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Beautiful Lux

It’s safe to say that Lux is one of the mascots of League, with how much attention she gets from Riot, and she’s certainly a fan favorite. Some players complain that she receives too many skins – but cosplayers? That’s exactly what they love to see. Every new skin is a new opportunity, and we’ll show you thirty of the best cosplays we’ve ever seen right here.

30. Anne Clara Priscille

Cosplay by Anne Clara Priscille

Elementalist Lux’s base light form is stunning all on its own. It makes the sprightly mage show a bit of a more mature, serious side – all in dazzling white. She might normally be giggly, but it’s a nice reminder she’s not messing around.

29. Susana Cosplay

Cosplay by Susana Cosplay

Speaking of that fiery side, everyone knows her fire form well. It almost catches you off guard the first time you see it – is that Lux? Yep, that’s Lux, coming at you wreathed in flames.

28. Ribbons Cosplay

Cosplay by Ribbons Cosplay

Then, there’s something a bit cooler. The skin’s water form is really soothing in a way, with all the visual effects putting a nice gentle spin on the whole blasts of light thing. Refreshing and pleasant.

27. AZA(2AO)

Cosplay by 2AO Design

And then there’s the coldest of all: her ice form. This one definitely puts a twist on the usual warm smile she wears. In game, she makes for a chilling foe.

27. Gosiengfiao


Cosplay by Alodia Gosiengfiao

But of course, Lux is best known for her playful energy. Her mystic form embodies that playfulness perfectly! She really lets her cute side shine with this one.

26. Angela Bermudez

Cosplay by Angela Bermudez

Her air form shakes things up a bit, taking that energy and giving it a good rustle. Be careful not to get swept off the battlefield when exchanging blows with her!

25. Alishiera Cosplay

Cosplay by Alishiera Cosplay

In her nature form, her demeanor is much more calming. It’s almost nice to fight against her, since it’s so pretty getting blasted down by a green version of her ultimate…

24. Gorvenna the Siren

Cosplay by Gorvenna the Siren

Don’t be fooled; her magma form is definitely different from the fire form. It’s… how do we put it? Cooler. No – hotter. 

23. Danielle Beaulieu

Cosplay by Danielle Beaulieu

Her storm form is, well, a shocker. This is where she gets fierce; watch out if a player switches to this one. They might be feeling aggressive, and they’ll probably try to strike the same place more than once.

22. Onnies

Cosplay by Onnies

The last of her elemental forms is, of course, the polar opposite of the original character. She goes from smiley, laughy, and bright, to dark, calculating, and dangerous.

21. Chibi-ibi

Cosplay by Chibi-ibi

Star Guardian Lux, of course, is also super fun too. Who doesn’t love a classical magical girl?

20. Zayuri-chan

Cosplay by Zayuri-chan

Magical girls can sure be beautiful, too. Lux has that charm in her Star Guardian skin, as well as that cuteness.

19. xxpuffy 

Cosplay by xxpuffy

Lux’s base skin is iconic all on its own! Nothing short of adorable – and bright.

18. Foxfireghost

Cosplay by foxfireghost

The Spellthief skin is a fun one. In game, it’s pretty simple, but the splash art is stellar. You could imagine all sorts of stories that might make Lux wear the outfit.

17. Lyra May

Cosplay by Lyra May

Spellthief Lux definitely puts an attractive twist on the “thief” look. Makes you wonder what she could be up to!

16. Missyeru

Cosplay by Missyeru

Obviously, Lux is a sorceress, so why not have a skin for it? She might have to hide her powers from Demacians, but she knows she’s a mage and embraces that part of herself.

15. Scathefir3

Cosplay by scathefir3

There’s something cool about playing as Lux, too. She’s just an innocent young light-wielder, and yet she can burst you down in one quick combo. Never underestimate her!

14. blackro

Cosplay by blackro

It’s no wonder Lux has inspired all sorts of art. She’s not only fun as a character and as a champion, but she’s also pretty!

13. Thelema Therion

Cosplay by Thelema Therion

No matter what skin you use with her, she’s always recognizable. And if you don’t see her right away… you’ll definitely see the giant laser she fires at you.

12. Starshipprincess

Cosplay by Starshipprincess

As a mage, she’s always been afraid to let her secrets out to those around her. But all players know and love the Lux they play in-game: the one who has finally accepted herself for who she is.

11. Arctic Revolution

Cosplay by Arctic Revolution

Maybe Lux is trying to hide from Demacians as a Spellthief? That would probably make for a really fun short story from Riot.

10. NunnallyLol

Cosplay by NunnallyLol

Even under a hood, her smile shines through. Very fitting for her!

9. mcjustwannahavefun

Cosplay by mcjustwannahavefun

We can all probably imagine Lux joining the Pool Party skin line – she seems like the type to want to have fun in the sun!

8. Rinnie Riot

Cosplay by Rinnie Riot

Ah, but the cuteness of the Star Guardian skin is just too perfect. She’s really the best-suited character for the theme! Well, except maybe Urgot…

7. Helen Stifler

Cosplay by Helen Stifler

In the name of the light, I’ll punish – wait, wrong character!

6. Ivriniel

Cosplay by Ivriniel

Lux will probably always remain a popular character. There’s just so much to love about her, even if some people find her voice annoying… we can blast those people down, though.

5. Ytka Matilda

Cosplay by Ytka Matilda


… Sorry, we had to, it’s just too fitting for her Star Guardian skin.

4. Kinpatsu-Cosplay

Cosplay by  Kinpatsu-Cosplay

Back to the darkness with this one – not that we’re complaining.

3. Vandych100

Cosplay by Vandych100

Lux can be seen from a ton of different perspectives – an eccentric mage, a girly girl, and, of course, all the other personalities her Elementalist skin has to offer. Alternate skins might not be canon, but they’re all certainly memorable.

2. xAndrastax

Cosplay by xAndrastax

Nothing fits Lux more than sparkles and glitter!

1. Ophelia Pennifold

Cosplay by Ophelia Pennifold

At the end of the day, Lux is quite the rainbow of a character. No matter what anyone says, we’ll be here waiting for more skins. And the cosplayers will be, too!

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