LoL Best Tahm Kench Skins (All Tahm Kench Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

Warning: Choking hazard, careful he doesn't choke on you.

The long-tongued smooth-talkin’ swindling literal and figurative catfish of Bilgewater has some of the sassiest and smooth designs in all of League of Legends, but you can only wonder how could you improve perfection. The skins on Tahm Kench somehow arguably feel new and refreshing despite his design being almost perfect, so we’ve decided to rank them from worst to best!

5. Coin Emperor Tahm Kench

See the skin in action:

The nightmare of every shopkeeper, Coin Emperor Tahm Kench visits yearly during the Lunar Revel just to barter. Leaving shopkeepers in despair after practically stealing their inventory off of them, with only the most strong-witted and capable managing to interact with him and walk away making fortunes out of the emperor. The skin brings you brand new animations as well as a recall just for 1350 RP but it is a legacy skin, only available when legacy vaults open.

4. Urf Kench

See the skin in action:

It's URF Kench, there isn't anything else to say. It's all of the chaotic mess and destruction that is URF, but it's Tahm Kench. The skin doesn't differ much from the base model, but it can be purchased at any time for just 750 RP.

3. Master Chef Tahm Kench

See the skin in action:

The chef has prepared something for you! Eat up, he wants you to be plump and ready to be chomped on, because he's getting a little hungry himself. The appetite to devour entire people whole leads Tahm Kench to become an excellent chef, and the skin brings you brand new SFX, animations, as well as  a new recall just for 975 RP!

2. High Noon Tahm Kench

See the skin in action:

The catalyst to destruction, all High Noon Tahm Kench cares about is being a favour ahead of everyone around him, so that when they time comes to repay, they truly repay in any way he deems fit. The skin brings brand new animations and VFX, with a brand new recall, all for 1350 RP.

1. Arcana Tahm Kench

See the skin in action:

The true epitome of power, Arcana Tahm Kench takes the role of a cult-leader, where anyone who goes astray meets an unfortunate fate. With emaculate patterns and designs around him and an empty skull where his mind should be, the skin is as terrifying as it is captivating. It brings brand new animations, SFX as well as a brand new recall just for 1350 RP.

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