[Top 10] LOL Best Support Champions That Are Powerful (August 2022)

[Top 10] LOL Best Support Champions That Are Powerful (August 2022)
We are the supports! We matter!

In my previous article, I have listed the best champions for each role. Today I’ll be focusing on one role primarily. I’ll also be naming the champions that the specific hero can beat. When it comes to the support role, it can be mostly chill while sometimes it may get a bit hectic.

Of course that all depends on what champion you’re playing. If you’re playing someone like Yuumi, of course, you will have a relaxing game but if you’re playing someone like Brand you will be in a lot of trouble and you’ll need to focus on the game. This is also one of the most useful roles in the game as it can affect the whole team. Your performance can mean either losing or winning a match. 

10. Amumu

Let’s start this list off with Amumu the sad mummy. As his epiphytes say he is a sad mummy because anything that he touches turns to dust. Which also carries over into the main game. As anything that Amumu touches pretty much dies. He is an annoying support to deal with.

Especially because of his Q. Thanks to that ability Amumu can hook onto someone two times in a row which in return stuns them for a short time. During that period Amumu can deal AoE damage with his W and E.

His W deals damage based on how much HP the enemy has and with his E he throws a temper tantrum that deals damage. But don’t worry if there are two or more people around Amumu as he can simply use his ultimate ability to stun everyone instantly. Once he gets hooked onto someone he does not let go until they are 6 feet under. 

Why Amumu Is a Great Support: 

  • Has an insane amount of CC to protect his ADC. That CC also becomes useful in the later stages of the game. 
  • Amumu is a tank that doesn’t mind diving under towers. 
  • Deals damage based on how much HP the enemy has with his W. 
  • Has two abilities that deal damage in an AoE radius. 

Amumu is Strong Against: 

Ashe, Pyke, Janna, Alistar, Braum, Lulu, Lux, Maokai, Miss Fortune, and Renata. 

Amumu full details: 


9. Blitzcrank

For our next champion, we have Blitzcrank the steam golem. He has a similar ability to Amumu but instead of going towards the champion Blitzcrank pulls them towards himself. That’s a twist you didn’t expect I bet.

This ability can be used when flanking or hiding in a bush. The best way to use it is if you’re out of the line of sight of your enemy. Don’t let them know your next move. Blitzcrank can also knock people up with his E and gain movement speed with his W. With his R ability Blitzcrank explodes a huge bolt of electricity that silences anyone unfortunate enough to be in its range.

This champion is great for roaming and for starting team fights. If the player manages to land one good hook with this champion it can mean that you win the match. Happened to me a couple of times, too bad I was always on the losing side. 

Why Blitzcrank Is a Great Support:

  • Blitz can hook people towards himself. 
  • Great roaming potential. 
  • With his R ability, he can silence the whole enemy team. 
  • The knock-up from his E is great if you’re being chased by the enemy. 

Blitzcrank Is Strong Against: 

Ashe, Pyke, Miss Fortune, Rakan, Rell, Janna, Renata, Swain, Soraka, and Thresh. 

Blitzcrank full details:


8. Karma

For our next contestant, we have Karma the enlightened one. This is an interesting support champ. Karma has her ultimate ability unlocked from the start. The way that her R works is by empowering her next ability that she will use.

That can be either the Q, W, or E. Once empowered each ability will become stronger and better. Her Q will deal more damage, her W will have extended root duration, and her E will strengthen the champion and give them a slightly better shield.

Of course in a team fight, you won’t be able to empower all of your abilities at once so choose carefully what ability you want to be stronger. During the laning phase, I recommend that you empower your Q if you can. The extra damage comes in handy. While later in the match empower your W or E to help out your team. Since you are the support after all. 

Why Karma Is a Great Support: 

  • Karma is great at poking because of her Q and keeping a single target locked in place thanks to her W.  
  • If someone is low HP Karma can shield them and give them a movement speed buff from her E. 
  • She starts the game with her ultimate ability already unlocked which can give you a slight advantage over the enemy. 

Karma Is Strong Against: 

Lulu, Ashe, Sona, Vel’Koz, Zilean, Rakan, Alistar, Lucian, Seraphine, and Senna. 

Karma full details:


7. Leona

Here we have the biggest tank for the support role in the history of this game. Originally she was a top laner but something happened and now she’s stuck in the bot lane as a support. Now don’t get me wrong Leona is a fantastic support. I just thought you should know that.

Now all of her abilities revolve around stunning the opponent until they get brain damage or they’re dead. She can also take a lot of damage to use to your advantage if you want to dive someone. Her Q is a point-and-click stun.

It’s simple and easy to use. Her W reduces the amount of damage she takes and with her E Leona launches herself at an opponent with the full force of the sun. With her R she can bring the whole Sun, down on the enemy team but they only get stunned if they are in the center of the ability. This is kinda hard to hit so don’t be hard on yourself if you miss it a couple of times. 

Why Leona Is a Great Support: 

  • Leona is the tankiest support in the game currently. She can take a lot of damage so be sure to dive people under the tower or go into battle first. 
  • Her W reduces the amount of damage she takes, again it’s great for diving people and going head first into battle. 
  • Her stun is a point-and-click ability. It’s really easy to hit. 
  • Her ultimate ability can stun multiple people at once. 

Leona Is Strong Against: 

Tristana, Alistar, Pyke, Janna, Xayah, Kalista, Karthus, Samira, Yasuo, and Nautilus. 

Leona full details:


6. Nami

Ah, this champion is most favored by people who love playing AP champions in the bot lane. Why? Well, because of her E that empowers all allies for a short duration. Any ability, auto-attack, or passive ability is empowered.

Nami can also put people in a bubble for a few seconds with her Q and heal and damage people at the same time with her W. Her ultimate ability summons a huge tsunami that knocks up and slows the enemy team while also giving a few buffs to her teammates.

This champion works best when paired up with an ability caster or someone like Lucian who can activate PTA quickly. As a Nami player, your main objective is empowering people with E and casting tsunamis on grouped-up enemies. 

Why Nami Is a Great Support: 

  • Nami can empower her teammate's abilities for a short time. This is best paired up with ability casters or champions who can activate the rune PTA quickly. 
  • She can put people in a bubble for a few seconds taking them out of the fight. 
  • Nami can deal damage and heal people with her W if used correctly. 
  • Her R can be a life saver during a hectic team fight. 

Nami Is Strong Against: 

Janna, Caitlyn, Aphelios, Draven, Shaco, Taric, Tahm Kench, Renata, Kai’Sa, and Kalista. 

Nami full details:


5. Morgana

This champion right here is a fallen angel all thanks to her sister. Because her sister was so jealous of her she threw her under the bus so she could ascend. Too bad for her because Morgana lived and now she seeks revenge. I’ll be honest with you right now. While playing this champion you will be flamed for sure. By the enemy team and by your team.

The enemy team will flame you if you keep hitting your Qs. Because the root of those things lasts a lifetime. Your team will flame you if you don’t cast your E in time. Because it blocks all magic-type abilities. Morgana also has W which is a great combination with her Q. Since we already know that her Q lasts a lifetime, why not deal a bit of damage as well?

While her ultimate ability sounds great on paper in reality it's a bit hard to pull off. You see while you start channeling your ultimate ability it will take a bit of time to activate. It’s great when it works but most of the time the enemy will either run out of your ultimate or you’ll be dead. Because everyone will focus on you. 

Why Morgana Is a Great Support:

  • Morgana can root someone for a long time because of her Q. If you can hit it that is. Anyone that gets hit by this ability, is dead 100%. 
  • Her W can be used to deal damage to people who are rooted or simply push an incoming wave quickly. 
  • Morgana’s E can block all incoming magic abilities so be sure to time it correctly. It can mean life or death for someone. 
  • Her R is great during a team fight where nobody will notice what you’re doing. 

Morgana Is Strong Against: 

Braum, Nautilus, Blitzcrank, Lux, Veigar, Vayne, Ziggs, Yasuo, Ezreal, and Alistar. 

Morgana full details:


4. Brand

Now here we have Brand, the guy who only wants to set things on fire because he likes fires. That’s all I got from his lore. When it comes to Brand he’s a damage dealer support. So don’t be ashamed to take kills. They are your food. You need them to survive.

One way to take kills I mean support your ADC is by using your E first, then your Q and finish them off with your W. Thanks to that combo you can get yourself a pentakill. His Q is a CC, his W is a pillar of flame and his E is a point-and-click ability. All of these abilities set your enemy on fire. Your ultimate is best used when there are a lot of enemies around and try not to use it on a single target as it’s not that effective. 

Why Brand Is a Great Support: 

  • Pick Brand if the enemy team has 2-3 bruisers. Because he is a damage dealer and deals damage based on how much HP the enemies have. The more HP the merrier. 
  • If you successfully hit 3 abilities on a target your passive ability will activate, dealing a tremendous amount of damage. 
  • Your E is a great ability to deal damage to people as the ability is point-and-click. 
  • Your W is the source of your damage so max it first. 

Brand Is Strong Against: 

Alistar, Braum, Leona, Maokai, Rell, Swain, Tahm Kench, Taric, Thresh, and Rakan. 

Brand full details:


3. Yuumi

The next champion on this list is Yuumi the magical cat. Well, this cat read a book once and became smart. I wish I could read. When it comes to Yuumi and her gameplay it’s simple. You have to sit on the person that has the potential to carry games.

By doing that you know how to play her. While sitting on someone Yuumi can provide them with heals from her E and give them extra adaptive force. By that, I mean extra damage. Yuumi can also root multiple people at once with her R.

This is great when engaging in a team fight and she can poke people with her Q. While playing Yuumi you might find yourself struggling with gold. But that shouldn’t worry you. While playing Yuumi if you’re broke you’re doing something good. 

Why Yuumi Is a Great Support: 

  • While she’s sitting on someone Yuumi is untargetable until she gets off or if the person she’s sitting on dies. 
  • While sitting on someone Yuumi can provide them with extra damage and heals. 
  • Her ultimate ability is great when the person you’re sitting on decides to engage on multiple targets. 

Yuumi Is Strong Against: 

Janna, Tristana, Ashe, Seraphine, Senna, Ziggs, Karthus, Zeri, Rakan, and Rell. 

Yuumi full details:


2. Zyra

Here we have Zyra the champion that comes from the jungles of Kumugu. She’s also probably the oldest plant currently living on Runeterra. That’s a fun fact I bet you didn’t know. When it comes to Zyra it’s all about the macro and her plants.

The more plants you have around the better. You can plant them with your W or you can wait for your passive ability to plant them. To make those plants grow out of the ground you have to hit them with either your Q or E. Your Q will turn those plants into ranged minions while your E will turn them into melee. You can also use your Q or E to poke the enemies.

While out of the lane and during a team fight as Zyra you can cast your R onto the ground that knocks people up and any plants that were in the area of your ultimate will get mega strong. It’s a steroid shot for plants. If Zyra is played correctly the enemy team shouldn’t be able to move thanks to your plants and your skills. 

Why Zyra Is a Great Support: 

  • If she’s played correctly the enemies shouldn’t be allowed to have fun. 
  • Your Q and E will turn your plants into different types. Either ranged or melee. 
  • In a team fight, you can use your R to knock people up into the sky and give your plants a steroid shot. 
  • Zyra is a great damage dealer and she deals more damage if the enemies have more HP. 
  • Place your plants in strategic spots because they can also block incoming abilities. 

Zyra Is Strong Against: 

Aphelios, Draven, Swain, Tahm Kench, Sivir, Tristana, Alistar, Maokai, Braum, and Thresh. 

Zyra full details:


1. Bard

Next up we have the best roaming support in the whole game. I also mentioned this guy in my previous article and now he’s here as well. This is Bard, a celestial being from outer space. Why has he come to Runeterra? Who knows but he does have one mission in mind and that’s to collect as many children as possible to save them from playing League of Legends.

If they misbehave he can also yeet those kids at other people to deal extra on-hit damage. Now the reason why he is the best roaming support in the game is because of the tunnels he can place around the map.

He can go from bot to mid in 10 seconds or less depending on his movement speed. Bard can also place a healing totem for his teammates and turn them into gold with his ultimate. That’s especially useful if you know when and how to use it. 

Why Bard Is a Great Support: 

  • Thanks to his E he can roam safely around the map. Make sure to use this to your advantage to help out your dear team in need, especially your jungler. 
  • You can place healing totems on the ground for your teammates to pick up. 
  • With his ultimate ability, he can turn people and towers into gold. Use this ability with caution as it can ruin your whole match. 

Bard Is Strong Against: 

Janna, Ashe, Miss Fortune, Rell, Pyke, Senna, Soraka, Taric, Sona, and Lulu. 

Bard full details:


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