[Top 10] LOL Most Broken Champions That Are OP

LOL Most Broken Champions That Are OP
We can't be balanced. Thanks Riot!

We’ve talked about the best AP champions, the most toxic champions. How about we talk about the most broken champions that 12.10 has to offer. Now with the new durability patch, each champion has gotten a different feel to them.

ADCs are much more stronger and efficient in battle, tanks are actual tanks and don’t get melted by the assassins. While we are at the mention of assassins they no longer can build as a bruiser. Which is a great thing in my opinion. Now enough of this chit chat let’s get into the list. 

10. Azir

“Shurima will rise once more!”

Let’s start this article with a chicken named Azir. Well, he’s not an ordinary chicken, he's the emperor as well. Not the God Emperor from 40K but the emperor of Shurima. When it comes to Azir he’s an AP control mage.

He controls the battlefield and can be a deciding factor if the fight will be lost or won. Azir can summon soldiers and those soldiers will fight for him. Of course, they will be paraplegics and won’t be able to move from one spot but hey at least they can attack. Those soldiers also scale with attack speed and on-hit damage.

So try to build that on Azir as much as possible. When it comes to his ultimate ability, Azir can summon a huge wall of sand to block people from crossing the lane or simply shove them into your towers. Plus doing combos and being good at the champion feels satisfying. 

What’s Great About Azir:

  • Azir is a control mage he excels in team fights. 
  • Azir can summon his army from the sand. 
  • His passive ability allows him to spawn destroyed towers. 

9. Blitzcrank

“Iron beats flesh.”

Here we have a tank support that can hook people. But to be successful on Blitzcrank you have to be a good hooker that is. By that I mean you have to hit your Q on people and hook them towards you so your ADC can kill them.

That’s all you have to do during the game. Pick people off into a bush, let your team deal with them, and move on to the next target. Blitzcrank can also knock people up with his uppercut from his E ability. It’s a point and click ability so you don’t have to aim it. He can also boost himself up with W and silence people in an AoE radius.

If that isn’t enough for you Blitzcrank can go full AP and annihilate everyone that he hooks because his abilities scale incredibly well with AP. If that doesn’t sound broken to you I honestly don’t know what will. 

What’s Great About Blitzcrank:

  • Blitzcrank is a tank support. 
  • Scales incredibly well with AP if your ADC can’t do the job of killing people. 
  • You can hook people out of battle and make them useless. 
  • You can start team fights with your hooks. 
  • Blitzcrank can silence people in an AoE radius. 

8. Urgot

“Running because you’re afraid?”

Here we have a guy that’s a complete menace to the top lane and his name is Urgot the abomination. Once a great soldier for Noxus now an abomination that lives in Zaun. The more time he spent living in Zaun the more deranged and ugly he became. He can’t live without his machine and the life support that it provides. His passive gives him shotgun knees where he can fire buckshot off if he’s close to a target.

Urgot can also dash towards someone and flip them over like a burger with his E, activate his machine gun with W and throw a used cocaine-filled needle on the ground. His ultimate ability also hooks people but unlike Blitzcrank, Urgot grinds them up into tiny pieces and then spits them out the other end. Urgot is great at pushing lanes and destroying towers. 

What’s Great About Urgot:

  • Urgot is a great split pusher. 
  • His ultimate ability has a pretty large range and it fears people in an AoE radius. 
  • His shotgun knees are great for clearing out minions. 
  • His W is great for destroying towers. 

7. Illaoi

“The Kraken God shall decide your fate.”

A champion straight out of the H.P Lovecraft books and I love it. Illaoi is a Kraken priestess and follows whatever her god tells her to do. She also has a lot of followers in her cult. Surprisingly they’re not violent, instead they intend to keep the peace in Bilgewater. The reason why Illaoi is better than Urgot is that she can kill a whole team solo.

All you have to do is have tentacles around, ult 3 or more people, and boom you got yourself an easy pentakill. Illaoi’s Q launches tentacles from the huge lantern she carries around, her W allows her to jump onto a target and her E pulls the soul out from the enemy that you can beat up. After beating up the soul it goes back into their body and tentacles start spawning around them. 

What’s Great About Illaoi:

  • Illaoi is great at team fights. 
  • If Illaoi ults a whole team she can get a pentakill. 
  • Her W is a small dash towards the enemy. 
  • Her E is a great poking tool during the laning phase. 

6. Mordekaiser

“I am made out of iron.”

For our next dear champion, we have Mordekaiser the god of death. Once upon a time, Mordekaiser was a normal human male who was leading Noxus. Once he died he didn’t find anything except darkness. So he took that darkness and created his realm of death and now he wants to conquer the whole world. Mordekaiser deals AP damage and he’s considered an AP tank.

With his Q Mordekaiser slams everyone that’s in front of him, his W gives him a shield and with his E he pulls people closer. Mordekaiser’s ultimate ability sends people to Brazil where they live the rest of their lives or until Mordekaiser beats them to death. It’s a simple champion that’s great against anyone and he’s considered broken. 

What’s Great About Mordekaiser:

  • Mordekaiser is an AP tank that can withstand a beating. 
  • Most of the damage comes from his auto-attacks. 
  • His ultimate ability can take someone out of the team fight. 
  • Excels in 1v1s. 

5. Cassiopeia

“There is no antidote for me.”

I’ve talked about this champion before and I think you know why she’s on this list. Because she’s broken. She can turn people into stone and while they are made into stone Cassiopeia’s team can beat them up. It all happens in an instant, you don’t even know what happens and what goes on. You can also throw down your W ability and anyone that can dash won’t be able to.

Because they’ll be stuck on some purple goo. Cassiopeia’s E deals extra damage to people who are poisoned and each time she kills a minion with her E her mana gets refunded. Cassiopeia works best against people who don’t have a lot of HP and can easily be killed. 

What’s Great About Cassiopeia:

  • Cassiopeia is a great fighting mage. 
  • Deals an incredible amount of AP damage. 
  • Cassiopeia can turn people into stone in an instant. 
  • Her E deals more damage if the target is poisoned. 

4. Aphelios

“We must fight to survive.”

Ah, the boy with 5 different weapons that each do a different thing. How cool is that? Even though he’s nerfed to the ground he’s still a problem today. Simply because if you combine the two most overpowered weapons your enemies will cease to exist. Not only does each weapon do a different thing but each weapon has a unique ability and a unique ultimate ability.

Trust me reading the description of his abilities will take you a long time so instead, do yourself a favor and jump into a match and learn how to play him correctly. Aphelios excels at everything. He’s great at split pushing, great at dueling people and he’s great in team fights. There’s nothing that this wonder boy can’t do. 

What’s Great About Aphelios:

  • Aphelios can clear out waves with his shotgun. 
  • Has insane range with his sniper rifle. 
  • He can CC people if he has the gravity gun. 

3. Vayne

“Silver bullets will do the trick.”

One of my favorite ADCs to play is Vayne. She can melt anyone that has more HP than her and since she’s an ADC that means everyone in the game. Vayne deals true damage every third auto-attack so building attack speed on her is the key. She also moves faster if she’s running towards an enemy and Vayne can dodge abilities with her Q.

If someone gets too close to comfort Vayne can push them away with her E. While using her ultimate ability Vayne gets a buff for movement and attack speed while her other abilities also get stronger. While in her ultimate form when Vayne uses her Q she becomes invisible for a short period. 

What’s Great About Vayne:

  • Vayne is great at dealing with people who have more HP than her. 
  • Deals a massive amount of true damage. 
  • During her ultimate ability each time Vayne uses her Q she becomes invisible for a short period. 
  • With E you can push people away from yourself if they get too close. 

2. Lux

“Light will save you!”

I was debating whether to either place Ahri here or Lux. I’ve decided to go for Riot Games' favorite child and that’s Lux. I mean Lux always gets the best skins out of anyone so that’s not a secret by any chance. Plus she brings in a lot of money. Now Lux is one of the few champions that can still one-shot people with two items.

Seems like the durability patch didn’t bother Lux players at all. It just made them stronger since they can’t get one-shotted anymore. Lux has it all. She can slow people and reveal them if they are hiding in a bush with her E, she can shield herself with her W and she can root people with her Q. But the best ability of them all is that she can burst anyone down with her ultimate ability. If you combine Q>E>R you are guaranteeing yourself a kill mister or miss.

What’s Great About Lux:

  • Lux is a burst AP mage. 
  • She can reveal enemies if they are hiding in a bush with her E. 
  • Her ultimate ability has a low cooldown timer. 
  • Lux can shield herself or her allies with W.

1. Evelynn

“They taste better if they’re afraid.”

For our number one most broken champion we have Evelynn the lust demon. She’s one of the oldest demons in Runeterra and she’s hungry. The only way that Evelynn can feed is by sucking out a human’s soul. The ones that taste the best are those who are scared. But Riot got us covered on that front as well. Once Evelynn hits level 6 she’ll gain invisibility. It acts as a passive.

So now you can stalk and seduce your enemies to victory. You can seduce your targets with W and once the meter fills up to the max you can launch your Q at them to seduce them. Once they’re close enough you can go in for the kill either with your E or your ultimate ability. Don’t worry you’ll never get tired of using her ultimate ability since it’s an execution and all execute abilities in this game are satisfying to use. 

What’s Great About Evelynn:

  • Evelynn can stay permanently invisible once she hits level 6. 
  • Ganking lanes has never been easier. 
  • Evelynn is an AP burst mage jungle champion. 
  • You can execute multiple people with your ultimate ability. 
  • Evelynn’s W reduces a target's magic resistance. 

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