[Top 5] Heroes of the Storm Best Tanks That Are Hard to Kill (Latest Patch)

Heroes of the Storm Best Tanks That Are Hard To Kill
They stomp on the Nexus with their heavy steps, raining havoc but yet providing for some in need. They have been brought for one purpose only: to be tanks. 


Johanna Grand Master Playthrough

Another will march under the banner of the Crusade, and another will die for the sake of the holy mission. Johanna, the Crusader of Zakarum, a woman braver than most men, knows that her faith is no different. Many speculate that her courageous and rightful quest led her to the Nexus. Perhaps she is looking for an apprentice, someone worthy to carry her shield one day.

Johanna is one of the most resilient heroes in the Nexus. She can perform many crowd control moves with her blinding and stunning abilities. Johanna can fit into any composition and is designed to cause chaos amongst enemy lines. This Crusader is a real gem in the game, with apparently no realistic counter.

Why should Johanna be everyone's pick:

  • Extremely durable due to great health pool and massive shielding
  • More than solid crowd control
  • Her basic abilities and heroics allow her to stop enemy channeling abilities
  • Great against heroes who are based on the basic attack because of her blinding ability

Johanna full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-us/heroes/johanna/ 




Cho Grand Master Playthrough   

The earth trembles in the Nexus, and the sea, shaken, rises. Madness will engulf this realm, dawning a new day of chaos and destruction. A two-headed Ogre, the master of both, arrives.

Cho: We will rule the Nexus...

Gall: ...or we will destroy it

Cho is half of the two-player ogre Cho'Gall. Cho is the muscle in this play, tasked with keeping Gall safe and positioning himself so Gall can throw his destructive spells. Cho's best attributes are his area of effect disruption and outstanding resilience. The highly unusual playthrough requires a lot of coordination.

Why should every player pick Cho:

  • Good wave clear with his main abilities and Gall’s aid
  • A great dualist due to being a 2-in-1 hero
  • A large health pool
  • One of the strongest late games because of the talent build

Cho full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-us/heroes/chogall/?stance=cho 




E.T.C Grand Master Playthrough

The most powerful Tauren chieftain to ever headbang in the Nexus, the power of the Horde is manifested by his ferocious rhythms and scorching guitar riffs. There is no need to put on socks. He'll just rock them away regardless.

A disruptive but only moderately resilient Tank is E.T.C. His excellent engagement and peeling skills will be very useful to teammates, but due to his low damage output, E.T.C. players must coordinate well with allied Heroes to secure kills.

Why is E.T.C a great pick:

  • He is the god of rock so… but I’ll continue
  • A significant amount of crowd control
  • Opportunity to become global at Level 10
  • Some mobility to get out of danger
  • Nice durability

E.T.C full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-gb/heroes/etc/ 





Yrel Grand Master Playthrough  

Yrel, Light of Hope, is a Draenei paladin from the Warcraft universe. After being saved by the forces of Azeroth from the Iron Horde, she rose to fight the demonic invasion of her world. Now, on the steps of another adventure, she finds herself in a place where universes collide. She finds herself in the Nexus.

Yrel even though a bruiser, has to be noted in this list for she is one of the most durable heroes. She has possibilities for both defense and offense. She excels at creating openings for her team with her staggering crowd control abilities. It is worth noting that Yrel's attacks need to be well timed and precise, because of the time gap between selecting and delivering her powers. 

What makes Yrel a great bruiser:

  • Decent self-sustainability through shielding and absorbing abilities
  • Good waveclear abilities
  • Great mobility due to Avenging Wrath
  • Can lower armor with Templar’s Verdict

Yrel full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-us/heroes/yrel/ 



Garrosh Grand Master Playthrough 

Garrosh Hellscream, son of Grom, answers to no one, he only listens to the drums of war. A brute born to fight and born to lead, his soul burns with hatred. The chieftain is ready to unleash it against all who dare stand in his way. Nexus will be claimed for the Horde.

Garrosh Hellscream is an exceptionally strong melee tank. His trait Armor Up allows this. It makes Garrosh harder to kill the lower his health is. Besides his brute strength, Hellscream has an excessive amount of crowd control. He is capable of both slowing and displacing his enemies while being an unpenetrable wall.

What makes Garrosh a great tank:

  • Incredible durability via the Armour Up trait
  • A strong playmaker through his crowd control and penetration movement
  • He provides a great frontline, with amazing damage mitigation
  • Can displace enemies and save allies with his basic abilities like the Wrecking Ball

Garrosh full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-us/heroes/garrosh/ 


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