[Top 15] LOL Best Solo Queue Champions (Current Meta)

LOL Best Solo Queue Champions (Current Meta)
You feel like a kid at a candy store by how many champions there are in the game.

Before we begin naming and ranking the champions for you to play and enjoy, let me define what solo queue is. When you are brave enough to play ranked alone, you are said to be solo queuing. During your solo adventures, you will come across a lot of idiots and morons. The only way to combat this is to use broken champions to carry you to victory.

To win, you'll still need game sense and mechanics, but the champions on this list will do the heavy lifting. Also, keep in mind that each champion has a unique playstyle, so they may not be suitable for you; I'll make that clear as well. Another reason to choose a good solo queue champion is that they can potentially 1v9.

In short, you'll lose less LP and your OP.GG will be happier rather than depressed. Let's get started with the list now that you understand what solo queue is and why you should choose a good champion. 

15. Shen (Top)

Shen always comes to mind when I think of the greatest top support tank champion. Keep in mind that, despite being a support champion, he can deal a lot of damage. Most players who play against him underestimate his ability to deal damage and always come up short. Of course, players who are aware of Shen's abilities tend to avoid him.

The best thing about Shen is that he can always help his team from anywhere on the map. He's great for the solo queue because he can potentially prevent his teammates from feeding and inting the enemy team. His ultimate ability allows him to provide a massive shield to the person he is saving, after which Shen will teleport to their location to assist them. He also has the ability to taunt people so that they only attack him while his team deals the damage.

Why Shen Is Great For Solo Queue:

  • He can protect his whole team with his ultimate ability. 
  • Stops people from feeding and inting. 
  • Has an ability that forces the enemies to attack him. 
  • Great abilities that allow him to trade back and forth in the laning phase. 
  • If you have the mechanics you can win a 1v2 situation. 

14. Jhin (ADC)

This man's entire life revolved around the number four. Everything he does leads up to the number. The champion has insane AD scaling and Jhin's specialty is killing people before they can get close to him. To make up for the lack of mobility Jhin whips out his sniper rifle when using his ultimate ability.

It's useful when the enemy is attempting to flee with low HP or when you want to support your team from afar. The main reason he's so good in the solo queue is that his abilities allow him to set up kills and picks for his team. His W is particularly useful in establishing kills and team fights for the team. 

Why Jhin Is Great For Solo Queue: 

  • A crazy strong early game. 
  • Jhin can go with almost any support in the game. 
  • He can be hard to target in team fights. 
  • Gains movement speed each time he crits somebody. 
  • Great roaming potential when you win your lane. 

13. Swain (Mid)

Swain, the great leader of Noxus and a bird lover. He gained demonic powers after making a deal with the devil, allowing him to see everything that happens in his kingdom. Because knowledge is the most powerful weapon you can wield against someone.

In the game, his abilities reflect this, as you can use your W across half of the map to gain insight into what the opposing team is up to. Map awareness and vision can always win you the game because having an edge over your enemy is the key.

Swain is a fighting mage in addition to having insight into what the opposing team is trying to do. He can suck the enemy's life force when he is in his ultimate form, which is activated by pressing the R button. The more people in his vicinity, the more HP he regenerates per second. During the laning phase, it can be difficult to go against this guy because he has great poking potential and a much higher base health than the average mid-lane champion. 

Why Swain Is Great For Solo Queue:

  • Deals a lot of AoE damage in his ultimate form in the later stages of the match. 
  • Can’t be easily killed as he’s one of the tankiest mages in the game. 
  • Thanks to his W you can always have an edge over the enemy team. 
  • You can easily push lanes with Swain allowing you to roam more often. 
  • Easy to engage in team fights as you won’t be one-shotted by the enemy team. 

12. Soraka (Support)

This is the first actual support on the list. She may be a goat who enjoys eating bananas, but she is not to be underestimated. Soraka was one of the first supports to be released in the game, and she's still seen in pro play today.

Her abilities make her one of the best healer support characters in the current meta. She’s even great for carrying you out of low ELO. Soraka can continue to heal her teammates with her W as long as she has HP. Her Q, in addition to dealing damage, restores her health.

This ability can be extremely useful in the early stages of the game. Soraka's E silences anyone who steps into it and roots the target who is standing in it after its duration expires. Soraka's best feature is her ultimate ability, which heals everyone on her team regardless of where they are on the map. Soraka can turn the tides of battle and save her team, no matter how stupid they are. 

Why Soraka Is Great For Solo Queue:

  • Has the ability to heal everyone on her team. 
  • If your ADC is overextending you can always heal them back up to full health before they die off. 
  • Soraka can silence enemies and stop them from channeling their ultimate ability with her E. 
  • Her Q is a great tool that deals damage and heals her up. If used correctly she can constantly keep healing her ADC while dealing damage. 
  • Her E can also root people in place when used correctly. 

11. Olaf (Top)

A true Runeterran Viking. You've heard of the Vikings conquering and plundering other countries and that's what Olaf is doing right now in the top lane. Going up against Olaf is pointless, especially if you want to trade against him.

He can constantly regenerate his health by auto-attacking. It’s safe to say that he has great sustain. Olaf can also throw axes from a safe distance while avoiding any incoming damage. Olaf is an unstoppable machine in the later stages of the match and he beats people senselessly.

He can run into the enemy team and not be stunned or rooted because of his ultimate ability. Olaf is an angry man who will not be deterred by a minor ability. He is ideal for the solo queue role for the reasons stated above, as well as because he is the type of champion who can 1v9 a match.

Why Olaf Is Great For Solo Queue:

  • It’s futile trading against Olaf during the laning phase. 
  • Simple auto-attacks on a minion will regenerate his health. 
  • Deals true damage with his E. 
  • Once the player uses his R no ability can CC him. 
  • He’s a versatile champion that can build for any situation in-game and still deal a massive amount of damage. 

10. Zyra (Support)

This girl is a support champion who is very different from Soraka. Zyra, unlike Soraka, specializes in dealing damage. Yes, these types of supports may be unpopular with other players, but if you're going to play solo queue, it's better to deal extra damage than heal someone who enters fights without thinking about his actions. She's also very good at blocking incoming abilities due to the plants she can spawn.

Those plants are tough to take down, especially when you buff them up with your ultimate ability. These plants are critical to winning both the laning phase and the match as a whole. One important thing to remember about Zyra is to keep your distance from the enemy. When the enemy gets close, it can be difficult to avoid death.

Why Zyra Is Great For Solo Queue: 

  • Zyra is the type of support that specializes in dealing damage. The main job of the ADC is to get the final hit. 
  • She can block incoming abilities with her plants. 
  • During the late game, Zyra deals damage based on the max health the enemy has. She’s great at melting down tanks. 
  • Her E is great at rooting people. 
  • Zyra’s ultimate ability knocks people up and deals a tiny amount of damage while also putting her plants on steroids. 

9. Master Yi (Jungle)

The threat of low elo games, and occasionally high elo if you know how to play him correctly. Master Yi can be a complete God or a peasant who can't even kill a single minion in a single auto-attack. That is due to his Q, which allows him to become untargetable for a few seconds while dealing damage. His passive also grants him the ability to attack twice in a row every few seconds. If you're up against a tank or someone who doesn't go down easily, Master Yi has you covered.

His E deals true damage, and his W can heal him up if he's running low on health. While his ultimate ability only increases his movement and attack speed, it also reduces the cooldowns of his other abilities by 10 seconds for every kill while the ability is active. It also makes him immune to any slows. For all of the reasons stated above, he is ideal for solo queue gameplay and is guaranteed to improve your LP status. 

Why Master Yi Is Great For Solo Queue:

  • His kit is perfect for carrying games alone. 
  • His Q allows him to become untargetable for a few seconds. 
  • Master Yi deals true damage with his E which is great at taking down tanks. 
  • The ultimate ability makes him immune to all slowing effects and grants him extra attack and movement speed.  
  • The champion can be quite hard to go up against especially if you can snowball in the early game. 

8. Vex (Mid)

Vex is the best champion against agile opponents. If she is attacked, she can instantly fear them and cast her other abilities to kill them. Despite her dislike for agile champions, she is one of them. If you can’t beat them, join them. Vex's ultimate ability causes her shadow to appear and latch onto the enemies. She can then cast R once more and shoot herself onto them. She can easily one-shot the target once she's close enough.

After she gets the kill, her R resets and the cycle continues until the entire team is gone. It's difficult to engage on Vex during the laning phase because she can deny anyone who tries to go onto her and she has great tools to poke the other laner. It's difficult to deal with her, and it's even more difficult to try to kill her.

Why Vex Is Great For Solo Queue:

  • She’s great against champions who have dashes and are very agile. 
  • Roaming with Vex is easy and it’s always great to help out your team. 
  • Vex is very hard to gank and if you do get ganked you can survive easily. 
  • Her ultimate ability gets reset each time she gets a kill. 
  • Has an AoE in her kit which can be great in team fights. 

7. Twitch (ADC)

This weasel is one of my favorite champions to use in the game. But, let me tell you, despite appearances, he's not as easy to play. The most important aspect of Twitch is your movement. You're done if you can't kite correctly. When it comes to the champion, if you know how to play him, he can easily 1v9 the entire match.

Twitch requires you to get behind the enemy and then engage, whereas every other ADC faces the enemy team head-on. Use your team as a human shield to counter every ability. Twitch can go invisible thanks to his Q, so it's easy to sneak up on the enemy. Use this to your advantage as much as possible during the laning phase.

It's critical to snowball early in the game so you can finish the game faster. His kit will also help you with this, as his R provides extra AD and range, while his E acts as an execute, and his W slows people. Twitch can also deal a lot of true damage if you’re going AP. So don't be afraid to try new things. 

Why Twitch Is Great For Solo Queue:

  • Twitch is great in team fights thanks to the fact that he can go invisible with his Q. 
  • If your team is lacking in AP damage you can always build him full AP.
  • Twitch can deal a lot of true damage when building AP. 
  • He works well with enchantress support characters like Lulu.
  • His ultimate ability gives him extra range and AD. 

6. Renata (Support)

This is the final support champion on this list, and she is the best and most difficult support to play in the game. The number of brain processes required to play her will turn your brain into liquid. Renata, on the other hand, can bring her dead teammates back to life if she uses her abilities at the right time. That is what her W ability accomplishes.

Her Q is a simple CC ability that is extremely difficult to hit. Her E can shield people, deal damage, and be used as a poking tool. Her R is the most powerful ability in her arsenal. Renata's ability causes the opposing team to attack each other, effectively turning the tide of battle. The only disadvantage is that the gas moves slowly, but this is for balancing purposes. Timing is the most important thing when playing Renata.

Why Renata Is Great For Solo Queue:

  • Renata can keep the main hard carry in the team alive and stop them from dying. 
  • She’s able to turn the enemy team against each other. 
  • While she’s with her ADC she can easily poke the enemy team while shielding her teammate. 
  • Her Q is a great CC tool and can be used as an engagement for a team fight. 
  • Renata can reset buffs with her W. 

5. Rek’Sai (Jungle)

This champion is strange. She's really bad at times, but she's currently in great shape. You can win almost every match with this champion if you keep your lead at all times. Make sure to complete all objectives and gank as much as possible. Rek'Sai has a quick clear so use that to your advantage.

While ganking may take some practice, you will quickly become proficient at it. If Rek'Sai is burrowed beneath the ground, she can detect if someone is hiding in a bush or attempting to invade her jungle. This burrow will also be a useful tool for quickly moving around the map. Rek'Sai  excels in team fights, as her auto-attacks and abilities deal AoE damage. If you can’t end the game quickly, play for late game as late game Rek’Sai is highly overpowered. 

Why Rek’Sai Is Great For Solo Queue:

  • Rek’Sai has one of the fastest clears in the game, use it to your advantage against the enemy. 
  • You can easily infiltrate the enemy jungle and flee even more easily.
  • She deals AoE damage with her abilities and auto-attacks. 
  • When burrowed you can detect enemies hiding in a bush or the fog of war. This way you can warn your teammates so they don’t get ambushed.
  • If you can’t finish the game early play for the late game as late game Rek’Sai is stronger than most champions. 

4. Miss Fortune (ADC)

If you don't like the playstyles that Twitch and Jhin provide, Miss Fortune may be able to assist you. She's a easy to control; all you have to do is cast R at the appropriate time. Her R deals AoE damage in a cone shape and can wipe out an entire team in seconds. As a result, she earns the fourth spot on the list.

When you play Miss Fortune, you are guaranteed to win as long as you do not feed your entire life away. Set up kills for your jungler if the laning phase is difficult for you and you can't get a kill. You can do this by casting Q on a minion and ensuring that it bounces off onto the next target.

Miss Fortune gains a lot of movement speed from her W's passive ability, and she can slow her targets with E. One excellent tip for this champion is to always cast E before pressing R. It will hinder the enemy's escape. 

Why Miss Fortune Is Great For Solo Queue:

  • Her passive ability ensures that her first auto-attack on a target is a critical strike. 
  • If Miss Fortune manages to get a ricochet off of a dying minion it will deal a serious amount of damage. 
  • Works great with any support, especially with enchantresses. 
  • Her ultimate ability can eliminate a whole team. 
  • Combining her E and R will always guarantee you a kill on an enemy that’s half HP. 

3. Vladimir (Mid)

Vladimir has always been a strong mid-lane pick, but he's been getting some nice changes recently. Well, not directly, but buffing health or AP items also buffs Vladimir. You see, Vladimir has a unique passive in which if he builds health items, he gains AP and vice versa. For every 30 points of health he gains 1 AP and for every 1 AP he gains 1.6 health.

Vladimir has insane sustain during the laning phase because he lacks a mana bar and can replenish his missing health by sucking the blood from a minion or the enemy laner with his Q. Because Vladimir lacks mobility in his arsenal, Riot Games bestowed upon him the W, which allows him to transform into a pool of blood and avoid all incoming damage. Vladimir's E and R can also deal AoE damage.

His early game isn't particularly strong, but he's a difficult problem to deal with in the mid to late game. Because all of Vladimir's abilities replenish his health, he can jump into 5 people and still come out alive. He's an excellent choice for people who don't want to think about what they're doing or who don't like being punished for making mistakes.

Why Vladimir Is Great For Solo Queue:

  • Has insane sustain during the laning phase as he can replenish health with his Q. 
  • Does not have a mana bar so you don’t have to worry about mana management. 
  • Vladimir is a hard target to kill in team fights because every single ability restores his health. 
  • With his W he becomes untargetable and he can dodge all incoming abilities. 
  • If you build HP items on Vladimir he will also gain ability power and vice versa. He is a tank mage and he should be treated as one. 

2. Aatrox (Top)

Aatrox, the God-killer after being betrayed by humanity, he is left with nothing but rage, which he displays on the rift. He was recently buffed, and many people want to play him. The first item you should construct for Aatrox is "Eclipse," which provides the best stats for him. He's another champion who doesn't have a mana bar, so you don't have to worry about managing your mana.

Aatrox has an insane range with his Q during the laning phase, and it's easy to poke the enemy with this ability. If a target tries to flee, Aatrox's W can pull them right back into the fight, and his E is a simple dash.

Aatrox demonstrates his supreme ability as he gains wings, and each auto-attack replenishes his health massively. Aatrox is ideal for the solo queue for the reasons stated above, as well as the fact that he can solo carry any match. Even if your team is on their way out, Aatorx can bring the match back to life.

Why Aatrox Is Great For Solo Queue:

  • Aatrox replenishes his health back with his passive ability. 
  • His W stops enemies from fleeing from him. 
  • When he casts his ultimate ability Aatrox gains movement speed and a lot of life steal. 
  • If you get an early lead and you start snowballing there is little chance anyone will be able to stop you. 
  • Carrying matches with Aatrox has never been easier as he is very hard to kill and you don’t have to worry about running out of mana. 

1. Udyr (Jungle)

When it comes to the best champions for solo queue, only Udyr should come to mind. Particularly in the jungle role. Of course, you can try him in the top lane or mid lane if you want, but you won't get the same results as you would in the jungle. Because if you know how to play jungle correctly, it will guarantee you the most wins.

When it comes to the champion, his kit is the reason he's the best for solo queue. His kit includes everything you'd need. So allow me to explain. His Q is a tiger stance for damage, his W is a turtle stance for armor and healing, his E is a bear stance for stuns and movement speed, and his R is a phoenix stance for AP damage.

You can switch between those stances at any point and time during the game. Udyr is a very versatile champion, especially after his rework, which made him one of the game's most broken champions currently. Each form has its use during specific situations.

Why Udyr Is Great For Solo Queue:

  • He’s the most versatile champion for any situation. You can change up your playstyle mid-match if needed. 
  • Has a stance for almost any situation and you can change that stance with one button.
  • You can also go into overdrive with your stances which enhances their capabilities already. 
  • He can be played in multiple roles not just one but the best role for him right now is in the jungle. 
  • Udyr can face tank all incoming damage thanks to his turtle stance which allows his team to be at full health and deal out the damage. Amazing in team fights or in 2v3 situations.

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