[Top 10] LOL Most Aggressive Champions

"Do not solve with words, resolve with aggression!"
“Legendaries never die!”

Hey guys, all good? Frankenstein here in the area again!

I present here a very insane and obscure Top 10 about the most aggressive champions of League of Legends.

Anger? Fear? Impulsivity? Lies? Grudge? Power?

What is your style of play and how do you stand out with it?

Certainly victory always comes to those who seek it, regardless of who needs to suffer for it. Here I will show you the most insanes champions in terms of aggressiveness in play.

Combine your anger and grudge with an aggressive champion and become the night demon of your enemies.

Lets go!


10- Camille

"Commitment is another word for failure."

Camille Top vs Aatrox - KR Challenger Patch 10.25b

About Camille:

The first champion that we will address here in the Top 10 is Camille.

This character has the repertoire of being basically one of the best laners on the top route. Camille is very strong and has a bit of everything in the kit. Mobility, damage, support and utility with stunning and a fantastic block with your ult.

It can intimidate some clues at first, but it can also climb like an absolute monster. Regardless of whether you have to fight as a team or split push to win, Camille offers tools for every game and victory condition. Because of this, it is a solid and reliable choice like no other.

Why Camille is so agressive?

Camille is a strong fighter and perhaps because she is very difficult to play because her skills require good mechanics from the player, she stands out here in the model of aggressive champions.

Camille has a high damage rate on single targets, and when she abuses her mobility, the champion tends to wreak havoc on opposing carriers. The ease of getting in and out of a fight causing a lot of damage is a differentiator for Camille.


Degree of aggressiveness : 90%


9- Olaf

"Don't leave anything behind!"

Olaf Jungle vs Graves - KR Challenger Patch 11.5

About Olaf:

The jungle is undoubtedly the most impactful role in the "solo" row. Making sure your team is safe and sound while you kill your opponents is easier said than done. If you are ready to take on this task, Olaf is the champion who can help you snowball your tracks and yourself for victory.

 Many characters simply cannot deal with Olaf properly in the first 15 minutes of the game, so Olaf can often take advantage and Ragnarok his way to victory.

Why Olaf is so agressive?

Olaf. In general, he is a very easy champion to play, with a lot of power at the beginning of the game. Its clear jungle, duel and ganks are all very good, which is very important to have the necessary impact at the beginning of the game.

If you attack well, and try to force a spell on your enemies, your team will thank you faithfully for the start of the game.


Degree of aggressiveness : 91%


8- Orianna

"When you fall, you come back up!"

Orianna Mid vs Sylas - KR Challenger Patch 10.25b

About Orianna:

The middle lane offers a very interesting range in terms of champion choices and map rotations. As such, there are many possible characters or styles of play to play.

In general it is the most iconic choice in the entire history of LoL, Orianna occupies the eighth place here. It brings everything to the table that a magician needs, including wave cleaning, scaling, security and high damage. Although Orianna has definite counters, she can play safely in most matches.

Why Orianna is so agressive?

Orianna can also be totally oppressive to her opponents. With her ultimate, Orianna can easily change the direction of the game, if done well. Her cleaning of routes and aggressiveness towards other characters, highlights her in the gross aspect.

It consists entirely of mechanical parts. The champion is a control wizard, her sphere is great for attacks and defenses.


Degree of aggressiveness : 92%


7- Jhin

"I'm going to give you a death opera."

Jhin ADC vs Kai'Sa - EUW Challenger Patch 11.5

About Jhin:

Playing an extremely strong or hungry role, Jhin excels when it comes to causing massive damage, whether in team fights or even solo. With so many threats to weak sniper champions, it's not always easy to achieve incredible carry performances, but you also have enormous carry and snowball potential, and Jhin excels at that.

After the drastic changes of items in the preseason, some champions have benefited more than most. The main one is Jhin, which has gained popularity with items like Galeforce and Collector.

Why Jhin is so agressive?

Jhin is a criminal psychopath who believes that killing is an art. The sniper plays a role with a higher utility score rather than a crude loader for his team.

His range of skills is strong, and the main highlight is his basic attacks.

Because of its synergy with the new items, it will likely be a solid goal pick throughout the season. Along with that, his kit has a built-in root and a long-range ultimate to give him a little more utility.


Degree of aggressiveness : 93.5%


6- Thresh

"What treat of agony are we going to infringe on?"

Thresh Support vs Sett - KR Challenger Patch 11.4

About Thresh:

Thresh is the sixth place. Since he is a champion with a ton of unique tools in his kit. With his long range skills, hook and flashlight not compromised, he can safely play on the slopes if necessary, but of course, it is much better for him if he can be aggressive.

When hitting a death sentence hook it is usually a real death sentence. Thresh usually goes well with any ADC and is good at any stage of the game.

Why Thresh is so agressive?

One of the community's favorite supporters, Thresh is a great game creator. It is a very complete support due to its skill pack.

The champion has mechanics that make his style of play very dark, strong and painful for enemies. Due to the synergy and strength of his kit, Thresh needs practice and time to be fully mastered.

He is a character that has a big impact on his team when played well, as he is basically a game starter.


Degree of aggressiveness : 96%


5- Darius

"I will not tolerate your cowardice."

Darius Top vs Fiora - EUW Challenger Patch 11.4

About Darius:

Darius, a champion who instills fear in the hearts of all the best laners. With Ghost and Flash, he can master the route phase and kill enemies who do not respect his insane and insane damage from the start.

He is a great snowball champion and, as everyone knows, he can completely take control of the games, even more if he can get a good team fight with good kills.

It should be noted, however, that he is more of a low ELO stomper and requires more skill to excel at higher ranks. Still, Darius is a great champion for aggression and game dominance.

Why Darius is so agressive?

With a big ax, Darius is a great fighter and can be a good front line when it comes to route dominance and also for his team.

The champion has a very strong route phase due to his skill pack and his ability to finish opponents, causing great damage to single targets.

Your R (Noxus Guillotine) when it causes the final blow, your cooldown time will be reset.


Degree of aggressiveness : 97,9%


4- Akali

"You are afraid ... good to know."

Akali Mid vs Yone - EUW Challenger Patch 10.25b

About Akali:

Fourth is perhaps the most uncomfortable champion in the entire league, Akali. In the past, Akali set goals completely, and although she has calmed down since then, she remains a solid choice.

Her high attacking power as a killer is the main attraction, but her shroud and mobility give her a distinct advantage over other choices. It may take a while to perfect Akali, but when you do, the champion is a fantastic tool to have in her arsenal.

Why Akali is so agressive?

The champion is a real killer, her range of skills does enormous damage to enemies and features mechanics of a ninja when going out and going undetected in fights.

The Champion does not use mana, instead uses energy, one more factor to always be aggressive in the face of enemies who use mana.

Her combo is very strong, her escape is very consistent and her performance in the game is very aggressive, which makes her an excellent choice.


Degree of aggressiveness : 98,5%


3- Samira

"Did you want style? You found it"

Samira ADC vs Quinn - EUW Challenger Patch 11.5

About Samira:

If hateful and ostentatious battles are more your style, Samira may be more of the hero you need. The outplay potential of this champion is incredibly high and she is rewarded for a skillful game.

Samira has an extremely strong and aggressive route phase and if accompanied by heavy support, such as Leona or Thresh, she is insane.

But even better, her ultimate can tear up an entire team. Overall, it is super fun, flashy and effective as a pure killing machine.

Why Samira is so agressive?

Occupying the third position here, Samira has as strength his entire kit of skills, giving priority basically to his ultimate. Its "R" fires a multitude of shots, hitting all enemies in the area ten times over the duration.

Each shot deals Physical Damage, applies Life Theft and can cause Critical Strike. But remembering that she can only cast the ability if her Style score is 'S' (maximum).


Degree of aggressiveness: 99%


2- Leona

"I must not fail."

Leona Support vs Gragas - KR Challenger Patch 11.5

About Leona:

Then, coming almost to the end of the list with an insane and deserved Top 2, Leona, the queen of the all-in.

Leona has an incredible amount of "CC". In the world of solo rank, she thrives because she can set up ganks, create moves from far away, if using her combo with flash and find incredible engagements at the end of the game.

Simple but effective, Leona is the perfect choice for anyone who has this all-in mentality in a very aggressive way since level 1 and wants the tools to make great plays.

Why Leona is so agressive?

The name aggressiveness, should be tattooed on the lioness or forged in her armor, because the champion fulfills the function of support very well with a high potential to create moves and ambush enemies.

The character has a range of abilities with great group control, enemies that are hit by her, are easily killed.


Degree of aggressiveness: 99,9%


1- Syndra

"So much untapped power!"

FAKER TRIES TO CARRY WITH SYNDRA! - T1 Faker Plays Syndra Mid vs Ekko! | Preseason 11

About Syndra:

First on our list, and well deserved, Syndra. This character is strong, more so strong, that if you know how to play well with her, you will surely have a brutal and oppressive start to the game.

Once she has her first item, she will easily be able to push the wave of minions with ease and force the enemy under the Tower. Syndra's main power spike at the beginning is at level 6, when she unlocks her Ultimate.

Once Syndra has completed "Luden's Echo", she will add a lot of explosion and strength to your kit.

Why Syndra is so agressive?

Syndra's aggressiveness is basically based on its complex combo.

If you have mastery and good control with the spheres (the Syndra spheres have an arrow, which guides you where you can push), you can easily dominate the route, the farm and successfully oppress the enemy champion.

Hitting good stuns on the enemy and always "poking" with the spheres allows Syndra to dominate the game.


Degree of aggressiveness: 100%

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