[Top 10] League of Legends Best Mid Lane Champions!

League of Legends Best Mid Lane Champions!
These guys have the most impact on the game and they don't use it!

Here we are at the role that everyone loves to play even your grandmother. I kid you not every player in this game has played this role at least once or they main it. The reason for that is because this role can solo carry the match and impact the game in their own way.

Also as a mid laner you can help out your whole team. If your bot lane is doing badly you can skedaddle skadoodle your way there and help them out. The same goes for your top laner and your jungler. One note that I want to implant in your brain is to help out your jungler, please.

You won’t lose your mid-lane because you were gone helping out your jungler for a few seconds. Those three or four minions you lost won’t matter all that much in the long run trust me! 

10. Syndra

Love her or hate her idc but she's fun to play!

Let’s start our list off with Syndra the girl who loves playing with balls and showing them right in your face until you’re dead.

Syndra has the power to save herself from an incoming gank by pushing the enemy jungler away with her E. Syndra’s Q spawns balls where your mouse cursor is pointing at and with the W she can either pick up minions or the balls and throw them at a target. The ultimate ability of Syndra allows her to chuck all her balls at a target dealing massive damage to their head probably giving them brain damage.

Syndra is also known for her high damage output and the chance to one-shot opponents simply with her ultimate. The sole reason for Syndra being so far up the list is because she has no mobility. She has no dashes or gap closers. The only thing that she can use to catch up to people is her E if she manages to CC them that is.

But if that’s not an issue for you go right ahead and play Syndra I highly recommend it!

What makes her great for Mid:

  • High damage output, high potential to one-shot opponents in later stages of the game
  • Syndra can poke from a safe distance without taking damage or losing a trade 
  • E can be used to push people away from you or to catch people who are trying to escape 
  • Has experience playing with balls ;)

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9. Cassiopeia 

Slippery snaek

Now we have a slippery snake named Cassiopeia. Biological sister of Katarina. You can’t buy boots on this champion but her passive allows her to gain movement speed by gaining levels and by spamming her Q ability. Once she starts sprinting at you there’s no stopping her. Good luck if you’re trying to escape. Because you won’t let me remind you that.

Her other abilities also compliment her bonus movement speed nicely. Cassiopeia spits out poison on the ground with her W slowing everyone who’s in it and they can’t use any of their dashes or flashes. Her E is an empowered auto-attack that deals more damage if the target is poisoned. Last but not least her ultimate ability turns people rock solid once they’re in ultimate ability range.

Talk about being hard heh. 

What makes her great for Mid:

  • Solid into any team composition, so don’t worry when to pick her
  • Can gank side lanes effectively thanks to her CC ability from her ultimate 
  • Ultimate ability can also be used in a losing team fight to turn the tables around 
  • W is pretty good against champions who have a lot of dashes someone like Yasuo or Akali

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8. Ahri

The crush of all teenage boys and girls!

Here we have Ahri a complete opposite champion from the last two. Unlike Syndra and Cassiopeia Ahri has three dashes in her kit which are all connected to her ultimate ability. This ability can be very annoying for the enemy team especially for the enemy jungler. Not only does he waste time ganking you but you can easily escape every time. The cooldown of this ability isn’t long at all so you’ll pretty much have it ready every time you need it.

Her other abilities help Ahri survive in the laning phase. Her Q is a good poking tool and after you’ve hit 6 opponents with it the next time you use it this ability heals you. W rotates some spirits around you this is mainly used when people get too close to you. The E ability is where Ahri shoots out a heart-charming the target hit.

But let me tell you that Ahri charmed most of the League of Legends community without even using this ability. Ahri is one of the nicest and good looking champions in the game. I dress up as Ahri sometimes :).

What makes her great for Mid:

  • The ability to dash around and easily catch up to targets or escape an incoming gank
  • E can charm an opponent taking them out of the fight 
  • W used as a protection tool if the enemy got too close
  • Ultimate ability can also be a really useful tool for roaming
  • Hottest champion overall 

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7. Kassadin

Blue man angy 

Let me just say that this guy has a hot af daughter called Kai’sa. I have no idea why Kai’sa wears a full-body latex suit but I’m not about to complain about that. Also, how did Kassadin have a daughter in the void? I mean the void is full of disfigured creatures. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Let’s say something about the champion now enough about his hot daughter. Kassadin counters every AP champion. That’s his catch. His passive ability grants him bonus magic resistance which is pretty cool.

His Q is mainly a poking mechanic that helps him survive during the laning phase. Since he is a melee champion. Kassadin’s W powers up his sword and his next attack deals extra damage. With the E he unleashes a blast of energy that charges up by the number of abilities used. Kassadin’s ultimate ability allows him to dash a short distance every few seconds.

Making him the most mobile champion in the game. Especially when Kassadin hits level 16 you won’t see this guy walking he will just be teleporting everywhere. Walking is for betas he’s a real sigma male. 

What makes him great for Mid:

Counters every AP champion in the game 

  • Q is good for poking the opponent while you’re staying safe behind your minions 
  • Ultimate ability can be used to jump short distances which is good for catching up to people 
  • This champion excels at roaming 
  • Sigma male rule number #130 “Walking is for betas”. 

See Kassadin Own Mid:

6. Anivia

Eggnivia as I like to call her.

Oh, boi here we have a bird champion that can turn herself into an egg once she dies. And once she’s in her egg form her name is called Eggnivia. Kinda funny Riot Games not gonna lie. But that’s her passive ability.

Anivia’s other abilities are really simple listen to this. With her, Q Anivia chucks a circle of ice at your head. If it hits you, yeah you’re stunned for some time. W summons a wall of ice that cucks your entire team. Anivia chucks an icicle this time with her E ability that can critically strike you and end your entire bloodline. Seriously Riot? Why does this deal a lot of damage? And for her last ability, she summons a circle. Inside the circle is an ice storm that deals damage over time. She can fit the whole summoners rift inside of that damn circle. I died countless times to this ability. I hate it.

When it comes to roaming Anivia can do a pretty good job. Not only does she have a CC ability but she can stop the entire team from escaping her icy grasp with her ice wall. 

What makes her great for Mid:

  • The passive ability gives you a chance at a second life 
  • Roaming is pretty good with Anivia. Don’t let that stop you from roaming the lanes 
  • W can save her whole team or send her whole team into ruination resulting in a loss 
  • Chucks icicles all day at the opponents head

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5. Lissandra

Cool ice witch!

This is probably the coolest ice witch I’ve seen in all video games. See what I did there? Hehe. Lissandra tells the epic story of the Watchers that are frozen below the ice of Freljord. I highly recommend that you check out her story and read it for yourself. It will leave you wanting more. She also has betrayed her sisters in the quest of wanting more power which in return granted her the ability to hear the voice of the Watchers. Kinda schizophrenic but cool non the less.

Lissandras abilities all revolve around the ice. A big surprise I know whao. Her Q is similar to Anivia’s where she chucks icicles at targets. But these icicles deal more damage :). W roots all opponents around her and with her E she can travel around the map quickly allowing for some quick roaming kills. She can cast her ultimate ability on herself or on an enemy target. Surrounding them in ice and dealing damage over time.

Our cool witch Lissandra doesn’t let anyone escape her icy grasp so be careful when going against her. You will regret feeding this champion. 

What makes her great at Mid:

  • Chucking icicles at people while dealing lots of damage 
  • W roots everyone who gets inside of your comfort bubble 
  • Lissandra’s E ability allows her to roam quickly and score some easy kills 
  • R ability turns enemies into ice which deals huge amounts of damage over time
  • She’s cool B)

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4. Lux

Final Spark!

Lux is the favorite child of Riot Games even last patch she got a huge buff. Every single year this champion gets 1-3 skins. Lux is like an ATM machine for Riot. But as much as I don’t want to admit it she does have some of the coolest skins in the game.

Lux is one of those champions where all of her abilities are skill shots. So let’s start with her Q which roots opponents if they get hit, the W is a shield in which Lux can either shield herself or her team, with her E Lux throws a ball of light on the floor, and with the second cast, the ball explodes dealing damage to everyone who was in it. The ultimate ability has to be one of the most fun to use while playing this champion. It’s a long-range laser that can penetrate everything and potentially one-shot targets who are full HP in the late game.

So if you do decide to roam with Lux you can potentially get a kill with your ultimate without even being close to the enemy lane. They never expect it. The Lux inquisition!

What makes her great at Mid:

  • E deals enough damage to win trades against assassin’s and maybe even come out on top 
  • Q is a root ability, which is good if someone is chasing you and trying to kill you 
  • Ultimate ability is really good when roaming or killing someone from a large distance 
  • Some of the best skins in the game meaning you can play with a different skin each match. 

See Lux Own Mid:

3. Qiyana

Thicc thighs save lives! That's my motto.

Here we have the queen of thicc thighs of Runterra Qiyana. I absolutely love what Riot has done with Qiyana and how she plays. She’s that type of champion that can one-shot targets as soon as she’s level 3. As you might have guessed Qiyana is an assassin. All of her abilities combined result in a devastating combo that leaves you and your opponents breathless.

Qiyana’s Q slashes in a direction dealing damage to anyone who’s close enough, with W she can either grab the spirit of water, earth, or bushes which all have different properties (this ability also resets her Q), with E she can dash to minions or to enemy champion and last but not least Qiyana pushes enemies towards a wall dealing damage to anyone who’s unlucky enough to be caught in it.

Unfortunate are the people who get caught by Qiyana. I’d consider myself lucky if this girl started dashing towards me with those double thicc thighs. 

What makes her great at Mid:

  • Potential to one-shot targets as soon as she hits level 3
  • W resets her Q ability and can also be used a small dash to dodge abilities 
  • E is a larger dash that can be a huge lifesaver
  • Double thicc thighs 

See Qiyana Own Mid:

2. Katarina

Queen of Spam!

We are nearing our end for this article and what better way than to put the queen of ability spam Katarina in the second place. She was a high contender for first place but you’ll understand why she’s at second place in a bit. If you’re wondering why Katarina is the queen of ability spam then you clearly never played her or never played against her. Lucky you…

Pretty much Katarina’s kit revolves around dashing around constantly and throwing her daggers at people every second. Not only that but each time she gets a kill her abilities get reset. Katarina’s Q throws daggers, W places a dagger on the ground, with E she can dash onto those daggers to spin around or dash onto an enemy and with her R she spins in place like a ballerina throwing daggers in every possible direction. That’s Katarina in a nutshell.

She’s fun, fast but hard to play. It will take some time before you can do something cool with this champion. 

What makes her great at Mid:

  • AP or AD assassin
  • Can go AP or AD damage depending on what your team needs 
  • Doesn’t run out of mana because she has no mana
  • Queen of ability spam, you might break your fingers playing her 

See Katarina Own Mid:

1. Vex

Depression is the key to victory!

Vex is the newest champion to League of Legends and she’s the most broken one yet. The reason why Vex is at the number one spot and Katarina isn’t is because Vex counters her hard. In fact, Vex counters everyone who has a dash in their kit.

Vex abilities are as follows. Her Q “Mistral Bolt” fires a bolt of mist that damages everyone who’s in front of it, her W “Personal Space” gives Vex a shield and damages everyone who’s around her, the E “Looming Darkness” deals AoE damage where you cast it. Before going to her ultimate ability Vex has a chance of causing fear to opponents with these abilities mentioned if her passive is charged up. Vex’s R “Shadow Surge” launches her shadow towards opponents on the second cast Vex launches herself at the targets dealing damage and one-shotting them. If the target dies in a short period of time she can recast “Shadow Surge” again allowing her to go on a bloody rampage.

Vex is the ultimate counter to every mobile champion in the game. Nobody can stop this yordle from her quest of running other’s fun. Vex is also depressed which a lot of League of Legends players can relate to. 

What makes her great at Mid:

  • Counter to every champion that has a dash ability 
  • Each ability has the possibility of fearing the opponents 
  • Shadow Surge has a large cast range meaning you can gank from the halfway point to the lane. 
  • Vex is depressed and so are you!

See Vex Own Mid:

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