League of Legends Best Ways To Climb [Top 5 Ways]

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How to escape elo-hell

Are you trying hard to climb that rank ladder, but keep failing constantly? We have all been there and it can be frustrating. If you want to climb fast and leave elo hell, follow these tips and you will climb in no time.

5. Champion Pool

If you want to climb fast, it is important to keep your champion pool small. That way you can master your champions and play them to their full strength. The more you play a champion, the better you will become in lanes and most likely carry your team. If you play every champion in a game, it will take more time for you to learn their spells and feel comfortable with them. If you have a smaller champion pool, you will learn their weaknesses and counters, which will help improve your gameplay. Try to create a champion pool of 3 to 5 champions. This will allow you enough flexibility against tough matchups, and not get counter-picked so easily.

How to choose your perfect champion pool

4. Learn Items

Having item knowledge is very important if you want to unlock your champion’s maximum potential. It is even more important if you are in a situation that is not very ideal for your champion. In preseason 11, Riot reworked most of the items and added a new type of items - MYTHIC ITEMS. These items changed the game and allowed players to be more creative with their build. They are the strongest type of items and only 1 can be built at the time. Two main types of items are offensive and defensive items. Offensive items are consist of:

  • Attack Damage - This kind of item is built when playing fighters, ADCs, and attack damage assassins. It will increase the power of your basic attacks and attack damage abilities. It is the best option if your champion uses a lot of basic attacks for damaging enemy champions or towers.
  • Attack Speed -  In most cases attack speed is built on ADCs. This will increase the number of your basic attacks in a shorter period. This is a secondary stat that is built together with attack damage and will help you to farm easier and push lanes faster.
  • Ability Power - Ability power will increase damage dealt by your abilities. It is built on mages and ability-power assassins.

Defensive items are:

  • Armor - This type of item will decrease damage dealt by attack damage. Armor is mostly built by tanks but should be built on support and fighters if the enemy team has a lot of attack damage.
  • Magic Resist - This works against abilities like armor works against attack damage. It is mostly built by tanks and bruisers when the enemy team has too much ability power.

Learning items might be a little bit overwhelming in the beginning, but it is a crucial part of the game. Every type of champion will build different types of items.


 Items Guide

3. Improve Farm and Other Mechanics

Farming might be one of the best things to learn to improve your gameplay. Being ahead with the farm means you will buy items faster than your enemy and it will be easier to make an early lead. Having a full item while your enemy still has basic items will give you a huge advantage. If you want to become better at farming, check THIS video.

Some of the most important mechanics to learn other than farm are:

  • Map Awareness - Map awareness means being aware of what is going on on all sides of the map. In this case, you will be able to help your team. To improve this skill, try to check the map every 5 seconds. It will help you to realize if your jungle needs help and potentially to pick up kills/assists or objectives.
  • Warding - Warding is placing vision trinkets in a location where vision is not provided. This will help you to track your enemies around the map. It is used to prevent ganks, objectives from being taken and finding opportunities to roam. For efficient warding, you should buy control wards more often and know when and where to place ward trinkets.
  • Lane Control - Lane control consists of freezing, hard-pushing, and denying. Freezing means that you will not hit enemy minions except when they are about to die, and that is called the last hitting. This is used to safely farm near your tower and prevent the enemy from taking the farm. 
  • Hard-Pushing - This that you will push the enemy wave as fast as possible. You will use your attacks and abilities to clear the wave, and
  • sometimes even miss some farm just to push faster. Hard-pushing is used when you kill an enemy champion so their turret can kill their farm, which means they will lose more gold.
  • Denying - This means that you will prevent the enemy from taking the farm. You will try to zone them from their farm as much as possible and when they decide to kill a minion you will punish them by dealing damage to them.
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