[Top 5] Overwatch Most OP Heroes

Overwatch OP Heroes
Reaper ready to shoot someone straight into the afterlife

These are heroes that make you throw your controller (or laptop) across the room because there's no way they could have killed you like that. 

There are lots of complaints about certain Overwatch characters being OP. Many times new heroes are branded with the title, but once they're overhauled, the cries of "they're too OP!" die away. However, there are definitely still some heroes that seem to really be overpowered, and may need a rework in the future. 

5. Moira

With powerful healing and life-draining abilities, Moira is a fearsome opponent 

Let’s face it: at some point we’ve all been cornered by a Moira and have been forced to watch helplessly as the life is drained out of us. Though Moira’s abilities are pretty basic, when timed correctly she can single handedly wreak havoc on the battlefield no matter what team comp the opposition has. 

What makes Moira overpowered: 

  • Her ability to inflict double damage with Biotic Orb and Biotic Arm 
  • Biotic Arm weapon that saps an enemy’s health while replenishing Moira’s 
  • Fade ability that allows Moira to escape danger quickly and move unpredictably
  • Flexibility of attack/healing range 

What Moira excels in: 

  • Eliminating low health enemies 
  • Healing several members of the team at once
  • Cornering and killing slower heroes that can’t escape Biotic Arm
  • Picking off individual enemies 
  • Healing/attacking enemies from far away 

4. D.Va

That cute face is a LIE. When up against a D.Va on your own, the odds of survival are not in your favor

As far as tanks go, you don’t get much better than D.Va. She has everything: unlimited ammo, shields, a massive amount of health, missiles, incredible mobility, and an ultimate ability that has caused many team kills. 

What makes D.Va overpowered: 

  • Her ultimate ability, which can be a game changer 
  • Unlimited Fusion Cannon ammo
  • Micro Missiles that inflict more serious damage 
  • Her Boosters that allow her to move quickly, fly, and slam enemies into walls (or drive them off of cliffs)
  • Lots and lots of health

What D.Va Excels in: 

  • Clearing an area with Self-Destruct
  • Close to mid-range combat 
  • Mobility 
  • Taking down other tanks or specific enemy targets

3. Reaper

His name is Reaper; why wouldn't he be OP? 

When you know what you’re doing with Reaper, death really does walk among the enemy team. Like some of the other heroes on this list, Reaper has a pretty basic skill set. However, there are a few key distinctions that set him apart as one of the most OP heroes. 

What makes Reaper overpowered:

  • Insanely damaging Hellfire Shotguns 
  • Wraith Form and Shadow Step, which give Reaper a wide range of mobility and can keep him from taking damage
  • Death Blossom. Do I need to explain? 

What Reaper excels in: 

  • Eliminating high/regenerating health heroes like tanks and healers
  • Scouting
  • Killing multiple enemies in a short amount of time (via Death Blossom and his shotguns) 

2. Orisa

Don't let her "Do you need a hug?" voice line fool you! Orisa is one tank you don't want to mess with 

When Orisa first debuted in the game in 2017, there were immediately complaints about her being OP. Today, many of those complaints still continue! With a deployable shield, a powerful weapon, high health, and more, Orisa easily proves herself as one of the most OP heroes in the game. 

What makes Orisa overpowered: 

  • Her weapon, Fusion Driver, that has pretty good range
  • Her Fortify ability reduces damage taken 
  • She has a strong barrier that can be thrown anywhere
  • An ability to launch a gravitational charge and bring enemies into her line of fire
  • High health

What Orisa excels in: 

  • Leading an assault on the enemy team 
  • Staying alive
  • Protecting her teammates
  • Taking out enemies from long range 

1. Hanzo

As one of the original OP heroes in the game, Hanzo has been complained about time and time again 

We’ve all had those moments where we get headshotted in midair by a Hanzo 50 miles away and yell “HOW?!” Despite Blizzard’s multiple attempts to nerf him, Hanzo has become infamous among the Overwatch community for being too OP. However, as he is one of the most difficult heroes to master, it takes a skilled player to know how to use him to his full potential. 

What makes Hanzo overpowered: 

  • Unlimited arrows for his bow
  • Enhanced mobility (double-jump) 
  • Powerful one-shot weapon 
  • Tracking arrow that makes enemies easy targets

What Hanzo excels in: 

  • Taking out key enemies
  • Eliminating enemies from far off
  • One-shot kills 

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