[Top 10] Overwatch 2 Most Played Heroes

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The different heroes in Overwatch 2

How Do You Know Who The Popular Heroes Are?

Overwatch 2 is seeing new life with the introduction of season 5. Pick rates are skyrocketing for certain heroes due to the new changes. It’s hard to keep up with the trends in Overwatch 2 due to the evolving nature of the game. However, by looking at the Overbuff stats, you can see which heroes are the most popular in the game right now.


10. Soldier: 76

Soldier on Watchpoint Gibraltor

Soldier: 76 is the tenth most played hero in Overwatch 2. With a pick rate of 3.54% and a win rate of 48.23%, Soldier is a powerful hero that has a simple kit. One reason he’s popular is because of his high damage, while another is because of how his kit appeals to every type of gamer. Solider is nicknamed the COD of Overwatch because his kit matches that of an average COD game.

Soldier: 76 is used evenly at almost every skill rank. You’ll see pros using him all the time because of his high damage. Although he is not picked as much as other DPS you’ll see on this list, he is a solid pick if you want to turn the tide of the game.

What Makes Soldier: 76 Popular

  • High damage
  • Easy kit
  • High impact on the game


9. Widowmaker

Widowmaker showing off her assets

Although it is surprising Widowmaker is not in the top five, Widow absolutely should have a spot on this list. According to Overbuff, she is the number nine most picked hero as of June 2023. She has a pick rate of 3.63% and a win rate of 45.64%. Widowmaker is a sniper hero that requires more skill to play since you need to know good positioning and have good aim.

In higher skill ratings, Widow is unstoppable and can clear an entire level. Although a majority of players will not struggle with her in the lower ranks, she can easily dominate a casual or high-ranked competitive game. She is used all the time by the pros and has a powerful impact if played right.

What Makes Widowmaker Popular

  • Dominates in higher ranks
  • Beloved by pros
  • Skillful hero


8. Hanzo

Hanzo's classic highlight intro

The snipers are right next to each other; who’s surprised? Hanzo boasts a pick rate of exactly 4% and a win rate of 47.30%. Hanzo is another sniper who is known for his one-shot potential. He is a versatile hero since he can play from almost any spot in the game, whether it be high or low ground. Like Widow, the pros love him.

Everything that can be said about Widow can be said about Hanzo; only Hanzo has a slightly better kit that makes him more versatile. His sonic arrow gives him wall hacks, which is essentially Widow’s ult on cooldown. He also has more mobility, making him the better pick in most situations.

What Makes Hanzo Popular

  • Pros adore him
  • One-shot potential
  • More mobility than Widow
  • Versatile


7. Moira

Moira on Oasis

Support and DPS dominate this top ten list. Moira has a 4.03% pick rate and a 50.20% win rate. Moira is one of the most annoying heroes in the game due to how far her primary fire reaches and how hard she is to kill. However, her kit isn’t the best among the support heroes. The reason people play her is because she can do lots of damage.

Moira is a wildcard. Either you’re going to do a balanced, good job on Moira, or you’re going to DPS Moira. That’s why players love her, though. They use her to be a DPS Moira since it’s addicting. Her ultimate is powerful when used right, her biotic orbs are annoying, and she can flank enemies. I don’t blame Moira players for playing Moira, even though I can’t stand them.

What Makes Moira Popular

  • Suck suck suck suck suck suck suck
  • Powerful ultimate
  • Biotic orbs


6. Reinhardt

Reinhardt uses earthshatter, probably to solo ult a Mercy

This actually surprised me. Although Reinhardt is a solid tank, I figured D.Va would be above him. Still, Reinhardt deserves his spot. He has a 4.12% pick rate and a 52.24% win rate. Reinhardt players are all amazing people. They have such a good attitude, and they deserve a top ten spot, that’s for sure.

Reinhardt is a beloved tank with a fun kit, a fun play style, and fun gameplay. You have to be soulless to not enjoy playing Reinhardt. He’s an incredible character as well, with some of the better voice lines in the game. Overall, Reinhardt is a classic tank with a great win and pick rate.

What Makes Reinhardt Popular

  • Come here come here come here come here
  • Hammer
  • German man


5. Kiriko

Kiriko sets her eyes on her opponents

Kiriko is one of the newer heroes in the game. She came out in October with the release of Overwatch 2. However, she has skyrocketed to the top with a pick rate of 4.27% and a win rate of 48.66%. Kiriko is a versatile support with solid healing and high damage (mostly with headshots). She can defend herself and has powerful abilities like her ultimate and her healing Suzu.

Kiriko is mostly useful because of Suzu. It wipes away all negative effects, like Ana’s grenade and Junker Queen’s entire ultimate. She can counter most ultimates in the game, making her a must-pick. Although her personality is unbearable, at least she has a strong kit to make up for it.

What Makes Kiriko Popular

  • Suzu
  • Ultimate
  • Can defend herself
  • Solid healing


4. Cassidy

Cassidy on a motorcycle

Cassidy received a massive buff at the start of season 5, allowing his grenade to track people and be thrown like a football. This is easily one of the dumbest changes Blizzard has ever made (and that’s saying something). However, Cassidy’s pick rate is only going to go up. Currently, it’s 4.67% with a win rate of 46.61%.

The pros love Cassidy. Casuals love Cassidy. High ranks love Cassidy. Low ranks love Cassidy. Everyone loves Cassidy when he is on their team. On the opposing team, however, it becomes a nightmare. He has high damage, an annoying ult, albeit pretty useless, and the most annoying ability in the game as of June 2023. Thanks Blizzard.

What Makes Cassidy Popular

  • His grenade
  • Annoying ultimate
  • High damage


3. Genji

Genji's One Punch man special skin

Genji has always been one of the most popular heroes in the game. He is the brother of Hanzo, so it makes sense that the brothers are topping the list. Even though Genji is a terrible pick right now because of the Symmetra and Mei-dominated team comps, he has been thriving in the pick rate. He sits at a comfortable 4.74% pick rate and a 48.89% win rate, which is impressive considering the team comps now.

Genji has a versatile kit and is a flanker DPS. He has one of the most powerful ultimates in the game and a fun kit to back it up. His double jump and wall climb make him mobile, along with his damage potential. When combined with heroes like Ana, Genji is a great pick.

What Makes Genji Popular

  • His ultimate
  • Mobility
  • Fun kit


2. Mercy

Do I really have to explain why she's popular?

Are you surprised? Mercy, like Genji, has always been beloved by the fanbase. However, she easily dominates Genji’s pick rate. Hers is 7.12% with a win rate of 49.82%. She has an impressive following and also has some of the best skins in the game (see picture above).

Mercy isn’t as loved by pros, but plenty of support players love her. Although gamers (AKA DPS players) say she’s boring, support players find her fun because of the quick-thinking they have to do to survive. Her kit is fun, and her healing is strong, which makes her a popular character.

What Makes Mercy Popular

  • The witch skin
  • She flies
  • Fun kit
  • Strong healing


1. Ana

Ana in one of her best skins, sniper

I imagine this surprises no one. Pros and non-pros alike have been using Ana nonstop because of her incredible kit, high healing, and high damage. Although she’s vulnerable when she gets jumped on, she has a strong enough kit to defend herself. Her sleep dart can interrupt ultimates and protect her; her grenade increases healing on teammates and disables it on opponents; and her primary fire is solid.

Ana has an astounding pick rate of 8.57% and a win rate of 49.32%. Ana has spiked in popularity even after the introduction of Kiriko, a hero who counters Ana’s grenade. Ana will continue to thrive in Overwatch 2 for the foreseeable future.

What Makes Ana Popular

  • Strong kit
  • High healing
  • High damage
  • Sleep dart
  • Grenade


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