LoL Best Graves Skins - All Graves Skins Ranked Good to Best

Best Graves Skins
Graves: The Action Movie Protagonist


Which is the best Graves Skin?

So you’re playing Graves. This is great. This means you already know what the pinnacle of badassery looks like.

However, the good folks over at Riot Games have blessed us with eleven different flavors of your favorite adc/jungler/top laner/oneshotting machine. Buckle up, and find out which Graves skins will leave you the envy of your queues.

#11 Hired Gun Graves (OK)

Hired Gun Graves is the lowest ranked skin on the list, and for good reason. While the splash art and sunglasses are a plus, the skin is dead last in terms of quality.

Hired Gun Graves is the outlaw at his most rugged. If you want to dash around, blasting from an absurdly oversized cannon-barrel while still rocking shades to protect from the occasional Leona ultimate, this is your best bet. If Hired Gun Graves was the star of a blockbuster action movie, you can bet that I’d be there opening night.

What makes Hired Gun Graves OK?


  • Shades. ‘Nuff said.
  • The exposed biceps are a wonderful plus if you’re always looking for new ways to flex.
  • Super cheap.


  • This is a pretty old skin. It is missing a lot of the bells and whistles that are common with newer releases.
  • Not super creative or inventive compared to the other Graves options… this one doesn’t exactly stand out. Also, no unique animations to be found here.

How To Get Hired Gun Graves: Available for 520RP

See Hired Gun Graves in action:

Hired Gun Graves Skin Spotlight. (Creds -  YT/SkinSpotlights)

#10 Cutthroat Graves (OK)

Cutthroat Graves introduces a fun theme with a pirate incarnation of the champ. However, it is certainly lacking in fun animations or features.

Repping Bilgewater, Cutthroat Graves is a very solid option. Why, might you ask? Well, pirates are cool and so is Graves. This is a combination that can’t really go wrong, and it doesn’t. That being said, it’s not particularly flashy or impressive, if that’s what you’re looking for when you spend your hard-earned money.

What makes Cutthroat Graves OK?


  • Really cool duo potential with a Cutthroat Twisted Fate. 


  • Old-looking. Nothing about this skin particularly pops.
  • No unique animations. 

How To Get Cutthroat Graves: Available for 750RP.

See Cutthroat Graves in action:

Cutthroat Graves Spotlight (Creds - YT/SkinSpotlights)

#9 Classic Graves (OK)

Classic Graves is the version that we are all very familiar with. It does its job well and feels very comfortable, but it is does not have any of the quirks of others on the list.

You like your ice cream vanilla. You like your movies just like the books. You like Classic Graves. Technically, this is Graves as he should be. The daddy of all Graves skins, this Classic version will always have a place in our hearts.

What makes Classic Graves OK?


  • The gold standard that all other skins must be compared to. 
  • Is featured in your favorite Graves lore and promos.


  • Not the same without the cigar. Seriously. Years later and I’m still not letting go.
  • Try something new? I didn’t make this whole list for you to be boring.

How To Get Classic Graves: Buy the champion.

See Classic Graves in action: 

Graves Champion Spotlight, Featuring the Classic Graves Skin. (Creds - LOL official YT page)

#8 Riot Graves (GOOD)

Riot Graves is always a solid pick. Playing with this skin definitely has a role-playing feeling, and is a lot of fun.

Riot skins are cool. Playing with Riot Graves, you feel like the SWAT team hypercarry your team needs. With a weapon that looks like a real-life grenade launcher, it makes using your Q ability feel so right.. Use this skin to lay down the law with authority and have your enemies afraid to leave their base.

What makes Riot Graves GOOD?


  • That grenade launcher.
  • It’s rare.
  • You gotta love skins that make your favorite champions look like they’re dressing up for halloween. Nothing better than a badass character pretending to be a different kind of badass.


  • No unique animations.
  • Good luck getting your hands on it.

How To Get Riot Graves: This is a special event skin, so it’s not available in the Riot Store. However, you can hope to get lucky with your hextech. It’s worth 975RP.

See Riot Graves in action: 

Riot Graves Skin Spotlight. (Creds - YT/SkinSpotlights)

#7 Jailbreak Graves (GOOD)

Jailbreak Graves brings players into a different kind of fantasy. Having strong connections to lore, this unique look is always welcome.

If you’ve read your Graves lore, you’d know that Graves was jailed when his ex-friend, Twisted Fate, sold him out. Graves, of course, breaks out of jail to get into the League and get his revenge. 

Fitted with a futuristic-themed rifle and a kickass set of body armor, Jailbreak Graves will stop at nothing to get what he’s here for.

What makes Jailbreak Graves GOOD?


  • Cool reference to some awesome Graves lore.
  • Space-themed (unique among Graves skins)
  • Gray hair, he don’t care.


  • No. Unique. Animations.
  • Pretty dang old.

How To Get Jailbreak Graves: This is a Legacy skin, so it’s only really available when Riot has some sort of Legacy event. You can also fall upon it by chance through hextech crates. It’s worth 975RP.

See Jailbreak Graves in action:

Jailbreak Graves Skin Spotlight. (Creds -  YT/SkinSpotlights)

#6 Victorious Graves (AWESOME)

Victorious Graves is simply beautiful. If you don't believe me, your glasses may have the wong prescription.

Trumpets sound. Roses are thrown. Victorious Graves is here, and the crowd loves every moment of it. Playing with this skin makes you feel like a winner, and if you wait for the other team’s 20 minute FF vote, you’ll be one soon enough.

WARNING: Don’t use this skin if you don’t want the enemy Miss Fortune flirting with you all game.

What makes Victorious Graves AWESOME?


  • Ooooh, pretty colors. Nothing says class like a gold-plated shotgun.
  • New skin, so it is intricately decorated and very aesthetically pleasing.
  • UNIQUE ANIMATIONS. (Wooo! Finally!)
  • Chromas available


  • Hard to get your hands on (if you weren’t gold or higher at the end of season 7)
  • Really not much to pick on. Great skin.

How To Get Victorious Graves: This is another special event skin, so if you don’t already have it, you have to pray to the Riot gods

See Victorious Graves in action: 

Victorious Graves Skin Spotlight. (Creds - YT/SkinSpotlights)

#5 Praetorian Graves (AWESOME)

Praetorian Graves features a brand new take on The Outlaw. Boasting some pretty incredible features and sounds, this skin is loads of fun.

Have you ever looked at your favorite champion and just thought… not enough death robot? If so, Praetorian Graves is just for you. The Roman elite guard meets the space machine in this novel and super cool looking skin.

 In addition to enjoying some of the craziest animations you can get on this champion, have fun watching your character literally glow as you dash your way to victory. Well done, Riot.

What makes Praetorian Graves AWESOME?


  • Those animations. Pop your Q for a fun surprise every time (spoiler: exploding capsules of electricity… totally rad).
  • All the perks of a new skin.
  • Offers an entirely new feel to Graves. If you love the champion but need something new to look at, search no more.


  • Expensive. At 1350RP, this could cost you a pretty penny.
  • If you’re not into the futuristic space theme, this probably isn’t for you.

How To Get Praetorian Graves: Available for 1350RP

See Praetorian Graves in action: 

Praetorian Graves Skin Spotlight. (Creds - YT/SkinSpotlights)

#4 Mafia Graves (AWESOME)

Mafia Graves fits the champion like a glove. This skin is iconic, and a staple among Graves mains.

Like some hot cocoa on a cold winter day, this skin just feels right. Maybe it’s the incredible performances in the competitive scene that featured this skin (at one point, it seemedlike 90% of Graves players in esports used this skin). Maybe it’s how the jacket looks so good on him. Maybe it’s the tommy gun. Maybe it’s all the above. 

What makes Mafia Graves AWESOME


  • The jacket. The tommy gun. The hat. All of it. The aesthetic is all there with this one.
  • Will always be in style
  • The history. The popularity. One of the most recognizable Graves skins. 


  • No unique animations. Is this really a deal breaker here, though?

How To Get Mafia Graves: Available for 975RP.

See Mafia Graves in action: 

Mafia Graves Skin Spotlight. (Creds -  YT/SkinSpotlights)

#3 Battle Professor Graves (AWESOME)

Battle Professor Graves is everything you want in a skin. It is creative, flashy, and a completely different version of the champion. Enjoy high tech weaponry and textbook outplays.

Introducing Graves, the Intellectual. This skin will give you the equation for victory, the book of good looks, and an A+ in zapping enemies 101. Couple this refreshing new theme with an entertaining, cartoonish design, glowing colors, and crazy animations and you have Battle Professor Graves. Riot gave us a Graves skin that makes killing opponents look so cool that they won’t even be mad. 

What makes Battle Professor Graves AWESOME?


  • Woah. Boom, zap, shapes, colors, electricity. Your inner 9 year old will approve of Battle Professor Graves and all of its over-the-top animations.
  • Brand new, so the design is highly detailed and creative.
  • Chromas available.


  • There is such a thing as too flashy. Sometimes it’s easier to have less visual clutter, and some players prefer simpler animations. 
  • Expensive (1350RP).

How To Get Battle Professor Graves: Available for 1350RP.

See Battle Professor Graves in action: 

Battle Professor Graves Skin Spotlight. (Creds -  YT/SkinSpotlights)

#2 Snowday Graves (LEGENDARY)

Snow Day Graves hits just right, like some hot cocoa on a cold winter day. Blast the snow off your yard, or your enemies out of their boots.

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than Snowday Graves? This festive skin is the ultimate winter-time celebration. Fire icy projectiles at your enemies and fall in love with the captivating animations that feature all the great details that LOL fans crave in skin releases. Loads of fun and loads of snow, Snowday Graves will give the enemy team freezing cold surprises all game long.

What makes Snow Day Graves LEGENDARY?


  • Snow, Ice, and everything nice.
  • Your W ability puts enemies in a blizzard (is this awesome or what?)
  • This skin is just fun. What else do you need?


  • Not exactly intimidating (grasping at straws here)
  • It’s expensive (1350RP)

How To Get Snowday Graves: Available for 1350RP.

See Snowday Graves in action: 

Snow Day Graves Skin Spotlight. (Creds - YT/SkinSpotlights)

#1 Pool Party Graves (LEGENDARY)

Pool Party Graves is the top skin on our list. Everything about it is as fun as a day at the beach, and spraying enemies with your watergun will never get old.

What. A. Stud. This is what Graves fans play him for: the pure coolness factor and splash damage. And oh, does Pool Party Graves bring both. Run around Summoner's Rift on your vacation day armed with a water gun of death. Are the haters talking? That’s cute, since your headphones completely tune them out. All you need is your arm tattoos, swim trunks, shades, a towel, and mayhem. There’s a reason no other skin can top this. 

Chk chk… splash.

What makes Pool Party Graves LEGENDARY?


  • His lack of a cigar is finally acceptable (no smoking on the beach).
  • You get to cannonball back to base every time you recall
  • My favorite model design and animations. And you should listen to me because I am the author.


  • It’s expensive (1350RP).

How To Get Pool Party Graves: Available for 1350RP.

See Pool Party Graves in action: 

Pool Party Graves Skin Spotlight. (Creds -  YT/SkinSpotlights)

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