[Top 10] League of Legends Best One Trick Champions!

League of Legends Best One Trick Champions
God damn one trick ponies

So you’re done with maining multiple champions and want to only play one champion for the rest of your life. Well, then you’re in luck because one tricks exist. Now, what does a one-trick mean well it means that they’re highly skilled at one champion and they’re dog water at other champions.

If you’re prepared for that well then this article is for you. But be warned that if they ban your champion you should either dodge or possibly make your team dodge because you’re going to feed your ass off trust me. You can one trick any champion that you wish but this article will show you the best champions for you to put your time in. Now enough of me blabbering about nothing let’s get into the champions!

10. Riven

Best champion in the whole damn game hands down!

Let’s start off our list with Riven “the Exiled Blade”. Now you might be wondering why is Riven at number 10. Well, reader because she’s really hard to play and get used too you’ll spend most of your time practicing with her than with any other champion on this list. She is not easy to play at all I’m warning you. You will feed and int your first 10-20 matches that you play with her. But even tho she’s hard to play she’s really fun once you get used to her abilities and how they work. You’ll have a lot of combos to experiment with her and once you do the world is your oyster. Now go into the game and start playing Riven!

What makes her a great One Trick Champion:

  • Really fun to play you won’t get bored 
  • Lots of damage to deal out to your wonderful and happy opponents
  • AoE CC :) 
  • Free dash kek 

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9. Cassiopeia 

Sneaky hot snake!

At number nine we have a sneaky poisonous snake Cassiopeia. This snake will slither into your match and win it solo and you won’t even know how. People who one trick this champion I swear they’re snakes IRL I wouldn’t recommend trying to befriend one they might backstab you for that juicy juicy LP. She isn’t hard to play but she does have a medium-length learning curve. It will take you some time to get used to her as with every champion. She’s best played at the mid lane but you can take her also top lane who cares you’re a one-trick you’ll carry the match anyways. 

What makes her a great One Trick Champion:

  • Sneaky snake will slither you into high elo easily
  • Her ultimate is really good in team fights 
  • Sexy snake lady
  • Does a lot of magic damage so be prepared to spam her E ability

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8. Draven


At number eight we have Draven. Oh yes this champion is really fun to play and he’s not hard at all. I’d say he’s one of the easiest champions to learn on this list mainly because of his abilities. Hear me out his Q right deals massive damage. The way it deals that much damage is that he chucks a god damn axe at your head and splits it in half, next thing you know you’re dead. Laning against this champion isn’t that easy it’s hard. He will out poke you, out damage you, out run you he will outdo everything that you try to do.  Not only that but you can kill people across the whole god damn map thanks to your ultimate ability which is a global skill shot!! You’ll be cracked on steroids playing this champion. 

What makes him a great One Trick Champion: 

  • Massive damage 
  • Can spam his abilities like a mad man 
  • Has a global ultimate ability
  • He’s really hard to kill 
  • Low learning curve

See Draven One Tricking: 

7. Yasuo 

Virgin champ makes me puke

At number seven we have Yasuo. One tricking this champion is a guarantee to get you into high elo once you learn how to play him. At first, you’re going to be the typical dog water Yasuo that you encounter every single match. When it comes to playing Yasuo well he’s a bit hard to get used too but he’s fun af to play. Especially with his E where you’ll be sliding everywhere you go. Nobody will stop you from sliding except the new champion Vex which counters all champions that have dashes. So yeah f that champion. 

What makes him a great One Trick Champion:

  • Infinite dashes and mobility 
  • His W protects from all missile abilities and ranged auto attacks 
  • Has a free passive bonus shield 

See Yasuo One Tricking:

6. Twitch

Crack addicted rat

At number six we have our favorite crack addicted rat called Twitch. I gotta be honest with you people I’m a Twitch one trick. I’m a dirty rat main. When it comes to this champion he’s sneaky, he’s quick but most importantly he will give you the LP you deserve. I recommend that you take this lil fella full AP and watch how your enemies melt.. With his Q you can go invisible and sneak up behind and take their cheeks and LP for free. He’s not that hard to play he’s pretty simple the only hard part about this is learning how to keep your distance and not into melee range. Remember you’re a ranged champion!

What makes him a great One Trick Champion:

  • Can go invisible thanks to his Q ability 
  • Can go either AP or AD I recommend you go full AP
  • His R ability gives him extra attack range

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5. Leblanc 

The manipulator of League of Legends

At number five we have Leblanc. This girl looks hot as shit but she’s also one of the best deceivers in the whole game. Now now don’t jump into a match to play Leblanc because she looks hot because she’s really hard to learn. She has a high learning curve but not high as Riven. When it comes to playing Leblanc you’ll have a lot of fun playing her. As Leblanc, your main point is going behind enemy lines and assassinating the ADC or if you’re really ahead and snowballed in the early game you can assassinate anyone you wish. The enemy team is your to toy with. 

What makes her a great One Trick Champion;

  • Can assassinate anyone if you’re ahead 
  • Deceiving the enemy team is really fun 
  • High mobility and lots of dashes 

See Leblanc One Tricking:

4. Shaco

Clown kinda cringe ngl

At number four we have Shaco the imposter. This champion is so sussy baka o.o. Why is he sussy you might ask yourself? Well, that’s because when he uses his ultimate ability he summons a clone that can do what he does and you have to find the real one. Shaco can do a lot of sneaky things something like Leblanc or Twitch but his ability that makes him invisible is way better because the only thing that can detect an invisible Shaco is a turret. Now you might think that’s easy I’ll just sit under the turret… well good luck with that because you’ll still die to him :). 

What makes him a great One Trick Champion:

  • A really good invis ability 
  • Can clone himself to escape dangerous situations 
  • Attack an enemy from behind deals more damage 
  • He doesn’t have to take flash his Q acts like a flash that has a really low cooldown

See Shaco One Tricking:

3. Evelynn

Queen of the witches and the jungle

At number three we have Evelynn another invisible champion. Well, what makes her special and better than the last 3 champions that can go invisible is that once you hit level 6 you’re permanently invisible. The only hard part about this champion is the role that you’re playing which is the jungle. The jungle itself is a really hard role but Evelynn as a champion isn’t. Also, one thing to note is that it will be hard for you to gank pre level 6 because you don’t have any gap closers or dashes which is sadge. 

What makes her a great One Trick Champion:

  • Permanently invisible once you hit level 6 
  • Ultimate ability is a really good AoE execute
  • Ultimate ability can also be used as an escape tool or to catch up to people

See Evelynn One Tricking:

2. Lux

Good luck trying to hit all of your abilities with Lux

At number two we have Lux. Now you might be asking yourself why is this champion on the list? Well, let me tell you why. Because she can be played on the mid, bot as an APC or as support it depends on what you prefer. But no matter the role you will still deal a massive amount of damage to everyone especially if you take the Dark Harvest rune on her. The only sad part about this champion is that all of her abilities are a skill shot :< so it will take some time to get used to that. 

What makes her a great One Trick Champion:

  • Has a CC ability, shield, and a long-range ultimate ability
  • Can slow people with her E which also deals lots of damage 
  • Once you’re ahead and have some dark harvest stacks you can potentially one-shot people with your ultimate ability. 

See Lux One Tricking:

1. Sylas

Handsome stealer ;)

At number one we have the most handsome man in League of Legends Sylas. This guy won’t only steal your ultimate abilities but he will also steal your wife, your girlfriend, your kids, your house everything that you own will be his. When it comes to Sylas he’s a really strong mid laner or top laner depends where you wish to play him. Don’t worry about trading with him because he has his W ability that heals him quite a bit when used on an enemy champion. As Sylas your main point in the game is to carry your low elo team to victory! 

What makes him a great One Trick Champion:

  • Ruins the fun for other people
  • Can steal any ultimate in the game
  • Has a dash ability 
  • Heals a lot thanks to his W ability

See Sylas One Tricking:

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