[Top 10] LOL Best Easy Champions (That Still That Wreck Hard!)

LOL Best Easy Champions
Want to learn a new champion that's easy?

New to League? Or Just want to try a new champion that’s easy to pick up?

So you want to try out a new champion and are wondering who to choose? Or you’re new to the game and just getting started? Either way, we have the perfect list for you to find out who are the best easy champions that still wreck hard on the summoner’s rift. All champions take a little practice to get used to, but these ones are some of the easiest to pick up in the game.

10. Malphite

Base Malphite Skin

With a champion that is rock hard, literally, it is hard to make too many mistakes. Malphite’s kit is very easy to pick up and effective at destroying the enemy team. He is fairly forgiving if mistakes occur, so don’t worry and enjoy the game with Malphite, as his ultimate is super fun.

What makes Malphite an easy champion:

  • Passive Granite Shield: Gives him a shield of 10 percent of his maximum health, which is really helpful for new players who make some mistakes.
  • His Q Seismic Shard: Allows Malphite to deal damage and steal their movement speed for three seconds. This is the main mechanism Malphite uses until level 6 when trading.
  • His E Ground Slam: Deals magic damage based on Malphite’s armour while also reducing the attack speed of enemies in the vicinity. Very useful after his ultimate.
  • His R Unstoppable Force: Malphite launches himself at rocket speeds to a location, damaging enemies and knocking them up. It can be used as a wombo combo with other champions on your team such as Yasuo.

See Malphite own in game:


9. Miss Fortune

Base Miss Fortune Skin

Miss Fortune is a gunslinging Captain from Bilgewater that packs a punch with her kit. She’s pretty easy to play once you know her mechanisms and can really carry a team if played well. A solid pick for any newbie and experienced player alike. We suggest going the AD route rather than the off-meta AP route. The latter of which doesn’t pack as much of a punch as the former.

What makes Miss Fortune an easy champion:

  • Her Passive Love Tap: Deals bonus physical damage whenever she basic attacks a new target.
  • A very strong attack for her AD build, Q Double Up: Fires a bullet to an enemy, damages them and then hits the target behind them.
  • W Strut: Can be activated to give MF bonus attack speed for a period.
  • Her E Make it Rain: Deals waves of magic damage to opponents while slowing them.
  • Her R Bullet Time: Is a cone shaped attack that deals large waves of enemies that can critically strike. While this is a skill shot, use it when the other champions on your team have engaged and CC’d the enemy, locking them down.

See Miss Fortune own in game:


8. Master Yi

Base Master Yi Skin

If you are new to the jungle, I’d advise you to play Master Yi. He has a super easy kit with overpowered abilities that are super forgiving if you make mistakes. Master Yi, especially in low ELO games, is a force to be reckoned with, without the hard skill cap of other champions.

What makes Master Yi an easy champion:

  • His Passive Double Strike: Makes Yi strike twice every few attacks.
  • His Q Alpha Strike is one of the main reasons why Yi is so easy: While he deals damage to four nearby enemies, he is also untargetable for a moment. Basic attacks also reduce the cooldown on his Q.
  • Between hunting down targets, he can use his W Meditate to heal a percentage of his health.
  • His E Wuju Style deals bonus true damage on his basic attacks.
  • R Highlander: This ability gives him incredible movement and attack speed, and immunity to slows. If he kills an enemy when using his ultimate, its duration is extended, so he can continue his killing spree.

See Master Yi own in game:


7. Veigar

Base Veigar Skin

Our villainous Yordle of evil is an easy champion to pick up and wreck hard with. While he has more skillshots than other champions on this list, his kit is very forgiving and allows newer players to still make an impact on the match even when making mistakes.

What makes Veigar an easy champion:

  • Veigar’s Passive Phenomenal Evil Power: Hitting an enemy champion with an ability grants Veigar increased ability power. This is why his kit is so forgiving, he continues to gain AP as long as you hit the enemy with an ability.
  • His Q Baleful Strike: Deals magic damage to the first two enemies hit.
  • His W Dark Matter: Can be used to deal magic damage as Veigar calls dark matter from the sky that falls to a target location. Best used after his E.
  • His E Event Horizon: Veigar creates a cage that stuns any enemies that hit its walls. If you can land this ability, you can get a hit off each of your other abilities and hopefully get the kill (While also stacking your passive).
  • His R Primordial Burst: Hits enemies with an insane amount of magic damage, increasing based on the target’s missing health. This is super effective later in the game, especially since it isn’t a skillshot. Just click R.

See Veigar own in game:


6. Morgana

Dawnbringer Morgana Skin

Similarly to Veigar, Morgana has some skill shots that are a little harder to master than targeted abilities, but that’s something that can be corrected with a little time and practice. Once you know the perimeters of Morgana’s skill shots, you can go far with her. Before locking her in on the rift, we suggest practicing her out on a custom game.

What makes Morgana an easy champion:

  • Her Passive Soul Siphon: Heals Morgana as she deals damage to enemies.
  • Morgana’s Q Dark Binding: Feels like the longest stun in the game. It also deals magic damage. If you can land this skill, you can follow it up with a W. 
  • W Tormented Shadow: Deals damage to any enemies that stand in the cursed area of Morgana’s attack. They receive damage over time, increasing as their health lowers. 
  • Her E Black Shield: Is a shield that absorbs magical damage and disabling effects. Perfect against enemies that rely on stuns and slows.
  • R Soul Shackles: Allows Morgana to throw chains of darkness onto nearby enemies. She gains movement speed as the chains also slow, deal damage and after a time period, they stun enemies who haven’t broken free. If you’ve made a few mistakes and are in hot water, drop her ultimate and any attacking enemies should try to leave, if they don’t, they’ll get stunned while you hopefully escape alive.

See Morgana own in game:


5. Blitzcrank

Base Blitzcrank Skin

Blitzcrank is undoubtedly one of the most iconic support champions in League, and there is a reason behind that statement. Blitzcrank is an easy to play robot with a great mechanism and newbie friendly kit that anyone can get behind. All you have to do is master his Q and you’re good to go.

What makes Blitzcrank an easy champion:

  • His Passive Mana Barrier: Gives Blitz a shield based on his mana when his health dips too low. Which helps new players survive any mistakes they made.
  • His Q Rocket Grab: His iconic ability to grab an opponent and bring them to Blitz. Used on weak opponents or carries to pick them off before a team fight.
  • His W Overdrive: Blitz increases his movement speed and attack speed for a short period of time before slowing himself when it ends. It can be used effectively to change position before a hook or to escape a gank on your lane.
  • His E Power Fist: Deals double damage and knocks up his target. This CC helps keep an enemy from attacking so your ADC can pick them off.
  • His R Static Field: Enemies near Blitz take lightning damage after a short channel. He can activate this ability to remove shields and deal damage.

See Blitzcrank own in game: 


4. Lux

Base Lux Skin

While Lux has a number of skill shots that are important to hit, her kit comes chockablock with shields, roots, and slows that’ll help newer players and those new to Lux alike. The Lady of Luminosity can attack from a distance, which is definitely an easier play style than jumping head first into the mix like other champions with fighter or brawler play styles.

What makes Lux an easy champion:

  • Her Passive Illumination: Marks an enemy hit by Lux’s abilities, when they are hit again, it deals bonus magic damage depending on Lux’s level.
  • Q Light Binding: Is a great tool on the Rift. Lux binds and deals damage to one or two enemy units. This is her trickiest ability as you need to practice it a little to know its parameters. 
  • Her defensive ability W Prismatic Barrier: Is a skill shot shield that protects any allies hit by it.
  • Her E Lucent Singularity: Throws out an area of light that slows enemies in the area. It can be detonated to damage any enemy in the circle of light.
  • Her sniper ability, R Final Spark: Shoots out a large beam of light that deals damage to any targets hit.

See Lux own in game:

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3. Ashe

Base Ashe Skin

One of the first champions you may have played in the tutorial in the game, Ashe is a very easy to play League of Legends character with a super simple kit that rocks in the rift. With slows, stuns and increased vision, Ashe is super easy and helpful on a team.

In comparison to other ADC champions, Ashe is the go to when learning the role.

What makes Ashe an easy champion:

  • Her Passive Frost Shot: Applies slows to her target.
  • Q Ranger’s Focus: Is activated after Ashe builds up focus when attacking. When the max stack hits, she consumes the focus and increases her attack speed rapidly.
  • W Volley: Fires arrows in a cone shape, applying her passive slow.
  • E Hawkshot: Can show vision to any target location as well as the path leading to that area.
  • Her R Enchanted Crystal Arrow: Collides with the first enemy champion and stuns them. It stuns for longer depending on how far the arrow has travelled.

See Ashe own in game:

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2. Yuumi

Base Yuumi Skin

Some might not even consider Yuumi a champion because she’s so easy to play. While most of the time she is untargetable, Yuumi is a support character that is reliant on her teammates’ actions. She’s super forgiving considering the enemy needs to kill the ADC to get to her most of the time, so for those who are new to the support role, Yuumi is an easy pick.

What makes Yuumi an easy champion:

  • Her Passive Bop ‘N’ Block: Yuumi periodically restores mana and gains a shield for her and her attached ally when she attacks a champion.
  • Her Q Prowling Projectile: Yuumi deals damage to the first target hit by her missile. It deals bonus damage and slows if it takes more than 1 second to hit its target.
  • Her W You and Me!: She dashes to a target ally, becoming untargetable from everything except turrets.
  • Her E Zoomies: Yuumi heals herself or when attached, heals the attached ally. It also gives movement speed and attack speed.
  • Her R Final Chapter: Yuumi opens her book and channels waves of damage, rooting anyone who is hit by three or more waves. She can attach to other champions while casting, which is super handy to root more enemies.

See Yuumi own in game:

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1. Garen

Base Garen Skin

With zero skill shots and one of the most basic yet useable kits in League of Legends, Garen takes first place on the list of the easiest champions to play in LoL. He does a tonne of damage and has utility in his kit to help you survive any ganks or attacks.

What makes Garen an easy champion:

  • His Passive Perseverance: This ability is why Garen is able to survive any mistakes you’ve made. If he hasn’t received damage in a period of time, he regenerates a percentage of his total health back each second.
  • His Q Decisive Strike: Gives Garen a burst of movement speed, breaking all slows that were affecting him. His next attack deals bonus damage and silences them.
  • His W Courage: Garen can activate a shield for a brief moment, followed by a damage reduction effect.
  • His E Judgement: Garen spins his sword around in a circle, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies.
  • His R Demacian Justice: Garen attempts to execute an enemy using a giant sword that comes from the sky. This is usually used to finish off any low health enemies.

See Garen own in game:

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