[Top 10] LOL Best Champions To Troll Your Team

LOL Best Champions for Trolling
Your face after reading this article and trolling your teammates.

Did you just lose some sweet, sweet LP because someone locked in Teemo jungle? Are you frustrated and want some sort of revenge? Then this is the guide for you. These are the best champions to troll your team with in League of Legends

All of the champions on this list have a mechanic that can be used to frustrate your teammates all while still looking like you're trying your best. "First time on this champion, be gentle, xD."

10. Thresh

Dude! Just Click The Lantern!

You may be thinking, "How in the world is Thresh a troll champ?" He's got so much utility, there's no way he could be used to troll. Well, I disagree, because there's a couple of reasons he can be used to troll, and they're centered around his Death Sentence (Q) and Dark Passage (W).

What Makes Thresh Great for Trolling

  • 'Unknowingly' hook the wrong targets. This could be tanks or champions that can easily counter Thresh's Q. Hooking them can instigate teamfights that you'll most likely lose.
  • Throw out your lantern for a teammate in need, and before they can click on it, walk out of range. Then, you can happily watch your teammate meet their demise as you were their one escape.

9. Morgana

Shackle Your Teammates

Morgana is great at draining the spirits of her enemies, but what about draining the spirits of your teammates? Morgana makes number nine for one reason only, and it has to do with her Black Shield (E).

What Makes Morgana Great for Trolling

  • Tell your teammates not to worry about enemy CC because of your shield. Then, every time your teammate could use a Black Shield (E), simply 'forget'.
  • Use Soul Shackles (R) in a great spot, but before it pops, walk out of range. Oops!

8. Lee Sin

Don't Worry, I'm a Pro

Can a blind man troll too? Yes, most definitely. All you have to do is act like a pro Lee Sin player and then play like the opposite. I'll show you what I mean.

What Makes Lee Sin Great for Trolling

  • 'Forget' to shield your teammates with Safeguard (W)
  • Try to pull off crazy insec's with Dragon's Rage (R) that do more hurt than good.
  • Kick strong enemy champions into your weak teammates with Dragon's Rage (R). "I was trying to set up a play!"

7. Teemo

Everybody Hates Teemo

You knew this was coming. What would a troll champion list be without the world-renowned troll champ? Forget about the game and 'scout's honor', you have some trolling to do!

What Makes Teemo Great for Trolling

  • The objective of your game is not to destroy the nexus. Your new objective is to run around bushes invisibly with Guerilla Warfare (P).
  • Tend to your mushroom farm in an unlikely spot, like your base. Place a bunch of Noxious Traps (R) and watch your children grow!

6. Singed

This Chemist Is Truly Mad

Drift around teammates and enemies without a care in the world. Adhere to Singed's true purpose: proxying enemy minion waves. Although this can be a useful tactic, use it to your advantage to 'unknowingly' be out of position.

What Makes Singed Great for Trolling

  • Forget about the top lane. Kill the minions in the waves that haven't reached your lane. You'll end up in the enemy base, far out of position.
  • Proxying in of itself frustrates your teammates. But dying while in the enemy base is even more frustrating.

5. Janna

A Hint Of Troll In The Wind

Every time I play Janna, I troll my team with my ult at least once. It's always an accident. But, it got me thinking. We can start using Janna ult to intentionally troll our teammates.

What Makes Janna Great for Trolling

  • Teammate about to get a kill? Use Monsoon (R) and push them to a safe range.
  • Teammate need a heal? Politely use Monsoon (R) then cancel it.
  • Is your ADC backing under the tower with 100 health? Flash past the enemy and Monsoon (R) them into range of your unfortunate ADC.

4. Poppy

Get 'Em, Hammer!

Poppy is similar to Janna in that you can troll your teammates with your ultimate ability. Only Poppy's is much more satisfying because you are guaranteed to send the enemies out of the range of your allies.

What Makes Poppy Great for Trolling

  • Teammate about to get a kill? Send the enemy home safely with Keeper's Verdict (R).
  • Is your team about to get a valuable pick? Nope, send that pick into space with Keeper's Verdict (R).
  • Also, one last mini-troll. Every time the Iron Ambassador (P) buckler lands on the ground, go to the ends of the earth to pick it up.

3. Tahm Kench

The River King (Of Trolling)

We've finally reached the point in the list where the champions can directly affect allies. Tahm Kench is well known for eating his allies and spitting them out into less-than-ideal situations. "I'm just trying to help!"

What Makes Tahm Kench Great for Trolling

  • Does your ADC want to engage? Too bad, eat them, and run away. Flash away to gain more distance if you must.
  • Are you about to end the game and want one last troll? Eat an ally and spit them into the enemy fountain.
  • Do you like kill securing? Eat an enemy who is about to die, and run away. Again, flash away for more distance if needed. Save that kill for yourself, you earned it.

2. Nunu

Disco Nunu

The only reason Nunu is second on this list is because of a very special troll. EUW Challenger, 'Pornstar Zilean', created a very unique way to troll. He deemed his Nunu build, 'Disco Nunu', and I'm going to tell you why it's such a great trolling method.

What Makes Nunu Great for Trolling

  • First, take ghost and cleanse. An obvious indication that you'll be trolling, but a highly effective one.
  • Build sweeper and items with speed. Activate ghost, activate your sweeper, and snowball all the way down mid. This isn't a technical way of trolling, but man is it funny.
  • The aim of Disco Nunu is to show how much you disagree with meta slaving and disrespect. So die as many times as you wish to prove this point.

1. Bard

A Kit Fit For a Troll

I think Riot Games knew what they were doing when they designed Bard. Every ability except for his Cosmic Binding (Q) is a means for trolling. Bard is known as the 'Wandering Caretaker', but the only thing he takes care of is the enemy.

What Makes Bard Great for Trolling

  • You could spend the entire game picking up chimes from Traveler's Call (P). Even if there are chimes under the tower, that is your purpose.
  • If your teammate requires a heal, then place Caretaker's Shrine down. Most likely, they'll wait for it to reach its maximum power. You know this, and you will steal the heal before they can get their grubby hands on it.
  • Never, ever use Magical Journey (E) rationally.. Get creative, and bait your teammates into horrendous positions.
  • Parallel to Bard's E, never use Tempered Fate (R) rationally. Use it to stop your teammates from doing anything useful. Use it to save the enemy. Make it look like a horrible accident.

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