League of Legends: 5 Types of People You’ll Meet in ELO Hell

League of Legends ELO Hell, People in ELO hell
Life could be a dream, sweetheart. Right? Right…?

Getting fired? Breaking up with someone? Stepping on a lego? That’s nothing compared to ELO Hell.

For those of you who are not familiar with ELO Hell, it’s a place where all of the bad people go when Riot kills them. Players can get stuck in the League of Legends ranking system. This is due to the immense amount of newbies you will encounter. Anyone who gets placed below gold will at one point be exposed to this hell. There are many types of players you will encounter, but here are a few that are constantly prowling around waiting for their next victim.

The Spawn of Satan

Little Devil Teemo is a perfect way to describe this play.

This guy is full of intense toxicity, flaming, and everything else reportable. It is possible that they will do well, but they despise teamwork and look for any reason to use harsh words with someone else. Like the image suggests, at first he may seem cute and cooperative, but soon enough the fire will spread throughout your team and the entire game will crash and burn around you!

The "I don't belong here"

Along with others, Vayne is one of those champions often played by the snootiest players.

“Ain’t my fault you guys suck.” This player is absolutely certain that the only reason they are in this ELO is because of their teammates. This is simply not true, but that doesn’t mean they don’t think it is. Even their KDA is your fault somehow. All they do is blame, blame, blame. This is not always in a toxic way, but it is still present. They could surrender at every opportunity due to their tilted little minds. Maybe they will use the sob story about how they almost got gold last year, but this one Blitzcrank didn’t know how to support *cue the tiny violins*. Or perhaps they will say, “Sorry, I can’t carry, guys. This isn’t my ELO.”

You know what? Yes…yes, it is.

The Complete Noob

Oh, the free Dreadknight Garen skin, which means nothing, right?

Honestly, this one will try. He will try harder than anyone else. But sadly, he will most likely fail. He is playing ranked, and this is likely his first account and he just hit thirty. How is he matched up with you, who is on your third smurf and made plat two years ago? Hmmmm…

If you really want to take control of this player, be nice and encourage them. If you are lucky, they know they know nothing and will accept coaching.

But beware, they may not know there is a chat. “Oh! I thought that little box was notifications for Rito.”

The Troll

The garbage skin is not relevant…

The troll will act as every other player you meet in ELO Hell in the attempt to tilt you. Why would you want to tilt your teammates? The world is more likely to find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

He will crack jokes, pick at you, ban your champ, take your lane, and so much more. The worst part is, he will always stay calm, and is usually “nice” to you. This allows him to always have the upper hand.

“Oh, you wanted that buff, sorry…?” or in all chat, “Yi is heading your way towards chickens, Kat.”

The Absent

“Be right back, grabbing a beer.”

Just so you know, League works best with five players, not four. So, why not have an AFK in your game? It’s okay, you can just remake, right? Nope. I’ll just show up for thirty seconds at two minutes and then leave again.

Sure, my granny could have fallen down the stairs, or my wife is having a baby. Be compassionate, a honey badger ate my modem. Likely. Not…but seriously all of these things could occur, so…consider that there is an emergency at least…maybe…okay…I hate League of Legends, and my MMR, and my life!

What’s even worse than an AFK is when they are there, yet you don’t even know it. Say, a Nasus goes top and thirty minutes into the game, he shows up mid…hey, I didn’t know we had a Nasus… This is because he has been farming top all game while your team is hanging on by a Teemo-shaped thread (he is mid and belongs to the “I don’t belong here” group, at least he is carrying…with a 1/9).

Oh, the absent…

I’d like to say that we haven’t all been here, but it is likely that we have. It is also more than likely that we have been labeled one of these atrocious encounters. Yikes! Forgive us all!

So, in conclusion, we must all work together and take control, blame, and be responsible for our own games. Shh…just do it!

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