Caitlyn shoots you 50 times, and then she proceeds to place a trap on your body as a sign of dominance. I’m kidding, only players do that. When it comes to Caitlyn she has the largest auto-attack range out of any ranged champion and every 6th shot is a critical strike.

With her Q she launches a bolt that deals damage to the first target hit and for every other target, her damage gets reduced. With W she can place a trap on the ground and everyone that steps into it can get headshoted by Caitlyn. 

Her E allows her to dash a small amount in the opposite direction she’s facing since she shoots out a net that slows people and allows her to critically strike the target. If you accidentally E in the wrong direction don’t worry about your target escaping as you can snipe them with your R. 

What’s Great About Caitlyn:

  • Has the largest auto-attack range out of any ranged champion.
  • Every 6th auto-attack is a critical strike. 
  • Her ultimate ability has a huge cast range.
  • She’s able to place traps on the ground to catch people.

13. Diana

“The moon shall protect me.”

Now up next we have the lady that uses the moon to fight. In any battle that she’s been in, the moon was on her side. This lady is called Daina by the way. She’s a ruthless mid/jungle champion who can not only carry the game but also not die in the process.

The reason Diana can do that is that she’s kind of an AP tank that also deals damage. Diana with her Q can launch a curved skill shot that hits people and she can also dash onto them with E. If the target has been hit by her Q her E is reset and she can use it again.

Diana can also summon balls around herself that give her a small shield. With her ultimate ability, Diana pulls people closer to herself, slowing them down, and burning them in the moonlight. If that sounds pretty cool to you then what are you waiting for? Play Diana right now!

What’s Great About Diana:

  • A ruthless mid/jungle champion.
  • An AP tank mage that can’t be killed in a 1v1. 
  • Goes well into any composition. 

12. Ezreal

“Hey, everyone is special.”

This wholesome little guy is an ADC champion. He’s also one of the more popular ADCs to play right now. That’s because you can build him as a full-on tank with tank runes and he will still deal more damage than you ever will. He’s also really simple to play.

The only issue with Ezreal is that you have to watch out for yourself in the early game so you don’t get caught off guard by a gank but even then you should survive thanks to your E. Your E works like your flash. It’s the same concept except it’s on a 15-second cooldown.

Your Q is the greatest poking tool in your kit so keep on spamming it and if you attach your W to an enemy the damage will be amplified. Your ultimate launches a huge wave of light that kills anyone that it touches. If they’re low enough HP. 

What’s Great About Ezreal:

  • He can go full tank build.
  • Has a pocket flash in his kit. 
  • His Q is the greatest poking tool in the game for ADCs. 
  • Your ultimate ability is global so have fun hitting people from across the map.

11. Akali

“Rules were made to be broken.”

You’ve seen this girl be nerfed time and time again yet there are a lot of Akali mains out there. Especially now they’ve been coming out of the shadows and for a good reason too. You see, Akali is fun to play no matter how bad she might be.

She will always stay that way and there’s nothing we can do to change that. Akali has a lot of dashes in her kit as well as a smokescreen where she can hide herself to be safe from the enemy team. That’s her W. With her E she can dash backward while shooting out a shuriken from her pockets. If the shuriken hits anyone Akali can dash onto them.

With her Q she throws out kunai's that damage anyone who gets close and her ultimate ability has two uses. The first time you use it you can only dash towards a target while the second use allows you to dash anywhere and it also counts as an execution. There are a lot of combos you can do with Akali and it’s pretty fun to do as well. 

What’s Great About Akali:

  • Akali has a lot of combos to learn, it might take you some time but it will be worth it. 
  • Akali is one of the most agile mid-laners you could main.
  • She can execute people with her second cast R.
  • She’s able to hide from the enemy team in her smokescreen.

10. Katarina

“Go ahead and run, it’s more fun that way!”

You know how I said previously that Akali is the most agile champion in the game. Well, Katarina is at number two. The only reason Katarina is better than Akali is that she can target multiple people with her ultimate ability.

That is if they stay in her R range. When it comes to the rest of her abilities Katarina can throw her daggers with her Q, deploy a dagger on the ground with her W and jump onto said daggers with her E. Her E also resets each time she spins on a dagger or kills someone.

Her Q and W also get reset when you get a kill with this champion. Katarina's mains can be easily triggered by simply stunning them if they start spinning with the ultimate. It’s always funny to me seeing a Katarina main baby rage in all chat. 

What’s Great About Katarina:

  • Katarina’s Q, W, and E reset upon getting a kill with her. 
  • Her ultimate targets anyone that’s in her range. 
  • You can build her AP or AD depending on what your team needs more.

9. Riven

“My sword might be broken but I am not!”

This champion right here will require the most skill out of any of these on this list. If you were to ask me what the most popular champion to main is 3 years ago I would have said Riven. She was fun to play with and hard to learn but the result was satisfying.

Today because a few items were removed and tweaked Riven fell off. She will get a chance to be under the spotlight once again but I am not sure when that time will come. Riven’s abilities at a first glance might seem easy but once you start doing combos and other maneuvers that’s when it becomes challenging.

Riven’s Q allows her to dash and deal damage in the direction she’s looking, her W CC’s people in an AoE radius, her E allows her to dash in the direction she’s looking while also giving her a shield and her ultimate ability repairs her broken sword allowing her to shoot out a blast of energy. So you can finish off your enemy of course.

What’s Great About Riven:

  • She’s hard to play and hard to master but the result is satisfying. 
  • Her abilities seem simple but there’s much depth to them. 
  • She’s good against any top lane champion. 
  • Having Riven as your main champion pays off a lot.

8. Yuumi

“I am a magical cat that’s also a parasite.”

If you’ve ever been in a mood where you wanna play League but you don’t wanna do anything important then play Yuumi. She’s fun to play. You just have to sit on your teammate, make sure he doesn’t die and that’s it.

It’s simple and easy to do that. While sitting on someone you can poke the enemy with your Q and they can’t do anything back to you. Her W allows her to sit on teammates and her E heals people that she’s sitting on.

Her ultimate ability deals little to no damage but it roots people in place after they get by it 3 times in a row. You’re a breathing and living parasite that sits on people and lets other people carry you to victory. I like playing Yuumi and I might even call myself a Yuumi main. 

What’s Great About Yuumi:

  • While you’re sitting on someone you’re untargetable. 
  • You’re safe from all the outside danger. 
  • You can poke the enemy from a safe distance. 
  • You can root the whole enemy team if your teammate knows how to position himself correctly.

7. Ekko

“Every second matters.”

I never liked playing this champion, mainly because when he came out he wasn’t that strong. But after a few patches here and there Ekko became a pretty strong champion. Ekko shoots out his stopwatch with his Q, his W throws a bubble that freezes time and gives Ekko a shield, his E allows him to dash to a target and his ultimate ability rewinds Ekko in time.

Use his ultimate ability wisely. As this ability allows you to dive under turrets. Also Ekko’s passive allows him to stack 3 rings around his enemies and each third ring deals damage. This guy can be played in the mid-lane or the jungle.

Whatever you prefer more. I recommend that you main Ekko in the jungle simply for the fact it’s going to help you climb easier. Because let’s be real, everyone only cares about their rank in the League nowadays. 

What’s Great About Ekko:

  • He can rewind himself in time when he was full HP.
  • Throws a bubble with his W that stops time and gives Ekko a huge shield. 
  • Ekko can dash a great distance with his E. 
  • Can be played in the mid-lane or the jungle.

6. Master Yi

“United we stand!”

There are a lot of Master Yi players from Bronze to Platinum. Why is there such a high number of them in that specific spot? Well, most people in those ranks don’t know how to play against Master Yi. While it’s really simple to do that you just have to stun him and he’s done for.

While Master Yi might be hard to catch at first because of the Q that allows him to jump from target to target dealing damage he can as well heal himself in the holy fire with his W and deal true damage with his E. His ultimate ability allows him to run and attack faster. Master Yi pretty much injects himself with heroin so he can run at the speed of sound.

People love to main this champion in lower ELO because he’s easy to play and you don’t have to think about a lot of things. You just have to farm, gank sometimes, and perhaps even kill people and your job is successfully done. 

What’s Great About Master Yi:

  • Easiest jungle champion to play.
  • He’s untargetable while using his Q.
  • He can heal himself with his W. 
  • His E deals true damage.
  • Master Yi is a menace to lower ELO.

5. Lux

“In the light, we believe!”

Here we have Lux, the most popular champion with girls. I mean I don’t blame them, she's pretty damn fun to play. Even I sometimes play this champion if there’s nothing else to play. When it comes to Lux she can root people with her Q, shield her teammates or herself with W, and give vision with her E.

Well, she can also damage and slow people with that ability but it also gives vision, and last but not least her ultimate ability shoots out a beam of light that evaporates people. A late-game Lux can obliterate squishy champions like they never even existed. Ezreal is also in love with her but she doesn’t even know he exists. So that’s a win in my book ladies and gentlemen.

What’s Great About Lux:

  • She can be played as a “support” or as an AP burst mage. 
  • Her root can save a life or kill life. 
  • Her W shields anyone that gets hit with it. 
  • Her E gives vision in bushes that have no wards or anything in them. 

4. Irelia

“I killed a lot of Noxians and nothing will stop me from killing more!”

There is an epidemic of Irelia mains going on right now. We have to stop it before it’s too late but first things first. Make sure that you get as much LP from playing this champion as you can. Trust me even if you’re 0-10 you can still carry the match.

That’s how broken this champion is. Before Irelia used to take skill to play but today you don’t need that. You just need to hit 1 single minion with your Q and you can solo an entire baron. Irelia reduces all incoming damage with her W.

She can stun people with her E. Irelia with her ultimate ability to summons swords from the sky, allowing her to dash to anyone once they’ve been hit with them. Please keep in mind that you need to take conqueror with Irelia or you won’t be able to do anything with her. 

What’s Great About Irelia:

  • After the recent changes, Irelia is the top champion to play right now. 
  • She can stun multiple targets. 
  • Her ultimate ability slows people and targets them for a free dash from your Q. 
  • Her W reduces all incoming damage.

3. Zed

“The shadows can talk.”

Here we have the guy that summons shadows wherever he farts. I swear this guy is the fuck boy of League. You will see him if you don’t ban so make sure that you ban this guy before he ruins your whole day.

When it comes to playing Zed everything is about the shadows. You can summon your shadow with your W. It will do everything it can in one spot. Yes, the shadows are paraplegic. If you throw out your Q, the shadows will throw out a Q and so on you get the point.

You can summon an additional shadow with your R ability. If you never played Zed you might think that’s silly and not good at all. Oh, how wrong you are. Zed can teleport to those shadows instantly and start stabbing you like nothing ever happened. Do you think getting stabbed is fun? No? That’s what I thought. 

What’s Great About Zed:

  • He can summon shadows to juke people. 
  • The shadows do everything Zed does except move. They’re disabled.
  • Zed’s ultimate ability summons an additional shadow and Zed becomes untargetable for a short period. 

2. Yone

“My brother killed me.”

Oh boy, how silly of me to think that my brother wouldn’t kill me. I look like a fool, don’t I? Now Yone is a great champion to play and to main. He heals a lot and he can knock people up into the air. Unlike his brother Yone loves to exist and hunt demons down. That’s his main job.

Yone’s every third Q will knock someone up into the air, his W gives him a shield and with his E he can leave his mortal body to enter the spiritual realm. During this phase, Yone can damage people, and the damage doubles when he returns to his body. His ultimate is a great team fighting tool as it can change the tide of battle. It’s meant to be used with your teammates so try not to be alone when you want to use it. 

What’s Great About Yone:

  • The Laning phase with Yone is really easy since you have life-steal built into your kit.
  • You gain a shield once you use your W.
  • You can leave your mortal body and enter the spirit realm to deal more damage to the enemy.
  • Your ultimate knocks up everyone that’s in front of you.

1. Yasuo

“I killed my brother lol.”

The champion that everyone should main and play. This guy is almost always banned but don’t worry about that. If Yasuo gets banned you can always pick Yone and they’re both one of the most played and mained champions on the summoners rift! They work the same trust me on that.

Unlike Yone Yasuo doesn’t heal a lot but he does crit a lot. So you will want to build as many attack speed and crit items as possible for Yasuo. That’s the only right way to play him. His Q works the same as Yone’s.

Every third Q Yasuo launches a tornado that launches people into the air, with his W he can block every single missile ability, he can dash infinitely with his E and anyone that’s knocked up into the air should feel the wrath of Yasuo. That’s how his R works. The enemies must be knocked up into the air for Yasuo to ult them. 

What’s Great About Yasuo:

  • Can dash an infinite number of times. 
  • Yasuo can block all missile-type abilities with his W. 
  • He can dash instantly to enemies that are knocked up into the air. 
  • Scales insanely well with crit and attack speed items.

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