[Top 15] LOL Best Female Champions To Play (Ranked)

[Top 15] LOL Best Female Champions That Are Hot (Ranked)
Queens of Runeterra.

Now, put down your pitchforks and torches. I know that appearances aren't everything, but let's be honest: everyone loves it when their main character is cute or hot. Unfortunately, I play a rat who is addicted to crack, but that's another story. I conducted extensive research for this article, primarily for scientific purposes, to provide you with the most accurate list ever created in human history. 

This list is purely based on appearance, not strength but we’ll also touch on some of their power during gameplay and how strong each champion is. We also respect females, and everyone is beautiful in their way, but this is what the majority says after my conducting scientific research at the Black Mesa facility. Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder unless you're Stevie Wonder. Let's get started with the article!

15. Elise

The first champion on this list is a nice lady who can transform into a large spider. That may be off-putting to some people, or you may be a secret freak who enjoys it; just don't tell your homies. Elise is a jungler-type champion with the ability to transform into either human or spider form from level one. She possesses a total of six abilities, all of which are beneficial. The spider form is for fighting, whereas the human form is for engaging in combat. 

Elise's kit allows her to excel at ganking lanes and farming the jungle. She's an AP fighting mage who many people enjoy playing because she can survive team fights and can become untargetable with her E ability in spider form. She's also been very popular in Worlds 2022 recently, and for good reason: she can fit in almost any team competition, which has given the champion quite a boost in popularity in recent days. She also has a lot of nice skins, so you can change her appearance whenever you want if you have the money. 

What Elise Excels In:

  • Elise is a great early-game jungler so use it to your advantage and carry the game. 
  • Great at ganking lanes or engaging in team fights. 
  • Has her ultimate ability unlocked from the start and at level 4 you have all of her 6 abilities unlocked.
  • She can become untargetable for a few seconds thanks to the E in her spider form. 

14. Vi

Our next lady is Vi, one of the main characters in the anime series Arcane. She is yet another jungler, but who doesn't enjoy punching things? This girl only punches, and you'll punch your way to victory! I can't promise it because playing her requires skill, which we don't have. In terms of gameplay, it's exactly as I said. You'll simply punch everything, and her entire kit is built around punching. 

Vi dashes forward with her Q "Vault Breaker," her W "Denting Blows" removes armor, her E "Relentless Force" deals AoE damage, and her R "Cease and Desist" is where she charges at someone like a madman, no stuns can stop her. In the hands of an experienced player, she is a dangerous champion. Her looks are also stunning especially if you have the police officer skin. If you can handle someone hot-headed like Vi while she’s wearing the outfit she is your girl to play with. 

What Vi Excels In:

  • Breaks the armor of her opponents and grants her bonus attack speed with the W. 
  • The Q is a great dash that can allow Vi to go over walls or catch up to people who are far away. Also great for engaging in fights. 
  • The ultimate ability stops Vi from being stunned or CC’d. 
  • Tearing down houses where homeless people live. 

13. LeBlanc

If you can deal with multiple girls at once, LeBlanc is the girl for you because she can clone herself. I wish I could do that so my clone could do all my other chores and I could just sit around and be a parasite to everyone around me. LeBlanc is an excellent mid-lane champion for those who enjoy jumping around and playing mind games on others, as her entire kit and lore revolve around this. 

Her Q "Sigil Of Malice" pecks and marks someone, allowing her next ability to knock them out, her W "Distortion" allows LeBlanc to jump around, and her E "Ethereal Chains" is a chain that locks people in place. LeBlanc appears to be knowledgeable about 50 shades of gray. Finally, her R "Mimic" allows her to recast the last ability she cast. When it comes to appearances, she's a fiery lady who won't let you near her that easily. She also sports the typical high-level female RPG armor. 

What LeBlanc Excels In:

  • She’s great at taking out the back line such as ADC or other assassins. 
  • Great at playing mind tricks with your opponent. 
  • Her passive ability creates a clone of her that you can control when the champion is low HP. 
  • Her ultimate ability allows her to recast the last ability she used. 
  • The Q empowers the damage of the next ability she uses. 

12  Kai’Sa

Kai'Sa is our favorite latex-wearing girl who has father issues. Remember that she was born in the void, and her father is Kassadin, a freak in his own right. He performed the deed with a void creature, and she was born. And the only thing Kai'Sa wears is latex, which is alive. It can change shape and form to whatever you want. But don't look at the backside too much while playing Kai'Sa because it will throw you off and you won't do well. It may result in you being reported or evicted. She's also a unique type of ADC in that you charge the enemy head-on with your R "Killer Instinct." 

It's fascinating to see how the champion functions. You can also evolve and strengthen all of her abilities except the ultimate one. Her Q "Icathian Rain" weapon fires small pebbles at enemies, her W "Void Seeker" weapon fires a long-range missile, and her E "Supercharge" weapon transforms Kai'Sa into a screeching child who runs around and charges her guns. That's all there is to this latex-clad menace. During gameplay, her looks are bound to turn a few heads. She even gives Lee Sin sight for a few seconds.

What Kai’Sa Excels In:

  • Demolishing a target if it’s a 1 on 1 battle. 
  • Able to evolve all of her abilities and make them stronger. 
  • Her ultimate ability allows Kai’Sa to charge the enemy head-on while also gaining a shield that protects her. 
  • Able to duel with assassins thanks to the shield from her ultimate ability. 

11. Irelia

Who has the sexiest skin in the game? It's her, officer. Take her to jail for being too hot. It also helps her a lot that she can cover up her looks with her insane abilities and the fact that she can't be stopped no matter how much she's nerfed. She will always be overpowered in the hands of experienced players. Irelia is an excellent choice for either the top or mid-lanes. Depending on your preferred location. 

Also, don't be concerned if you run it down quickly; Irelia can reappear at any time during the match if you have "Blade Of The Ruined King." She's that powerful. Not only are her looks appealing, but so are her abilities and mechanics. Irelia's Q "Bladesurge" allows her to push waves, her W "Defiant Dance" reduces the amount of damage she takes, her E "Flawless Duet" CCs people, and her R "Vanguard's Edge" traps them in a cage of blades.

 Irelia is the champion for you if you think that's something hot. Aside from that, Irelia has the best looks of any top lane champion right now, especially if you use the skin in the picture. Trust me, it'll be the best $5 you've ever spent on a skin. Irelia's appearance is sleek and stylish, and she can entice anyone who looks at her. The only thing that might turn you off is that she has PTSD and won’t stop talking about Noxus. 

What Irelia Excels In:

  • She’s great at pushing waves and putting pressure on a lane quickly. 
  • The W reduces the amount of damage she takes. 
  • Her E can CC multiple people at once. 
  • The ultimate ability is great at trapping enemies in team fights. 

10. Fiora

Ladies and gentlemen, aside from her stunning looks, the hottest thing about Fiora is her French-English accent. It's insanely good. To be honest, it's one of the main reasons I keep returning to the champion. Except for three-finger Jax, she's one of the best duelists. To be one of the best, however, you must also have a fit body, which Fiora possesses and is best displayed in the "Pool Party" skin. 

But her best feature has to be her face, where she kills with her looks. In terms of gameplay, your main goal is to duel people one on one and hit their vital points. You can do this by spamming your Q "Lunge" or using some of your other abilities. You can also use W "Riposte" to deflect anyone who attempts to cast ability at you. 

Use your E "Bladework" to strengthen your auto-attacks or your R "Grand Challenge" to expose the enemy. They'll feel like a hermit crab without its shell. Fiora has a lot more to show you than just her stunning looks. One of them is how simple it is to win the top lane when playing her, and the other is that she is the queen of duels and pushing lanes.

What Fiora Excels In:

  • 1 on 1 duel nobody can beat her at that. 
  • Her W can parry any abilities or auto-attacks thrown at her. 
  • After casting the ultimate ability and you manage to activate it it will grant you a massive AoE heal for you or your team. 
  • Great at pushing waves and excels at pushing towers as her Q deals damage to objectives too. 
  • You’ll never get tired of listening to her hot voice. 

9. Caitlyn

Vi isn't the town's only sheriff. Caitlyn's best friend and partner in crime. Caitlyn, unlike Vi, is more laid back and chill; however, she is also a detective, so don't try to cheat on her by maining other champions. I can assure you that it will not go well. Riot Games also redesigned her appearance, and she is now the waifu of many rift players, thanks to the skins she has. She used to look like a stripper, but now she's a hot detective. 

In terms of abilities, she's a decent ADC for you to play. Her Q "Piltover Peacemaker" deals straight-line damage, her W "Yordle Snap Trap" is a trap, her E "90 Caliber Net" fires a net and shoots her backward, and finally her R "Ace In The Hole" fires a bullet that follows the opponent's head. Isn't it easy? If you think that, you should play her because she's instrumental during your solo or duo queue adventures!

What Caitlyn Excels In:

  • She’s the second champion with the longest attack range. 
  • W can be set in cheeky positions allowing you to trap an unfortunate subject. 
  • You can hop over walls with the E ability. 
  • Don’t worry about the enemy escaping as you can always catch them with your R. They can’t escape this hot sheriff. 

8. Katarina

I'm a sucker for mean girls, and this one fits the bill perfectly. Because of how easy it is to kill a whole team in seconds, she is one of my favorite mid-laners to play these days. You'll be pecking at their nexus base, trying to knock it down while the enemy tries to figure out what just happened. Katarina is a complete beast when it comes to her looks. If you're only playing her for her looks, make sure you're using the "Death Sworn Katarina" skin. It's one of the best options, and the champion will feel smooth while using it. 

Blue hair, skin-tight clothing, and a svelte body figure easily qualify for this list. If that's not your thing, you can always change the skin, but the hotness will remain with her. Her gaze could kill a man, I swear. Her champion is straightforward, and I'll go over her abilities quickly. So, to begin, Q "Bouncing Blade" is a dagger that bounces three times, W "Preparation" throws a dagger in the air, E "Shunpo" jumps on anything alive, and R "Death Lotus" deals AoE damage in a circle. She's fantastic at roaming and assisting the team. If necessary, you can also easily dive under turrets. Her abilities are reset after each kill, which should come in handy. 

What Katarina Excels In:

  • Katarina is a great mid-lane champion for roaming and getting kills by helping out the team. The kills you take your team can consider compensation for helping aka tax.
  • Each time you get a kill her skills are reset and you can cast them again. Great for eliminating vast groups of people. 
  • Katarina is one of the more agile champions in the game if that’s your style. 
  • Easy to dive people if they are hiding behind turrets.

7. Nidalee

Nidalee is your girl if you like wild and crazy girls. Because she's part human and part cougar, she's cut off from the civilized world, which makes sense. She belongs in the wilderness. Even in her human form, she emits a wild theme, implying that no one can tame her and that in a relationship, she is the boss. That is how it should be regardless of who is being discussed. Be courteous to your colleagues. 

As you may know, these champions with the ability to transform have their ultimate ability unlocked from level 1 and have a total of 6 different abilities, well, 8 if you count the ultimate ability. I don't want to bore you with all of her abilities, so I'll just go over some of the most important ones. For example, the Q "Javelin Toss" in human form can take down an entire elephant if hit at maximum range. 

The damage will feel like a truck slammed into the person on the receiving end. And in human form, her E "Primal Surge" can heal the other person, whereas, in cougar form, she swipes with her claws, dealing AoE damage. The W "Pounce" works best in cougar form because it allows Nidalee to jump. If the enemy has her mark on them, it can be a big leap. Nidalee also has one of the game's hottest skins, which, despite being old, is still talked about today. As shown in the image. 

What Nidalee Excels In:

  • Clearing the jungle thanks to the 6 abilities that she has. 
  • Has a built-in healing ability that she can use on herself or her teammate. 
  • Nidalee’s jump ability W can be extended if they have her passive on them. 

6. Akali

Do you have a thing for ladies with tattoos all over their bodies, who wear the bare minimum of clothing, and who are ninjas? If that sounds like a dream to you, then meet Akali the rouge ninja. Akali used to look like a scarecrow, but after a makeover and some makeup, she transformed into a true baddie. This assassin, who has a slim and fit body, is also very agile, which most people dislike about her. Ganking this champion is practically impossible. 

Akali's Q "Five Point Strike" sends out five kunai in a cone shape, and her W "Twilight Shroud" turns her into a cloud of smoke. I don't know how she doesn't cough or pass out; she must have steel lungs or something. Finally, the R "Perfect Execution" allows Akali to leap into the direction of the enemy for the first cast while the second cast will enable her to execute the opponent. That's all I've got to say about our dear friend Akali, the rogue ninja. You don't want to cross paths with her unless you're into these hotties. 

What Akali Excels In:

  • Akali is one of the more agile champions in the game. 
  • Her ultimate ability allows you to execute people who are below a certain threshold of HP. 
  • Akali becomes fully invisible in her W’s smoke and not even pink wards can reveal her. Great for poking your opponent. 
  • The W also restores her stamina quicker. 

5. Samira

Samira is the better version of Katarina or the female Dante. Why is she the better version of our dear Kata? They both have the same ultimate ability, except Samira can move while casting it while Kata cannot. That's why she's the better version of Kata.Oh, and a ton of life steal. Nobody can compete with Samira's badass vibe. 

That no matter how wealthy the next Noxus person is, they will never be able to buy a drink for her. All she cares about is making shekels and getting a lot of attention. You could say she's putting on a show to challenge Draven, but whether or not I'm correct will have to wait and see. Her abilities are simple to grasp but difficult to master. Her Q's "Flair" is either a sword slash or a pistol shot. 

They deal minor damage and are mostly used before entering battle. Her W "Blade Whirl" is a wind wall that blocks all incoming damage, her E "Wild Rush" is a dash that resets once she gets a kill, and her R "Inferno Trigger" is similar to but better than Kata's ult. You can now combo with your heart's desire while having different animations each time, and you control one of the bot lane's hottest ADCs. 

What Samira Excels In:

  • Great for dealing with AoE damage. 
  • Has built-in life steal and works well with supports that can stun people. 
  • Her W can block all incoming abilities (except laser-type abilities) and ranged auto-attacks. 
  • Samira’s E gets reset each time she gets a new kill.
  • The hottest ADC champion to perform combos with.

4. Qiyana

The thiccest and hottest assassin arrived in Runeterra in 2019 and completely blew everyone away. Thighs, in particular, because, let's be honest, thicc thighs save lives. That's an excellent motto to live by. Riot Games isn't even trying to hide the fact that she's hot, as she's appeared in a few non-game cinematic trailers. I'm speaking of their music videos. When it comes to gameplay, she's an all-out queen, and if you don't kill someone in a single combo, you're probably fine because the enemy will be confused as to what just happened.

 Qiyana's Q "Elemental Wrath/Edge Of Ixtal" causes her to swing that big circle to deal damage or cast an element if she has it, W "Terrashape" allows her to acquire earth, water, or bush elements, E "Audacity" is a sliding kick, and R "Supreme Display Of Talent" causes her to shoot out a shockwave that deals explosive damage to anyone it touches. Excellent for annihilating an entire team in the early to mid-game. But don't be fooled by her hot exterior; she also has a hot temper. If you like those kinds of girls, you'll enjoy playing Qiyana.

What Qiyana Excels In:

  • Qiyana is an assassin that excels in eliminating the entire back line. 
  • She can become temporarily invisible when casting the bush element. 
  • The water element staggers people for a split second which is great for canceling channeling abilities. 
  • You can target a whole team with your ultimate ability if you aim it correctly.

3. Miss Fortune

We now have a champion who possesses the two biggest pistols on the planet. Have you seen her revolver cannons? Not only that but each new target that Miss Fortune hits is critically hit as a result of those pistols. As a result, they can only last a few seconds. She's also the most-used ADC, which has nothing to do with her attractiveness, right? Miss Fortune is popular because she is simple to play, not because of her hourglass figure, right Riot? 

Also, Miss Fortune has the sexiest walk animation in the game. That detail must not be overlooked. Miss Fortune has the most useful ultimate ability in the ADC lineup. Her R "Bullet Time" fires bullets in the shape of a cone, with each wave having a chance to critically strike. It's ideal to combine this ability with her E "Make It Rain," as it slows people down. Her W "Strut" and Q "Double Up" are excellent during the laning phase of the match. Use them wisely. 

What Miss Fortune Excels In:

  • She has a great snowball and carry potential. 
  • Her ultimate ability works best in team fights. 
  • Every new target she hits it’s a guaranteed critical strike. 
  • Able to play her as an AP support if you can’t go ADC. 

2. Ahri

The only champion that can charm people with her looks and her abilities and that’s Ahri. Even Ahri mains don’t play her because she’s a good champion or because she’s fun to play. They play Ahri because of the voice actress and simply because she’s a total hottie. In the picture above that’s only one skin where she makes everyone lose their marbles but in total, she has 16 skins you can pick from. It will be like you’re in a candy store. 

When it comes to her abilities they all revolve around dealing AP damage. You’ll want to combo her E “Charm” with her Q “Orb Of Deception”. That way, you’ll deal the maximum amount of damage. Her R “Spirit Rush” gives her 3 free dashes and she gets 1 reset per 1 kill. With her W “Fox-Fire” she gains movement speed and 3 little orbs scatter around to the closest enemies. Ahri is a fun champion to play, especially if you turn on the Japanese voice lines. Then she’s even more fun to play. I’ll let you figure that one out on your own. 

What Ahri Excels In:

  • She’s an AP champion that’s quite slippery thanks to the R. 
  • Her R gets 1 free reset each time she gets a kill. 
  • If Ahri is being ganked or dashed toward she can always use the E to charm the opponent and force them to walk toward her. 
  • Her Q ability can also heal her up each time she kills 9 minions. 

1. Sona

DJ Sona, one of the game's hottest support champions, is here. Sona is a hot character even if you don't own this skin. To believe me, simply purchase this skin and press CTRL + 3. You will understand what I mean. At that point, you will be unable to play the game. When it comes to her, she's deafeningly silent, but only the player who chose her can hear her magnificent voice; everyone else hears only her divine music. Sona is an excellent support. 

She can use her W "Aria Of Perseverance" to heal people and her E "Song Of Celerity" to speed them up. That's not all. Sona can also use sound to harm people with her Q "Hymn Of Valor" and force people to dance with her R "Crescendo." All of these are music puns that I don't understand. Being one of the game's oldest and hottest support champions must feel incredible. But thank you, Riot Games, for providing us with this opportunity.

What Sona Excels In:

  • Sona is a great support that can heal and give movement speed to people.
  • Her Q range for poke is large enough that she doesn’t have to take damage back.
  • The ultimate ability can make anyone dance if they get hit by the ability. It can’t be countered at all. 

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