[Top 10] LOL Best Farming Junglers That Wreck Hard!

League of Legends Best Farming Junglers, LOL Best Farming Junglers
The best junglers in the current meta

10. Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks is a heavy magic-dealing jungler who was given a rework earlier this year. He has the tools to help him clear the jungle relatively quickly, and can even clear two camps at the same time with the right execution. However, he gets a massive power boost at level 6 with the availability of his ultimate, which is a massive engagement tool and team fight destroyer.

What Makes Fiddlesticks a Great Farming Jungler

  • Fast clear at all stages of the game
  • Great scaling with kills and gold
  • Can dominate team fights when using his ultimate properly

9. Warwick

Warwick is a bruiser-type of jungler who thrives off of his tanky build and healing abilities. He’s got an amazing clear and is one of the best gankers in the game when enemies’ health bars are low as one of his passive abilities grants him tremendous movement speed toward weak enemies. His ultimate ability gives him better engage tools and the ability to lock down hard carries on the enemy team if aimed well.

What Makes Warwick a Great Farming Jungler

  • Very fast jungle clears and can make it to lanes faster with the use of his W passive
  • Can heal with his Q ability to keep him in the fight longer
  • Ultimate ability is a great tool to engage for his team or to escape

8. Udyr

Udyr is one of the more traditional farming junglers and one of the fastest camp clearers as well. Unlike most other champions, he doesn’t have an ultimate ability, but rather four transformations he can go under. With these transformations Udyr has crowd-control, sustain, and damage abilities as well as a burst of movement speed that stacks with each transformation.

What Makes Udyr a Great Farming Jungler

  • Fast jungle clears that grow faster and faster as the game goes on
  • Almost impossible to lock him down in the later stages of the game due to his high movement speed
  • With the right jungle pathing, can be very oppressive with ganks

7. Olaf

Olaf is probably every ADC’s nightmare. His Q, which throws a long-range ax, deals heavy and consistent damage as well as applying slowing effects on enemies hit. Combined with his ultimate, which makes Olaf invulnerable to any form of crowd-control, these two abilities give Olaf the tools he needs to run down any squishy enemy carry and take them out of the fight.

What Makes Olaf a Great Farming Jungler

  • Like most other champs, Olaf’s clears get faster and faster with each power spike
  • Olaf can run down any enemy carry to deal significant damage
  • Very oppressive jungler to fight against

6. Graves

With the new item changes, Graves has become an extremely powerful jungler. His clears have gotten faster but it’s his damage potential that has really taken a spike. It’s almost to the point of being overpowered if he isn’t kept in check. Graves can solo carry a team solely due to the buffs he’s received with the new items, but the reason he’s lower on the list is due to other champions possessing more tools to help out their team in team fights.

What Makes Graves a Great Farming Jungler

  • Solo carry potential with damage buffs that came along with the new items
  • Graves can power farm throughout the early stages of the game and come out as the strongest champion in the game without a kill
  • Great mobility with his E ability to help him kite and keep dealing damage

5. Nunu & Willump

Nunu & Willump--or just Nunu for short--is a tanky jungler who carries two smites with him. That’s right, you heard me. He has two smites. One with his summoner spell and another with his Q ability, which chomps on neutral monsters for an extremely high amount of true damage. Add to that his ability to gank while moving at high speeds with his snowball ability, Nunu is very hard to deal with for most enemies.

What Makes Nunu a Great Farming Jungler

  • Great sustainability in the jungle with the heal that comes from his Q ability
  • Amazing and fast clear as well with his Q ability
  • One of the best gankers in the game with this snowball ability

4. Master Yi

Master Yi is another one of those 1v5 champions. He just does an insane amount of true damage and combined with his high attack-speed items, he’s almost unstoppable. His Q ability also plays a big factor in his ability to hard carry since it gives him a short period where he’s untargetable. Master Yi does take time to get to the hard carry mode that most players play him for and he doesn’t offer much in terms of team utility, but his damage is unparalleled amongst junglers.

What Makes Master Yi a Great Farming Jungler

  • Like Graves, Master Yi can power farm throughout most stages of the game and come out as the strongest champion
  • Great sustainability with his W ability
  • Combining his W with the rest of his abilities, Master Yi can run down enemies and dispatch all of them (even tanks) with relative ease

3. Rammus

Great engagement tools and an extremely tanky build, these are the only things Rammus needs to excel in the current meta. A fed Rammus means that your ADC will not be doing damage to him until they pick up some armor penetration items, and even then, it’s usually not enough. His extremely high movement speed with his Q ability makes him an extremely effective team fight engager and his tankiness keeps him alive long enough to get his teammates into the fight.

What Makes Rammus a Great Farming Jungler

  • Extremely tanky and reliant on stacking armor statistics, making it tough for most enemies to significantly hurt him
  • Great engage with his Q ability
  • Can taunt specific enemies to trap them

2. Hecarim

Hecarim has a lot of the same tools that Rammus has, but the reason he takes the spot above Rammus is his damage and engage potential. Even compared to a champion like Rammus, Hecarim still surpasses in terms of ability to engage and change the tides of a team fight. His ultimate ability acts as both a great engagement tool and an escape ability and his W ability grants him a ton of health back for each enemy within the aura of the ability.

What Makes Hecarim a Great Farming Jungler

  • Extremely fast clears and with his movement speed abilities, Hecarim can reach lanes to gank much quicker than most other junglers
  • Very tough to kill a strong Hecarim
  • Amazing engage tools to keep distracting and disrupting enemy backlines in team fights

1. Amumu

Hands down, Amumu is the most powerful jungler right now. On top of insane damage for a tanky magic-dealing bruiser, Amumu has great potential with his engage and lockdown abilities. There are several ways to build Amumu, but the best build probably combines his damage potential with some tank items to keep him alive for longer. A great Amumu is like having an extra tanky ADC/mage.

What Makes Amumu a Great Farming Jungler

  • Quick clears and high damage
  • Amazing engage from long distances with his Q ability
  • Built correctly, Amumu will be tanky and dealing more damage than most other champions

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