[Top 10] LOL Best Tank Junglers

Many mysteries are hidden in the jungle!
"Swamps, thickets full of secrets, wild enemies ... Let's kill them all!"

Hey, guys, all good? Frankenstein here in the area, bringing you an extremely interesting article about League of Legends.

This time I will address here about our so obscure and inhospitable, JUNGLE!

I will bring a Top 10 on the best champions to play in the jungle, robust and insane tanks, in short, true tough battle machines!

The jungle is undoubtedly the most impactful role in the solo queue. Making sure your laners are safe and sound while you kill your opponents is easier said than done.

If you are ready to take on this task, these champions can help you make a snowball in your tracks and in yourself for victory.


Let 's go!


10- Olaf

"The axe and my wrath will prevail over your bones!"

About Olaf:

Olaf in general, he is a champion very easy to play, with a lot of power at the beginning of the game. Jungle, duel and ganks are all very good, which is very important to have the necessary impact at the beginning of the game. 

Many champions simply cannot deal with Olaf properly in the first 15 minutes of the game, so Olaf can often take advantage with Ragnarok his way to victory.

Why do we say that Olaf is a great character in the jungle and tank?

  • Olaf joins this list in the Top 10 for being a very malleable champion to play.
  • If we think about it, Olaf presents an extremely interesting kit, with a lot of jungle control, considerable speed and a skill kit with a lot of sustainability and damage.
  • This character can do real damage to the enemy, which makes him have a pretty big advantage in the early game.
  • Olaf is a very complete AD tank and deserves to be here in the rankings.

Olaf's classification: 90/100

Olaf Jungle vs Udyr - NA Grandmaster Patch 11.7


9- Amumu

"A pharaoh will always decide who lives and who dies!"

About Amumu:

Amumu is a very powerful champion in mid / late game.

His main skill is damage and group control. He is a champion with an easy learning curve, where only a few games are enough to learn to play with the character.

It basically focuses on damage per second, initiator of team fights and an insane and intense ultimate of group control.

Amumu enters our top 9 here with a lot of mastery and mechanics.

Why do we say that Amumu is a great character in the jungle and tank?

  • Amumu presents a very interesting, simple and efficient battle kit. The champion can easily destabilize an entire opposing team.
  • The main skills are your "Q" and the Ultimate, where in critical moments of the game, it serves to start a team fight, giving your team an advantage.
  • Because it is a defense and life machine, amumu presents a good defense and equipment that allows it to be a true defense war tank.

Amumu classification: 91/100

Amumu Jungle vs Xin Zhao - KR Grandmaster Patch 11.6


8- Poppy

"My hammer doesn't cut, it smashes skulls, bodies ... you!"

About Poppy:

Here in our Top 7 with a lot of damage and resistance power, we find Poppy.

Poppy passively gains Armor and Magic Resist, which increases when she is low on Health. It can activate Unwavering Presence to gain Movement Speed and prevent enemy advances around it, causing the impeded enemy to slow down and get stuck on the ground.

Her kit is very interesting since the early game, cornering her enemies and destroying her game.

Why do we say that Poppy is a great character in the jungle and tank?

  • Poppy has a skill and passive kit that goes very well with an extremely defensive and safe style of play.
  • The idea of picking Poppy in the jungle is precisely to balance a team that usually has a lot of assassins or characters that don't make the front line in battles.
  • Poppy deserves to be on our list here for being extremely effective, resistant and quite incredible to play.

Poppy classification: 92/100



7- Sion

"If I don't kill you in life, I'll try in death."

About Sion:

Things are starting to get quite interesting, even now with this damage and tank machine, Sion.

Sion presents a very interesting and peculiar kit, either in life with his ax or in death with his fists from hell.

The fact that Sion is here almost in the middle of the list, is because he is simply a super tough war machine.

Sion fires a short-range shockwave that deals damage and slows and Armor the first enemy hit. If it hits a troop or monster, it will be thrown backwards, causing damage and reducing the speed and Armor of all enemies it passes through.

Why do we say that Sion is a great character in the jungle and tank?

  • Items, skills and passive.
  • These are the three fundamental words about why Sion is here.
  • The character is extremely resistant, with excellent elements of defense and also of attack and has an arsenal of choice for the construction of his build.
  • The jungle with SIon is very quiet, being quite easy to have a good domain, without much effort.

Sion classification: 93/100



6- Dr. Mundo

"Madness makes death look like a joke."

About Dr. Mundo:

Dr. Mundo arrives here in our top 6 with his complete kit on the jungle route.

This champion has a large amount of life, an intense regeneration of life and an excellent defense, either magic or physical, depending on the game.

Dr. Mundo takes additional Attack Damage based on his Life lost and his next basic attack heads the target for additional damage. His magic resistance is increased passively whenever he suffers magic damage or pays a Life cost.

Why do we say that Dr. Mundo is a great character in the jungle and tank?

  • Passive, ultimate.
  • These are the main aspects here at Dr. Mundo, which make him a real castle of defenses and life.
  • When this character gets closer to the mid / late game, he ends up being practically impossible to kill himself.
  • He enters with mastery here for being an excellent initiator of battles, for serving as a shield and for being a great troublemaker for his enemies.

Dr. Mundo classification: 94/100



5- Sejuani

"How about I freeze your corpse?"

About Sejuani:

Here in the Top 5 is one of the most annoying, tough and extremely strong champions, Sejuani.

Sejuani is the mother of war. Her people's survival is a constant and desperate battle against the elements, forcing them to plunder Noxians, Demacians and Avarians to survive the harsh winters.

Sejuani herself leads the most dangerous attacks, mounted on her boar, Bristle, using her True Ice flail to freeze and shatter her enemies.

Sejuani is excellent in terms of resistance and group control.

Why do we say that Sejuani is a great character in the jungle and tank?

Ultimate is what dominates this champion.

A good itemization with great resistance, high defense and a very low cooldown, makes Sejuani an excellent champion in the jungle.

All her skills are aimed at freezing and breaking the enemy's moves.

Sejuani is a great character to start a team fight safely for you and your team.


Sejuani classification: 95/100


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4- Skarner

"A sting immobilizes you, destabilizes you, murders you."

About Skarner:

This Top 4 is very difficult, but Skarner comes here with mastery.

This character has an extremely strong kit, controller and starter.

Skarner's presence causes crystals to appear in specific locations on the map, and can be captured by any team that stays on top of them. Skarner gains Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and increased Mana Regeneration when near crystals captured by his team.

A well-fitted ultimate causes the game to end.

Why do we say that Skarner is a great character in the jungle and tank?

  • Skarner's role in the game, basically, is to start a team fight, get in the middle of all enemies, resist all kinds of attacks and damage, be they magic or physical, and try to take a pick off.
  • Skarner presents in its champion structure, the famous diamond skin, which besides providing an excellent shield, grants movement speed.
  • Skarner deserves the Top 4, for being extremely competent and reliable to play, very resistant and strong.

Skarner classification: 96/100


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3- Udyr

"I can have different shapes and different functions, but they all serve to destroy you."

About Udyr:

We have talked a lot about Udyr in other articles. For being such a complete character, Udyr stands out here in the Top 3.

Udyr is a fantastic champion, with an excellent presence in the game, on all routes, with an extremely high profile in his endurance and strength.

This champion arrives with the intention of even resisting everything and everyone, still fulfills the function of destroying the bodies of his victims very well.

Why do we say that Skarner is a great character in the jungle and tank?

  • Udyr stands out for its impressive power of resistance and durability, whether in team combat, in the jungle or in "1vs1".
  • This character has an extremely complete defense kit, having his own spells to help him in this process.
  • Its movement speed is also fantastic, combining very well with several items that grant it physical resistance and mobility.
  • Udyr is very strong, has many advantages and is extremely complete here in the jungle to resist everything and everyone.

Udyr classification: 97/100


Udyr Jungle vs Nidalee - KR Challenger Patch 11.6 

2- Volibear

"The only function of a predator is to kill in order to survive.."

About Volibear:

Nearing the end of the list, our bloodiest and deadliest bear, Volibear.

Volibear deserves the Top 2, for being a completely modified champion, fast, strong, resistant and extremely easy to build.

Some of Volibear's abilities are totally explosive and cruel, where he summons lightning at a location, dealing damage and slowing enemies. He will also earn a Shield if he is within the radius of the explosion.

Why do we say that Volibear is a great character in the jungle and tank?

  • Volibear stands out in the jungler, due to its high resistance to damage.
  • This champion meets all the needs of a game in which a tank is needed.
  • To be a tank is to be someone powerful.
  • Volibear's skill kit, coupled with its equipment mechanics, provides Voli with tremendous durability and endurance power in team fights.
  • This champion is consecrated here for his high and excellent performance.

Volibear classification: 98,9/100


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1- Rammus

"Only, Rammus.”

About Rammus:

Here in the Top 1, without a shadow of a doubt, we find this game-destroying, tank and extremely slender character, Rammus.

There is not much to criticize in Rammus, due to his complex gameplay and itemization, he is a very curious and strong character.

Rammus makes the jungle an excellent way to show his resilience.

Rammus' ganks are very consistent and he can always withstand one or two damage from a tower early in the game, in order to bring victory to your team.

Why do we say that Rammus is a great character in the jungle and tank?

  • Due to his high level of resistance, being combo with his skills, Rammus is a master in the jungle.
  • This character has excellent speed, spells that give an absurdly high amount of resistance and an ultimate that helps a lot to damage your enemies inside.
  • Rammus is fantastic, super strong and very feared in Solo-Q matches or ranked in tournaments.
  • Life, magic defense, physical defense, mobility ... These are some of the benefits of this champion, a true tough war machine.

Rammus classification: 100/100



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