[Top 10] Overwatch Best DPS Heroes 2019 (Ranked)

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Of course Tracer made it onto the list, she's the poster child!

Overwatch heroes with the highest DPS

Nowadays, you can defend calling almost any Overwatch character a DPS. Even heroes who were previously in the "Defense" category live up to the title. However, this list contains the best DPS heroes of them all due to their unique abilties and weapons. 

10. Widowmaker

One shot, one kill

Though she may be a difficult hero to master, Widowmaker is a great DPS in many situations. From defending to attacking, one-on-one battles to escapes, Widowmaker’s abilities make her a dangerous enemy. 

What makes Widowmaker a good DPS: 

  • The Widow’s Kiss and the Widow’s Sniper allow her to quickly take out enemies close by or far off
  • Her Venom Mine damages enemies from afar and can alert her to an enemy presence nearby 
  • She can take out most heroes with one good shot using the Widow’s Sniper 
  • Her ability to move quickly via the Grappling Hook

Widowmaker excels in: 

  • Defending the point by picking off oncoming enemies 
  • Clearing a path for the rest of the team 
  • Eliminating enemy snipers

9. Doomfist

Talk to the fist

When used in the right combination, Doomfist’s abilities show no mercy. He excels at close combat, and can beat the crap out of pretty much any other hero.

What makes Doomfist a good DPS: 

  • His combo abilities allow little time for enemies to retaliate 
  • With Rising Uppercut, Rocket Punch, and Seismic Slam, he can push or pull enemies away from an area all while dealing damage
  • His attacks deal heavy damage

Doomfist excels in: 

  • Close combat, especially against slower heroes
  • Taking the point and stalling the payload 
  • Clearing a wide area with Meteor Strike

8. McCree

It's high noon 

With skill at both close and long range, McCree really lives up to his belt buckle. His revolver and his stun ability allow him to take out enemies quickly and effectively. 

What makes McCree a good DPS: 

  • He has flexibility when it comes to range
  • Flashbang allows him to stun fast enemies and eliminate them quickly 
  • His ultimate is one of the most devastating in the whole game, able to kill several members of the enemy team all at once

McCree excels in:

  • Eliminating quick, hard-to-get heroes like Tracer, Pharah, and Genji 
  • Picking off enemy snipers 
  • Quickly switching targets with Combat Roll
  • Using Deadeye to clear an area

7. Junkrat

Get ready to blow up stuff! 

It’s time to get tickin’, because Junkrat’s abilities offer several types of explosives you can take advantage of. Most of us have probably had those moments where you’re backed into a corner, things suddenly start exploding, and all you hear is that insane laugh. When Junkrat uses his grenades and mines in rapid succession, there’s no getting away from him. Not only that, but Junkrat’s mines allow him to access hard-to-reach spots and gain sniper vantage points. 

What makes Junkrat a good DPS: 

  • Grenades and mines that do a good deal of damage at close to mid-range
  • After using Concussion Mines to gain the high ground, he can drop grenades on enemies below 
  • He brings enemies down with him by dropping grenades when he’s eliminated, a passive ability that can kill some heroes single-handedly
  • Faster enemies can be caught with Steel Trap and eliminated quickly
  • His abilities work well in quick succession

What Junkrat excels in: 

  • Dealing damage in a wide, close-range area 
  • Eliminating low-health heroes
  • Making a pathway for the team using RIP Tire 

6. Tracer

Tracer really does bring the cavalry!

As one of the fastest heroes in the game, Tracer is hard to catch. And if you do catch her, you’ll most likely get a face full of her Pulse Pistols before you can even think about attacking. Her unique abilities and powerful weapons make her a great DPS hero, not to mention really fun to play! 

What makes Tracer a good DPS:

  • Dual pistols that do serious damage at close range
  • Abilities like Blink and Recall that let her move unpredictably 
  • She can easily escape hounding enemies and restore health using Recall 
  • Blink allows her to outrun almost any other hero 

What Tracer excels in: 

  • Suffering little damage while dealing massive damage to others 
  • Taking out slower heroes, especially Bastion
  • Eliminating single critical opponents (or turrets) with Pulse Bomb

5. Bastion 

If you've ever wanted to play a turret, Bastion's your hero!

A simple but destructive hero, Bastion boasts no unique abilities but massive amounts of damage. A Bastion in the right spot can turn the tides of a game and eliminate an entire team! 

What makes Bastion a good DPS:

  • An extremely powerful weapon that can take out some heroes in a matter of seconds 
  • Self-repair ability 
  • He can take out multiple enemies single-handedly; when paired with a hero like Mercy, he can be unstoppable

What Bastion excels in: 

  • Defending the point/payload 
  • One-on-one combat against slower heroes 
  • Rapidly taking out several enemies 

4. Genji

Genji is one hero who everyone should learn how to play

With lots of movement abilities and devastating attacks, Genji is a deadly DPS. Though his plethora of abilities may be difficult to get the hang of at first, someone who knows what they’re doing with Genji can wreak havoc in any game. His agility and variety of attacks make him a formidable enemy to most heroes. 

What makes Genji a good DPS: 

  • His movement abilities that make him agile and unpredictable 
  • The variety of close to mid-range attacks available with Shuriken, Shuriken Fan, and Swift Strike
  • His Deflect that shoots all enemy projectiles back at the enemy 

What Genji excels in:

  • Quickly killing close range enemies
  • Single-handedly taking out several nearby enemies with Dragonblade 
  • Accessing hard to reach places and taking out enemy snipers 
  • Eliminating turrets (including Bastion) 

3. Pharah

The only hero who can fly for long periods of time

She might seem a simple hero when it comes to abilities, but with Pharah, the sky’s the limit on the feats she can accomplish. Her abilities are unique among the Overwatch heroes. With the combination of her Jump Jet and Rocket Launcher, she can deal major damage to the enemy team. 

What makes Pharah a good DPS: 

  • When aimed correctly, her rockets can take out most heroes in 2-3 hits
  • Her Hover ability allows her to stay in the air and take aim from unlikely places as well as keep out of harm’s way
  • Rocket Barrage can annihilate several enemies at once
  • Jump Jet allows her to get out of tight spots 

What Pharah excels in: 

  • Making way for the team using Rocket Barrage
  • Scouting out enemy points 
  • Dealing massive damage while suffering little herself 

2. Sombra

Hacking her way into the best DPS heroes since 2016

Arguably one of the most complex heroes in the game, Sombra has a unique skill set that makes her a very successful DPS. Her stealth and hacking abilities coupled with her machine pistol make her a threat to any team. Though difficult to master, if played correctly Sombra can pull off incredible feats. 

What makes Sombra a good DPS:

  • Unlimited stealth ability that allows her to literally appear out of nowhere to attack enemies 
  • A powerful machine pistol that can do devastating damage 
  • Her hacking ability that renders many heroes useless for a short time so they can be picked off quickly

What Sombra excels in: 

  • Providing an opening for the team using her EMP ultimate to weaken the enemy team
  • Picking off critical members of the enemy team 
  • Scouting the map without being seen 
  • Fleeing from tough spots using the Translocator 
  • Destroying enemies that rely heavily on abilities (e.g. Doomfist, Reinhardt, and Torbjörn)

1. Soldier: 76

Reporting for duty! 

Across the board, most players agree that Soldier: 76 is the best DPS hero in the game due to his easy playability and well-rounded abilities. His basic Heavy Pulse Rifle is simple to use, but very effective if aimed correctly. Combined with his healing ability and destructive ultimate, Soldier: 76 is a DPS that will work well on almost any team. 

What makes Soldier: 76 a good DPS: 

  • His primary and secondary weapons, which can do a lot of damage if aimed and timed correctly 
  • The Biotic Field that can not only top up his own health, but those of his teammates
  • Sprint that allows him to reach enemies and checkpoints faster
  • An ultimate that can take out several members of the enemy team with its auto-aim

What Soldier: 76 excels in: 

  • Leading an attack on the enemy point/payload
  • Wiping out the enemy team with Tactical Visor
  • Giving his teammates a health boost 
  • Eliminating enemies quickly from short to mid-range

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