LoL ADC Tier List (LoL Best ADC 2019)

LoL ADC Tier List
League of Legends Attack Damage Carry

Who Are The Best LoL Marksman?

Numerous of buffs and nerfs every patch are causing the meta to be constantly shifting. And while some champions become weak and unplayable, others rise from the ashes and become OP. The following tier list will help you find out which ADC’s are most viable in patch 9.14

S Tier (Offers great laning phase while maintaining the same insane late game carry potential. Players that master these champions will without a doubt have a massive impact in their games)

  • Jinx (89/100)
  • Caitlyn (92/100)
  • Sivir (96/100)

A Tier (Decent laning phase and still easy to safely farm in lane, champions in this tier don’t exactly have the same insane late game scaling, but they’re still able to do tons of damage late game)

  • Draven (70/100)
  • Tristana (73/100)
  • Jhin (74/100)
  • Vayne (77/100)
  • Ashe (78/100)
  • Ezreal (81/100)
  • Kai’Sa (84/100)

-S Tier-


1. Sivir (S tier)

Sivir is currently the most overpowered ADC in league of legends. She’s able to push waves incredibly fast and offer an amazing speed boost to her team while also dealing massive amount of damage especially into the late game.

What makes Sivir OP?

  • Great utility thanks to her movement speed buff (her Ultimate)
  • Safe laning, thanks to her Spellshield ability that blocks one enemy spell
  • Her Q and W abilities deal high AoE damage, which makes her incredible at pushing waves
  • Sivir also scales insanely well into the late game
  • Sivir gains a movement speed buff when she ults, and when she attacks enemy champions (her passive), the thing that makes kiting with her (hitting and running away) very efficient.

Sivir’s power rating 96/100



2. Caitlyn (S tier)

Caitlyn is a fearsome ADC that has incredible lane control. Her long range basic attacks and abilities when incorporated with her safe laning makes it extremely difficult to outfarm or kill her during the laning phase.

What makes Caitlyn OP?

  • Caitlyn’s auto attack range at level 1 is the longest in League of Legends
  • Caitlyn has an escape ability (her E) that launches a net forward and  pushes her back to safety
  • Caitlyn’s ultimate (Ace in the hole) is a super long range single target ability that is great at finishing off low health targets
  • Caitlyn’s long range and her ability to escape ganks make her a safe pick that doesn’t depend on the support like the other ADC’s
  • Good waveclear
  • Caitlyn can lay traps that when stepped on, root enemy champions and apply her passive

Caitlyn’s power rating: 92/100


3. Jinx (S tier)

Jinx is one of the scariest late game ADC’s in the game. She has a high potential to single handedly carry a game if she could farm up and get a lead in the early to mid game.

What makes Jinx OP?

  • Jinx’s Q (Switcheroo!) allow her to incorporate both close and long range auto attacks 
  • Whenever Jinx gets a takedown, turret, or inhibitor she gains a massive movement speed boost, which makes her super mobile in a teamfight
  • Insane scaling into the late game
  • Good waveclear
  • Global ultimate that is also an execute (deals more damage the lower HP the target), to snipe off low health targets around the map

Jinx’s power rating: 89/100


4. Kai’Sa (A tier)

If you’re not sure what ADC to pick in a game, you can’t go wrong with Kai’Sa. She’s a well-rounded ADC that is hard to counter, and has a very strong laning phase.

What makes Kai’Sa OP?

  • When Kai’Sa has enough attack speed, she can evolve her E, which she then can go invisible for amazing outplays
  • Kai’Sa can build AD as well as AP in case the team needed magical damage or in case she needed Zhonya’s Hourglass to survive the enemy’s assassins
  • Good waveclear
  • Her ultimate ability “Killer Instinct” is long range dash ability that grant Kai’Sa a massive shield which makes her strong into assassins

Kai’Sa’s power rating: 84/100


5. Ezreal (A tier)

Ezreal is one of the most popular champions since the creation of League of Legends. Consistently picked in both the pro scene and solo queue. 

What makes Ezreal OP?

  • Safe pick
  • Long range poke that can be used to safely last hit minions in lane
  • Very strong scaling
  • Global range ultimate
  • Part of his damage is magical, so it’s hard to itemize against him

Ezreal’s power rating: 81/100


6. Ashe (A tier)

Ashe is an original marksman in League of Legends. She’s one of the champions that were created when the game first game out and she’s been consistently seeing play in pro play and solo queue as well.

What makes Ashe OP?

  • Ashe passively slows enemy champions when she attacks them
  • Long range poke on her W “Volley” which allows her to poke from afar or last hit minions safely
  • Global range ultimate that stuns based on the distance it travels for up to 3 seconds
  • Her Q boosts her attack speed early on in the game which makes her a decent duelist for an ADC

Ashe power rating: 78/100


7. Vayne (A tier)

Vayne is a mobile ADC that is very well-known for fancy outplays and hyper carry potential. She struggles early in laning phase but as she gets attack speed and damage items she shines brightly into the late game

What makes Vayne OP?

  • Vayne is one of the original Tank killers
  • Very mobile when her Q “Tumble” is maxed, the thing that makes her hard to kill in fights
  • Whenever her ultimate is active, vayne’s tumble grants her invisibility for 1 second which is very valuable on an ADC
  • Vayne’s E “Condemn” is a strong kiting ability that pushes an enemy back and stuns them if they hit a terrain
  • High outplay potential
  • Late game monster outscaling almost every other ADC

Vayne’s power rating 77/100


8. Jhin (A tier)

Jhin is an immobile, high burst, long range sniper who excels at initiating fights with his ultimate and finishing off low health targets.

What makes Jhin OP?

  • Jhin always crits on his fourth auto attack
  • Long range ultimate to initiate fights and finish off low heatlh enemies
  • Long range W that roots enemies if they were previously hit by Jhin or his allies’ attacks
  • His Q is very good for last hitting minions
  • Jhin can lay traps that reveal and slow enemies when they step on them to prevent potential ganks

Jhin’s power rating: 74/100


9. Tristana (A tier)

Tristana is an incredible pick in solo queue since she isn’t heavily dependent on her support like most other ADC’s. 

What makes Tristana OP?

  • Great waveclear
  • Fast turret destroyer
  • Has an escape that refreshes its cooldown on takedowns
  • Her Q grants her a great attack speed boost early in the game
  • She’s good at kiting and pushing enemies back with her ultimate

Tristana’s power rating: 73/100


10. Draven

Draven is a high risk high reward champion, and that’s exactly why he’s not an S tier champion. He has a very strong laning phase and a scary late game, however his immobility leaves him helpless against aggressive junglers, especially in the early game.

What makes Draven OP?

  • Extremely high base damage
  • Aggressive laning phase
  • Global Range ultimate for finishing off low health targets from anywhere on the map

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