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Heroes of the storm best tank
Hottest Tanks Photoshoot was a great success. Stitches won by a landslide. Or in his case, bellyslide maybe?

Tanks. Your beefy frontline.

Their role is to protect their teammates, create space, absorb damage and set up teamfights.

If your objective is to play the best and the tankiest of them all, look no further.This article will go over the five best current tanks in Heroes of the Storm, why they are the best and how to play them.  Master these heroes and carry your team to victory.

These tanks do well in every league — from Bronze all the way to Grand Master.  

1) Anub’Arak

Anub’Arak is one of the most well-rounded and solid tanks in the game. He is currently considered the number one rated tank in the game. With exceptional crowd control, dive potential and his heroic ability, Cocoon — Anub can set up incredible fights for his team. He does particularly well against magic-based damage due to his spell armor.

  • - Has exceptional Crowd Control
  • - Ability to dive enemy team or disengage with Burrow Charge
  • - Spell Armor and Shields from Nerubian Armor and Harden Carapace
  • - Spawns Beetles that absorb skill shots (E.g. Li-Ming Orbs/Magic Missiles) Li-Ming counters cocoon however with her Disintegrate ultimate
  • - Cocoon heroic ability. Allows Anub’Arak to put an enemy in a web, making them unable to move or cast abilities

Watch Anub'Arak tank here:

Watch Youtuber "NotParadox" show off Anub crowd control and cocoon. Watch at 17:49

2) Garrosh

Garrosh Hellscream on the Warchief's Throne

Garrosh is arguably the tank people like to play against the least. And for good reason. His ability to move enemies out of position by throwing them around like a pinata, is a constant fear factor. His wrecking ball ability is one of the strongest isolating abilities in the game. Combo that with his ability to slow targets and incredible survivability — he commands constant alertness from his foes.

  • - Gains armor as his hp decreases
  • - Ability to isolate enemies with Wrecking Ball
  • - Stuns and slows enemies with Groundbreaker
  • - His heroic “Taunt” effectively counters mobile and melee heroes
  • - Ability to self-cleanse and save teammates with "Into the fray" talent

Watch Garrosh tank here:

Youtuber "Nubkeks" shows some scrapping on Garrosh and his strong survivability. Watch at 15:20

3) Diablo

Diablo, the Lord of Terror

Diablo, the lord of terror. And boy can he deliver on some terror. One of the tankiest heroes in the game due to his trait Black Soulstone and his self-healing — he is difficult to kill once his Soulstone is filled. With unique crowd control abilities, self-healing and his heroic, Apocalypse, he can lock entire enemy teams down.

  • - Gains hp based on amount of souls in Soulstone
  • - Gains movement speed when using Shadow Charge
  • - Strong and unique crowd control abilities. He can lock down enemies for a long time
  • - Can dive very deep into enemy team
  • - Can isolate heroes with the right talents
  • - Capable of doing high % based damage with certain talents

Watch Diablo tank here: 

Let former pro player and streamer "Fan" show you the threat and combo potential of Diablo! Watch at 9:25

4) Johanna

Johanna, Crusader of the Zakarum. Johanna's armor looks thick!

 “The crusade calls!” Johanna is the tank you want when facing enemies that focus on auto attack damage. With her Blinding Light ability, she can shut down auto attackers with ease, preventing a lot of their damage. Johanna also has great wave clear due to her baseline ability, Knight Takes Pawn, and pulls enemies closer to her and each other. With her Unstoppable trait, she can make herself immune to crowd control and gains shields. With this, she can get herself out of many sticky situations as well as absorb a lot of damage.

  • - Very high durability and survivability
  • - Great Wave clear
  • - Counters Auto Attack damage
  • - Self-cleanse
  • - Get shields from her Trait
  • - Able to slow and control with her AoE ability, Condemn

Watch Johanna tank here:

Johanna with "Blessed Shield" played by "Fan" once again showing her durability and control. Watch at 9:54

5) Muradin Bronzebeard

"That's it! You're getting the hammer!"

Muradin, the stoutly Dwarf. His playstyle is defined by...well…being in the way really. Body blocking and disrupting the enemy team. As one of the tankiest heroes in the game, and a reliable escape tool, he can be very hard to take down. Regenerates health when out of combat. Can slow down enemy attack speed and has a strong stun ability with Stormbolt.

  • - Extremely tanky and survivable
  • - Has strong ability to dive or disengage
  • - Self-sustain by regenerating health through his trait, Second Wind
  • - High damage for a tank with right talents (E.g. Give em’ the Axe)
  • - Good against auto-attack heroes, particularly melee
  • - Becomes even tankier with Avatar heroic ability

Watch Muradin tank here: 

A perfect example of a Muradin flank and diving deep onto the backline to take out an Ana. Watch at 13:28

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