LoL Tier List For Solo Queue [Latest Patch]

LoL Tier List
Jhin opens the curtain!


ADC Tiers 

S Tier - ADC:  These AD carries can win lane, carry the late game, and wrack up multi-kills with huge damage. Play these champions if you really want to carry games by yourself.

  • Jhin (95/100 ADC): Jhin’s power comes from the new items Eclipse and The Collector allowing him to build lethality, increasing his burst damage both early and late game, and allowing him to kill much quicker than he could before.
  • Samira (93/100 ADC): Samira’s new build, consisting of Immortal Shieldbow and Bloodthirster, coupled with her ultimate’s healing and Conqueror, making her a devastating mobile ball of healing and damage in teamfights and skirmishes, and almost impossible to fight without grievous and crowd control.
  • Vayne (91/100 ADC): A lot of Vayne’s power comes from her ability to shred tanks, which she remains the best in the game at post-patch. Tanks are incredibly strong right now, so Vayne’s position in this tier list is simply because of her ability to avoid and damage them effectively.

A Tier - ADC: These champions are solid choices in the bottom lane, allowing for big damage and strong laning phases, but not without their weaknesses. These champions are still great, however, and can be played in any ELO with great results.

Ashe (88/100 ADC): Ashe remains evergreen as usual due to her utility, while also still being able to lay down some significant damage, especially once she scales. Her build revolves around attack speed and critical strike, which have weak items right now, but her crowd control and the innate damage in her kit, as well as a strong laning phase keep her relevant, and a strong solo queue pick as usual.

Draven (87/100 ADC): Draven is helped massively by The Collector, as it executes enemies who are very low for him, allowing him to more easily cash in on his passive, League of Draven. This combined with a very strong early game in which he bullies others out of lane can make for a dominant snowballing champion. Draven remains not only viable but quite strong in this patch.

Miss Fortune (84/100 ADC): Similarly to Draven, Miss Fortune’s early game is what sees her this high on the list. She is able to take advantage of weaker carries early by out damaging and out trading them with ease at levels 1-9. The new Eclipse and The Collector item combination only helps to increase her burst by allowing her a viable path to build lethality. 

Top Lane Tiers

S Tier - Top lane: These champions specialize in dominating their lane, applying pressure to enemy towers, and dominating both teamfights and duels with extreme damage or undentable armor and health pools. Great in any composition, these champs are great for climbing the ladder right now. 

Kayle (99/100): After the release of the new patch, Kayle has been absolutely dominating the top lane, sporting one of the best win rates in the game at 55.58%. This is because the new Riftmaker item combined with Kayle’s scaling makes her completely unbeatable late game, all she has to do is survive.

Malphite (94/100): Sunfire Aegis’ emergence as one of if not the best new mythic items in the game allow mega tanks to deal a ton of damage while being unkillable. No one does better with armor, health, and area of effect damage than Malphite, so it’s a match made in heaven. Cast your ultimate and team fights and win. It really is that simple.

Shen (93/100): Similarly to Malphite, Shen is able to use the Sunfire Aegis extremely effectively. He isn’t as simple and can’t win teamfights on his own, but the map pressure of his ultimate and his single target damage make him exceptionally strong in his own right. His dueling and split pushing just adds another facet to his already excellent playstyle as well.

A Tier - Top lane: These champions are great laners and tough to kill as the game moves on, as well as making great use of the new mythic items, making them awesome choices for climbing in solo queue from the top lane right now.

Camille (89/100): Camille is an excellent duelist at the moment, able to easily dispatch her enemies one vs one better than anybody else in the game. The changes to Trinity Force make it excellent on her, and her build is otherwise unchanged, so she is extremely hard to deal with in split push scenarios, and can snowball off of killing her lane opponent easily, making her a great pick for solo queue.

Ornn (87/100): Ornn’s ability to buff existing items only makes the new mythic items he and his team build even more devastating. Couple this with Ornn’s team fighting ability, innate tankiness, and higher than normal burst for a tank, and you have a package that can be used to devastating effect in solo queue, carrying games just by being around.

Cho’Gath (84/100): Cho’Gath does well with a number of the new items, such as Frostfire Gauntlet and Force of Nature. These allow this normally slow tank to stick to enemy champions more easily, slowing his enemies and giving him movement speed. This unlocks Cho’Gath’s potential, as his extremely high true damage and insane amounts of HP creates an inescapable wall of death for the enemy carries.

Mid Lane Tiers

S Tier - Mid lane: The following champs are able to dominate their lanes and the game with insane burst damage, instantly evaporating enemy carries’ health bars and carrying teamfights and objective fights with ease. 

Viktor (97/100): Viktor’s dominance comes from him retaining his ability to scale hard by collecting hex fragments, upgrading his abilities, and dealing tons of damage. He is also able to win lanes by using his crowd control, movement speed, and long-range abilities to zone enemies off of the wave until he gets his Luden’s Tempest and Lich Bane, at which point he takes off.

Zed (95/100): Zed is among the best assassins in the game right now, as the buffs to Duskblade of Draktharr and the general effectiveness of other lethality items, as well as the advent of ability haste all make Zed’s burst extremely high, and that’s when Zed shines. Zed is great for solo queue because he can solo carry games by deleting enemy squishies and getting away safely with the help of Duskblade’s new invisibility effect.

Fizz (94/100): Fizz, like Zed, is incredibly adept at completely deleting enemy squishies. A lot of the best champions in the game right now such as Kayle and Jhin are very squishy, and those champions can be dealt with by Fizz with ease. Nothing much else is special about Fizz, just an ungodly amount of damage finds him dominating the solo queue ladder right now. 

A Tier - Mid lane: These champions are great laners, and although a step below S tier, can still solo carry any solo queue game with their quick burst, healing, wave control, and team fight utility and damage. 

Katarina (89/100): Katarina has seen a spike in power since the new patch launched. She can thank the new mythic item Night Harvester for this, as the ability haste it grants her other items helps her already low and resetting cooldowns be up even more often. Combine this with the ability to build lich bane into a full AP build now and her burst has increased significantly, making her a team fight nightmare for enemy teams.

Malzahar (89/100): Malzahar is performing very well right now, mostly due to his prominence when it comes to countering enemy assassins. He can shove them in when they roam and cast his ultimate to immobilize them when they are attacking him or his fellow carries. Malzahar finds himself in this tier because he counters some of the best champions in the game, such as Zed and Katarina.
Akali (85/100): The true damage burst and healing on the new mythic item Riftmaker synergize perfectly with Akali’s kit. This item has only made a strong champion stronger, and Akali’s ability to burst down her enemies, hide until she gets her cooldowns back, heal, and burst again only finds her being even stronger in the new patch. 

Jungle Tiers

S Tier - Jungle: These junglers can put pressure on the enemy early, clear their jungle to farm up quick, and dominate in mid and late game objective based teamfights. A group of champions with no clear weaknesses, the S tier junglers are absolutely dominating solo queue at the moment. 

Amumu (99/100): Amumu is the chief beneficiary of the new Bami’s Cinder into Sunfire Aegis item build path. It allows him to be completely unkillable very early, clear the jungle very quickly with its area of effect damage combined with his, and scale extremely hard into the late game. Amumu is also extremely efficient with some of the new damage items such as Demonic Embrace, allowing him to do a ton of damage in teamfight situations, even when they happen early. His weaknesses from before the patched launch are gone, and his hideously high 59% win rate puts him in the S tier. It is highly unlikely he remains in his current state for very long, however, so win some games while you can.

Hecarim (94/100): Hecarim has been on top for a while and the new patch doesn’t change that. Trinity Force works just as well for him as it did before the patch. He farms exceptionally quick, his burst is very high, and his ganks are inescapable after level 6. He is an overall fantastic jungler and can be picked in any matchup.

Kayn (94/100): Kayn is doing extremely well right now due to his excellent clear speed, ability to duel in the jungle, and the ability to assassinate enemy carries as well. His versatility is exceptional as he can pick his assassin or bruiser form to suit the current or projected game state.

A Tier - Jungle: These junglers are not completely without their weaknesses, but are still exceptional picks due to their versatility, damage, ability to farm, and utility in objective fights and teamfights. These champions are great for carrying games in solo queue.

Kha’Zix (88/100): Kha’zix is among the largest beneficiaries of the new Duskblade of Draktharr. Its ability to turn him invisible after kills essentially allows him to go invisible 6 times each team fight, triggering his passive multiple times, and increasing his ability to burst carries, get resets, and multi kill enemy teams by a significant amount. 

Nunu (85/100): Nunu, similarly to Amumu, is mostly performing well because of the strength of Bami’s Cinder and Sunfire Aegis. He is able to clear much more quickly than he could before and scales into the late game better as well. His ganks and team fighting are both still high level as well, so he has seen some major improvement overall.

Graves (84/100): Graves probably would’ve been S tier in the previous patch, but finds himself a bit lower now. He’s not significantly worse, it’s just that some other champions have passed him by. Still, his ability to power farm the jungle, duel pretty much anybody, solo objectives, and completely take control of any game he’s in keeps him in the A tier as a high-level jungle pick. He can be picked into a lot of comps, but avoid him if you have an AD mid laner.

Support Tiers

S Tier - Support: These supports are dominating right now by taking advantage of deadly lethality builds on AD carries and helping win two-vs-two fights in the bottom lane with tankiness, burst, and, harass, peel, and crowd control a step above other support in the game. 

Leona (93/100): Leona is the queen of all-in supports, and her engage is out of this world. In a bot lane where many carries are building lethality and can burst, her crowd control and damage amplification passive synergizes very well with this playstyle. The new Locket of the Iron Solari is great for her and allows her and her entire team to become tankier, synergizing well with her team fighting ability and playstyle.

Lulu (91/100): Lulu is a fantastic peel support, and is the bane of assassins everywhere. This makes her fantastic in the current meta, in which many assassins are extremely strong. Lulu hard counters Zed, Fizz, Katarina, and Akali, and many other assassins as well. This is because she can shield her carries, crowd control the enemy in 3 different ways (polymorph, slow, knock up), rendering enemy assassins useless. Lulu’s strength is based on the current meta more than it is the new patch.

Nautilus (90/100): Nautilus is like Leona in that he is an all-in support that thrives off of being tanky. He is a good peeler as well, as he has a targeted knock-up that can not be dodged or avoided. This makes him a solid combination of peel and engage. He is excellent at fighting in the lane, does high damage early, and is very tanky, so he is suitable for all comps. This versatility makes him extremely strong in the current meta.

A Tier - Support: This group of supports is fantastic for climbing in solo queue right now. They are able to win their lanes with ease, and as they move through the game are able to peel for their AD carries and continue dealing with enemy champions with a combination of crowd control and damage. Though not as good of pure supports as the S tier champions, these champions present their own strengths that can help their team win any game of solo queue. 

Pantheon (86/100): What started as an extremely niche pick has become Pantheon’s main role, as his ability to all-in in lanes with lethality based AD carries is second to none, other than maybe Leona. His damage is higher than every other support in the game, and his targeted stun and ability to block damage make him extremely useful in 2v2s bot lane, as well as in teamfights later, when he can transition to mostly peeling enemy assassins. 

Brand (83/100): Brand is the best mage support in the game at the moment. His damage is extremely high, partially thanks to the new Liandry’s Torment and Demonic Embrace stacking, giving his damage over time an amplifying effect far surpassing what he had before the patch. This combined with his area of effect ultimate and passive, his long-range abilities, and his crowd control makes him deadly in bottom lane 2v2s and dragon fights. He doesn’t need his items too fast to deal damage thanks to high base damages, so he can play support and build his mage build all the same. 

Thresh (81/100): Thresh remains a high-level pick because he has among the best support kits in the game. The new items don’t make too much of a difference for Thresh, as he’s never been an item based champion. Despite the lack of change, he remains extremely viable due to his ability to fight, peel, and pick enemy champions at all stages of the game, as well as save allied champions with his lantern, which is an extremely unique ability that can save your allies in many circumstances in a way that other supports can not do. Thresh’s kit will always keep him relevant, so if you’re looking to support frequently, he is a must-play champion.


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