[Top 10] Overwatch Best Gold Guns

Overwatch Best Gold Guns
Ashe's Gold skin Bob

Golden guns used to be a way to signal your favorite character but these days they're usually ignored especially since if you've been playing competitive since the beginning or if you're really good you likely have most if not all the gold weapons you want and have probably have started collecting them on your tertiary characters if you care about not wasting what used to seem like precious competitive points.

With that being said the look of the weapons can be very cool especially paired with the right skin and these are some of the coolest looking weapons i.e. some of my favorite characters.

10. Briggitte

Brigitte leaning on her shield with her flail in hand

  • Gold flail whip shot looks epic
  • Her highlight intros all feature her shield or flail and look better when you add a gold weapon
  • Even her shield becomes trimmed in gold

9. Doomfist

Doomjist showing off his giant gold fist

  • Almost as flashy as Reinhardt
  • His fist is so prevalent it makes sense to show it off
  • Tuxedo doom fits with his gold gun well

8. Mercy

Mercy showing off gun and staff in her ready for battle pose

  • Looks amazing with goddess skin
  • Looks great with the caduceus emote
  • Battle ready highlight intro shows off both the gold gun and gold staff

7. Moira

Moira posing with her gold gauntlets front and center

  • Gold gauntlets as you leech the life of your enemies feels fitting
  • Her Glam and Moon skins fit with their Bowie influence. 
  • Highlight intros they're displayed prominently but not obnoxiously 

6. Sombra 

Sombra facing down her opponent with her gold gun out

  • Cyberspace skin looks amazing with the mostly white skin with blue accents complimenting the shiny gold of the gun
  • Sombra squatting in her victory pose makes her that much more epic
  • Uzi gold guns (do you really need more?)

5. Reinhardt

Reinhardt proudly standing with his gold hammer

  • Giant gold hammer
  • Incredibly showy and stands out
  • Makes him stand out even more when you add the giant shield to the picture

4. Reaper

Gold Blackwatch Reyes

  • Dual shotguns almost glitter when you ult
  • Hellfire skin looks amazing with gold gun
  • Casual victory pose looks great

3. Ashe

Ashe standing back to back with gold Bob

  • Bob is gold (which begs the question why Mei's snowball isn't)
  • Posh skin with gold guns is fitting to the character model
  • Has multiple weapons that change

2. Genji

Genji flourishing his golden sword

  • Pairs with chrome skin
  • So much shiny
  • Gold blade and gold shurikens basically 2 for one
  • A gold blade ultimate makes highlights that much cooler. 

1. Tracer

Tracer taking aim with her gold spray paint guns

  • Rose skin with gold skin looks insanely cool
  • Posh skin looks amazing with gold guns and fitting with her character (albeit the skin basically gives you gold guns)
  • All her original epic highlight intros show off her guns for your play of the game

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