[Top 15] Overwatch 2 Rare Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome

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Some of the rarest skins in the game

The Importance Of Skins

Skins are one of the main selling points for Overwatch 2. Blizzard has been going crazy with designing new skins for the game, but what about the old? There are countless rare skins in Overwatch, but which ones are the rarest?


15. OWL Away Skins

The away skins for SF Shock

OWL skins aren’t a rarity. You’ll see plenty of people supporting their favorite teams. One team I see a lot of is the Gladiators because they have a great color palette. I personally don’t watch the League but still have a skin because I love the colors. That’s how a lot of Overwatch players are.

That leads into the reason why the skins are so rare: they’re ugly. No one wants to use them, even though they have them. Even I never put on the away skin. They’re unlocked automatically when you buy the OWL skins, but because the away skins aren’t the primary skins for the OWL teams, no one wants to use them.

How To Get OWL Away Skins

You can get these skins in the shop after purchasing an OWL skin. The only issue is the cost is 150 OWL tokens. To get these tokens, you need to purchase them. Since there is no 150 option, you’ll need to get the 200 option, which is $11.99.


14. Maestro

Sigma holds up his fancy balls

Maestro Sigma is an elegant skin that was obtainable for a limited time. Since it was a limited-time event, not many people had it. Although this skin is elegant and fun, not many who have it equip it due to Sigma having other good skins. Not only is Maestro rare, but it has to compete with Sigma’s other skins, especially the recent ones.

Seeing as season 4 of the Battle Pass features a mythic Sigma skin, you can expect to see this skin less and less as the Sigma players make the big transfer between Maestro and the recently revealed Emperor skin.

How To Get Maestro

You can’t unless you buy an account that has Maestro unlocked. The only time to get this skin was back in July of 2020.


13. Noire

Noire Widowmaker looks down her scope

Noire Widowmaker is one of the rarest skins because it was a pre-order exclusive. Along with that, Widowmaker has too many good skins. Noire has no reason to get picked over Medusa, her beach skin, Talon, and others. Even the basic legendary skins that she automatically got, like Huntress, are better skins.

I think this skin is overhated, but it definitely isn’t even in the top 10 of her best skins. Players will use this skin just to show it off, but otherwise, you won’t see it. Nowadays, you can’t get it since it was originally up for grabs back in 2016. As you can guess, we aren’t in 2016 anymore.

How To Get Noire

If you pre-ordered the game, you have Noire. If you want it, you’ll have to buy an account that has it.


12. Kerrigan

Kerrigan Widow gives you a side eye

Kerrigan is another rare Widowmaker skin. The good thing about this skin is that it was free when it dropped. For a limited time, players could get the skin just by logging into Overwatch. However, it’s not her best skin, so even players who have it choose not to use it.

Since it was a free skin, players don’t feel as obligated to use it, unlike some of the other choices on this list. Not to mention Nova, a skin that looks very similar to Kerrigan, is the superior skin that a lot of players have.

How To Get Kerrigan

Since this was a special event skin, the only way you can get it now is by buying an account with the skin.


11. Nano Cola

Nano Cola D.Va poses in Busan

Nano Cola is a rare D.Va skin that, like most of the skins on this list, was a special event skin you could only get for a limited time. It’s an epic skin you could have unlocked by participating in the Nano Cola challenge. Despite being epic, it’s a nice skin.

The colors are unique and fit D.Va perfectly; the concept adds more backstory to the lifestyle of D.Va; and it’s overall a fun skin that was easy to get. It was a free skin, meaning a lot of people grinded in order to get it. However, since D.Va has so many good skins and it was a limited-time event, you’re not going to see this skin very often.

How To Get Nano Cola

Since this was a special event skin, the only way you can get it now is by buying an account with the skin.


10. Genji’s Pacific All-Stars Skin

Genji might need a fire extinguisher

Back in 2018, this skin was available for a single weekend. Yes, just one weekend. Thanks to that, no one really has this skin. Beyond that, Genji has so many good skins that it isn’t worth using this one. New players can’t get this skin, and even old players didn’t spend money on it. Very few people have it, and even fewer actually equip it.

I forgot this skin existed until I was looking through the old OWL exclusive skins. That’s when I saw this, and I realized I hadn’t seen this skin in a long time. I’m a veteran Overwatch player, but I haven’t seen this skin in ages, despite how popular Genji is. That goes to show how few people use it.

How To Get Genji’s Pacific All-Stars Skin

Since this was a special event skin, the only way you can get it now is by buying an account with the skin.


9. Tracer’s Atlantic All-Stars Skin

What is going on with her hair?

Just like with Genji, this skin was only available for a super limited time. Just like Genji’s skin, this one was super limited, expensive, and not as good as Tracer’s other skins. Seeing as Tracer is one of Blizzard’s favorites (she’s literally the cover of the game), she gets a lot of skins. A lot of fans call it favoritism, and I would agree.

Thanks to Tracer receiving special treatment, she has more skins than I can count. Why bother buying this extremely expensive skin when you can use literally any other Tracer skin? It’s not worth it; it doesn’t add anything to Tracer, and quite frankly, parts of the skin don’t work well with Tracer’s model. That’s why no one uses it, making it a rare skin.

How To Get Tracer’s Atlantic All-Stars Skin

Since this was a special event skin, the only way you can get it now is by buying an account with the skin.


8. Raynhardt

Space Reinhardt

Raynhardt was a limited-time Reinhardt skin you could purchase. Since it’s so expensive, not many bought it. While doing research for this article, I thought I knew what skins to include based on my experience with Overwatch. Even though I’ve been playing this game since June 2016, I have never once seen anyone use the Raynhardt Reinhardt skin.

Even though I’ve never seen this skin before, I wish I had because it actually looks pretty cool. The helmet is awesome, the armor makes Reinhardt bulkier than usual, and the concept for the skin is awesome. What’s not to like?

How To Get Raynhardt

Since this was a special event skin, the only way you can get it now is by buying an account with the skin.


7. Medic

Medic Brig's promotional material

Brig’s Medic skin is a recent addition, but it’s not a welcome one. It has a bland color palette and an unimpressive design. You’d never believe the skin was $15. This skin was made for an event to promote Overwatch 2 and its streamers. To unlock the skin, you had to subscribe to three different Overwatch 2 streamers, which would cost $15.

Thanks to the ridiculous price for such a mediocre skin, the purchase rates weren’t as high as Blizzard was expecting. Despite the skin being one of the more recent additions to the game, it’s now classified as rare.

How To Get Medic

Since this was a special event skin, the only way you can get it now is by buying an account with the skin. Trust me, it’s not worth buying an account for this one skin.


6. Lego Bastion

Lego Bastion looks mighty fine

Lego Bastion is a fan-favorite skin. In the forums, players have been begging for the skin to come back. Thanks to these begs, there’s a chance it could come back, but there hasn’t been any official confirmation. It was a limited-time event that only dedicated players got. Most casual players didn’t get the news of the Lego skin until after the event was over.

Since Bastion is more fun to play in Overwatch 2, players are raving for a chance to get Lego Bastion again. Third-party retailers selling the skin are selling it for up to $500. It’s definitely not worth that much, but if you really want it, try to see if you can find a deal.

How To Get Lego Bastion

Since this was a special event skin, the only way you can get it now is by buying an account with the skin.


5. Oni

Oni Genji shows off his sick skin

Oni Genji is a fan-favorite skin that you can no longer get. It was a reward for the first week of the Nexus 2.0 challenge. However, it hasn’t appeared since then. There’s no way for you to get it unless you buy an account that already has it. Be cautious because on console, you cannot equip the skin.

It’s a fan favorite because it has a unique design that fits Genji well. Not only that, but it was relatively easy to get. All you had to do was play 15 games of Heroes of the Storm. 15 games was an easy task considering you had a whole week to do it.

How To Get Oni

Since this was a special event skin, the only way you can get it now is by buying an account with the skin.


4. Blizzcon Winston


Blizzcon Winston is one of the rarest skins in the game because of how you have to get it. You had to go to Blizzcon back in 2017, either in person or virtually. Since the skin isn’t impressive, fans weren’t clamoring to go unlock it. Thanks to that, not many have it, and even fewer equip it.

It has a simplistic design with even simpler colors. Although the colors blend together well, the skin feels like Winston if he had darker armor. There are no unique changes that make it worth much.

How To Get Blizzcon Winston

Since this was a special event skin, the only way you can get it now is by buying an account with the skin.


3. Blizzcon Bastion

Bastion and his pet bird, Ganymede

Just like with Blizzcon Winston, only people who attended the 2016 Blizzcon have this skin. The colors are the same as they are on Winston, except Bastion wears them better than the tank. The reason why is because his robotic design fits the colors perfectly. Along with that, since Bastion relies a lot on flanking plays, using this skin on dark maps gives him a massive camouflage advantage.

However, since no one really cared about Bastion back in Overwatch 1, not many people have the skin. In Overwatch 2, Bastion is more valuable. That means third-party sellers are selling accounts that have the Blizzcon skin. It’s definitely not worth the high cost, but if you want it, try to find a deal on it.

How To Get Blizzcon Bastion

Since this was a special event skin, the only way you can get it now is by buying an account with the skin.


2. Pink

Pink Mercy gets ready for battle

Pink Mercy is an iconic skin. This skin isn’t the rarest on this list. Honestly, it’s not rarer than most of the skins on this list because there are a lot of Mercy players, meaning there are a lot of players who bought the skin when it came out. The reason I have it so high is because you can’t get it now.

You can get Blizzcon Bastion for a far cheaper price than Pink Mercy. If you look for people selling accounts with Pink Mercy, you’ll see the cheapest options are still over $1000. I took a brief glance to see the best prices, and the best I could find was $1100. Since it’s so expensive and you can’t get it unless you pay that insane price, it deserves a high spot on this list, even though you’ll see a lot of Mercy players using it.

How To Get Pink

Since this was a special event skin, the only way you can get it now is by buying an account with the skin.


1. Alien

The Alien Zarya skin is easily the rarest in the game. Back in 2019, it was created to honor an amazing player named "Sinatraa," who was an OWL professional player that won MVP back in 2019. However, when allegations came out against him in 2021, Blizzard removed the skin from future patches, altered its appearance, and offered refunds.

The refund was optional, so some players chose to keep the skin. Since it was already a rare skin, offering refunds made it even rarer. Now, you’ll never see the Alien skin. I haven’t seen it at all since Overwatch 2 came out.

How To Get Alien

There is no way to purchase Alien Zarya. The only possible way you can get it is by buying an account with the skin.


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