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With tanks taking over the meta due to Radiant virtue plus Dmeonics Embrace having such good synergy. Finding 2 tanks in each game is a common occurrence and the only way to counter them is to pick champions with percent-health damage. This article will showcase champions that will take out tanks in a jiffy.


10. Lillia

Before the start of season 13, Lillia was changed to a melee champion. This was a huge buff because she can get the full effect of her core item, Demonic’s Embrace. She also gets the full effects of the Conquerer rune which gives her two stacks for every auto instead of one. This may seem minuscule but all the buffs added up to make her broken. Although she and her core items have been nerfed. It is still not enough to stop her from demolishing tanks

Why Lillia is a Great Tank Killer:

  • Her passive allows her to deal a portion of the target’s maximum health over a few seconds
  • Her W and Q deal true damage to targets when they are hit in the sweet spot. This bypasses all the resistances that tanks build.
  • Her speed allows her to adapt a hit-and-run playstyle, allowing her to avoid all the cc that tanks usually have.

Lillia in action


9.  Fiora

Fiora is arguably one of the best tank killers you can pick in the top lane. Her destructive power against tanks is due to her passive, Duelist’s Dance, which deals true damage. Trading against tanks in lane is a piece of cake. Her mobility coupled with her vital procs makes her a nightmare to deal with for tanks.

Why Fiora is a great tank killer

  • Her passive deals percentage max health damage which shreds tanks like butter after a few hits.
  • Her core item, Divine Sunderer, heals here for the percentage of damage dealt to tanks. Considering the amount of health that tanks stack, that healing is kinda overpowered.

Fiora in action


8. Varus

The unique thing about varus is that all of his builds destroy tanks. It is just up to preference whether you want to auto a lot or just one-shot tanks. The most popular build for killing tanks on varus is his AP build. Varus can literally one-shot a 10 000 health tank which no other champion can do.

Why Varus is a great tank killer

  • His W deals a percentage of damage based on the target's maximum health. Coupled with his Q which is a long-range skill shot. Varus can one-shot tanks at full hp with a full combo.
  • His on-hit build can also shred tanks. This build is good if the enemy team has two or more tanks that you constantly need to hit. Most of the items in the build provide attack speed and armor-piercing which melts tanks so fast.

Varus in action


7. Vayne

It wouldn’t be a tank-buster list without Vayne now would it? Vayne’s entire kit is designed to give tank players grey screens. Her strong scaling makes up for her weak laning. Vayne has survived and risen through various metas over the years. Although she is difficult to pick up, the effort is definitely with it for those clutch highlight reels.

Why Vayne is a great tank killer

  • W applies silver bullet stacks on every auto. At 3 stacks an enemy takes additional true damage based on the target’s maximum health. This ability is why Vayne is a tank shredder. The ability hard counters enemies that stack armor and health.
  • Her ultimate, Final Hour, grants her bonus damage on every auto attack. It also grants invisibility for one second when using her dash on Q. One second might sound short but remember, her Q is on such a short cooldown which allows her to stay invisible for long periods in a fight.

Vayne in action


6. Trundle

How could we not include League of Legends' own troll. Trundle is the classic stat-check champion. He runs you down and beats you to a pulp. The troll is really good into tanks due to his ultimate. Subjugate allows him to steal 40% of the target's current armor and magic resistance. This makes tanks as squishy as marksmen for Trundle and his entire team.

Why Trundle is a great tank killer

  • His ultimate makes tanks squishy so they are easy to kill for him and his team
  • His E summons a pillar that slows targets and obstructs their movement. This allows him to make good picks and ‘corner’ tanks.
  • He is essentially a tank that can deal with tanks. A great option if you don’t want to play squishy tank killers.

Trundle in action


5. Cassiopeia

A good tank killer has ways of dealing consistent damage to the ‘meat shields’. A reason why a normal mage isn’t good into tanks is that they cannot deal with them in a full rotation of spells. Mages are limited by their cooldown on abilities. But luckily for Cassiopeia, her main damage-dealing ability does not have a cooldown. Cassiopeia is defined as a battle control mage. What links her to these categories are her W AND R abilities. Miasma slows enemies and disabilities all mobility options such as flash, dashes, and blinks. Petrifying Gaze stuns all enemies caught in front of her. This makes her good into tanks that are low-range. She can constantly kite them and dodge all their abilities. 

Why Cassiopeia is a great tank killer

  • Her build counters tanks. Liandry’s Anguish, Demonic Embrace, and Morellonomicon are all anti-tank items
  • Her E, Twin Fang, has basically no cooldown. It also deals poison damage and with the amount you can spam it, the bonus magic damage adds up over time. The ability heals her as well.

Cassiopeia in action


4. Camille

Camille is a popular champion in League of Legends due to her versatile kit and tank-killing capabilities. If Camille is fed she becomes a tank, bruiser, and assassin all in one. We have all been jumped on by Camille out of the blue to just get one shot with a single Q. Well, no role has it rougher than the tanks in the top lane and the tanks that try to gank her.

Why Camille is a great tank killer

  • Her E, Hookshot can be used to dodge skill shots and reposition herself. It also provides a stun if she lands it on a target.
  • The second cast of her Q Precision Protocol deals significantly increased bonus damage. This shreds right through tanks
  • Her passive Adaptive Defenses grants a shield equal to a percentage of her maximum health based on the enemy’s damage type (AP or AD).

Camille in action


3 & 2 Yasuo/Yone

The mention of the brothers Yasuo and Yone brings shivers down tanks' spines. They are one of the most mobile champions in the game. Tanks are known to be slow with low damage output. The brothers can just zoom past them and deal huge amounts of crit damage 

Why Yasuo and Yone are great tank killers

  • Yasuo’s Ultimate Last Breath grants Yasuo 50% bonus armor penetration for 15 seconds on targets hit. That is one of the best tank-shredding abilities in the game.
  • Yone’s passive Way of the Hunter grants magic damage on every second auto attack. That means that tanks can't just tank armor against him to stop him.
  • Their mobility is unmatched which makes it impossible for tanks to pin them down. Even if tanks manage to get close to them, the brothers deal too much damage and heal all the damage they take due to their lifesteal builds.

Yasuo and Yone in action


1. Gwen

It is no doubt that Gwen is the best magic damage champion to play into tanks. Gwen is the strongest champion in the game if everyone runs into her, which is what tanks love to do. Once Gwen gets rolling, she is unstoppable. Gwen receives a set amount of post-mitigated damage from the enemy when she uses her passive Thousand Cuts ability. The majority of tanks lack the damage to trade with her from scratch, and on top of that, the majority of tanks probably heal her as a result of modest deals.

Why Gwen is a great tank killer

  • Gwen can rush through the frontline to begin causing damage thanks to the W Hallowed Mist's temporary invincibility.
  • It takes a well-coordinated team to shut Gwen down which is rare to have in solo queue. When fighting against tanks, Gwen's additional healing from her passive Thousand Cuts and the true damage on her Q Snip Snip are her main tank-busting weapons.

Gwen in action


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