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Hey guys, Frankenstein here in the area bringing you more news, and this time we're going to talk about League of Legends!

I will bring here comments, videos and opinions about the 15 most popular champs in League of Legend, focusing basically on the competitive style of play.

Let's go for another adventure where you will be able to get to know the hero you may play more, you will be able to watch fabulous plays made by professionals and best of all, you will be able to gain more courage to win those matches, where you often only need a little push!

As Syndra says "I can be much more", stay there for all of you, always be much more than you want!


15- Ornn

"I don't know what you want, but the answer is go Away."

Ornn Top vs Sett - KR Grandmaster Patch 11.5


Basically, since Patch 10.3 Ornn has been a very present champion in the competitive scenario of League of Legends. The hero became prominent not only in battles, but also for receiving more treats, like skins, throughout the year. However, what people want to know is why the champion got so strong.

Ornn is a champion who is very strong both at the top and in the mid. And the reasons are even simple: In addition to being a tank with a great build, Ornn is also a champion with high damage, perfect for team fights, goals and group control.

The evolution of the champion today does not help him individually, but it makes an absurd difference in the team, disrupting the opponent's game. He became a very flexible champion, managing to get in the middle, in the jungle and in the late game, in the most important team fights and those that define the game.

There were a total of 1760 picks, 1890 bans, 61% presence of the champion throughout the competitive scenario of 2020.

98% popularity of champion efficiency.


14-  Lee Sin

“Strength is meaningless without skill."

Lee Sin Jungle vs Hecarim - KR Challenger Patch 11.4


Lee Sin was a contradictory choice for the jungle in 2020. On the one hand, the champion was quite popular and reliable, with 42% pick / ban (1600 picks and 900 bans). On the other hand, he had 48.4% winrate. Throughout the season, the blind monk was strong against Skarner, Xin Zhao and Hecarim, and weak against Wukong, Qiyana and Lillia.

Lee SIn stands out in the competitive scenario for the simple fact of his incredible mobility within the game, especially in the Early game as in the mid game, achieving good initial advances for his team at the beginning, if well played.

Lee Sin's popularity is based on the fact that the character is a playmaker, or a team fighter initiator, where he often surprises his opponent, displacing a player from the opposing team and making his team go towards victory .


There were a total of 1600 picks, 900 bans, 42% presence of the champion throughout the competitive scenario of 2020.

97% popularity of champion efficiency, basically in solo plays and creation of team fights.


13- Syndra

"I can be so much more!"

Syndra Mid vs Viktor - KR Challenger Patch 10.25b


Since the season was geared towards control wizards, especially at the LoL goal, Syndra was a highlight. The champion ended 2020 with 57% of picks and bans (1109 picks and 2305 bans), being the most picked character and, at the same time, most banned from her position - a very curious and rare fact in the competitive. With a 52% victory rate, the dark sovereign was strong against countless other characters, such as Diana and Cassiopeia, and reasonably weak against Vladimir, Malzahar.

Basically, Syndra's popularity is based on her group control style and a play initiator, in case she hits her stunning combo.

Syndra is an extremely complete, complex and very interesting character to play, having an excellent start to the game and a fantastic mid-late game if performed well. So many players try to exploit to the maximum its efficiency on the battlefield and on the farm.

There were a total of 1100 picks, 2300 bans, 57% presence of the champion throughout the competitive scenario of 2020.

95% popularity of champion efficiency in early game and team fights.


12- Aphelios

"So many Aphelios weapons, the more lethal is your Faith."

Aphelios ADC vs Jhin - EUW Grandmaster Patch 11.4


Aphelios, an ADC with promises to be the most complex champion to date, and who weeks after his launch has already attracted a lot of attention for being a very strong sniper. Now, let's talk about this great difficulty and whether Lunari is broken or not.

First of all, the possibility of bringing 5 different weapons with 5 different skills that interact with each other and with your Ultimate is something that opens up a great possibility for gameplays. Aphelios' playing style is constantly changing based on the two weapons at its disposal.

The popularity of Aphelios, is based on the gameplay you will have with the kit that the champion brings, both in the early game (not to be too far behind), as in the mid-late game, where if you can control the entire kit mentally and knowing the right time to use the weapons, you will surely see a highlight of this champion.


There were a total of 2000 picks, 1840 bans, 60% presence of the champion throughout the competitive scenario of 2020.

93% popularity of the champion for his play style and gameplay.


11- Nautilus

"The Titan from the Depths."

Nautilus Support vs Thresh - EUW Grandmaster Patch 10.25b


With one of the biggest group controls in League of Legends, Nautilus (the Titan from the Depths) is one of the simplest supports to play on Riot Games' MOBA. The champion that is successful in both ranked and competitive

Nautilus is a great choice for those who want to start as a support: it has damage and also makes a good front line.

In solo queue, Nautilus can win the lane practically alone if he can hit good hooks, so always think before playing your “Q: Launch Anchor”. Try to position yourself in a way that your enemy is afraid that you will use your Q.

In fights, Nautilus is good at both engaging and removing someone from the teamfight.

Nautilus is very strong in the competition for not having bad matchups, so you can get it even if it is just to shield something to facilitate the draft and set up your composition around it or not.


There were a total of 1970 picks, 920 bans, 49% presence of the champion throughout the competitive scenario of 2020.

90.5% popularity of the champion basically due to his move and engage initialization.


10- Sett

"It is much better to be the boss, than not to be the boss."

Sett Top vs Camille - NA Grandmaster Patch 10.25b


At the same time that the colossi became the priority choice for the top lane, Sett was growing, appropriating his very effective skill kit against these giants that store tons of life and resistance.

Based on the diversity of the champion and his presence among the main leagues in the world

Sett emerged primarily in the competitive landscape by playing the response role against tanks, like Ornn, on the top route. This situation was triggered thanks to his skill kit and his itemization with the ‘Sword of the King’

Sett's notorious popularity is basically based on its gameplay against the League of Legends defensive monsters, melting them impressively when played well.

There were a total of 360 picks, 2370 bans, 45% presence of the champion throughout the competitive scenario of 2020.

90% popularity of the champion in the fight against real tanks.


9- Trundle

"Trundle, the King of Trolls."

Trundle Jungle vs Kha'Zix - EUW Grandmaster Patch 11.1


Trundle is not an excellent character in ganks, basically having as his only tool his Ice Pillar (E). A good Trundle player will use this spell at the right time, as it can stop enemy movement. On the other hand, the character is very powerful in 2-on-2 duels, using his ultimate ability (R), which allows you to inflict damage on a fragile target or to become more robust, stealing resistance and life from a tank.

In the competitive trundle it stands out for the perfection in which professional players make use of their team compositions. Especially in the early game, with good starting ganks, forcing good enemy flashes and important spells.

Trundle's popularity is based on his interesting kit, even more in team fights, where he can have a good means of defense against the enemy and at the same time a good amount of healing and efficiency in combat, serving as an excellent character that hinders the enemy and the formation of teams in engages and initiation of moves.


There were a total of 1280 picks, 880 bans, 36% presence of the champion throughout the competitive scenario of 2020.

88% popularity of the champion against a good start of jungle and group control.


8- Olaf

"Don't leave anything behind."

Olaf Jungle vs Rengar - NA Challenger Patch 11.4


In the competitive, Olaf is a very strong champion, because you can take advantage of time over others, thus managing to control the early game. You can build damage or tank, according to what your team needs.

Olaf also has many very easy matchups in which he wins 1v1, such as against Gragas, Hecarim, Sejuani, Sylas and Skarner, making him a very good choice depending on the goal among the hunters.

Olaf's popularity is based on his extremely strong early game, with an extremely fast clearing of the jungle fields and thus making good control of the river and goals, such as dragons and heralds and being an excellent character to play the 1x1.


There were a total of 760 picks, 1200 bans, 33% presence of the champion throughout the competitive scenario of 2020.

86% popularity of the champion mainly in the early game of the jungle.


7- Graves

"Easy partner."

Graves Jungle vs Nidalee - KR Challenger Patch 11.1


First of all, Graves is an extremely suitable champion to be chosen in the first pick, as he does not have many difficult matchups. In addition to being very good against Trundle, which some game patches ago, was one of the most powerful choices for the jungle.

In addition, his choice of runes is very flexible. He can choose runes aimed at explosive damage, or a little healing, or a lot of movement speed.

The main objective of Graves in the game is to be able to open a large farm advantage after closing the hit item, which causes him to be in a very large peak of power in the middle of the game (mid game).

Graves' popularity is based on his great ease in ending the monsters of the jungle, a good goal thief if he used his skills at the right time and in time control and a good gank in the early game, forcing good spells from enemy summoners.

Graves' winrate is around 60% in the major leagues.

There were a total of 1030 picks, 955 bans, 33% presence of the champion throughout the competitive scenario of 2020.

85% popularity of the champion mainly in the mid game of the game.


6- Le Blanc

"The black Rose will bloom again."

LeBlanc Mid vs Yone - BR Challenger Patch 11.4


LeBlanc, not only is the fake the most chosen for the route, but it was the most impactful

Its strength is mainly due to its high mobility mixed with the possibility of eliminating an enemy quickly, even a more resistant opponent.

In all the victorious games, LeBlanc took advantage of a small advantage to guarantee a snowball to his enemies. When ahead, it is difficult to stop LeBlanc from murdering the most fragile targets.

Le Blanc's popularity is basically based on its burst in front of its enemy, especially when we talk about ADCs that are caught by surprises. The character stands out in terms of cleaning routes and killing style in front of her opponents.


There were a total of 749 picks, 1980 bans, 46% presence of the champion throughout the competitive scenario of 2020.

83.5% popularity of the champion mainly in his burst and his incredible clean of waves.


5- Zoe

"No I do not like it."

Zoe Mid vs Sylas - KR Challenger Patch 10.25b


Zoe has a great level 1 exchange due to her passive. You should not use the Q backwards always trying to hit it from the back, use it angled, for example, throw it to the side and throw it at the opponent quickly, it doesn’t do much damage, but at least it’s better than doing 0 damage. Never spend your E for no reason, just use it when you know you are going to get it right, or when you receive ganks. Zoe's W is a great tool for winning exchanges, pulling the lane and rotating. Zoe's Q activates the passive twice, once in the first cast and once in the re-cast.

Zoe's popularity is basically based on her consistent damage and her fantastic group control, especially with the sleep bubble, if you hit an important target and manage to burst.

The fact that Zoe has a very interesting complexity shows how banned and usable it is in the competitive. In other words, when we see a professional player playing with Zoe, we can be sure that we will see excellent plays, especially those in which there is a hit of "sleep" and damage from far away that destroys the enemy.

There were a total of 1100 picks, 1560 bans, 44% of the champion's presence throughout the competitive scenario of 2020.

81.5% popularity of the champion mainly in his rotation of lanes, and bursts in the enemy.


4- Kalista

"Armor does not overshadow our spears."

Kalista ADC vs Miss Fortune - EUW Challenger Patch 10.25


After using Kalista on the Top Route at Chinese SoloQ, (in addition to an excellent display at the LPL), the champion became a competitive priority worldwide. At LEC, this was no different, as she appeared in literally every playoff game in the league.

With all the competitive success, including its flexibility at Top Lane, Riot Games decided to nerf Kalista in patch 10.8. In the update, the company drastically reduced the slowness applied to the “E” skill in the first levels, thereby considerably decreasing its exchange power. However, for those who still hope to use it on a route outside Bot Lane, a “Blood Blade” buff has been granted.

Kalista's popularity is basically based on its power of exchange and its slightly differentiated mobility, when compared to other champions, and so it was not left out in the competitive scenario, having excellent professionals using the character to do a lot of damage in all questions of attack power, route domination and exchanges.


There were a total of 899 picks, 1840 bans, 46% presence of the champion throughout the competitive scenario of 2020.

80% popularity of the champion mainly in his rotation of the top and bot.


3- Thresh

“Have you seen your own soul? I'd like to see her?”

Thresh Support vs Leona - KR Challenger Patch 10.25b


Thresh is one of the characters of the support class, most used in League of Legends. Bearing in mind that he is a very useful tank, whether it is time to protect his ally or to start a fight in, the character appears prominently in the competitive.

Tresh is used a lot by Pro Players from big names. Being a character, categorically sadistic, arrogant and cruel, Thresh has as his favorite pastime the imprisonment of souls in his lantern to torture the victims afterwards. The famous phrase "delight of agony" that he inflicts on his prey is based on the mentally and physically destruction of the opponent.

Tresh's popularity is based solely on his power to start a fight. Along with his attack combo, when he decides to engage an enemy, in a team fight, he ends up deciding many games and many battles. In the competitive scenario, Tresh stands out for being one of the most used characters by supportive pro players who shine with this champion.


There were a total of 1700 picks, 1670 bans, 56% presence of the champion throughout the competitive scenario of 2020.

80% popularity of the champion mainly in his rotation of the top and bot.


2- Varus

"The arrow of vengeance."

Varus ADC vs Kai'Sa - KR Challenger Patch 11.4


Varus is a fun and extremely strong champion, very easy to learn and very good in some game situations.

It is possible for you to make two different builds, the one that makes it a "hyper carry", where you combine the rune fatal rhythm with the items destroyed king, winch and limit of reason.

There is also the poke build, which you use the comet rune, combined with items of lethality and mana, maximizing the Q. This build is very bad against tank champions and with a lot of life, however, it is still the most viable in the game. The biggest advantage of this build, is that the cost of assembling is relatively low, where you start with dark Glaive, then Youmuu and Threshold of the night.

An advice? Take varus when on the other team you have Aphelios, Xayah and Caitlyn, they are champions that don't have much sustenance at the beginning towards the middle of the game, where if you manage to hit some "Qs", they make you go to the base, thus making you take advantage of a lot in farm and rotation.

The popularity of the varus in the competitive scenario is basically based on its team structure. That is, because he is a character with many builds, depending on the choices of the opposing team, the Varus user will choose the best build and rotation option, so he is an extremely strong, complex champion and when well played, hyper carry.

There were a total of 960 picks, 1500 bans, 42% presence of the champion throughout the competitive scenario of 2020.

78% popularity of the champion as the main point for his game builds and route cleaning.


1- Senna

“The wind can only speak, when it steals our breath.”

Senna ADC vs Kai'Sa - KR Master Patch 11.3


To give Senna a sense of escalation without having to rely on slaughter thefts, or using sniper items, RIOT decided to let it scale based on the amount of souls it collects, a mechanic similar to the passive of the Thresh.

However, instead of absorbing these souls, Senna uses his curse to bring the "Mist" close to him and free them from this torment (in the game, this means that he gives basic attacks on souls to get their strengths instead of walking) above them). With each portion of Mist that she absorbs, Senna becomes more powerful, accumulating the Mist's power in her weapon and releasing it in the enemies she attacks.


Senna's popularity is based on his extremely atypical style of play, when it comes to an ADC, a style of play where professionals can exploit to the fullest, making the champion, in a way, extremely strong in the middle towards the end about the game.

Despite her itemization being a little different from the other ADCs, Senna stands out evenly and even staggering more damage than many other snipers, which is why she is a very banned and desired champion in the competitive scenario.

There were a total of 530 picks, 1700 bans, 38% presence of the champion throughout the competitive scenario of 2020.

75% popularity of the champion, highlighting his extremely complex style of play.

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