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Apps and sites that can help you be like the legendary jungler, Karsa

League of Legends is an ever-growing MOBA. This game has seen numerous changes during the course of its 12-year existence. 

Riot Games has made its decision to keep the user interface of the game simple. This has its perks like how it makes the game understandable, or how it doesn’t overwhelm the players with information on the client. 

The cons however is that those who seek additional information such as extensive knowledge on new meta and player statistics would find it unavailable on the game’s default client services. 

Luckily, the League community learned to grow around the game. They have been constantly innovating ways to help players keep up with the dynamics of the changing game state. 

External applications are used by a percentage of the population that want to learn how to improve their gaming experience. This is when addons come in handy.

Here is a list of the best League of Legends Addons and their functions.


5. Champion.gg for Champion statistics and current meta

If you're looking for information based entirely on statistics, champion.gg is the place to go. After all, numbers are the most reliable source of objective truth. 

This website gathers information from summoners with a rank of Platinum and above from the major regions. This is so that it can provide statistics from a competitive standpoint, thus catering to those who seek to get ahead by visiting their website in the first place.

Champion.gg gives you statistics on a champion's status based on their win rate, pick rate, damage per minute, and ban rate. 

It also shows the best and worst matchups to assist in drafting. 

The site also shows the recommended build based on win rate. 

An important feature of this site is being able to see the champion’s status in trends since it constantly changes due to patch changes, discovery of counters etc. 

However, being able to interpret such is a skill that’s not provided by the site, but something that one must  develop.


4. Op.gg for player statistics

As a player, you’d want to track your own progress and consistency in game. You’d also want to be able to get ahead of your enemies by knowing their playstyles and current standing.

In terms of player databases, op.gg is likely the most comprehensive. It collects information via Big Data and covers the majority of the active regions.

The summoner profiles display a large amount of data about a player. The current rankings are shown along with their win rates. It displays their most often used champions as well as their win rates on those champions.

These profiles also include a lengthy match history as well as match recordings. Other features include past rankings, tier graphs, their past summoner names, and even live games of those players who are now playing.


3. Porofessor.gg for pre and post game

Porofessor is a third-party program with a slew of cool features that can help players get a leg up on their opponents during pre-game. 

During champ select, you can quickly select the best rune pages from a list of suggestions based on win rate. It also allows you to instantly import runes from your trusted pro-players.

Perhaps the coolest feature of this app is how it scouts on your opponents for you by showing you information on their win-rate on the particular champion they’re using, their ranks, and even remarks on what kind of players they are. All of which are overlain in the loading screen itself!

This app also has features on post-game analysis showing relevant stats, and breaking down what happened during the game by explaining it in numbers. All of these are presented in a clear manner using easy-to-understand graphs. It also leaves feedback on what you can improve for the next match. 

This is a top-tier recommendation for individuals looking to get an advantage over their opponents by using the pre-game preparation elements, as well as those looking to enhance their gameplay by studying the post-game analysis.



2. Blitz.gg  for in game

Blitz.gg is widely regarded as the most popular app among both casual and professional gamers. The fact that it entirely spoon-feeds everything you need is its best feature. 

Similar to Porofessor, Blitz.gg also allows you to import runes from a variety of choices with its grounded recommendations from best win rates, and pro-builds. 

As you can see, it also gives tips on how to win your matchups. So, in addition to its useful in-game features, its pre-game aid is also commendable.

Its in-game features is where Blitz.gg truly gets its edge. The app lets you import itemization and even automatically build for you. For beginners who don’t know what the items are, this is an exceptionally important tool. 

The way jungle camp and objective timers are overlain on the minimap is a feature that both beginners and veterans enjoy. This is particularly important for jungler mains, since it lets them time their pathing and rotations better. It also improves the macro for other roles since it allows them to predict where the enemy jungler could be. 

Lastly, it also provides post-game breakdowns providing you ‘The Good’ and ‘The Bad’ feedbacks. It is very nitpicky but those little things are what helps you in the long run. 

Like, this is the closest you can get to cheating because of how spoiled you are with information and instructions. Blitz.gg is a must-have app for a more professional gaming experience. 



1. Mobalytics for general purposes

Priding itself as ‘the Ultimate Gaming Companion’, Mobalytics lives up to its name by providing its users with everything they could possibly need. They most likely have every service that the rest of the list has, from Champion and player statistics to pre-game and in-game help. 

They have features allowing the players to scout on their enemies, and recommendations for game planning. Like op.gg, they also have a huge database as their basis on their statistics. 

Mobalytics also offers a downloadable app that includes overlays and in-game data to help players during live games.

For the post-game analysis, they share insights to the players on how they did during the game, and how they could do better. 

Perhaps Mobalytics' most unique feature is the Gamer Performance Index (GPI), which collects in-game data from game APIs and interprets it via machine learning algorithms to analyze and enhance player performance across various abilities critical for competitive gaming. 

Although one may argue that the aforementioned sites are the best for each specialized purpose, Mobalytics is undeniably the all-rounder with the most services available for competitive League players.

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