[Top 10] LOL Best Kiting Champions!

LOL Best Kiting Champions, league of legends Best Kiting Champions
Korean flash + by god-like orbwalking = How to Kite?

[Top 10] LOL Best Kiting Champions!

Orbwalking, kiting, attack moving, whatever you want to call it. This mechanic is one of the most important mechanics in the game for staying alive when you're squishie. Kiting is usually done with auto attacks but casters can do it effectively as well. Make sure you have your hotkeys set and check out our picks for the Top 10 best kiting champions. 


What's up with her Monopoly Man hat?

Caitlyn is arguably the stringed ad carry right now. She has the longest auto attack range of any champion and a kit that helps you keep the enemy at bay while you line them up with headshots. Her E allows her to fire a net that slows the first enemy hit and also propels her in the opposite direction. You’ll also get the extended range and damage when you snare an enemy in your net or one of her traps. Poke enemies from afar to dissuade them from running up on you and punish them for trying to get to close. 

What makes Caitlyn great for Kiting:

  • Caitlyn's E is great for kiting but be sure not to waste it. It’s her only mobility and it’s cooldown is pretty long.
  • Caitlyn’s range is OP on its own. Couple it with rapid firecannon and keep enemies at bay.
  • Traps and Nets will give Caitlyn the chance to follow up with a long distance headshot. Be sure to take advantage

Learn how to play Caitlyn effectively: 




League of Legends lore would be an epic sequel to Game of Thrones. You heard it here first.

The Queen of slows might not have any abilities in her kit for mobility, but that doesn’t stop her from kiting effectively. Her passive gives all of her auto attacks a slow and allows her to deal more damage to champions who are slowed. What’s more, her critical strikes don’t deal extra damage but apply an increased slowing effect. Couple that with the long range slow in her W and you have a healthy amount of cc to keep your enemies at bay. If they get too close or catch you off guard, her Ultimate allows you to stun them as you run to safety.

What makes Ashe great for kiting:

  • Ashe’s auto attacks apply a slow and she deals more damage to enemies who are slowed.
  • Her W can be used fairly often to chase down targets or prevent enemy champions from walking up to you. 
  • Her crits apply a stronger slow instead of dealing additional damage so be sure to continue moving away from enemies charging you.

Check out  this Ashe Kiting Montage: 



Killing evil doers till evil doers don't do no evil. 

The most iconic feature about Vayne is her ability to self peel. You may think you have her cornered in the jungle but the next thing you know you’re pinned against a wall taking your third silver bolt wondering what happened. Vayne has decent mobility with her Q and she can pair it nicely with her E which knocks enemies back and stuns them if they collide with terrain. This is a devastating combo before she hits level 6 but then when you add in the stealth and additional damage and she becomes a hard target to pindown and eliminate.

What makes Vayne great for kiting:

  • Ability to self peel by Using her ultimate, Q, E combo for devastating results. 
  • Vayne’s W makes every third auto deal additional true damage. Be sure to proc it when being chased because it may turn the tide of the battle. 
  • Her E will knock back enemies and stun them if they collide with terrain. 
  • Save your ultimate for fighting or turning the tide of a fight. The stealth you get from her Q Tumble can be invaluable for repositioning during a teamfight

Learn how to play Vayne Effectively: 



It's ok to be a lamb but don't be a sheep.

I think Kindred was the first marksman jungler to hit the rift. The most unique thing about her is her Ultimate. It’s very useful in the context of kiting because even if enemies get the best of you and are about to kill you, you can drop your ult and use the next 4 seconds to get them as low  as possible. As soon as the ult ends and the healing goes off, Q away from them and finish them. This works like a charm especially if you have the added slow from red buff.  

What makes Kindred great for Kiting:

  • Great mobility with her Q dash that also sends autos to the nearest enemy.
  • Kindred’s W will make Wolf attack the champ as well as reduce the cooldown on Q. 
  • Escape death with her Ultimate while you wait for your cooldowns and then dash away from them after the heal procs. 

Learn how to play as Kindred and Kite effectively: 



If there was a League football game I'm first picking Kalista as my QB.

If you haven’t gotten your keybindings in order to properly kite, you’re going to struggle keeping up with Kalista’s unique attack style. She might be the best champion to kite with because of her passive which allows her to move while auto attacking. That means as you build up attack speed you also increase your mobility. Her E Rend will slow the target and deal damage based on how many spears you’ve thrown through them. Use this ability in tandem with her passive and your enemies will be unable to touch you. 

What makes Kalista great for kiting:

  • Kalista’s passive enables her to move while auto attacking. 
  • When you pilot Kalista, you start with a spear that you can use to bind to an ally champion. When you activate your ultimate you bring that champion to them and they can activate it on their part and help peel for you by knocking up enemy champs.
  • Kalista’s E Rend will apply a slow and escalating damage depending on how many spears you’ve hit them with. 

Check out this Kiting montage with Kalista: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=



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Lucian doesn’t have any crowd control but he’s highly mobile. When you hit an enemy with your W, any subsequent auto attacks that hit the target will give lucian a movement speed boost. His dash is reduced by 1 second each time he procs his passive, giving him the potential to run around and dash more often if he can continue doubling up on those autos. You can even use his ultimate to gun down enemies as they chase you.

What makes Lucian great for kiting:

  • Lucian’s very mobile while dealing damage so be sure to weave autos in between every ability you use. 
  • Lucian’s ultimate can be used while fleeing. 
  • The cooldown on Lucian's dash is lowered by procing his passive. 
  • Hitting enemies marked by Lucian's W will grant him additional movement speed. 

Learn how to Kite effectively as Lucian: 



She looks cute but she's literally a murderous psychopath. 

Like most new champs, Lillia seems pretty OP when you use her right. You basically get to be Hecarim and Darius but you also get to put enemies to sleep for up to 3 seconds after slowing them up to 50%. Sounds pretty broken right? Just wait till you’re prancing around the jungle, swinging your Q around and murdering opponents. Lillia is a melee champ but she can kite effectively because of the range of her abilities and her movement speed passive. 

What makes Lillia great for kiting:

  • Lillia’s Q has a passive that gives her a prance stack each time she hits an enemy with one of her abilities. That speed can scale with magic damage too.
  • Even though she’s a melee champion, her speed and CC makes her extremely effective and keeping champions away from her or chasing down ones who flee.
  • You can continue casting your Q while being chased to keep your passive up.
  • You will deal true damage if you can hit enemies with the sweet spot of your Q. (I told you, you’re literally Darius!)

How to play and Kite as Lillia: 



Fun fact, Brand is sponsored by Fireball Whiskey.

As someone who plays Brand often, I can confirm that he’s a good champ to kite with... if you can hit your damn Q. Brand’s passive let’s him apply a burn effect to enemies that he hits with his abilities. If you land your Q on an enemy affected by that passive then you will stun them allowing for easy follow-up damage. Positioning is key. You should stay far from the enemy front line and just punish anyone who gets to close. 

What makes Brand great for kiting:

  • W does the most damage to enemies that Brand has set Ablaze so it’s best used after a successful stun. However, it can be useful for getting big damage onto enemies who may be chasing you.
  • Brand is very immobile but if you grab a rylais you can spread that slow to the entire team thanks to your Ultimate and passive. 
  • Fighting your way to safety is often a better bet than just tucking your tail and running. Don’t be afraid to stun ganking junglers with your E, Q combo and then hit them with W to apply big damage.

How to play and Kite as Brand: 


Aurelion Sol

What would you do if God was a dragon?

Nothing is more majestic than a space dragon. He’s so smooth, gliding around the map growing newborn stars to stun his enemies. The three stars that orbit Aurelion Sol are your main damage dealers and also your tools for kiting. They apply on-hit spell effects that will allow you to slow and burn enemies once you pick up Rylais and Liandry’s. If enemies get too close to you you can blast them away with your Ult and let your orbiting stars continue whittling them down.

What makes Aurelion Sol good for kiting:

  • Heavy CC helps you keep your enemies where you want them.
  • His orbiting stars apply on hit effects, meaning that you can use them to slow enemies while dealing damage. 
  • Aurelion Sol’s Q will continue moving on its own so don't be afraid to retreat after you cast it. 

How to play and Kite as Aurelion Sol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=



Stop making everyone sexy japanese style artists. smh

As one of the oldest champs on the rift, Tristana is very inexpensive to buy but she’s a very effective ADC for kiting. Her W gives her a ton of escapability but she becomes especially safe once she hit 6. Her ultimate will knock back enemy champs and if you can combine that with her E you can deal big AOE damage to the enemy team once you blast Dr. Mundo back at them. 

What makes Tristana great for kiting:

  • Her passive gives her increased range so your late game range is next to Caitlyn.
  • Once you get all the stacks of her E, use Tristana’s ult to get the target away from you and increase the blast radius. 
  • Tristana’s Rocket Jump will reset after a kill or assist or if you can detonate her E Explosive charge at max stacks on a champion. Use the reset to reposition for safety or to chase down targets. 

How to play and kite as Tristana: 


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