LOL Most Popular Roles [Ranked]

LOL Most Popular Roles
"Which role do you play?"

Hey guys, all good?

Frankenstein here bringing you all another super article about League of Legends!

Ranked games are very different in terms of gameplay and concentration as we have to play with the thought of what strategy we are going to use to be able to win.

Thus, some routes are more coveted than others as they can maintain a direct or indirect impact on the game.

This is a very interesting and complete article and I'm here to talk about the most popular and coveted routes to play in ranked matches, ranging from the least popular to the most popular and disputed when starting a ranked match.

Remember guys, that all routes in the game are important and each person has different gameplay style and a route of preference and this must be respected. =)

So, let's go!


5. Support

About Support:

Support enters the Top 5 of the "most popular routes" here as it is a lane not so coveted by many in the ranked games. Good support can very well dominate the entire game if you have a good synergy with your ADC but if it doesn't this will be a route where you will be very hostage to how your entire team will conduct the game, including your shooter.

To enter a ranked match as a support, you need to have a lot of wisdom, mastery, and precision in the game because it is a very complicated route to play solo in ranked matches.

Why do we say that the SUPPORT function is least popular?

  • You are very hostage to the other players and their game.
  • If you don't play a duo with a good friend, the synergy of a route with another sniper can be very difficult.
  • It is a character that takes a long time to grow in play, even more, if it is a difficult route.
  • It takes a little longer to build the equipment.


4. Top

About Top:

The Top route is one of the longest in everything that happens in Summoners Rift. This route enters the fourth position here not because it is a bad or inferior route, but because it is one of the 5 roles that are also not much coveted in ranked games.

Generally, the players who play on the top route are more lonely players they do not need to do much assistance.

The players on the Topo route are very important in the game especially if they get some kills and a good wave of minions for their items. Usually, when these players enter on the action, they are already very strong and with good items, and if the game is still lost on other routes, depending on the character who is playing at the top, a good "split push" of routes can be done.

Why do we say that the TOP function is least popular?

  • It's a lonely route.
  • It is a route with mechanically difficult characters to play and to adapt.
  • It is a route that, depending on the game, receives a few ganks and also little help.
  • It is a route that in the mid/late game can be quite impactful in the performance of the game.


3. Jungle

About Jungle:

The jungle is a route that we can call "The heart of the game". In other words, the jungle route is the role that moves the game.

Virtually all players who will play ranked games have jungle as one of their options. Depending on which character you choose, the jungle will completely move the game, with numerous ganks, a lot of enemy jungle theft, and accomplish numerous global objectives, such as dragons, herald, and baron.

In some cases, the jungle behaves like a true initiator of battles, as it forces its team to make an onslaught, as it will be dripping and warning that it will arrive in a short period to assist the fight.

The jungle is a highly coveted route in ranked games.

Why do we say that the JUNGLE function is very popular?

  • It is a route that everyone wants to play as a first or second option because it is mechanically easy about other roles.
  • It is a route with a wide range of characters to be chosen, among tanks, ADs, and wizards.
  • It is a route that can dominate the entire game and one or more routes, depending on the player's experience.
  • It is a route that has a great impact on the game since the early game.


2. ADC

About ADC:

Assuming position 2 of our article, ADC. Virtually in ranked games, all players want to play ADC or MID. This will depend on the game style of each one, however, the statistics show that AD Carry is among one of the most coveted routes to play.

Depending on the level game you are in, you may have or see problems right away in picks and bans, since many people may have chosen ADC as the first option in route selection.

To play ADC, you will need to have very accurate mechanics thinking that there will always be 2 people on your route and that if you are not playing (duo) with the support, you will have to play thinking and trusting your friend's pings.

ADC is one of the roles that stand out in the MID / LATE game, so the player must grow well in the early game and have a good amount of farm minions to be able to stand out in the game.

A well-made ADC route can load the entire game on its own, especially if the player is using Vayne.

Why do we say that the ADC function is most popular?

  • It is a route that can be oppressed or oppressive, depending on the style of play.
  • It is a route with characters that can be difficult or not to play, however, that offers a very interesting and strong impact on the game.
  • It is a route that receives many ganks because they are close to the dragon, and depending on the gank, if it is successful for one of the teams, the dragon can be started without danger,
  • It is a route that although you need allied support, if everything goes wrong you might be able to win, depending on your game mechanics.


1. MID

About MID:

Here in the Top 1 of the articles, MID.

This is undoubtedly the most coveted route for players who will play a ranking game. Everyone wants to play in a mid.

It is a route with several character options where you can select your character based on your team or not, for example, if your team has many characters with physical damage, you can choose a magic damage option and vice versa doing a damage balance during the game.

The role of MID is to be close to everything, close to the basic and main objectives of the jungle, close to the bot route, close to the allied jungle himself. This means that you can be present in all moments doing gank and even help in the jungle at any time.

A player from the Mid route can control the pace of the game very well if he is very oppressive towards his enemy.

Why do we say that the MID function is most popular?

  • It is a central route, that is, everything that happens in the game, the mid-lane can be present and participate.
  • It is a route with very strong, murderous, and explosive characters who, if played well, manage to dominate the game and be very oppressive.
  • It is a route that can help other routes very easily since it is always present in the middle of the map.
  • It is a route that has a great impact on the game, be it in deaths and assists.



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