[Top 10] Most Epic Plays in League of Legends Esports History

The most epic plays in LoL
Epic plays that will never be forgotten

League of Legends has seen some incredible plays over the years, from individual outplays to team-wide coordination. Here are the top 10 most epic plays in League of Legends esports history:


10. Shy’s Riven Outplay (2018)

During the semifinals of the 2018 LoL World Championship, Invictus Gaming faced off against KT Rolster, moving to the top lane where Invictus Gaming’s top laner, Shy, playing Riven, was matched against KT Rolster’s top laner, Smeb, playing Urgot.

In an intense moment, Shy found himself under his own turret cornered by Urgot, knowing that he might get killed, but in a moment of unparalleled skill, he dodged Urgot’s skillshot, which is the ultimate, utilising Riven’s dashes and shield while using her crowd control skill in a perfect way to win the fight, deal tons of damage, and secure multiple kills in a couple of seconds.

This play left the audience in disbelief and showed how powerful Shy can play Riven. This moment was a huge steppingstone for Shy and made him one of the greatest top laners in League of Legends history.


9. Faker’s LeBlanc Outplay

Start at 00:41

During the 2020 LCK Springl, SK Telecom T1 faced off against Koo Tigers, where in the mid lane SKT’s mid laner Faker, playing LeBlanc, who is known for his huge plays and unbelievable moments, was matched against Koo’s Kuro mid laner, playing Azir.

Faker showed the perfect mechanics, decision-making, and mind games as he dominated the mid-lane. In a high-pressure 1v1 matchup, Faker showed how powerful he can get playing LeBlanc against Azir, as in a millisecond he dodged Azir’s skillshots and used his skills to burst Azir.

The play was a symphony of calculated aggression and a masterpiece of execution, which left Kuro helpless and made Faker win the lane and dominate the game.

Faker’s outplay with LeBlanc showed individual brilliance and exceptional skill and was a reminder of his unmatched legacy in LoL history.


8. Uzi’s double kill vs. Samsung White (2016)

Uzi’s calculated moves and unmatched positioning turned the play into a remarkable highlight.

In a 3v2 fight in the bot lane, Uzi found himself against the mighty SG’s bot lane, which made him reconsider his positioning. Knowing the limits of his champion and with quick reflexes, Uzi managed to dodge all of the incoming skillshots while doing the maximum damage output he could do. Then he switched targets, counting every basic hit and ability to score a double kill.

Uzi is known for his exceptional micromanagement and decision-making, which were displayed, giving him a huge reputation as a great ADC and providing the fans with an unforgettable moment.


7. Baron Steal by Score (2017)

Start at 1:30

During the 2017 LCK Spring Split, KT Rolster faced off against ROX Tigers, and in the jungle, KTR’s jungler, Score, made a remarkable Baron steal against ROX, which left the spectators in a stunning moment.

Score’s play demonstrates his nerves of steel and perfect timing, as his play changed the game and gave his team the advantage.

As the game was hanging in the balance, ROX Tigers decided to start the Baron, hoping to secure the objective, which might get them the victory, but Score had another plan. With calculated precision and his huge Rek'Sai skills, he positioned himself near the Baron, waiting for the moment to hit and run.

As the baron’s health dropped and jumped on it, smiting it with his perfect timing smite to steal it from ROX Tigers.

This split-second decision-making by Score left ROX in a stunning moment, as they knew that this would be a turning point in the game.


6. xPeke’s Backdoor (2013)

Start at 2:45

In the iconic season 3 World Championship, Fnatic was matched against SKT T1, and the game was going great for both teams until xPeke decided to etch his name into LoL history with an unforgettable backdoor play that defied all odds.

The game was set, but Fnatic found themselves facing the mighty SK Telecom T1, who were known to be undefeatable, but in this game they had an exposed nexus.

xPeke, playing Kassadin, decided to take advantage of the opportunity that was found in chaos, and in a second, xPeke seized the moment and used his teleport into SKT’s base. He started taking them down one by one, taking advantage of Kassadin’s low cooldown, then he unleashed the final blow onto the nexus.

The crowd couldn’t believe the moves as xPeke's backdoor showed his unwavering determination and brilliance and that he could win the game against all the odds.


5. MadLife’s Godlike Hook

Start at 00:36

In the known OGN Champions Spring 2012, MadLife, the support player for MiG Frost, delivered a hook that went down in history and changed the support role in LoL as it showcased MadLife’s ability to predict his enemies’ moves and redefined what was possible for a support player.

In a high-pressure team fight against Najin Sword, MadLife froze the time playing Thresh with his godlike hook that defied expectations, as it was like he had a sixth sense predicting where Najin Sword’s PraY would move, and with huge accuracy he hooked him.

This hook was able to get the victory for MiG Frost, and it showed MadLife’s ability to read his opponent’s moves and execute them with style. It also became a benchmark for support players worldwide.

This play will forever stay in MadLife’s history as a support, as it left a lasting impact on how Thresh’s hooks can be made.


4. Marin’s Gnar Ultimate (2015)

Start at 39:50

During the Season 5 World Championship finals, SKT T1 were matched up against KOO Tigers, and in the top lane, Marin, a SKT T1 player, delivered a game-changing Gnar ultimate that showed how powerful he can play with Gnar’s mechanics with his great positioning and ability to make unforgettable plays in high-pressure games.

With the championship on the line, SKT clashed with KOO in a critical team fight, and as the battle reached its climax, Marin’s Gnar bar was charged to its full capacity.

And in the right moment with a perfect opportunity, Marin jumped into action, transforming into Mega Gnar. With his impeccable timing and positioning, he cast Mega Gnar’s ultimate, which caught multiple players of KOO off guard. The stun allowed SKT to eliminate KOO and secure a victory.

Marin’s Gnar Ultimate went down in history and became a steppingstone as one of the top-tier top laners in LoL.


3. Perfect Game

Start at 53:00

At the season 4 World Championship, Samsung White delivered an unparalleled performance against Team SoloMid, achieving a perfect game that left spectators astounded.

Their exceptional coordination, map control, and skills showed Samsung White’s dominance in the tournament.

Starting from the very beginning of the game, Samsung White was flawless in all aspects of the gameplay. Their laning phase was great; they secured kills without giving up any deaths; they controlled all the objectives, vision, and rotations; and they denied Team SoloMid all the opportunities to come back into the game.

Every move they made was carefully calculated and had a huge purpose, leaving no room for errors. The game was a perfect one, which highlighted Samsung White’s mastery of the game and their ability to completely shut down their opponents.


2. PraY’s Ashe Arrow (2017)

In the grand finals of the 2017 World Championship, Longzhu Gaming were matched up against SKT T1, where PraY was the ADC of LG, and in an unforgettable moment, he sent a jaw-dropping Ashe arrow from the base to hit Faker’s Ryze, which was a set-up to a crucial team fight that gave LG the victory.

The perfect timing and executed play showcased PraY’s exceptional aim and his game-changing abilities.

Once the arrow hit Faker, SKT T1 found themselves vulnerable, and they knew that they would lose the game as LG seized control of the game and PraY went down in history as one of the best ADCs in LoL.


1. Insec Play (2013)

Start at 00:02

In the finals of the 2013 LoL World Championship, Royal Club’s jungler, Insec, who is still called by his name till now, revolutionised Lee Sin’s playstyle with some mechanics that no one could do, and with a great move, his playstyle became known as "The Insec Play."

In a high-pressure game as they were facing SKT T1, Insec found himself in a critical team fight for the dragon, and with his Lee Sin moves, he found an opportunity to make a game-changing play.

In a split-second, Insec used Lee Sin’s Q to land on the enemy’s ADC and then instantly used his W ability to dash to a ward behind the enemy team, and then he used his ultimate to kick the ADC back into his team, leaving him vulnerable and isolated.

The crowd was astonished as Insec, with his unparalleled mechanics, disrupted the enemy team’s positioning.

The Insec Play became a defining moment in LoL esports, setting a new standard for Lee Sin players and inspiring the future generation of junglers.


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