Heroes of the Storm: 11 Most Fearsome Heroes

The best of the best!
The best of the best!

MOBA heroes don’t get more badass than the Heroes of the Storm characters!

Heroes of the Storm is one of the biggest MOBAs at the moment. It’s fun, it’s accessible yet deep, and it stars many of PC gaming’s most important characters of the last two decades.

But which of these heroes are the toughest? Well, if tier lists are anything to go by, the measure of how strong a character is is dictated by their capacity to kick serious butt on the battlefield.  In this article, we therefore present to you the game’s 11 Most Feasome Heroes – characters who excel at wiping the floor with your face, then making a toast out of the tears of their enemies.

11. E.T.C.

Now THAT'S BEEF. (Image from Heroes of the Storm Wikia)

Nothing screams heavy metal more than an enormous, hairy, horned monster wielding a giant ax. This headbanging Tauren personifies the savagery of the Horde, and does so with all the style of a rock god.

One of the most dependable melee Warriors in the game, E.T.C. leaps into the fray with scorching heavy metal riffs, melting faces off enemies with devilish tunes, and invigorating allies with electrifying guitar solos.


Rockstar: Every time E.T.C. performs a Basic of Heroic ability, all nearby heroes receive a 20% boost to their Attack Speed for 3 seconds. Nearby Minions receive half the boost.

Primary Abilities:

(Q) Powerslide: Slides through enemies, stunning them for a second and dealing average damage

(W) Face Melt: Deals moderate damage to enemies in the proximity. Also pushes them back.

(E) Guitar Solo: Heals E.T.C. for 4 seconds.

Heroic Abilities:

(R1) Mosh Pit: All enemies within the proximity are stunned for 4 seconds.

(R2) Stage Dive: Leaps to a chosen location, dealing massive area damage, and slowing affected enemies for 3 seconds.


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