Top 10 Overwatch Tips Your Enemies Don’t Want You To Know

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This Knowledge Can Help Take You To The Next Level

A year later, Overwatch is still a top 10 team-based FPS game played around the world. Since then, the game has gone through many changes as well as the addition of new heroes and maps. Though the game is designed for anyone to pick up, there’s a whole other way to play the game than what’s at surface level. If you want to play at a competitive level, check out these tips to help bring your game to another level. Believe it or not, some of these tips are common knowledge, but not used like it should be.


10) Secret Settings to Improve Your Game

Overwatch has secret settings that help improve your game. If you go into the settings, you can change the settings for each hero individually. You can change the crosshair and color, but for certain heroes there are extra settings. Lucio can ride walls backwards, but you have to enable in the settings. Mercy also has a setting that allows you to toggle her beam instead of holding the button down. The makes it easier to lock onto your teammates. You can change Widowmaker’s sensitivity while zoomed in.



9) Mouse or Controller Sensitivity

Have you wondered why you looking around is either too fast or too slow? That’s the look sensitivity. Having a look sensitivity that’s just right can make a world of difference. For a controller on a console, it’s as simple as going into the settings and adjusting the sensitivity. When you play on PC, like I do, you will most likely be using a mouse.

 Depending on the mouse, you may have the option to change its sensitivity to the mouse through a program or in Windows. If anything, there is still the option to change your sensitivity in-game too. Sensitivity depends on the person. Some like it faster and some like it slower. You want to be able to aim and shoot without having trouble controlling your aim or it taking too long to aim.


8) Sounds Can Save You

Say what? Sounds? Yes, that’s what you heard. Sound plays a big part of the game and I believe Blizzard designed it to be so. If you pay attention, you can tell the difference between Roadhog and Junkrat walking. Roadhog’s footsteps are a loud thud and you can hear his chain swinging about. Junkrat’s footsteps are a kind hop and you can hear his peg leg too. Before you turn that corner, listen for Torbjorn’s turret. Sounds can help you get the drop on a hero you know you can take on or avoid a fight that you may have a tough time winning. 


7) Use The Map To Your Advantage

Knowing the ins and outs of each map in this game can benefit you extremely. Many pros use the map environments to navigate and to score eliminations. Examples would be getting “booped” off the map on Illios by Lucio or getting hooked by Roadhog into the well by the lighthouse.

These are called environmental kills and they can be achieved by using the right hero for the situation. A pro Genji would use the buildings on Kings’ Row to get a higher vantage point to attack enemy players. I’ve even seen pro Lucio player, DSPStanky, wall ride the trees outside of the Eichenwalde to pass enemy players or to get the drop on them. 

Map Tricks Grandmaster Players ABUSE That You Don't - Overwatch


6) Team Composition

This is one of the most important things on this list, team composition almost always has everything to do with winning a match. I say almost because sometimes there’s those moments when there’s bad composition and you still win. Team composition is controlled by the meta. Example of a team composition is the “2-2-2” setup. This calls for 2 dps heroes, 2 tank heroes, and 2 support heroes. Another example is the “3-2-1” set, which calls for 3 tanks, 2 support heroes and 1 dps hero. These compositions have been around for a while and may eventually change as the game changes. 


5) Countering Enemy Heroes

Countering is one of the most important tactics in Overwatch. It can drastically change the outcome of a match. Countering is choosing a hero who has an advantage against enemy heroes. An example of countering  would be taking on an enemy Pharah with a “hitscan” hero such as McCree or Soldier: 76. The bullets from their weapons take no time to travel, thus making it easier to shoot her out of the sky. Another example is if you are having issues with tanks, especially Roadhog, then a hero such as Reaper can shred through them due to his high damage output and high survivability.

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