LoL Best Pantheon Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Pantheon Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

LoL Best Pantheon Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Pantheon Skins Ranked Worst To Best)
The Gods fear me because I am a man!

This guy is a beacon of masculinity. I mean this champion has muscles on top of muscles, abs on top of abs. Instead of a 6-pack, he has a 12-pack. The reasoning behind his masculinity and muscles is that he’s a true Spartan. He even wears spartan armor in almost all of his skins. Keep in mind I said almost because some skins steer off that theme. Which can be a good thing in some cases. Don’t be afraid to try different things with Pantheon as he can be played in a variety of roles. From jungle to support.  

13. Original Pantheon (Ok)

Here we have the original skin for this masculine champion. It’s a great skin and Riot Games did a fantastic job at creating it. There isn’t much I can say about the skin. It isn’t bad and the model size looks moderate. I love everything about it. The only reason why it’s at number 13 is that it only gets better from here. 

How To Get Original Pantheon:

You can buy the champion and the skin for 3150 BE or 790 RP or 8$. 

12. Ashen Conqueror Pantheon (Ok)

Now Riot Games listen here. We could have had something great here but you decided to burn it to the ground. The Ashen skin line is supposed to be a reference to Dark Souls as hinted with the first Ashen skin. What did your team decide to do? Make an unrealistic expectation of a body type and pasted it onto the skin. Not even that but you took Ruined Pantheon and painted it purple. But the worst insult here is that you price this skin at a special price called Mythic Essence which is hard to get. Shame on you. 

How To Get Ashen Conqueror Pantheon:

You can buy the skin only with a special currency called Mythic Essence. How much Mythic Essence exactly? Well, 100 to 150 depending on how much they feel like the price should be. Which can cost you a lot of time or over 100$. 

11. Full Metal Pantheon (Ok)

Now, this is a skin I can get behind. It shows us what a God of War can look like if he was just a tiny bit of sci-fi. This skin looks completely badass but sadly I can’t rank it higher than this. It comes with a large model which makes it feel awkward when using the champion. The animations look good and the effects are cool. I just wish they would scale the model down a notch. 

How To Get Full Metal Pantheon:

You can buy the skin for 975 RP or 8$ in the League of Legends skin shop. 

10. Baker Pantheon (Ok)

This skin is a parody in itself. It’s a meme skin. You would think that it was released during an April’s fools joke but it wasn’t. The reason why Riot Games decided to create such a skin is that Pantheon enjoys eating bread. That’s his favorite food. Now, dear League players let’s all eat some bread so we can all be chads and look like Pantheon.

How To Get Baker Pantheon:

You can purchase the skin for 975 RP or 8$ in the League of Legends skin store. 

9. Ruthless Pantheon (Average)

A skin that’s straight out of the Mad Max universe. There is more skin on him than there is armor. This is exactly what a female RPG armor looks like. The model looks decent and pretty much the same as the original with a small twist. Even though this skin is cheap I am surprised how much effort they put into it.

How To Get Ruthless Pantheon:

You can only get the skin from a chest since it’s a legacy. 

8. Perseus Pantheon (Average)

Perseus, the son of Zeus, known for eliminating the vile filth that was Medusa.  Honestly, this skin suits our dear friend Pantheon. I love when Riot Games keeps stepping into Greek mythology. But sadly they don’t do that anymore and haven’t done it at all recently. The skin looks simply amazing along with the shield that has two different faces on it. 

How To Get Perseus Pantheon:

You can only get this skin through a chest because it’s a legacy. 

7. Glaive Warrior Pantheon (Average)

A Spartan turned into a Viking. How cool is that? I bet you haven’t even thought about it until this skin popped out. But seriously someone ought to make a game on that premise. I would buy that game instantly, without a doubt. The skin itself doesn’t support any fancy animations or exciting sound effects but what it does have is a smaller model than the original skin.

How To Get Glaive Warrior Pantheon:

Another skin that you can only get through a chest because it’s a legacy. 

6. Zombie Slayer Pantheon (Average)

There was a time when Riot Games would release zombie-themed skins into the game, but that time has long passed. All that is left are the ruins of what might have been.. In this skin, we see Pantheon, a God of War turned into the biggest zombie-killing machine in the world. The good thing about it is that it comes with brand new animations and effects, like new visual effects and animations.

How To Get Zombie Slayer Pantheon:

Another skin that you can only get through a chest but it’s the last one I swear. 

5. Myrmidon Pantheon (Good)

Who would have thought that Pantheon would have 2 Greek mythology-themed skins? This time in the form of a brutal warrior forged by Zeus in the hottest magmas of the world. With that badass of a description, how can’t I praise the skin? Sadly it doesn’t come with new effects or animations but the original color pallet of the effects does suit the skin very well. It’d make you think that this is the original Pantheon skin. 

How To Get Myrmidon Pantheon:

You can buy the skin for 520 RP or 5$ in the League of Legends shop. 

4. Dragon Slayer Pantheon (Good)

Who is superior to dragons? People who kill them. Because you know they are one of the toughest and most badass warriors out there. Like, imagine a single man killing a dragon. You wouldn’t want to mess with him. He will knock your teeth out with one punch. It’s also one of the rare skins that come with everything new. From animations to changing how the colors of the effects look. 

How To Get Dragon Slayer Pantheon: 

You can buy this amazing skin for 1350 RP or 10$ in the skin shop. 

3. Pulsefire Pantheon (Excellent)

This is the skin where they fully realized the sci-fi look.. It’s also one of the newest skins for him. I can’t place him any higher than this with a good reason. When it comes to the Pulsefire skins they usually have great animations and sound effects. This skin is no exception to that rule. But what it does lack is a badass-looking helmet that the next few skins have.. 

How To Get Pulsefire Pantheon:

You can purchase the skin for 1350 RP or 10$ in the LoL skin shop. 

2. Ruined Pantheon (Excellent)

How far have we come? You can see the improvements that Riot Games has made for the champion and its skins. You can clearly see the improvements. The skin was released during a mediocre event called The Ruination. Even though the event was mediocre the skins were enchanting. This skin is also tied to lore a little fun fact for you. 

How To Get Ruined Pantheon:

You can buy the skin for 1350 RP or 10$ in the LoL skin store. 

1. Prestige Ascended Pantheon (Best)

This is one of the most beautiful skins for a champion I have ever seen and this is how prestige skins should be handled. Same as the previous skin this is also tied to the lore but when Pantheon manages to free himself from the shackles of Viego. TL: DR Pantheon managed to unlock his Super Saiyan God form.

How To Get Prestige Ascended Pantheon:

You can buy the skin only with special currency and it’s 100% worth it. It will cost you around 100-150 Mythic Essence but I highly recommend that you save those gemstones up and get yourself this skin. 

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