[Top 10] LoL Best Champions To Carry Low ELO! (2022 Edition)

LoL Best Champions To carry Low ELO!
Getting out of ELO hell is worse than anything on this planet.

Ah yes, ELO is the thing that matters the most in League of Legends. The higher the number is, the smarter the players are. Just kidding, that doesn’t mean anything except the fact that you can flex to your imaginary friends. When it comes to ELO it’s simple. You’re either going to climb the ranks or you’re going to be stuck in low ELO hell.

When it comes to that the only thing that can get you out safely is your game knowledge and skill. It also depends on what kind of champion you’re playing. Some champions can carry the game alone 1v9 style while some are heavily dependent on the team. Those types of champions are best played with a homie but if you do not have one you just play the champions that can get you out of that ELO. Enough about me rambling nonsense let’s get into the champions also Merry Christmas gamers. 

10. Ekko

"The boy saviour"

This is Ekko “The Boy Who Shattered Time” alone. How did he do it? Who knows? Will we ever find that out? Perhaps in the next season of Arcane Riot might give us some insight into it. When it comes to Ekko and his kit it’s rather simple. Ekko is an AP mid or jungler champion that likes to one-shot people in a split second. Whichever role that you play him in he’s strong and has the potential to carry the game alone on his back.

When it comes to Ekko’s abilities he has everything he needs. A CC ability on his W “Parallel Convergence” also gives him a huge shield, a dash ability from his E “Phase Dive” and his ultimate ability that returns him back in time when he had full HP called “Chronobreak”. The main reason why Ekko can carry the game alone without his teammates helping is because of that ultimate ability. If you play him correctly and everything goes right the enemy team would need to beat you up two times before you finally go down, maybe even three times if you have “Guardian Angel”. 

What makes Ekko Great For Carrying Low ELO:

  • Ekko’s ultimate ability “Chronobreak” returns him in time when he has full HP making the enemy beat him up two times before he goes down. 
  • Ekko’s dash ability “Phase Dive” is great for dodging incoming skills or when ganking a lane if you’re playing jungle. 
  • W “Parallel Convergence” gives Ekko a huge shield and stuns anyone that was in the AoE range of the ability. 
  • The potential to one-shot and carry Low ELO games with Ekko is pretty high, especially thanks to his ultimate ability if you mess up badly. 

See Ekko In action:

9. Master Yi

"The Wuju dealer"

The menace to society of low ELO players is Master Yi “The Wuju Bladesman”. It’s all about the Wuju ya man. This guy isn’t even that strong when it comes to champion strength at the base. It’s just that everyone is scared of Master Yi like he’s the Baba Yaga or something. It’s all in their minds that Master Yi has no counter pick but in reality, he does.

The first thing that counters Master Yi is CC. When you CC this guy he can’t move and he can’t auto-attack people then and poof he’s useless. But when you tell that to someone low ELO it’s like it doesn’t go through their thick skull for some reason. The Wuju Man himself is a jungler champion. Has the standard kit for the jungle. High damage from his Q “Alpha Strike” and E “Wuju Style”, healing ability from his W “Meditate”.

His ultimate ability “Highlander” turns him into Sanic himself where he runs fast and he can’t be slowed by any slowing abilities. He also gains a nice bonus of attack speed. The reason he can carry low ELO games on his back is that people are scared of him and he’s a snowball champion. If  Master Yi gets ahead it’s GG for the enemy team. 

What makes Master Yi Great For Low ELO:

  • Low ELO players are spooked to the bones because of Master Yi. The name alone sends shivers down their spines and they get a PTSD attack. 
  • He can dodge abilities and turret shots with his Q “Alpha Strike”. While in this ability Master Yi will bounce from target to target as long as they’re in his range. 
  • E “Wuju Style” grants him bonus true damage on his auto-attacks. 
  • W “Meditate” can save him from a sticky situation by healing him and reducing incoming damage while in this stance. 
  • R “Highlander” makes him immune to any slowing abilities while granting him bonus attack and movement speed. 

See Master Yi in action:

8. Katarina

"The Noxian queen of assassins"

Another champion that triggers PTSD in low ELO players is Katarina “The Sinister Blade”. Same as the Wuju Man, Katarina is easily countered by CC abilities. But don’t let that stop you from playing her. She’s the most agile and mobile champion on this list and if that’s your thing make sure to learn how to play her because with her you’ll climb the ranks and get out of low ELO hell.

The important thing that you need to know about Katarina is not to spam your keys randomly and whenever you feel like it. Use your brain a little bit and you’ll land yourself a Penta kill guaranteed. As Katarina getting kills gives you a cooldown refresh on your abilities and shortens your ultimate cooldown by 15 seconds. Which can be pretty broken in a team fight or if you’re diving someone under the turret. Unlike Master Yi,

Katarina has an AoE damage ability where she spins like a ballerina throwing knives out of her legs, arms, and any hole she has. That’s her ultimate “Death Lotus”. 

What makes Katarina Great For Low ELO:

  • Low ELO players get PTSD whenever they see this champion pop up. Use it to your advantage. 
  • “Death Lotus” can be a pretty deadly ability if used correctly in a team fight. Sometimes might even result in you getting a Penta kill. 
  • Her abilities refresh upon getting a kill and each kill she gets gives her a 15-second cooldown on her ultimate ability. 
  • By using her combos correctly and playing to your advantage you’ll win your lane every time, even if you’re up against a losing match-up. 

See Katarina In action:

7. Samira

"Name's Samira, try not to slow me down"

Here we have the ADC version of Katarina named Samira “The Desert Rose”. I am not kidding when I say that Samira is the ADC version of Katarina and dare I say even better? Samira cannot refresh her abilities like Katarina when getting a kill but she can use her ultimate ability multiple times during a team fight if you have enough mana to spam it.

Also unlike Katarina, Samira can move during her ultimate ability so she isn’t stuck in one place rotating around the world. When it comes to her other abilities Samira has an AoE shield that blocks all missile abilities and that’s her W “Blade Whirl”, which has a dash from her E “Wild Rush”. During the laning phase, Samira can poke her enemies with her Q “Flair”. Combine all of these abilities and you’ll get yourself a champion that can run over enemy teams and you won’t even have a clue.

What makes Samira Great For Low ELO:

  • Samira can heal all of the damage that’s dealt to her because of items and her ultimate ability “Inferno Trigger”. 
  • Can dash through targets with her E “Wild Rush”. 
  • Samira can block all missile abilities with her W “Blade Whirl”. 

See Samira In action:

6. Diana

"Goddes of the moon"

We are on a roll with mid laners because the next champion is also a mid or jungler champion depending on where you like to play her and that’s Diana “Scorn Of The Moon”. When it comes to playing Diana it’s simple. Rush into 5 people and just kill them. You might be thinking that I’m kidding right now but I’m not, it's that simple.

Diana as herself she’s tanky and she deals lots of damage. Especially that her ultimate “Moonfall” calls the whole moon on her location and destroys everyone who’s around her. Don’t worry about the enemy escaping your grasp because that ability also pulls them closer to death and slows them as well. If some do manage to survive it don’t worry you have a dash in your kit which is your E “Lunar Rush”. Nobody escapes Diana, not even death itself. 

What makes Diana Great For Low ELO:

  • Deals a lot of AoE damage from her ultimate “Moonfall”. 
  • Can potentially jump multiple times to enemies if they’re marked by her Q “Cresent Strike”. 
  • Diana is also tanky so don’t worry about dying it will take a long time before you fall and lower your weapons. 

See Diana In action:

5. Illaoi

"The Kraken priestess of the old gods"

Now we are at Illaoi “The Kraken Priestess” who uses her tentacles for everything in her life. Illaoi is a top lane champion who can either push the lane so far until you win or you can go into a team fight and get yourself a Penta kill, it depends on what you want in your life. During the laning phase, the way to win the lane is by pulling the soul out of your enemy laner with her E “Test Of Spirit” and beating the life out of it.

Also, keep an eye out for your tentacles and make sure that they stay alive as long as possible so the enemy doesn’t destroy them. If they do get close to your tentacles use your W “Harsh Lesson” which is an empowered auto-attack and as the name suggests teach them a harsh lesson by caving their skulls in. if you do find yourself in a pickle situation like a 1v5 then your ultimate will come in handy. Illaoi’s ultimate “Leap Of Faith” will spawn tentacles all around you and start slapping everyone who’s in range as long as Illaoi’s alive.

I have died countless times when Illaoi has suddenly shoved a tentacle up my back and I just evaporated after that. 

What makes Illaoi Great For Low ELO:

  • Illaoi is tankier than your average champion so dying is something you won’t be doing. 
  • During the laning phase make sure that you use your E “Test Of Spirit” as much as you can. 
  • Illaoi’s ultimate ability can turn a 1v5 situation into your favor rather quickly and most enemies will either die by your hand or try to run away from your tentacles. 
  • Her boyfriend was Gangplank.

See Illaoi In action:

4. Nasus

"We will live, they will die!"

We have a puppy who likes to stack the whole game and then run it down on top and end the game when he likes it. His name is Nasus “The Curator Of The Sands”. As I said previously that’s all you do with Nasus. I sure hope that you like playing “Farming Simulator League Edition” because that’s all you will be doing all game.

You won’t try to fight or contest with your teammates because let’s be real they wouldn’t help you if they were in your position. Nasus is a pretty tanky puppy especially when he uses his ultimate ability “Fury Of The Sands” that turns him into a rottweiler from a chihuahua. By that I mean he gets lots and lots of armor and magic resistance while also regenerating extra HP and gets a bit of bonus damage. So get out there and break some ankles with your W “Wither” and then burn the ground with your E “Spirit Fire”. 

What makes Nasus Great For Low ELO:

  • The more stacks you have the more damage you will do with your Q “Siphoning Strike”. 
  • The ultimate ability makes you a tanky guy so try to use it when you’re in a team fight or pushing a lane without minions.  
  • Try breaking the enemy’s ankles with your W “Wither” and then going up close to them to bonk their heads in and send them to horny jail. 

See Nasus In action:

3. Darius

"The right hand of Noxus"

Now we have the guy that will make you bleed through every hole in your body while also creating new ones at the same time. That guy is Darius “The Hand Of Noxus”. Darius is a niche champion that can heal himself with his Q “Decimate” and that healing depends on how many champions he hits. This guy will almost win a 1v2 situation on top 99% of the time.

Not to mention when he gets his ultimate ability “Noxian Guillotine” he can split opponents in half and in the late game he can do that even if the target has full HP. The damage to his ultimate ability is increased by how many stacks of bleeding the target has. The more they bleed the higher the damage on his “Noxian Guillotine” is. 

What makes Darius Great For Low ELO:

  • Can survive a 1v2 situation when at level 2, if you hit your Q “Decimate” correctly. 
  • Darius’s Q “Decimate” heals him and that healing is dependent on how many targets he manages to hit with it. 
  • “Noxian Guillotine” not only be satisfying to use but can also prove deadly in the late game, but the cooldown is also refreshed upon getting a kill so you can keep splitting your enemies in half as long as there are enemies to kill. 

See Darius In action:

2. Tryndamere

"My right arm is stronger than my left arm"

At the number dos spot, we have Tryndamere “The Barbarian King”. This guy uses his right arm for everything. Swinging that huge sword check, eating check, wiping his butt check, winning the game check, and last but not least diving the enemy under their turret at level 6 check. As crazy as it sounds Tryndamere can do that with ease not only that but he survives everything.

Tryndamere’s ultimate ability “Undying Rage” makes him invincible so that he doesn’t die until the job is finished. Combine that with the deadly passive which gives him more crit % and more crit damage the more he auto-attacks people. He can also consume his passive or his rage to heal himself in exchange for dealing less damage. 

If you’re trying to run away from Tryndamere he will slow you down with his W “Mocking Shout” and roll towards you with his E “Spinning Slash”. The cooldown of “Spinning Slash” goes down by 1 second each time Tryndamere crits someone. 

What makes Tryndamere Great For Low ELO:

  • He can’t die. That’s the best thing for low ELO players and to climb to your desired ranks. 
  • Massive damage output from his auto-attack from the start. 
  • Later in the mid to late game, Tryndamere will be available to use his E “Spinning Slash” multiple times as long as the fighting continues. 
  • He’s able to consume his rage with his Q “Bloodlust” to heal himself in exchange for doing less damage. 

See Tryndamere In action:

1. Jax

"I only need a lamp to win this match"

At the number uno spot, we have the guy with three fingers on his hands and that’s Jax “Grandmaster At Arms”. Jax counters almost everyone on this list by simply spinning his staff like a helicopter with his E “Counter Strike”. While Jax is rotating his staff all auto-attacks will be missed on the second cast, Jax stuns everyone who was around him. Jax can also build full AD or full AP. He's a hybrid champion.

Jax’s W “Empower” literally empowers his next auto-attack, this ability scales really well with AP so that’s one of the reasons why Jax is a hybrid champion. Not to worry if you do go full AP your ultimate ability will protect you for the most part as it gives you extra armor and magic resistance while you’re alive. I still want to know why he uses a magic lamp as a weapon and why he only has three fingers on his hands. This champion will surely get you out of low ELO and carry your games on his back. 

What makes Jax Great For Low ELO:

  • Counters almost every top lane champion because of his E “Counter Strike”. This ability makes the enemy miss every auto-attack on Jax.
  • W “Empower” deals devastating damage onto enemies, if you do build cooldown reduction and attack speed you’ll be spamming this ability. 
  • Gets a massive bonus of armor and magic resistance from his ultimate ability “Grandmaster’s Might”. 
  • Can build either full AP or AD or something in between, there isn’t a specific build for Jax. 

See Jax In action:

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